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Rented or Expired. Deleted from active.
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- 2 month lease

Hi folks, I live in Aspire ,

When I resigned last year rent was $

...with utility overages and renters insurance I usually pay $ a month- looking for someone to take over my lease starting June 1st, I&#;m graduating next month, $ is probably significantly cheaper than most places and you can talk with the office about renewing at that rate if you so choose.

Shoot me an email at or a text at - if you&#;re interested.

One of my room mates is a cape fear grad who&#;s hardly ever home because he works night shifts in healthcare and sleeps during the day, I&#;m not sure if my other room mate (another UNCW student) is renewing, but he&#;s pretty involved in extra circulars so he&#;s barely home too. It&#;s on the third floor right in front of the basketball courts next to the mail and trash compactor- so it&#;s pretty quiet and away from all the noise compared to the other units in the complex, since it&#;s a corner apartment, wind noise drowns out practically everything except people that think it&#;s cool to blast their subwoofers with their doors open. I&#;d be more than happy to 🚶 walk you around or send some pictures of the unit. Aspire is huge and has all the amenities all the others do and then some more, and it&#;s cheaper than the rest, and has 2 🚌 bus stops which multiple 🚌 shuttles stop at. Let me know if you&#;ve got questions.

Closets are huge- fits a foot six paddle board as you can see, along with all my guitars and clothes, I&#;ve had no issues with space having a queen sized bed, maintenance is quick to fix stuff in my experience, hardwood floors are super easy to 🎇clean, and since my room mate is staying- you won&#;t really need to buy any cooking ware, silverware, plates, or cups. I&#;ve also kept some of the kitchen ware that the last room mate left, so there&#;s basically a surplus of stuff at your disposal.

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