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The Pointe at Central

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Jan 2018: The atmosphere is nice compared to what I’m used to, the style is somewhat outdated. Proper cleanliness should be prioritized; the carpets have odor. It wouldn’t hurt to provide lights in places other than the kitchen. The mail system is awful, had the staff lose me and my roommates mail more than once or forget to alert us of its arrival. A male resident went out of his way to deliver ours that he got, just to correct their mistakes. It’s very frustrating. We have to order textbooks, electronics, and supplies because we don’t have time to go out and shop and not a lot of vehicles, and now we dont trust that it’ll get to us. The staff doesn’t prioritize hospitality or even seem to be trained in it. All but one girl in the office, just don’t care. I honestly just think it has decent potential, but doesn’t live up to it. Review from Google
Jan 2018: I have had a good experience here at The Pointe. The shuttle system is great, apartments are a good, large size, furniture included, free coffee, waffles, entertainment, computer lab, and more. Its really a great deal for the price. Review from Google
Nov 2017: I got a pretty good deal here compared to other apartments near UCF. The staff are friendly and I haven't had any noticeable problems. Overall, not a bad place to live. Review from 11/23/17 on Google
Nov 2017: The apartments are loaded with mold issues . the mold is under the carpets and in the air conditioning vents , I have many photos and have become sick from the mold . I am in the process of reporting this to consumer agencies . The management paints over the air vents , but when you look closely you can see thick black mold that will make you ill. I would NOT ever lease here . The security is not very good here , There have been many break ins , this can be verified as well . The positive sides are a good shuttle to take you to UCF , reasonable rent . There are many other nice , clean and safe places to rent. This is NOT one of them . Review from Google
Nov 2017: This is a great place especially for the price. The room size and the common area are very spacious and include a full working kitchen. The utilities may be a bit old but they are in great working conditions. Just in case, the staff does respond quickly to work orders and maintenance issues. Review from 11/9/17 on Google
Nov 2017: I've lived here for almost 2 years now and I've absolutely adored it. The shuttle is always quick and convenient, maintenance has taken care of every problem I've had as quickly as possible, and the clubhouse staff are all super friendly and willing to help! The noise levels are pretty low, especially during the week. I've never had any complaints with my neighbors or the apartment itself. I think it's been the perfect place to live while attending UCF. Review from 11/7/17 on Google
Jun 2017: Cheap living and all utilities paid, decent maintenance, but terrible living experience. I've lived here for two years I've had to deal with the consequences of the terrible structure of the buildings. You can hear things from all angles, if the people next door talk it's like they are in your apartment. If the people above you walk, the floors are squeaky and the walls are extremely thin. I've lived in two different units so it's not an outlier. Review from 6/2/17 on Google
May 2017: Great place to live. The amenities and no cap on utilities are really nice. They make it worth the price. I also feel safe in this complex, unlike other apartments I have lived at. The only bad thing is that you can tell the apartment is cheaply built/furnished. The walls and windows are paper thin, so you hear everything going on around you, which is especially annoying when your window faces a parking lot. But overall, better than most apartments this close to campus. Review from 5/19/17 on Google
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In addition to community events, The Pointe clubhouse is built for both study and fun. Check out the amenities below Community Amenities Enjoy access to our clubroom with Plasma TVs, Billiards & Ping Pong plus seating to hang out. No matter what you enjoy doing, we have something for you Have questions about school? more

What all is included in the apartments? Apartments have many perks. Apartment Features Private bedrooms available Furnished apartments Intrusion alarm Oven/range Vaulted Ceiling available only for the 3rd floor Dishwasher more

Apr 2017: Pros: Okay price, guarded gate and patrolled by UCF Police, UCF Shuttle. CONS: Bad customer service by management all the way down to RA's, maintenance employees are rude and don't seem to care about your personal items low quality amenities. Walls and ceilings are thin (very easy to hear neighbors). low quality appliances. Small Review from 4/21/17 on Google
Feb 2017: Do NOT live here this is one of the worst places to live. I have had a roach infestation since the moment I moved in and they have done nothing about it and they say it's been happening in every building because of the "weather" but the weather doesn't cause an infestation for 5 months I had to spend close to 100$ on roach supplies in order to finally stop seeing them it's disgusting. They are also terrible with noise complaints I've complained twice and nothing has been done. One one there was a group of 30 people blasting music outside the apartment for an hour at 2am and I couldn't even reach the on duty staff! Review from 2/4/17 on Google
Dec 2016: staff is friendly and ucf spirt is great but the apartment floors creaks very loudly with every step you take. You hear the people above you walking. and walls are thin so you can hear your neighbors when they have their tv on. other than that love the place. Review from 12/9/16 on Google
Dec 2016: Everything from applying for a room to getting a roommate and moving in as been a great experience. Staff is friendly and always happy to help with any questions. Review from 12/5/16 on Google
May 2016: I love living here. Free waffles, great atmosphere & RAs are always here to help. Our work orders are completed really fast. I love my roommates as well. Review from 5/11/16 on Google
Mar 2016: I'll skip all the great parts because that is all you will hear about. The Pointe is really great about only selecting reviews on their page with things that make them seem better. So here are all of the negative points: 1. The gym/clubhouse is not 24 hours and has not been since I moved in-- a year ago! They really shouldn't lie to people, put signs outside and on their website saying so. 2. Maintenance is great at constantly trying to fix things but awful because they want to come into your room at least once every 2 weeks to do something new. So imagine your a girl living by yourself constantly having to worry about the next time several men are just going to enter your apartment. Yes they do knock, but one knock is not enough time to get out of bed, hear them in the shower or get dressed. Review from 3/4/16 on Google
Feb 2016: My experience has been perfect. Work orders are actually considered and fixed in a timely matter. There is nothing better than Waffle Wednesday! The staff really cares about the experience of the residents and try to make this lease as perfect as ever. The only downside is the gym. It is too small to actually enjoy going. Review from 2/20/16 on Google
Dec 2015: Great place great people great deal. Just dated.But i really did enjoy living here but they hike the prices through the roof. Best advice rent a house with friends its much cheaper. Review from 12/24/15 on Google
Dec 2015: I wouldn't say it was horrible but definitely not the best. Apartments were dirty upon move in (hair on ceiling above bathtub, needed vacuuming, sink and toilet were dirty). Took maintenance 2 weeks to fix the dryer that didn't work upon move in. "Free printing" requires you to bring your own paper so it isn't free. Noise isn't bad, I like that they don't pester you if you need to work on your car. Staff is friendly most of the time. Mailing isn't efficient unless you UPS it straight to your door. It is conveniently close to school with very frequent shuttles. Review from 12/4/15 on Google
Dec 2015: The worst decision I've ever made. DO NOT LIVE HERE!!! The price definitely shows you what you will be receiving. It took two months for maintenance to come and fix our toilet. That means only one bathroom for four females. Being with an apartment full of females, maintenance does not knock. They simply walk in which is an extreme violation of privacy, considering these are grown men. Please don't bother paying for express shipping, because the office will hold it until they feel like going through the mail. I made this mistake when I ordered a new computer charger, I couldn't do any homework the entire weekend! Review from 12/3/15 on Google
Jul 2015: It is such a nice place that has amazing benefits like full furnishing and includes important things such as wifi, electric, and washer and dryer. Its great living here with all of my friends! Review from 7/20/2015 on Google
Jul 2015: Good price...and that's about as good as it gets. This complex has only been a hassle and headache for not only me but my roommates included. The staff in the office have no knowledge of anything let alone any power to do anything for you. All of my issues and my roommates issues have been resolved with either an answer of we cannot do this for you but if you'd like to it will be a fee of this and that. The managers were rude every time I talked to them and seemed like all they cared about to solve my issues was to suck more money out of my pockets due to it being "in the fine print". Review from 7/7/2015 on Google
Jun 2015: If I could give 0 stars, I would. The people who work here are incredibly rude. None of the maintenance staff speaks English. It has taken months to "fix" the stairs in all of the buildings. If your apartment number isn't on your mail, they won't even try to find which mailbox it goes into, they will send it back to the sender. If your friends or family don't park in visitors, your car WILL get towed and they will provide you with the wrong address to the towing company. The construction starts promptly at 7 EVERY morning, even during finals week. The only people that are friendly around here are the security guards. Do NOT move here, you will regret it. Review from 6/29/2015 on Google
Jun 2014: For all the amenities the price is extremely competitive. The multiple courts and pools makes it great because it is one of those things where when it is a great time to enjoy them lots of people want to enjoy them. So you have a better chance actually using them when there is more than one.

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