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Campus Evolution Villages - Wilmington

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Jan 2019: Very average, only good thing was the location, I moved out after 1 year. It was loud at nights at times. Apartments were tiny with very little natural light. not worth $580 a month which after the electric bill(always went over the cap) was sometimes $620. Look elsewhere. Wifi was always out or slow as well. Review from Google
Jan 2019: Worst apartment living experience. When I toured, the office staff promised me certain flooring but when I moved in, I did not have that flooring. They told me there wasn't even a unit available with that flooring. There were stains on the carpet but it also didnt matter to them. I moved out due to finding a job in a different city. There seemed to be confusion about when I would receive my deposit back. The manager assured me it would be 30 days. I have a signed letter from her starting my deposit would be returned in 30 days. As of today, it has been 90 days. I am out over $800 because the complex cannot hold up their end of the rental agreement. They've now given me the corporate number and asked me to contact them directly. I've tried to call multiple times and they have yet to pick up the phone. Do not live here. Review from Google
Dec 2018: Okay so I read the reviews and 50% of them are very VERY bad and the other half are very good lol. I have been living here for 3 months. When I first moved in, I was told I could have a 1 br, but found out that it was coming available in the next month. I was moved into a 2br with no roomate and was told I would have my new one soon. When the hurricane hit, my apt got flooded and I was quickly and helpfully moved into my new one. Maybe I was lucky idk but I have had nothing but the best help from staff, they are all super awesome and my MAN sydney at the front desk ALWAYS helps me out if I need something. There is a blonde girl who is super awesome too I wish I knew her name man but W/e and the burnette who is just as great :) I feel like the bad reviewers might just be sour people, some people are just like that. Heres a life lession: tr Review from Google
Nov 2018: Maintenance does nothing. Repairs from recent hurricane have yet to be done. Parking lots loaded with garbage and moldy furniture. Office staff is never helpful. Especially Erica who's always a raging b**ch. Over charge for utilities and the maintenance people enter your apt when you aren't home. Review from Google
Nov 2018: Do not move here. I moved in here over the summer. Apartment was disgusting and definitely hadn’t been cleaned. I figured I’d make the best of it, went to Walmart, got some cleaning supplies, and cleaned everything I could. Then my first night there, the bugs came out. Not just one or two roaches, but probably 30 or so climbing all around the floor, the walls the ceiling. I killed as many as I could and tried to go to sleep... then I found a bed bug crawling onto my pillow. Just to be sure, I googled it and confirmed it was an adult bedbug. I ended up going to sleep in a hotel at 2am my first night there. Confronted management and they couldn’t care less. They argued the place had been treated for roaches, that I hadn’t actually seen a bed bug, that I was exaggerating how bad it was. They started forcing me to only communicate with Review from Google
Sep 2018: If I could give this horrible place half a star I would. First of all I lived here for 2 years and locked in a pretty low price for rent in a 3 bedroom townhome - that's the only positive - and the maintenance guys were helpful. The utilities are ridiculously high even split between my 2 roommates and I because of the company they use. My mailbox never had a functioning lock on it. There were never enough parking spots because they weren't assigned so often times I had to park in the visitor spaces near the leasing office. The whole complex was without wifi for a MONTH (right before finals). My electric key hardly ever worked and had to be reprogrammed multiple times. The pool wasn't opened until the middle of June each year because they're always behind on everything. The "gym" was never cleaned the entire time I lived there. It took them ove Review from Google
Sep 2018: DO NOT MOVE HERE!!!! I originally made this post on move in day but was asked to remove my post if they “fixed the issues in my apartment while I was gone.” Well, they didn’t fix many of the issues while I was gone and I am now trying to find a temporary living situation because I refuse to live in filth and subhuman (BUG) conditions. I just moved in today and I am not pleased. They gave me the “wrong” unit at first and it had holes in the wall/door, smelled like straight weed, and was beyond gross. For the price you can live almost anywhere else and live in a nicer place! It’s beyond dingy and there are freaking ants & NOW baby roaches in my bathroom and dead bugs (have pictures). They didn’t repaint the unit and there were holes that needed to be replastered. The screen on my window looks like someone chewed it like what in the
Aug 2018: Apparently they don't use the $200 they charge the tenants at the time of move out for painting. Horrible place to live and someone should go in that office and clean house. Management is worthless and they don't follow their own policies and procedures. Making a complaint is a waste of time as nothing is addressed by management and retaliation for the complaints should be expected.
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Aug 2018: DO NOT MOVE HERE!!!! I just moved in today and I am not pleased. They gave me the “wrong” unit at first and it had holes in the wall/door, smelled like straight weed, and was beyond gross. For the price you can live almost anywhere else and live in a nicer place! It’s beyond dingy and there are freaking ants in my bathroom. They didn’t repaint the unit and there were holes that needed to be replastered. The screen on my window looks like someone chewed it like what in the world. The furniture provided has extreme wear and tear and a stain on the couch. I am not pleased with this place whatsoever. The entire move in process was completely unorganized and I am literally pissed off because this is crazy. They false advertised and lied about MANY things. This complex is janky you’d be better off looking at better/nicer student living apartments.
Aug 2018: Finally! I move i yesterday, i was so excited. Alec and Erica were so helpful with moving me in. When i got to my apartment, David met me there and wanted to walk me through it. My roommate seems very nice from what I saw. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone looking for an apartment! Review from Google
Jun 2018: This place is a joke. I should’ve known from the start it was going to be bad. First of all, they are way over priced and pretend to be nice apartments when really they are bad apartments that have been poorly remodeled. When I first signed my lease 2 years ago, they put me in the wrong room. I tried to fix it in March, but they didn’t do anything until May and then tried to charge me extra for signing late when it was their fault. I let that slide and lived there for a year with not too many difficulties other than the shoddy appliances. I signed another years lease just because I wanted to continue living with my friends. Unfortunately, in September my great aunt got very sick and I moved home to help my grandmother take care of her. She passed away in October so I decided to stay home and transfer schools to be near my grandmother. When Review from Google
Jun 2018: don't move here. Management is rude and greedy. They double charge water bill, don't keep promises, and steal Amazon packages. IF maintenance fixes something it's half assed, and don't respond to requests. Review from Google
May 2018: Multiple disappointments here. Dirty apartments prior to move in. Condoms and beer bottles, caps, etc. mold on the walls. Extremely expensive for quality although their marketing is strong. ANY CO-SIGNERS please be aware that you are on the hook for all renewals whether you sign or not. Their leases are very broad and, of course, in their favor. Just be aware. Review from Google
May 2018: Great place. Great price. Great proximity to campus. 10/10 👍 Review from Google
May 2018: Nice place to live. Of course; like any place it can depend on your neighbors as far as experiences. Nice pool, workout area, even free expensive coffee 24/7. Internet and more included in rent. Mostly college kids/adults. Beware of glass on the ground. I didn't see any, just expect the obvious, it's almost 100% college kids and some party n there's always that one jerk who breaks a beer bottle... don't be THAT PERSON... Review from Google
Apr 2018: Living here has been awesome for the year and a half I have been here. The lofts are awesome, tons of space for a single person to live in. Maintenance is super friendly and helpful, the front desk guys are super chill, and I can run to UNCW in under 2 minutes or walk in 5. They had a wifi issue because of spectrum which wasn't great, but now that its back I realize how fast the internet is. The pools are pretty sweet too and theres a solid community of mostly friendly people. Renewed and will be doing the same in the future! Review from Google
Apr 2018: They claim that they offer the highest speed WiFi in town. The truth is you can’t connect the WiFi very often. If they know you are not going to renew, they will stop taking care your apartment. I will not recommend anyone especially students to live here. Review from Google
Mar 2018: I would give this apartment a 0 if at all possible because it is very difficult for me to think of one good thing about this place. The room that they gave me and my roommate was not even remotely close to what they showed me when I came to tour. My apartment was VERY dirty when I moved in and there were areas of the wall that were not painted. There is also no room between the cabnets and counter to put a damn coffee pot or knife block. The walls here are extremely thin, I can hear people next to me talking and watching TV and I can hear people above me stomping and yelling allllll day. There is also a HUGE roach problem here despite them "spraying for bugs". On several occasions I have come home to roaches on and around my bed, in my shower, and around the kitchen and living area. During me and my roommate's time here, one of our cars was br Review from Google
Feb 2018: Moved into a dirty apartment. I was going to clean it anyway but I mean C'mon so much dog hair and dust. The dog owner in the complex don't pick up the poo and we only got 1 parking decal and 1 key to the door. I asked for a decal and the office chick said they only give one and we can only get a 2nd key If the 1st gets lost and we'll have to pay $100 for it. Laundry, gym and a stand up tanning both of the latter are included in rent. Furnished or not with Wi-Fi included with rent along with pest control and water,/sewer and electrical service allowance of up to $30. Very peaceful and quiet, surprisingly. You don't have to be a student to live here and they do breakfast and other meals etc in the club house. Pool, outdoor bar, grill, TV and gas fueled fire pit. I can't wait for summer! Review from Google
Jan 2018: If you’re looking for a nice, quite, affordable apartment, and still want to be able to walk to class without paying for a parking pass? Then live at anyone of the way better apartment complexes in Wilmington and just park at CEV and walk to class like everyone else does! Review from Google
Sep 2017: They have friendly service, its never noisy at night. They have good social events and the staff are very friendly. Very highly recommended. The pool is lovely and the gym is great. They give out free food once in a while and they do whatever they can to make the customers stay as welcome as possible. Review from Google
Sep 2017: Rent is overpriced because it's so close to campus. Save the extra $200 a month and walk an extra 5 minutes. Management is not good, both at the Wilmington branch and the company as a whole. The ONLY good thing I have to say about this place anymore is that the maintenance guys are awesome. I miss when it was Campus Walk. Review from Google
Jul 2017: Campus Evolution Villages in Wilmington, NC is a wonderful place to live. The location is perfect (practically right next to UNCW's campus), the pools are nice, and the units are cool to live in -- but what really makes this living experience one of the best is definitely the staff. The maintenance workers (lead by the ever-pleasant Paul Walker) are efficient and friendly. The office staff is fun to be around, and they're always feeding you free food! In particular I'd like to single out Tyler Minton -- he's always available if I have a question or concern in regards to my lease, unit, etc. He's friendly, helpful, and I get the sense that he truly cares about his residents. Thank you for making it so that I love where I live (: Review from Google
Jul 2017: This a great apartment complex for students and normal residents. The office staff does their best to accommodate to residential needs, and help solve any complications you may encounter. Highly recommend considering them if you're looking for a new place to live! Review from Google
Jun 2017: Wish I could give this place zero stars. Will try to keep this short but this place has multiple problems. Wish I could post pics here, but they will be going on FB. Main issues are roach infestion, management, and noise. I see 15 plus roaches a day. infestion..not a bug problem. Do not take the glue or tape off of your furniture because that is to keep them out. They will be in your bed, living room, kitchen, and bathroom. There is no dinning room, and apartment is very very small. Neighbors are horrible and loud. Parties will be thrown every night no matter the time or day. Review from 6/8/17 on Google

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