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Aspire 349

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Oct 2019: When first considering this complex, it seemed a really nice place for my daughter to live her very first year from home. They claimed to be a secured community with functioning gates and pet friendly. However, they changed the locks without prior notice, have not replaced broken furniture which was reported upon move in. They change their idea of leasing policies at their discretion and we now find ourselves having to rehome my daughters pet due to poor management/communication. Every time I have visited, there is a strong smell of marijuana being smoked in the facilities. Worst part is the school recommends this place and from the parents perspective their administration is a complete joke. They have young kids running the front desk without any ability or authority to make decisions. They will not give out numbers to managers and only emails, which have gone unanswered or the promise of weeks before anyone will even be available to answer Review from Google
Aug 2019: don't live here. When you move out they will charge you a crazy amounts of money for nothing. If you do end up living here, when you move out remember to ask for a itemized statement. If you do that it will save you about $300. Review from Google
Aug 2019: I would like to say how amazing the maintenance team is at aspire 349. Extremely inviting and nice people who truly make the community feel at home. Shout out to Jeremy and Hector for fixing my dishwasher after I used the wrong soap in it. They did a great job fixing the issue and left a nice note. I also want to send a shout out to the management team but most importantly Caleb who makes this place feel a little more like home every time I speak with him. The only thing I would fix about Aspire 349 is their back gate, it would be nice if you could enter through it as a resident. Review from Google
Jul 2019: Make sure you take your shoes off before stepping on your carpet. Or when you move out you’ll get charged 325 dollars for them to replace it instead of clean it. Probably the worst apartment complex I’ve ever lived in. Review from Google
Jul 2019: Dog feces at this complex is deplorable and unsanitary. Creates unhealthy living conditions to residents and pets. Litter and trash. The pool was not permitted to operate because of failure to bring water standards up to acceptable limits. This has been the case since September 2017, however, management made false representation about pool water quality/standards/safety. Feces add to extremely harmful environmental and water pollution. Management was not honest. Review from Google
May 2019: Awful staff door lock has broken at least 6 times and have been locked out overnight without anybody going to fix it. Price of rent only seems to go up somehow. Staff is ran by 19 yr old girls who are unable to do anything except take down complaints. Broken glass is in the roads about every other week. Managers always seem to take lunch whenever you ask for them and never return phones calls or emails. Overall terrible company and there will probably be a new one next year since this place gets bought out every year. Review from Google
May 2019: After being put under new management Aspire has definitely stepped up their game with completing work orders, keeping the complex clean and orderly, and the staff is awesome. They are all super friendly and will help you with any leasing questions or concerns. Highly recommend Review from Google
Apr 2019: My son lives at one of the apartments for almost a year now. I never hear him complaining and every time I call the office, everyone is very nice and helpful. A couple of weeks ago my son started working at the front office and he said they are very accommodating with his schedule. I am a very pleased mom. Review from Google
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Apr 2019: DO NOT RENT FROM HERE! Place claims to be a "gated community" but gates are always either broken or always open. Never any visitors parking because of the open gates, people come from other apartments to park here. Security is never here, they are here only during certain times which they just sit in their cars on their phones. There has been people messing with cars, breaking into apartments.. etc. They don't do anything because there are no cameras. I am ending my lease 4 months early because of these issues and more . :)))) Because i am ending my lease early I have found another apartment to stay in the month of May but since I am leaving aspire they are not only charging me a $250 subleasing fee but also making me pay the whole month of May $675 HOPING to get reimbursed (half of rent) on the 15th of may. This is a HUGE inconvenience for me considering now I have to pay TWO RENTS for the month of may AND the $250 fee Review from Google
Feb 2019: I never do reviews but please read this one. Do not live here. I repeat DO NOT live here. I just had gun shots and three men jump out of a glass window in the apartment above me and police all over the place tonight. The leasing office is disorganized. Anything left on my door step is stolen. Residents are shady. There’s major drug use and possible selling of drugs happening in apartments all around me. I do not feel safe personally living here and would not recommend even taking the chance of living here. If you’re a parent do not let your kids live here. I’m in my twenties and saying this, that’s when you know it’s not just a college area type thing. This place is not safe. I just wish I had some type of review like this to save me from my “binding contract” and the office continues to remind me as I’m crying every night terrified to walk my dog at night.
Feb 2019: Worked and lived here when it was Carolina Cove and it was not the best. After moving out was not notified through mail ( like I was told) that I owed money to them and had to call to find out that they had already sent me to collections. Hopefully the new management has got it together
Dec 2018: FUTURE RENTERS BEWARE! My son moved into Aspire in August 2018. I signed his lease back in February 2018 because the Aspire people recommended we do that to guarantee him an apartment. When we went for orientation at UNCW in June, they still had plenty of available apartments, as did they when he finally moved in..Only difference is they were renting for less than I am paying! Okay, no biggie …..who really ever knows how fast apartments will rent in the long run, right. When we first visited Aspire they bragged about how secure the complex was, how they had gates to keep non residents out, gas grills for the residents, repairs completed in a timely manner, card access system for the common areas. The truth is we are now approaching the end of December and all the gates are always open but when you ask about them you are told they in th Review from Google
Nov 2018: After having some struggles with this place in the beginning and taking a week to get hot water the place isn’t that bad the 24 hour gym is very nice staff is always nice. Review from Google
Nov 2018: Took a tour at aspire and loved it! Hailey knew every answer to my questions and really made the tour fun and interesting! The whole staff was very friendly and welcoming Review from Google
Sep 2018: Great community. The staff is professional, friendly, and welcoming. They are energetic and make a person feel right at home. The Friday breakfast helps when we get on the road early for travel and/or classes. The grounds and maintenance is outstanding. My apartment is clean, newly painted, modern furnishings, new television with a plethora of channels. My dog really likes it here; the dog agility center is cool. Thank you all for making a big transition to a new place so smooth and exciting. Review from Google
Aug 2018: Great staff, only complaint i have is about visitor's parking. they need to add more spots. All around good company though. Review from Google
May 2018: I moved here fall of 2017 when it was still Carolina Cove. My experience here as Carolina Cove was horrendous, so I was happy to see that the property was under new management at the end of fall semester/beginning of spring semester. However, I have not seen improvement in the management. I see great improvements in the property itself such as new flooring, redoing the parking lot and cleaning the facility. The new manager has absolutely no place working in a customer service company WHATSOEVER! As a waitress I am well aware of what quality customer service looks like. I have come to speak with the manager, Lilly, several times about serious concerns pertaining to my roommate situation and my pets. Both times she looked at me with a stone cold face showing no sympathy or concern. After my floors had been redone maintained had come into my apar Review from Google
May 2018: Clean, apartments are nice, fairly sized. Grounds are well kept. Review from Google
Mar 2018: Worst dining experience ever. The toilet must have clogged halfway through our meal (of course the server sat us near the bathroom....) and all we could smell was sewage. Their salmon was prepared perfectly though, and the food arrived very quickly. Review from Google
Mar 2018: HORRIBLE PLACE TO LIVE!! do not waste your money and time living here.The staff is horrible especially maintenance. The District managers are rude. The property has dog poop everywhere all the time as well as trash and broken glass. if you put in a maintaince request it will take 3 months before they get to you. do not go for what the people in the office say, come speak to actual residents before you sign a lease for the worst place to live in Wilmington. Review from Google
Mar 2018: I love this place super nice guys in the office always smiling Thank you Aspire for this wonderful year i'm going to miss it ! Review from Google
Mar 2018: I want to tell everyone that Aspire Apartments (formerly Carolina Cove) has been a great place for my son to live for his last year at UNCW. And the management there has shown they are willing to work with residents when needed. Back when I signed the lease with the apartments I failed to pick up on that it ended on April 30,2018 (my bad) and not May 9,2018. I had assumed for the 9 month lease that it would run from his move in date of Aug 9. However, when he went to the office to inquire about extending it he was initially told it could not be. Well I called and asked to speak to a manager and got Evan on the phone. What a pleasure to speak with this person. He was professional, polite and listened to my situation of my son and that he needed at least 1 more week to finish finals and then graduate. He took a look at things and gladly extended Review from Google
Feb 2018: My overall experience with Carolina cove/Aspire 349 is not good. But Evan and Angel in the office were always so nice. They tried their best to help me. I won't be renewing because of the price getting too high. Its too expensive for only your bedroom and stuff. Seems like they spend too much money on giving out free food and merch when they could either charge less or use the money wisely. Im not a student but I am 22 years old, and I feel like I live with high school students. The pool and location is great though. I enjoy the pool area the most, but thats only three months you can do that. Review from Google
Jan 2018: I have lived here for 5 months and counting down the days until I’m out. When I arrived to the apartment, half of the electrical outlets did not work, the cabinets were torn up and my carpets were disgusting. After filling out the move in work order we didn’t have anything replaced and haven’t heard from the maintenance guys about it. But they will surely find time to come in and do inspections of your space. It is very college oriented, obviously, so be prepared for beer cans all over the parking lot and overall trash everywhere. Loud music most weekends. The office has given my rent check to another person on accident and threatened to evict me. It was straightened out in the end, but within 2 days I had a very threatening note on my door ( after I had paid my rent). This place has just gotten new ownership and management so maybe Review from Google
Nov 2017: Alyssa Arnold at the Carolina Cove Apartments is awesome! I knew after a short period of time speaking with her that all my questions/concerns would be answered because of how helpful she was. She was very informative, helpful and provided excellent customer service. Review from Google

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