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May 2018: I have had a great experience at Riverwind
Oct 2017: Horrible management, the sewage lift pump was broken for months and started overflowing. After two weeks of smelling sewage every time I left my apartment and a puddle of sewage in the corner of the lot the problem was finally fixed only after I wrote a letter to management threatening to call Florida health services and Florida EPA. Review from 10/25/17 on Google
Oct 2017: Pros: Convenient shuttle direct to UCF. Competitive pricing for what is offered in the area and one of the largest rooms in the area. Waffle Wednesday was always nice. Cons: Older building with poor insulation so electric overages occur somewhat often. Parking can be a hassle depending on what building you're in. Roommate matching system is questionable but they do their best. Review from 10/14/17 on Google
Sep 2017: I had a 4 month sublease and had a pleasant experience. The staff up front are friendly and helpful. The pool is nice, some of the gym equipment is broken. I got lucky with pretty quiet roommates, but the walls are super thin so you can hear everything going on i.e. kitchen noise early in the morning or people using the TV in the living room. Plan ahead to have some background noise or headphones. There was a small roach issue but never had one in my bedroom. I gave it one less star because their printer was almost always broken, and being a student I'm needing to use it all the time. Review from 9/3/17 on Google
Jul 2017: Please listen to these reviews. They are TRUE! XXXX is awful. Bad!
Jul 2017: DO NOT MOVE IN HERE!!! IT IS NOT SAFE! THEY WILL NOT LISTEN TO YOUR LEGITIMATE COMPLAINTS! THEY COULD CARE LESS...HOUSE YOU WITH PEOPLE WHO ARE NOT MENTALLY STABLE EVEN WHEN YOU ASK THEM NOT TO! PLEASE DO NOT GO TO RIVERWIND. I have never dealt with such unsafe, incompetent people, refuse to listen, bedbugs, unsanitary conditions, come in whenever they want... not a good place!! And it's a dump! Review from Google
Jan 2017: Let me start this review by saying I have lived in Riverwind for two full years. I would not recommend anyone move here EVER. Please please please listen to this review. The manager Kim did not care about any issues we had in our unit. When we moved in the apartment was filthy, with used q tips and plates and trash literally out in plain sight. So obviously no cleaning had been done beforehand. After living there for about a week I realized I had bed bugs. Review from 1/8/17 on Google
Dec 2016: Riverwind Review: Let me start this review by saying I have lived in Riverwind for two full years. I would not recommend anyone move here EVER. Please please please listen to this review. The manager Kim did not care about any issues we had in our unit. When we moved in the apartment was filthy, with used q tips and plates and trash literally out in plain sight. So obviously no cleaning had been done beforehand. After living there for about a week I realized I had bed bugs. This was on a Saturday. I went to the office and was told by Kat that pest control comes on Wednesday. So I'm supposed to sleep in a bed covered in bedbugs for 4 more nights? I emailed Kim immediately, and never heard back from her. I called on Monday and found out she had received my email and someone would be coming on Tuesday. Very unprofessional in my opinion to not ema Review from Google
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Nov 2016: don't live here. They'll tack on surcharges for anything you can imagine and then charge you double. Maintenance never fixes the problem correctly and then they charge you for it when u leave. Just stay away trust me. Review from 11/7/16 on Apartment Ratings
Aug 2016: Pros Great complex...rooms are complex. Workers and some of the front desk girls are nice. Cons The office manager is terrible. Not sure where they found her. Has no people skills! Talks down to anyone and everyone...from the tenents to the staff. Rude! Just the thought of having to deal with her makes me regret resigning the lease. In the ratings had to only give 1 star. Due to the fact that the office manager is the head of all your staff. Review from 8/2/16 on Apartment Ratings
May 2016: "Overages" regardless of how you live. We lived in the dark in 75° all the time and we would still get hit. Manager dismisses you no matter what you say. For being one of the only complexes to allow pets they are really bad towards pets. No enforcement to keep dog poop off of the grass everywhere. Neighbors who complain about the slightest bark and the manager taking each complaint as if it were legitimate. However, if you complain about underage drinking on a loud party in the middle of the week they shrug at you. Printer always broken. Office hours might as well be "whenever." Manager won't respond to email. Promised new flooring when we moved in but we still have the worlds ugliest carpets. No response to bug issues. Review from 5/1/16 on Google
Apr 2016: Not the best place to stay by far. They took my daughters deposit, said her application was denied which is funny because she qualified to live somewhere much better but they told her it will take 30 days to refund the deposit....well they just took the deposit two days ago, really. I heard to many negative reviews about management at this place. It was a blessing she didn't get approved to stay here, what a joke. Review from 4/18/16 on Google
Feb 2016: overages out the rear end! our first overage bill was almost $30 PER PERSON. they will nickel and dime you to death!
Feb 2016: My roomates and I have experienced our second time with mold in the apartment and they literally just sent someone with a spray bottle. Management will only take you semi-seriously if you have a parent or a hissy fit with you. The manager, Kim is the absolute worst. She doesn't listen, interrupts, and tries to make everything your fault. Not my fault this place has had over 20 cases of mold complaints (from what one of the ladies at the office told my roommate) and you're calling professionals for some, but not for others.
Dec 2015: I would highly recommend to others.
Dec 2015: Best apartment complex I have ever lived in!
Sep 2015: The manager is a basket case. She literally screams at people in the office. If you have a problem, she doesn't even give you the respect of listening to you like a manager should. Instead, she tries to talk over you and completely dismisses your concerns. The apartments have terrible ants. It took a month for my toilet to get fixed. The security is a joke. The gates are ALWAYS open and the officer doesn't answer his phone if you need to reach him. It's a shame because the apartments are big and a good value. But there is no way I can put up with the management for another year. I tried to speak to management calmly about my issues, but she literally started yelling over me. Horrible and unprofessional. Review from 9/10/15 on Apartment Ratings
Aug 2015: When we moved in, my roommates and I found a fourth roomate by ourselves so that we could get wood floors for free. They did not give us an apartment with wood floors like they said they would. My roomate's bed fell apart during the first week and they never fixed it. It took me two weeks to get a desk chair and they made me carry ot across the parking lot. The apartment was dirty when we moved it. There was mold everywhere! There was trash in mu dresser and the drawers were falling out. My roommate found underwear and pants under her bed. We decided to leave after a year and before we did we cleaned everything thoroughly. Review from 8/30/15 on Apartment Ratings
Mar 2015: The management is as bad as everyone says it is. No one helps, and you have to harass them if you want maintenance jobs done, and trust me you'll need maintenance. When they did came they got the job done. A lot of the things they tell you when you move in, especially what they say about safety, is just a flat out lie. I've called security at night and no one answered, that to me is the biggest reason why you shouldn't live here.The gate is always opened because it's always broken or someone forgets to close it idk and at night half the parking is in the dark because of bad lighting. All of the machines in the "gym" are broken except the treadmill and the hot tub hasn't works since I moved in 2 years ago. Review from 3/26/2015 on Apartment Ratings
Jan 2015: If only they had no stars.. This place is terrible. I have lived here far too long and the years have just gotten worse with the switch in management. The manager is really in rare form all the time. She is the worst person to do the job she does, she has no respect for anyone and has absolutely no people skills or compassion. Even her staff in the office and maintenance men talk badly about her.. She doesn't care about your problems, the rules are not enforce, and she avoid people with complaints. In the apartment: We have had ants for 4 years.. Maintenance requests go in and come back saying they are done when nothing has happened. Review from 1/5/2015 on Apartment Ratings
Jun 2014: I had an awesome experience here. I lived here for 2 years and there was no issues that I had. Maintenance issues were always fixed on time and as far as the overages, the 2 years I lived here I only had to pay overages like 3 times and it was never more 5 dollars. You just have to conscious that you get a certain amount for utilities. We didn't have to try hard, just turn off the lights when you're not in the room or turn the TV off when no ones watching it. As far as the actual apartments, I think they were quite nice for student housing and the shuttle comes every 15 minutes so that was nice. We never had issues with people being too loud or making too much noise, it was nice and I would definitely recommend living here :) Review from 6/23/2014 on Google
Aug 2012: This place is absolutely ridiculous. They never follow through with their rules and give special privileges to others. The staff is absolutely rude and inconsiderate. They enter your apartment and rooms whenever they want. The head staff is HORRIBLE. They are so disorganized and could care less about any problems that you may have. Our washer and dryer were always breaking when we barely used them. When we moved in, there were bugs everywhere. They are definitely out to rob your wallet. They will charge you for anything and EVERYTHING, especially when you move out. THEY NEED TO FIRE CASEY AND KIM.... end of story. Review from 8/15/2012 on Google

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