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Tivoli Apartments

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Feb 2019: If you are looking in terms of location also check out Northgate Lakes. Tivoli does have larger apartments than many places though. Just be sure to document everything about the place when you move in so that way there is not any misunderstanding.
Aug 2018: HORRIBLE PLACE TO LIVE AT. They are unprofessional and always try to take your money. Out of a $900 deposit, I received $100 back. I lived in a new apartment and took amazing care of my place. It looked brand new when I moved out , yet they took almost all of my deposit. I am looking to sue. Trust me , don't bother living here. Review from Google
Aug 2018: Honestly so gross. Do NOT live here if you aren’t planning on living in one of their newer units. Just moved in a couple weeks ago to a unit on the 3rd floor and there are cockroaches EVERYWHERE no joke. We put in a work order for the pest control to come in and spray the apartment this past Friday about a week ago and they have yet to come. Such a dissapointing place. Please do yourself a favor and find somewhere else to live or live in one of their newer units. I honestly live in fear every night since I’ve moved in here that a cockroach will crawl on me in the middle of the night. Review from Google
Nov 2016: Upon move out, the "ehhh, I want the money so let's say the apartment was dirty" fee was unavoidable. My own bad for not taking pictures upon move-in and move-out. Upon move-in, the toilets were dirty like no one has heard of cleaning so I was stuck with the dried piss of previous residents that erroded the bottom of the toilet seat. The bathtub still had it's pink slime bacteria along the edges on move-in. I like to clean, so I made sure to clean the toilet when the time comes up while living there. On move-out, the only way I could get rid of the previous residents' piss erosion is by replacing the damn seat. Doing home maintenance myself, you notice many things. They spray paint on the walls and the shelves to cover previous possible flaws. They're laquering of the bathroom floor is ridiculous because they didnt bother cleaning it and th Review from Google
Oct 2016: After they changed management everything went downhill. The office staff sucks ! And be careful when you are moving out, they will charge you for everything. Like leaving a plank (LITERALLY 1 PIECE) of wood in the laundry room ! SMH ! Review from Google
Oct 2016: Spacious apartments, but the bathrooms and appliances could be better. Good place for college students. Review from Google
Aug 2016: Place was okay to live at. The bill we received at the end was a joke. Charged for light bulbs that were out?????? They also automatically impose a lofty cleaning bill no matter the state in which your apartment is in. Review from Google
Jan 2016: Currently live here and like it a lot. I've had some issues with a loud neighbor, but you have to kind of expect that in college apartments and handle it. I like the management staff a lot and I've never had any issues with them. I've only seen two roaches in the 6ish months that I've been here, which is fantastic compared to other places I've lived. Rent is pretty expensive and you have to pay water and electric, and it's unfurnished. But parking is free and there's plenty of spots available for you and guests. Review from 1/19/16 on Google
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Nov 2015: Tivoli has accommodating staff. However, when I moved into my apartment, I made sure to ask for one that didn't have a smoke smell, since smoking in the apartments is allowed and I have asthma. I ended up getting a unit that had been inhabited by chain smokers and not to mention it was extremely dirty - some of the dirt on the tile in the bathrooms and kitchens just won't go away. They offered to paint, clean the carpets and the air ducts, which was courteous, however they refused to move any furniture/help us to get it done. There's no ventilation in the closets so my clothes ended up just soaking in the musty smoke smell, my furniture is embedded with it, and overall I'm upset that I ever moved in. Review from 11/10/15 on Apartment Ratings
Apr 2015: I lived in a 2BR/2BA apartment at Tivoli for 3.5 years. Tivoli is a moderately priced housing option (mostly for students) in the UCF area. Having visited most of the other housing options in the area, I was pleased to live at Tivoli, and overall I think they give you the most bang for your buck. Pros: - Within walking distance to UCF and Publix - Free shuttle service to UCF provided during the week from 6:30am-10pm (excluding Fridays where they only run till 8pm) - Large bedrooms, kitchen, and living area, especially when compared to other apartments in the area Cons: - The gym could be better, but it's great if you don't feel like going to the Rec and Wellness Center - Yearly pool party which gets intolerably loud. We lived next to the pool, but overall the noise level was reasonable. Review from 4/2/2015 on Apartment Ratings
May 2014: I have lived here for almost 1 year, and I have enjoyed my stay. Pros: Spacious rooms & apartment Driving on McCulloch vs Alafaya to get to UCF Apartment Quality is good Parking is ample Cons: Is on the more expensive side of student living You must furnish your own bed, other bedroom furniture, and living room furniture Requires everyone within one apartment to be on one contract (and subsequently, one check or multiple money orders must be paid to Tivoli; therefore, you may be in some trouble if you have a roommate who does not pay) Every once in a while, the walls could stand to be thicker. Apartment Ratings.
May 2014: I have lived at tivoli for 4 years. The walls are a little thin, but what do you expect from an apartment?...My car got broken into once, I guess I forgot to lock it and they stole stupid little things, but that was the only time I didnt feel safe here. Recently Tivoli has fallen under new management. Rates have raised and now they have this new package system that you have to set up an email address in their system and you will get emailed when you get a package with a 4 digit code and if you do not have that code you can not get your can not get your package without this dumb code... even if you show an id because the code is the only way to prove who you are not a picture id with your name on it. Over all I have loved my time here I just worry that the management is going to run this place into the ground. Apartment Ratings 5/20/14
May 2014: - Unfurnished - Poorly lit, extremely dark. (The grounds are home to some type of wildlife that disallows adequate lighting. Beware, you will be operating in complete darkness.) - The walls are paper thin; you hear everything. People outside of your window sound like they are in your room (and this is coming from someone located up on the third floor). - Staff member's aren't necessarily rude but they are absolutely disinterested. - Maintenance works quickly, which is good, because everything is breaking all the time. - DO NOT be fooled by the apartment they show you on your tour. You will have brown carpet, not hardwood floors. - No-pet policy, but the grounds are crawling with dogs and droppings. Apartment Ratings 5/20/14
Feb 2014: I have found the maintenance and staff here to be friendly and helpful. I don't know my neighbors here very well, but they have only bothered me with their noise level 1 or 2 nights during my time here. I believe I have read another review saying that you will outgrow Tivoli -- and you will, it's college living. However, I would definitely stay at Tivoli again. Compared to many of the other student apartment complexes, Tivoli really shines.Apartment Ratings 2/27/14
May 2013: Our A/C has frozen over and ceased to work over 100 times. literally. And you know the summer in florida, it gets really hot. The maintenance is pretty quick to fix it but it always ends up freezing over. The rooms are small and same with the bathroom. They need more lighting outside around the sidewalks, but all in all its a safe apartment complex. Our main problem was our roommates. Choose who you live with very wisely or you will end up paying the price like we did. Rent is expensive ( to me at least) and they will keep calling you and asking you if you are renewing the lease even though you already told them 5 times that you weren't. Also one more thing, they say no pets allowed, but everyone has pets. So I don't know if they changed that policy or not. Apartment Ratings 5/29/13
Nov 2012: But my biggest complaint of all is the lack of insulation in the walls- not to keep warm or cool, but to keep neighbors from hearing each other. The walls between my apartment and my neighbors seem to be paper thin. I can hear every conversation he has, the music, when he sits in a chair. On the days he plays his music or piano I can hear it clear from the kitchen. Not only this, he is a night owl staying up sometimes til 4 in the morning. I wouldn't have a problem with this if there was enough "stuff" between the walls the would prevent me from this crap. All in all I can't wait to move out in July. It's only November. Apartment Ratings 11/19/12

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