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Jul 2018: I love living at Elevation Apartments!! The Staff is always helpful and and attentive to my needs! Maintenance always comes when asked and overall is a great place to live.
Jun 2018: I do not recommend staying here because the management is unprofessional and effective. Also the apartments are overpriced for what they are.
Jan 2017: My stay at Elevation is actually pretty good! I had my doubts because the apartments seem kinda small, but the layout actually works really well and the square footage per $ was better than pretty good for how close it is. Maintenance issues are addressed promptly. The staff are very helpful in addressing my questions. It seemed that at a few of the other apartments I had visited, the office staff were almost annoyed that I had come to look at what they had to offer. Review from 1/30/17 on Apartment Ratings
Dec 2016: I liked this complex because it felt quiet and safe. I was able to jog to the gym that gives free membership with your lease. I never have to fight for a parking spot because you have one assigned to you! It's relatively quiet which is great for students. I only gave a four because the guest gate would stop working sometimes which was frustrating for guests and when I would want to cut through from the gym. They were quick to fix it though. Review from 12/6/16 on Google
Feb 2016: Living here while going to UNCW has been great. Maintenance is on top of it and the managers are nice and always fix any issues. It's close to campus and the mall with enough Starbucks to fulfill anyone's coffee habits. The grounds occasionally get loud from college students partying but most of my neighbors are fair and will quiet things down when asked (it's typically the weekends). Review from 2/22/16 on Apartment Ratings
Oct 2015: Elevation is wonderful!' The staff is so helpful. They are very quick to respond to your needs. It's so close to everything in Wilmington but at the same time low traffic issues. My son plans on finishing his next 2 years here. Review from 10/8/2015 on Apartment Ratings
Apr 2015: ____ reviewed Tribute Properties - 9 mins ยท Will lie and cheat you out of money. Two weeks after moving in, paying all the pet deposits and fees was told I would have to move at end of lease because they were becoming student only housing. I would have never moved into the apartments and paid all the fees and change of addresses to stay here for only a year. Also didn't move into the apartment till the 1st and they are trying to make me pay for first three days I wasn't even here. Our grass hasn't even been cut. Looks like the start of a jungle at Elevation Apartments in Wilmington. Review from 4/21/15 on Apartment Ratings
Mar 2015: Really not happy living here. The community is so boring. There is nothing to do at all here. There was a spot cleared to put an ammenity, but they never did anything with it. If you want to ride the bus to get to UNCW, you have a good 10 minute walk and thats miserable in the cold and rain. My neighbors are constantly yelling and watching tv really loudly, it wouldn't be a problem i the walls weren't so seemingly thin. I hate having to deal with the property managers. They are not very bright and do not communicate with you at all. They tried a few times to charge me for the smallest things that I wasn't even responsible for. They didn't even tell me they were going to charge me, they just posted a "miscellaneous charge" to my account one day. Review from 3/04/15 on Apartment Ratings
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Nov 2014: My son and I chose Elevation within an hour of touring with Ms.Teague. The management and owners really know what they are doing with this property and my son could not be happier. The ease of online rent payments, all of the utilities included and the fact they are fully furnished has made it extremely easy transitioning from the dorms. He has a great roommate whose study habits are similar to his own and he plans on renewing through 2016. I highly recommend this smaller community to any student and especially, parents of students will feel secure that their son/daughter is in an environment where the owners value us and subsequently, run a very tight ship with these youngsters. Review from 11/24/14 on Apartment Ratings
Nov 2014: What a headache. Living here has been one of the more ridiculous experiences of my life. This place is a nightmare because of the staff. Simply put, don't choose elevation. It may look good at first, but once you're in - you'll want out. Review from 11/21/14 on Apartment Ratings

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