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Knights Circle

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Mar 2019: Wow! I am so impressed with KC! My daughter moved in, in August and it was the BEST decision. Apartments are very nice and prices are reasonable. Also, my daughter has met her RA and the other Residence Life Staff and they have been a godsend. I am so happy and excited to release for next year. Thank you KC!!
Mar 2019: Knights Circle is the best place to live around UCF! The apartments are clean and well maintained, and the shuttle makes it so convenient to get to class. The staff are always really nice and helpful. With 24-hour security, I feel really safe living here.
Feb 2019: To be honest this place is amazing I feel so safe living here with the 24/7 sercuity gaurd. Not only that but it right across the street from campus. WiFi is very good and very easy to set up. The staff are friendly and professional. Highly recommend! Review from Google
Feb 2019: Update from a 4 star to a 1 star after a year: Bike was stolen and rent is increasing faster than ever, I thought it was a good value, but I'm starting to realize there is better quality non-campus-affiliated housing nearby. I've had every drain in my house clog, a ton of wasps, as well as talked to other residents who have had bed bugs, fleas, and numerous other problems. Security seemed tight at first, but it's more for show. If you know someone's name and apartment number then you can drive right in with your car, and if you have a bike or are walking then you can wander right in without a word. The shuttles are consistently running back to back which is good if you catch one of them, but otherwise you'll be stuck waiting 20 minutes, plus the route through knights circle takes 15 minutes to pick up everyone and is crowded by the time it ge Review from Google
Feb 2019: Horrible food at UCF, they claim to have healthy eating and don't wash vegetables before cutting and serving to students, the cheese just says yellow or white on the package nothing about cheese because it's not cheese. They thicken everything with liberally boxes of corn starch which is genetically modified. The .processed Turkey meat they serve for sandwiches had so much water added it falls apart when you cut it. The prep cooks don't temp anything then tell you as a new hire just put a number under 32 degrees on the sticker. Food is not safe to eat here. Review from Google
Feb 2019: KC is one of the most spacious rooms I've seen in UCF apartment complexes even for a 4x4. The amenities are also great like the gym and free printing. I also have heard problems with raccoons at other places. The kitchen is kinda small though compared to others but it works, maybe just need a little update. Review from Google
Jan 2019: Waited for the shuttle this morning at 7:00am and it was stuck at the security both till 7:37 because no one was in the booth to let traffic in. It’s still not in the complex, I ended up walking and was late to work. When I told the office, they shrugged and said “it will come around” Stop listing the shuttle as an amenity if there’s no one to let the shuttle in, this isn’t the first time it’s happened. There was also a HUGE pile up of traffic behind Review from Google
Nov 2018: Love the location. Very convenient to UCF and the staff is always very kind and caring. All departments are efficient and work diligently to solve any problems residents may have. May be a bit expensive, but honestly, with all the amenities included and the apartments being fully furnished, including the availability of shuttles, it’s worth it! Love Knights Circle!!! Review from Google
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What is furnished with the property? Knights Circle is fully furnished with a full-sized bed, a dresser, a night stand, and desk with chair (optional) for each resident in their bedroom. The living area may have a matching sofa(s) and tub chair, end table, coffee table and more

Resident Events and Roommate Matching at Knights Circle While the main focus of your students college career will be about graduating and advancing in the business world, they also need to have fun along the way! At Knights Circle, we hope your son or daughter will create life-long more

Oct 2018: In this review, I will be discussing the sorrows that residents encounter while living at Knights Circle. This is a review in five parts. Part one will discuss the lack of furniture and cleanliness a resident receives the apartment in. Part two will explain the bug issues that went unresolved for a long time. Part three will tell of the maintenance issues residents encounter. Part four will warn about the terrible internet service. Part five will discuss the unreliable nature of shuttle services. Part 1: State of the Apartment Upon moving to Knights Circle, my roommates and I received our apartment with mismatched furniture galore, smelly garbage disposal, and broken appliances. Despite pleas to have these issues resolved, the staff insisted the best they could do was place us on a waiting list to have them replaced. Furniture replacements Review from Google
Sep 2018: Very weak overall. Run down and beat up, walls look horrible, kitchen is tiny, and they will bill you for everything under the sun. The staff is horribly disorganized and unhelpful, and the various amenities just can’t make up for the core experience of living here. The electricity cap is incredibly low so build in a $10-20 dollar extra fee every month on top of your rent. Also, the kitchen has about as much space as a studio apartment so I would forget the idea of doing much other than very basic cooking. Our dishwasher also did not work and, as a telling sign of the quality of Knight's Circle service, my roommates had zero interest in trying to get it fixed. The worst part of my experience by far was move-in. I arrived June 1st which was a Friday night to move in. I got to the complex round 6 and was told that, despite clearly saying on th Review from Google
Sep 2018: My review is not on the place itself, but on the parking. Residents please warn you visitors that if they do not park in a visitor parking spot their car will be towed. This includes parking in resident spaces even when the visitor section is full. I am not complaining that my car should not have been towed, but that signs should be added in the parking lot to warn visitors. They have signs posted at the entrance but they are very hard to see at nigh. Please warn you guest so they can avoid paying $25 per day to have their vehicle towed and impounded. Review from Google
Sep 2018: There are positives and negatives. Negative: Apartments are not cleaned like they say it would be cleaned before you move in. I was disappointed on the move in day because the apartment was completely filthy. I understand KC is big and there are a lot of buildings to take care of, but that’s not right to tell people about clean apartments before move in day and then on the move in day the apartments are filthy. Floors had dirt, sticky stuff, there was dust on fans, windowns, beds, then the toilet had yellow/black mold or whatever that stuff was that was not cleaned. The fridge was frightening. Food pieces, hair and sticky stuff on all shelves and the bottom of the shelf is so badly sticky and dirty that till this today I fight to open the shelf. Also, the smoke detectors are very sensitive! They go off anytime when you are cooking. Even Review from Google
Aug 2018: Good place to live but shuttles SUCK!!!! The drives pass students all the time because they run every 15min instead of every 5. If you uses it as a way to get to class good luck. It makes me late and I’m only the third stop Review from Google
Jul 2018: Apartment is big and spacious, nice location and great amenities. Broke my roommates lease in the summer by moving someone else into the room while charging both of them for rent. When I tried to get the problem fixed with Knights Circle, they told me oh well, pay up $300 or shut up since it wasn't my lease. Was told that I was stuck to live with a random roommate who I did not request for the following year and that there is nothing they could do since no one checks the roommate requests. Would not recommend others to live here despite the nice facade. Save your 800 dollars and go somewhere else Review from Google
May 2018: Visited my brother who lives here as few times. Compared to the other apartment complexes I've seen in Orlando, this is the best. It's nicer and more well thought out than any of the places I've lived at in Gainesville. Seems to have all the normal amenities you might hope for, plus a few extra like good security and a trash service for each apartment. Definitely reccomend. Review from Google
Mar 2018: The bad: In my first week of my short 3 month stay at knights circle, the mail center "never received" two textbooks that I ordered through amazon that were definitely delivered. One of the books was returned to seller while the other disappeared completely. However, the man in the mail center stated that neither of the packages were in his system and that they still put every package in the system even if they return it to seller. A truck I was borrowing to move out of Knights Circle was towed overnight for not being in a visitors spot WHILE I WAS MOVING OUT EARLY. I would understand if the place had minimal parking, but the truck was parked in an area with an abundance of open spots (20-30). So it It turns out that knights circle allows a towing company comes nightly between 12-7am and is able to tow cars without managements consent. To me Review from Google
Mar 2018: Best UCF off-campus housing location. Shuttles run all day every 15 minutes and drop you off at the student union. It's one of the largest student housing complexes in the nation. It's gated. Apartments come furnished. Maintenance responds quickly. The gyms are okay, good clubhouse amenities. Review from Google
Mar 2018: Knights Circle is a great community. The bus there will pick you up every 5 mins. You don't have to wait too long for the bus. The maintenance is fast and productive. I would say like you just need to make a maintenance request online, then the staff will be there to fix your problems in that same day. Security here is very good. The room is spacious. You got to have a queen-sized bed, which is awesome to me. I have lived here for 2 years and never had any major problems. I would highly recommend Knights Circle. Review from Google
Feb 2018: I personally love living at Knights Circle! All my maintenance issues have been answered in a timely manner and I always encounter kind and welcoming employees. Great amenities and great activities. I renewed my lease for next year and I can’t wait! Review from Google
Feb 2018: I would like to preface by saying that Knights Circle is one of the cheapest options in the area for the best accommodations. I recommend living here to anyone! Review from Google
Jan 2018: If this is your last option its ok. This year they started charging us for everything, nickle and diming us for trash, electricity, ect. Maintenance barges into your room and they have a key, so your items and privacy do not have security. You're better off living in an off campus apartment or house, it will be cheaper and better all around. Knights circle use to be great, but it fell into the wrong management and now its just turning into an overcharged, poorly managed housing complex. Do yourself a favor and look elsewhere. update: they raised our rent to 700 for a 4x4. LOOK SOMEWHERE ELSE Review from Google
Jan 2018: Worst management I have ever experienced, in my lifetime. My son has been a resident and has encountered many issues including serious safety concerns since he has lived there. They refused to discuss my concerns since my child is 18...even though I am the guarantor. There has been nothing but red tape. They are only interested in taking your money. I would absolutely not recommend sending your child to live here. Worst decision I have ever made!!!!! Review from Google
Jan 2018: If you are going sign a lease, make sure you sign as soon as they send you the paper work with the price they quote. They will not give you any type of quote good for any length of time and will not honor any pricing regardless what "the Home Office" does. We were in the middle of signing all the paper work (within 2 days of getting the paper work and quote) and they raised the rent on what we already signed by $15 per month. They say they are sorry and ask if they can do anything else for you. Would be nice if they were like other places that provide quotes that are good for 3 to 5 days while you review the contract and have a day to tour the location. Nice that they are associated with UCF.... no need for any customer service as they have so many people wanting places to live they can do whatever they please and offer no service what so ever - either pay an
Jan 2018: It's decent, but management won't ever reply to phone calls for emails. My furniture in my room is half old half new. At least make it match. I was told before I moved in that the furniture would all be new. It was not. I called and was told I would get the furniture in October. October came and went, and I still didn't get the furniture. I called yet again, and was told to wait til January. January has arrived, yet no word of my furniture. This is extremely frustrating. As a female, I like living in a nice room that matches. MY FURNITURE doesn't MATCH. I even called today and was told the man with the info won't be in this week. To add to this, I have one roommate experiencing the same issue with half old half new furniture. The other two have 100% old furniture since they moved in 3 years ago. Knight Circle is a 2/10 for communicating correc Review from Google
Dec 2017: You get for what you pay for! I love having my own bathroom, location is close to campus, there are shuttles that take you to UCF, tennis courts, 3 clubhouses, 3 pools, and more! Love it so far! Review from Google

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