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Jan 2019: Avoid like the PLAGUE. They exist solely to prey on college students. Substandard housing, overly complex "Legal Documents" that even they do not understand. Take meticulous notes as they talk out of both sides of their heads! Review from Google
Oct 2018: I enjoyed living here until the day all my outdoor Halloween and front door decorations were stolen. I walked into the Aspen leasing office to report my issue and speak with a manager, but I was then told that management was too busy working on a project to help me. Too busy to help one of their residents that they keep calling about renewing a lease?! No thanks! I’ll be moving to a better community! Aspen Heights is just another apartment community ran by a bunch of college kids who couldn’t care less about its residents or their property! Review from Google
Sep 2018: I’m going to start off by saying that the people that work at Aspen are usually helpful and will fix issues with your apartment in a timely manner. Other than that, BEWARE the MOVE OUT charges. I lived at Aspen Heights twice and both times they tried to charge me unjustly. First time, it was for over 300 dollars for a mattress that was stained and I even put it on my inspection sheet. This time, it was to “replace a box spring,” which has a tiny stain on the corner. I didn’t do it, yet they are trying to get me to pay for it. Also, if you think the owner will discuss anything over the phone, you are sadly mistaken. They might even copy and paste the same email, like what they did to me, and not answer any of your questions. Oh and you won’t have a working gate. Move in and find out for yourself. They only keep the gate working aroun Review from Google
Sep 2018: Really great pool but sometimes it can get too crowded. Cool apartments and very spacious. Easy to clean. Recommend for college kids. Review from Google
Sep 2018: No complaints since the internet provider was changed, it is way faster now. Rooms and houses are really big, so you definitely get your money’s worth. The shuttle to campus is really convenient Review from Google
Aug 2018: First off, the employees are extremely rude and aren't willing to work with you to resolve any problems that you have with your unit. They try to add on a fees to your account for everything. I was charged twice for "trash" that was in "my" yard. Instead of being notified that any additional fees were added to my account, I was shocked to see that it had accumulated to such a high amount totally unaware of the situation. I lived here for two years and both years I had problems living here. On your move out date (end of lease) you are told to drop off your keys and the employees do a walk through WITHOUT you being present. They mark everything and anything as "damages" and are charged extreme amounts for it. There is no "working with them" to get the fee removed or lowered. I was charged both years over $500+ for these "damages" that I "had"... Review from Google
Aug 2018: This place is completely TRASH! My daughter moved in the 1st of June, and there has been trash in the apartment since she moved in. We have made several request for the unit to be cleaned but they have refused. They even went as far to tell her, that if the unit is not cleaned when she leaves she will be charged.. There is old cereal, liquor bottles and moldy food in the pantry. You can never speak to a member of management... The staff is always RUDE! They have a bunch of college kids in the office and can never get any thing accomplished. I have been trying for days to get this issue taken care of... PARENTS BEWARE... DO NOT ALLOW YOUR CHILD TO MOVE TO ASPEN HIGHTS! MY daughter HATES how nasty this place is ... And it continues!!! Today maintenance came by without notice and left the door open while my daughter was sleeping! Only for her to come down stair
Aug 2018: Please do not lie. Evidently you were not charged with bogus charges from the move out inspection. Just read the hundreds of reviews and as far as being safe for college students....isn’t this the location that had a keg at the poolside....
Aug 2018: I wonder how many people who work at aspen in statesboro are asked to do a comment on this and other sites......beware you will get crazy charges when you move out and the walls are like playdough ....don’t hang curtains or art up or you may have to pay to rebuild the place
Jun 2018: By far my best experience with housing for young people. As many parents know, it is frightening to send your child off to college but Aspen Heights has made the living situation easy and comforting. The staff has gone above and beyond to accommodate our needs, with cheerful attitudes. Review from Google
Jun 2018: DO NOT EVER LIVE HERE THEY WILL SCAM YOU!! I lived here with my other two roommates about a year ago for only one semester. I took pictures of the apartment before moving in just in case they would try to charge me for damaging anything since I had heard bad things about them. After I move out I receive a letter in the mail saying I owe them hundreds of dollars for maintenance and cleaning. I then emailed them back pictures of when I moved in. They then dropped the price to about 100 dollars, obviously knowing they were in the wrong. But moral of the story, there are so many more places to live in Statesboro please do not make the same mistake I did. I also know multiple people who this same thing also happened to. There is a whole Facebook page dedicated to their scam stories. Review from Google
May 2018: I love this place! Great place to live and amazing customer service :). Highly recommend Aspen Heights! Review from Google
May 2018: Aspen was my daughter's first off campus housing experience and we had no issues. Any maintenance issues were handled quickly. She is looking forward to living at Aspen again next year! Review from Google
Apr 2018: I wish the hot tubs would work as much as I’m paying to live here. But I love it over all Review from Google
Apr 2018: Love this place! Literally the best decision I made in regards to off-campus housing! The staff are great, caring, and very responsive! The amenities are amazing and you get your money's worth living her. The overall community is nice, and clean! You'll love it! I highly suggest this housing complex if you're a student looking into off-campus housing. Review from Google
Feb 2018: It's funny how the people who work here are so great at everything they do for us, yet someone from higher up in management decided to royally screw us. I've called more times than I can count about this lousy internet. If you're looking to watch videos, play online video games, or even try to download something for an assignment due at midnight, just don't even bother living here. The apartments themselves are decent, I've lived in better for sure but chose this place for it's 5-bedrooms. BTW, the rent is close $2500/month for our unit, which is absurd. Either way, I am happy with my choice to tell everyone looking this place up to find another apartment complex, and I'll tell anyone that I might overhear in person the same. They haven't exactly been fast at replying to my complaints (there have been others besides the internet). It just real Review from Google
Feb 2018: Aspen is probably one of the best places to live in statesboro, I lived in two other apartment complexes prior and they don’t even come close. The clubhouse offers computer labs with printers, a full gym, tanning beds and one of the best pools in the area. The staff is great and do everything they can to make living here as easy and convient for you as possible. They also host fun events for the residents every once in a while. I hear people complain about the WiFi but in the 7 months I’ve been here I haven’t had any issues with it. Wish I had lived here my entire time in statesboro. 10/10 highly recommend to friends. Review from Google
Jan 2018: CONSISTENTLY HORRIBLE INTERNET, but otherwise ok. The units are pretty nice, amenities are good, and price isn't terrible (if we got what we pay for)... BUT if you rely on the internet for anything important be aware it's VERY slow and changes dramatically as the load on the network changes. This is not a one time issue, it has been occurring for over 6 months now and anything management says they are doing about it is either a flat out lie or a very ill effort. We have had at least a dozen contacts with Elauwit (the ISP here) and they have confirmed that is Aspens unwillingness to pay for the bandwidth they need that is causing these problems. For reference I will leave the latest communication my roommate received from Elauwit below. We have had to resort to mobile hotspots multiple times to get projects completed, which is not acceptable i Review from Google
Jan 2018: I have grown to love Aspen Heights. Key word ... GROWN ... before moving in we were "warned" of the hidden fees and we heard every horror story there is when it comes to living in aspen. The main fear drilled into peoples heads before moving to aspen are the overages *sarcastic gasp in shock* .. honestly, you just pay for what you use. I had my window open one night and heard this girl complaining to her friend outside that utilities were 170 per person. They must have had every single light on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In my house utilities range from 40-65 dollars, which isn't that bad to be honest because it includes electricity, water, trash, and the stupid simplebills fee. As I said, I had to grow to love this place, I was first signed to a 5 bedroom, but a friend of ours decided that she wanted to return back to southern and wanted Review from Google
Jan 2018: THE ABSOLUTE BEST SCAM ARTISTS THERE ARE! Welcome my friends to the worlds most creative scam artists. This place is creating for creating incentives that blind you from all the money you'll be loosing living here. I mean the utilities aren't even included and I'm pretty sure they stopped providing a cap or the residents. I paid at least $80 extra every month for utilities stemming from months prior. They also have a bug/roach problem they couldn't seem to fix. On top of that, they had multiple deaths that occurred here where the residents found out only through twitter.
Dec 2017: The gates do not help with safety at all because they are never closed. Parking is a big issue. My roommates and I had $700 move out charges EACH. Do not waste your time here at all. Review from Google
Sep 2017: Aspen is without a doubt my favorite place I have lived at in Statesboro. I loved how big the rooms are and the fact that cable and internet are included in the rent. I had some problems when I needed to find a reassignment after I had to move, but the office staff was very friendly and made sure the issue was resolved. I would definitely live here again if I could! Review from Google
Aug 2017: If I could give this place no stars I would. Not only is the place very expensive to live in, they have numerous added on fees, and tried to make me pay unnecessary fees when I moved out. My house was perfect, and the inspector said that. They now will not reply to my emails. This place looks nice on the outside but they are way over priced. Do not waste your time. The hot tubs never worked, and they refuse to fix them, despite the amount of money they charge us for the pool side view. Over rated for sure. Review from Google
Jul 2017: Company won't let you pay electric on your own because they bill you your summer months based on months you actually lived there. Our bill was 550 and we didn't even live there June or july. How can a company bill electric use based on the average used for months you lived there for the months you don't live there. So does this mean they get money for lease and electric for months that hardly anyone actually lived there?
May 2017: It has been a good place thus far.. but I have heard countless stories of people being way over charged for "damages" and has to personal friends of mine. That being said the other ratings for 1 star are valid. I feel their business can take advantage of younger people that are unaware of non-sense charges, fines, overages, ect.. We pay more to live on the pool, yet they will *NOT fix the hot tubs in either pools (phase 1 & phase 2.) There has been a number of us that have sent in countless work orders, and after months of trying to get it fixed they said, "sorry to inform you, but it costs to much and we will not being taking further action to the problem." Review from 5/15/17 on Google

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