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Avalon Apartments

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Jul 2018: Just don’t live over the pool, constant noise from 10am-9pm every day in the summer! Review from Google
Feb 2018: I’ve lived in Avalon for about 7 months now and this has been one of the best experiences I’ve had in any apartment complex. The apartments are nice and have good amenities. More importantly, the staff are on top of any maintenance issues that pop up. I have never had to wait more than a couple of days for any issues to be dealt with and they are always very nice whenever I have needed anything. Review from Google
Jan 2018: My lease was over on the 11th of November, 2017. I paid my rent of 11 days ($450 plus $29 for what ever) that was that. On January 11th, 2018 I received a call from a debt collector saying I owe $407 and that was for the remainder of November.. my lease was over November 11th but "surprise!" Your credit score is hurt and you owe us more money! Also, a guy was robbed at gunpoint and then shot at outside of my window and Avalon did nothing to up security or make the other tenants aware of what happened. Bottom line, move in here and prepare to be robbed by criminals and corporates. Review from Google
Oct 2017: Fantastic amenities (that is, if you're able to use them: the carwash, basketball court, and grills are always tied up with nonresidents). And let's not even talk about safety, noise, or parking....However, the staff is always nice and maintenance is very helpful when things go wrong (like when your A/C breaks for a few days during the hottest time of the year). Overall it's a nice place to live, just beware of charges they'll tack on at the end of your lease. It's a convenient place for college living, but there are many nicer places in town with safer locations at a cheaper price. Review from Google
Jan 2017: Good price for what you're getting. Good location. The apartments look good on the inside, clean and pretty big space. The bedrooms and bathrooms are good sizes too. Gym and community area is newly renovated and very nice. Review from 1/1/17 on Apartment Ratings
Dec 2016: I retired to Wilmington in May of 2016 and choose to rent and apartment initially to assure my decision to relocate to North Carolina was the correct one. I initially found the complex on the internet and liked the the fact it was so convenient to downtown. When I actually visited the community, I knew immediately I would be comfortable living here and after six months I am sure I made the right decision. Review from 12/19/16 on Apartment Ratings
Nov 2016: This is a first class apartment home complex. The amenities are spectacular, the office staff is friendly and accommodating and the maintenance crew is the best I've ever seen. Avalon exceeded and continues to exceed our expectations. We have already recommended Avalon to our best friend. Review from 11/21/16 on Apartment Ratings
Nov 2016: Wicked nice place to live! It's a quiet and secluded community but still close to shopping, food, etc. front desk staff is beyond helpful and friendly. They take time to get to know the residents. Maintance staff is very helpful and friendly as well. Nice apartments overall. Love the dog park and car wash on site! Review from Google
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Jul 2016: Saw a beautiful apartment and in reality were provided one that was horrible. The carpet was in terrible condition and filthy. Would never rent one of their properties again. not worth the money.
May 2016: Everything went smoothly with my move in. The apartment was extremely clean and as I expected it. Any issues I reported on the move in checklist were handled within a few hours. The staff are so very helpful and I love the community and the Dig and Dive is awesome. Highly recommend living here!! Review from 5/9/16 on Apartment Ratings
Apr 2016: Although the grounds are beautiful, Many of our maintenance requests took time to do, you could hear all of the residents on all sides of you, and the apartments never had a clean feeling to them and bugs seemed to always get into the apartment. Review from 4/27/16 on Apartment Ratings
Apr 2016: Maintenance man was rude consistently, office girls were very unprofessional and handled complaints poorly. We would not recommend this community to others based on the manner in which we were treated by staff. We lived at avalon for two years and when we decided not to renew we were hit with random charges and fees. Move out inspection was performed before move out date and we were not given any notice that the inspection was going to be performed. We did not get our deposit back even though no damage was done to the apartment. Review from 4/11/16 on Apartment Ratings
Nov 2015: Very nice rental. Super nice office and Maintenance staff. Grounds are okay pool is NOT heated. Apartments could be cleaner but are okay. Too many dog owners do not pick up after pets. Good parking and fairly well lit parking areas. Front office staff is super nice. Review from 11/9/2015 on Apartment Ratings
Nov 2015: It's nice. I just moved here so... I don't have any complaints aside from my key fob didn't work for a while. I like how accessible it is. I think it'd be great if we could pay our rent with credit cards without there be an astronomical fee for it.. Review from 11/4/2015 on Apartment Ratings
Nov 2015: The Avalon Apartments are a wonderful place to live. The office staff and maintenance crew are always friendly and courteous. They offer many extras such as free dance classes, Buffett dinners at Dig & Dive, bingo, & pool parties just to name a few. What's really great is that they also offer an all inclusive rent. Everything included! No worrying what your electric, water or cable bill is going to be. I'm a very happy tenant living here at the Avalon! Review from 11/2/2015 on Apartment Ratings
Jan 2015: I love Avalon, its the best apartment community i have ever lived at. When i moved to Wilmington 2 years ago i didnt know anyone or anything about the city. When i moved into Avalon i was welcomed with smiles from the amazing office staff and my neighbors. Not to mention how fast my work orders are completed. It is convenient to my job and shopping. I love the fitness center and coffee bar. I attend all the socials they offer (because they are awesome). I have never had a problem at all with this apartment and i plan on staying here until i buy a house. If you are looking for a great place to stay this place is it. And the price isnt ridiculous like most places here. Review from 1/30/15 on Google
Jan 2015: Avalon Apartments are by far the best in the area. The close proximity to the beach and downtown area are great, along with Sports and Courts right next door. The pool is a great place to be, with everyone coming down to hang out in the warmer months of the year. There is always something to do or someone to meet. Any questions or concerns I have are handle immediately by the staff and they are always professional. I truly enjoy living here and recommend it to anybody looking for an apartment in Wilmington. Review from Google
May 2014: We've been living here for almost a year now and we love living here. The apartment grounds are always kept clean and if you have a complaint of anything, they are always right on top of their job. Maintence guys are wonderful and always come out right away when you need something and the things always get taken care of. I had a noise complaint the other night at 3am and they called me right back about it. My fiancé and I will eventually be getting a house but until then we are glad to call Avalon home for us and our 1 yr old! Review from 5/4/2014 on Yelp

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