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The Quad Orlando

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Oct 2018: I had the pleasure of staying at the Quad for about 2.5 years. The complex is safe and staff is great. It’s walking distance within the publix nearby and only 3 miles away from UCF. I definitely recommend living here as a student. Review from Google
Sep 2018: We had a bad AC to start with but was fixed over time. Staff is great and friendly definitely recommended take care of any problems needed. Review from Google
Aug 2018: DO NOT LIVE HERE!!! the walls are paper thin, i never got my security deposit back, they were drug raids, break ins, shootings and stabbings and nothing is truly renovated. Everything was cheap, unsafe and OVER PRICED. the dryers are awful which run up your ELECTRIC OVERAGE BILL. they were bugs and flies the very first day i moved in and i was disgusted all year. Review from Google
Jul 2018: I honestly have to say.. I love living here at the Quad. The new management company is amazing. A lot of changes have already taken place and I can't wait to see the final result. Every place is going to have its ups and downs but what I appreciate about the Quad is they always fix what needs to be done. I would recommend this place to anyone! Review from Google
Jun 2018: I am currently taying at The Quad, and if there is one thing i know for sure. Is that scientists who are studying insects and bugs ( especially massive cockroaches) would love this place, other than that i dont see why you would want to stay here. I have had "the pest control" come 4 times now ( he comes looks around, sprays some sort of powder inthe corners and leaves) which does absolutely nothing because within hours you just see the bugs again. It is truly the worst experience in my life. Everything screams filthy in the apartments. Review from Google
May 2018: The only nice things that can be said about this complex is that the staff are nice, albeit relatively useless when it comes to anything besides mail, and that its located near Publix and plenty of places to eat. The apartments themselves are falling apart and are filthy, even the "upgraded" ones. I had to delay moving in because they forgot to have my room cleaned after assuring me that the room was ready and I walked into a disgusting room, which they still barely cleaned after my complaint. Nothing is sealed correctly either so there are ants in the apartments and wasps also get in pretty easily as well. They don't actually utilize the roommate matching form or, at least have a sick sense of humor, since they paired me with 3 people I have grown to despise who are on literally the opposite schedule from me even though there were other openi Review from Google
Apr 2018: Frigging Great! Like OMG 🤯 Can’t Believe I Have To Leave At The End Of The Year. Great Staff, Great Environment. Going To Miss It *Valley Girl Voice Review from Google
Apr 2018: nice place to live, extremely friendly and helpful staff, spacious rooms and there’s always an activity in the clubhouse. i recommend living here. Review from Google
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Does The Quad have a shuttle? Yes, The Quad has a shuttle which goes to UCF, Valencia East, and Full Sail. The Quad shuttle is a private shuttle, so no other communities to stop more

HOW DO I PAY RENT AND WHEN IS IT DUE? Rent is due on the 1st of each month. We strongly recommend enrolling in the Resident Portal to have access to your leasing documents and to most effectively communicate with our staff. Through the Resident Portal, payments can be made by eCheck ( more

Mar 2018: I like that the place is gated and has free food events. A lot of places have them but just regularly having the snacks once or twice a week is pretty cool. It is also right across from Publix. For the price it is not a bad deal compared to others.
Feb 2018: This place is COMPLETE ROBBERY and DANGEROUS. I lived at the quad for a few months in the fall semester and I have to say the staff and management are so UNPROFESSIONAL and SHADY, they billed my account for over $250 after I moved out MONTHS LATER. I called and Shanna said it was an error and she would fix it, it has been a month or two and even though my mother and I have left countless voicemails we get no reply back or the "I'm busy" excuse. This issue has still not been resolved and is in Collections now which will affect our credit because of the quad billing us by mistake. On top of all of that, the apartments themselves are horribly built, most of the appliances did not work, there are bugs all over the place, someone got STABBED inside the quad in Fall 2017 semester, and the place is overpriced. I rather commute from Georgia than ever Review from Google
Jan 2018: In August of 2016, I moved from PA to Florida to go to school at Full Sail. I was happy at the time that I got to have my own bathroom and bed room with a individual lease. But once I lived there for two months, I started to get unhappy with how much stuff goes down around the complex. Starting with all the drug dealer and how little amount of security that is really here. At the end of last year (2017) the Quad put out an email saying " for all the remodeled apt will be getting new 50" TVs", first I was happy to see that we will be getting more than just a 36" TV but then thought of all the other things that I believe that need to be worked on before something small like that. Such as, in the areas behind the apartments there is a basketball court and a volleyball court behind my apartment but once the sun goes down there is always people usi Review from Google
Jan 2018: I've lived at the Quad since 2015 and I would definitely recommend living here to a friend. There have been major changes since a new management company took over and many improvements have made living in student housing even better. I switched to an upgraded apartment and I absolutely love it. The old/bad reviews honestly do not do this property justice. Just stop by the office for a tour to see for yourself. Review from Google
Jan 2018: After living here from August 2012 (back when it was The Gatherings) up until the end of 2017, my experience here was horrible, I had a roommate steal and deal drugs in our home and the landlord didn't take anything seriously up until we got our home broken into and him getting attacked and robbed. Apart from that, don't expect any maintenance requests to be done until about a month or 2 in later, some of the staff can be friendly but most were rude/didnt know how to answer anything other then saying how great the apartments are. These apartments aren't worth $650 (rent was less than $550 prior to this new leasing company) or dealing with bug infestations etc. Review from Google
Nov 2017: The management is nice and the apartment itself is not bad for the price, but the maintenance has been awful. Me and my 3 roommates have gone up to the front office up to 3 times a week putting in maintenance requests for a leak in our apartment. This leak started in my bathroom and was there from day one. I put in a request although it appeared that the leak above my shower had been plastered a few times. They lost the request so I went up two weeks later to remind them about the leak. When they came all they did was spray it with some white leak guard stuff (almost like spray paint). I give up and assume that it has always leaked and won’t get fixed, but at least it’s over the tub. Two more weeks pass and the leak spreads to the living room. At this point me and all my roommates have been pestering the front office to put in maintenance Review from Google
Nov 2017: Super friendly management! Anything that we found wrong with the apartment was fixed in the first week. Love that it has a basketball and beach volleyball court. The neighborhood has a very homey feel to it. Very easy to make friends with all the neighbors and so far made a lot of great memories! Review from Google
May 2017: Okay Experience. Price would be really worth it if internet was stable and renovations would be made. The apartment I lived in had nothing renovated since the 90s but rent still went up from $549 when I moved in fall of 2015 to over $600 when I moved out in spring 2017. Management doesn't really care about residents. This place worked for me since I had good roommates but besides that it isn't worth it. Review from 5/6/17 on Google
Dec 2016: overall, good comfy place if you have the right roommates... some people at the office have to change their attitudes though. Review from 12/10/16 on Google
Dec 2016: Garbage place, they say their pressure washer works but it doesn't. Tried to get them to fix it. Still months later they still haven't fixed it. Manger is a sum bag and picks favorites. Clean place to live but Small Parking Spots and the manager complains a whole lot. Not being a week into move in day some people that use to live in my apartment now at the quad stole things from my living room and management just changed the locks. They didn't find out who came into my house or anything. Place is poorly ran. Not only that. My living room is leaking water from the air conditioner and called that in and they still haven't came about that. So the living room has stains on the roof. Definitely not renewing My Lease Here. No Doubt About It Review from 12/6/16 on Google
May 2016: The quad: Here is an honest rating of the quad not the gathering. The 4x4 rooms are spacious and the closets are standard size. The common areas and kitchen are better than expected for the price. One of the only places that doesn't have a cap on utilities as well as includes EVERYTHING. Seriously one price and that's it. And the price is very low. Of course with every complex there's one or two things that could be worked on. As much as they try and replace my dishwasher it continually has problems so I just hand wash now. However they have been attentive in trying to fix it. Review from 5/10/16 on Google
Mar 2016: This place is really nice. Ignore all the bad reviews. It was back when the place was called the gatherings. When i was looking for housing i wouldnt even consider this place going by the reviews. But when i toured one of the houses i new it was the place for me. The house is new remodeled and all utilites included. For anyone worried about the saftey, they have a sercurity guard that hangs out suring the night time. Plus its gated. Everyone looking for a place that is going to fullsail definatly consider this place! Review from 3/3/16 on Google
Jul 2015: Great place! Lived here since 2013 and haven't had any problems. I can also walk to campus. Pool is nice, clean and I know most of my neighbors. can't complain at all. Review from 7/20/2015 on Apartment Ratings
Apr 2013: If you're looking for CHEAP living, its here. If you want to be in a good, or at least decent place, this is not for you. THE PROS: The staff is pretty friendly and will always try to help. They've got a pool and small gym, which is better than nothing. They host a few resident events. The residents, on average, are good people. Maintenance calls are answered pretty fast and are followed up. They are CHEAP, and will often times wave the security deposit and any fees for you to sign a lease there. THE CONS: The units are NOT perfect on move in, and WILL require multiple service orders. There are parties EVERY weekend. 150 guest parties. The gate is almost always broken, so just about anyone can get in (good note for the PARTIES). The craftsmanship of the units are shoddy at best Anonymous review from 4/14/2013 on Apartment Ratings

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