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The Retreat at Orlando

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Mar 2019: Quaint and cozy but luxurious all at the same time, it really is one of the top student focused apartments around. Clubhouse is beautiful and they also have a dog park! Review from Google
Mar 2019: The Retreat is an amazing community with outstanding amenities. From the luxurious pool that makes it feel like summer time every day, to the world class gym with a sauna to relax in after a hard workout, living at The Retreat is.. well just like vacation. Review from Google
Mar 2019: Beautiful community, promising amenities. It's very close to school and supermarkets. I'm looking forward to moving in this fall! Fingers crossed!
Mar 2019: I’ve been a student resident at The Retreat for almost 2 1/2 years now. The staff is so nice and helpful when it comes to being a part of a community. Amenities such as the resort style pool, the gym (which was just renovated) and the proximity to campus are just a few reasons why I love living here! If you’re looking for a home away from home, the Retreat is the place to be.
Mar 2019: I have nothing but great things to say about all the staff that have helped me to fill out the application form and get my son accepted to lease a room. Such friendly people and so helpful and accommodating. Thank you
Mar 2019: Great location staff members are wonderful & helpful. The ameneties are very nice which reminds me of a 5 star resort the town homes are very spacious & gives you that home warming feeling . Gym , sauna & tanning both are quite pleasing & very rare you will find those in developments here in Orlando . Overall great place to stay in every one who visits always gives compliments
Mar 2019: My experience living at the Retreat Orlando has been nothing but positive! There are so many reasons why I love living here (and renewed my lease for next year!) mainly, I love the cottages style homes. Having your own house, with a spacious kitchen, your own backyard, and a daily trash pickup right at your front door, it truly doesn’t get better than that. The other big reason I love living here so much are the amenities! The 24 hour resort style gym has been a staple part of my weekly routine, along with the complimentary tanning beds and cedar sauna. There’s also events with free food and giveaways almost weekly (if not more!) honestly I love living here so much and truly recommend it to anyone who is looking for safe and luxurious living for a very economical price! #RushRetreat
Feb 2019: 0 stars if that had been possible. This place is literally the worst place possible and as a UCF student who lived in the dorms, the dorms are much better and that's saying something. we've been missing two broken drawers in our kitchen since we moved in in August, most of the furniture is broken, maintenance is extremely slow, and my bathtub when filled fully drains into the bathroom of my roommate who lives underneath me because of a giant crack in the tub. The whole house shakes, literally shakes. don't live here. Its stupid expensive for terrible living quality. Review from Google
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What types of housing are available for students? ON CAMPUS HOUSING There are many options for students looking for housing and the first choice to make is on-campus or off-campus. When you think of on-campus living the positives of being close to class, friends, and the dining more

What should I expect for move-in day? Move-in day is always an exciting experience and with available fully-furnished apartments and no utilities to set up its easier than ever! Preferred Campus Management has worked tirelessly to streamline the move-in day more

Feb 2019: Chloe and Zach, some of the best retreat staff, are some of the most helpful employees In the front office! They always go above and beyond to make sure every resident gets what they need! If anyone really needs help, just ask for Chloe and Zach! Review from Google
Feb 2019: The only good thing about this place is that it's convenient. When you move in they will tell you the units are "the cleanest they've ever been," when in reality they are trashed. If you want to live in a clean unit you will have to clean it top to bottom yourself. They only clean/fix the common area if 50% of the residents are new. (So if when you move in your other roommates are disgusting, oh well, too bad for you.) Walls are covered in scuff marks and dirt and the carpets are ridden with dog piss stains and hair. We were promised new carpet during move-in week and never got it. People are always throwing parties and yelling until late hours of the night. Management will promise a call back and promise to fix things for you except they're incapable of answering a phone or responding to an email. Most of the employees working in the office a Review from Google
Feb 2019: Had a problem recently with third party maintenance coming into our cottage and rooms unannounced and at one point the entered my roommates bathroom when she was gone and knocked over her straightener and shelf onto the ground and left the toilet seat up when she is a female and wouldn’t have left it up. All of the roommates contacted the main office and were all told that someone would get back to us. Myself and my mother have both called back 3 times each to try to get an answer as to why and how they can fix it in the future and are always told we will be followed up with and never are. i even went into the office in tears when men who were cleaning the air conditioning entered our unit without even ringing the door bell and then once i asked for a supervisor or for them to leave until i had official permission and they said no and contin Review from Google
Jan 2019: If there were 0 stars - this place has earned it. 2 out of the 5 units in my kids cottage are cohabiting couples who like to have sex in the shower. Mens clothes in the washer all the time, no hot water, and after 2 weeks - can't get help from the office or corporate. Review from Google
Jan 2019: I've had a great time living here the last 2 years! As a Graduate student I was kind of worried about living with mostly undergrads but I had no issues at all. Beautiful property and homes (warning-if you live here, you'll always want granite countertops and stainless steel appliances wherever you go). It can get wild around the pool on holidays or nice weekends but nothing to be worried about, I've always had a good time. I just wish I could have had this experience as an Undergrad student. I'll def miss the great times I've had here. Also, shoutout to Torian for looking out for me ever since I moved in during 2015. 1/16/2019-Came back to edit review to make 5 stars instead of 4. Once I left I realized how horrible other apartments actually are. Review from Google
Jan 2019: MOLD within the walls. thought new managment would do something they did not. only spread chemical to try to get was growing on the walls away. but did nothing to fix what was growing in betweeen the walls
Dec 2018: if you are going to live here try to get bedroom E in hawthorne 5 x 5, waaayyy better room than other rooms here. The size and layout makes the price realistic. Review from Google
Oct 2018: Please check other places.before coming here. They are under new management and they have no clue what is going on. Move in day was absolutely exhausting trying to get someone to help with all the problems and filth that was left behind from previous tenants. Move in day should be fun and exciting, you should not have to spend your first day cleaning the whole house to make it liveble. As of yet, they have not taken care of all the problems. Review from Google
Oct 2018: House was dirty upon moving in- food still in kitchen, dead bugs under the stove and in the kitchen sink. Maintenance enters homes constantly WITHOUT notice. Yes the lease states that they can, but it is FAR too often. All of the houses residents have been startled/ frightened by this. They bang loudly on doors with ZERO respect for privacy or the individuals living there. Work orders aren't completed in a timely manner, if at all. But they have plenty of time to walk in unannounced looking for things wrong. How about we fix the 2 month old work order??!! Multiple phone calls to the office gets NOTHING resolved. I'm a parent and I wish I never moved my son into this trailer park they call luxury living!! Cannot wait until he can move out of The Retreat.
Oct 2018: It has been discovered that there is extensive mold growth in all of the duct work of my daughters residence. In speaking with the front office staff I was advised that the problem was discovered by the New Mangement Group when they took over the property. This indicates they new the mold existed when my daughter signed her lease and never disclosed this or fixed the problem . My daughter and her roommates have been sick with upper respiratory infections since moving in which sadly I attributed to her adjusting to a new school and location . I have made several attempts to contact management with no return calls-they are always unavailable . I believe the next step will be contacting my lawyer as no attempts have been made to clean the property and this is an unacceptable living condition that could affect her health for years to come . VERY D Review from Google
Oct 2018: Honestly I would avoid living here. The other reviews are right, these units are very overpriced and the roommate matching service is not the best and if you get a terrible roommate, they will let you switch just for an extra $250 on top of your rent! It’s pretty great. While the head manager was gone for a full week there was no way for the office to dispatch their security so if you had an issue such as a noise complaint or whatever it may have been there was no way for that to be taken care of. The security that I mention, I haven’t seen once within the three months that I’ve lived here. We do have a police officer living here but I haven’t seen him do anything either so don’t let them sell you on that because they do try to use it as a selling point. I will say that the new management does seem to be trying hard to clean up what Review from Google
Oct 2018: We live in a 4BR cottage where there is serious issues with one of the roommates and have been in the office last week looking for a resolution. They have done thing and now it is so escalated that we had to make arrangement over the weekend because we don’t feel safe. On Friday office visit with the leasing manager and several e-mails were sent on Friday for them to take action and respond. Well it’s Monday morning 10:00 am and have not heard anything from them. Mind you the General Manager hasn’t even reach out to us as I understand she is busy with vendors. It seems like her vendors are more important then her residents. I am boggle by the reviews I see which they all have the same common denominator the “New management”. Will not resolve your issue on hand once you have signed a lease and moved in. I will give them t Review from Google
Sep 2018: (1/2) Value: Last year I moved into a Springmore which is a 4/4.5. To start, the house is huge. The rooms are spacious with a large walk-in closet albeit a smaller bathroom. The living room is large with a large kitchen. It’s a newer property and the house more or less reflects that. The property, however, does not. Throughout the year there was trash nearly everywhere all over the complex, which is probably reflective of how this complex being majority Greek life and the result of the frequent parties that occur here. During my tour, I was assured that there would never be overages and that it’s typically uncommon for a house to go over the utility cap. That was a big lie. Every month I got overages ranging from $5-$35. One month it was so bad management sent out a mass email (a result of probably a lot of complaints) to the residents tr Review from Google
Sep 2018: I've only been living here for a week, but let me tell you... it REALLY isn't worth the exaggerated amount of money. - The cottages are decent, at BEST, but that's after you spend hours cleaning and making sure everything is good to go. Obviously, with the amount of cottages the staff isn't going to make sure every single one is in perfect condition, but that's to be expected because.. well, college kids lived here. - The "amenities" are overrated and not worth the price. Their biggest magnet is the pool, but even that isn't deeper than 6 ft. It IS cool, but you have to keep in mind that with amenities like these there's BOUND to be parties. - Roommate matching is a joke and the "personality quiz" they give is useless, but hey the majority of residents are college kids who go crazy with independence so you don't have a very diverse pool to Review from Google
Aug 2018: When I signed on with the Retreat back in April for the upcoming school year, I was *very clear* that I would be bringing my dog with me. I mentioned it even when I was touring, and was told that this was a pet friendly community and, as long as she met the requirements (under 80 or so pounds and not an aggressive breed) I shouldn’t have a problem. Well, my dog is 30 pounds and not on the breed restriction list so I assumed I’d be fine. I mentioned it again when I signed the lease, and filled out all the paperwork to register her. Despite all of this preparation on my part, the Retreat matched me with a roommate who had a severe dog allergy. This on its own wouldn’t have been a big deal, as my roommate contacted the Retreat as soon as she learned of this (around two months prior to moving in) and told them it was going to be a problem. P Review from Google
Aug 2018: This place is a joke. Beautiful pics online from when it was first opened but now looks like a bomb had hit it. Not kept up, overpriced and they take advantage of the students living there. Stay away! Review from Google
Aug 2018: Deserves 0 stars. Will pass problems on and on, no one responsible. Mom and Dad, don't let your kid rent here! And then you respond I should come in and then you'll help resolve? Seriously been down this road and you lie and pass it on to management who claims it's the ownership. .keep passing it along hoping your client gives up due to frustration. Everyone, rent somewhere else. Review from Google

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