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Abbotts Run

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Jun 2017: This place is the worst. I moved in December 2015. The girls in the office where amazing. I had to resign my lease in September 2016. Made arrangements to have the "upgrades" done while I was gone for a week and a half. I was lied to about their "upgrades" and they still aren't finished. Roaches and neighbors who do nothing but party and smoke pot. I get a contact high daily. My rent started at $731 in December 2015 And they jacked it up to $945 plus water trash and bug control. I don't even hit the minum amount for the water. Review from 6/8/17 on Google
Jun 2017: My son lived at Abbotts Run while attending UNCW and he joined the USMC. When he moved out he made sure everything was paid, the apartment was clean and he then left for boot camp. Months later we got notice that he owed approximately $400 for "cleaning fee, water and trash" and we were supposedly "notified by email" and we were told that since no one replied it was turned over to a collection agency! Review from 6/4/17 on Google
Apr 2017: Management could be better and more friendly/responsive. But overall, the complex is decent. Not too loud, although there are college kids who party from time to time. Parking is easy to find and the pond gives nice views. Great bang for your buck and easily located in town. Review from 4/22/17 on Google
Apr 2017: recently just got married so my wife and I needed a place to stay and came across Abbotts run. Living at Abbotts run is convenient because of the local stores near by, public transportation, & work is near by. Getting an apartment here was fairly easy and smooth. Customer service was competent in their jobsand very friendly staff. We weren't suppose to get an apartment for 3 three weeks but they were helpful and reduced the time and got it down in a week for us to move in. The one star left out is for the apartment did have a minor discrepancies, but overall great community to live in, great apartment and great experience thus far. Review from 4/12/17 on Google
Apr 2017: NOTE: I can no longer move here due to curve balls life has thrown at me nonstop. The staff have put their heart out to me and tried everything to help me with my plight but i simply cannot afford the place. I understand they have a business to run and all of the staff has been very kind and helpful through phone calls and emails. Although i cannot move here, they offer an amazing community to any wishing to live in an affordable and convenient location with some of the best management i have encountered. Id give them 5 stars for communication and understanding of a situation when trying to work with tenants the best they can and a nice neighborhood to take the kids to on vacation!
Jan 2017: I just love living here. XXXX is amazing and true joy to work with. Great location for my job since I work downtown Wilmington, close for shopping and when I have a problem with anything I can call and they are top of everything for me. I couldn't speak highly enough about XXXX. Review from 1/3/17 on Google
Dec 2016: Quite possibly the worst company I've ever dealt with in my life. I would not recommend to my enemies. Their primary communication is email, they won't even try to call you over an important matter. They never return calls. The management staff is clueless and is routinely over hauled. The area is awful, lived there for 2 years and heard gunshots at least 10 times and had to call 911 twice. Roach infested. Disgusting. If you are into prostitution right next door this is right up your ally. 1 star is generous. Review from 12/30/16 on Google
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Nov 2016: Great staff, great space, affordable, and safe. I've lived here for almost 2 years now and I absolutely love these apartments. We're under new management and the new owners have already worked so hard to improve the place. The pool is awesome in the summer and my favorite thing is that they're so pet friendly. There's plenty of room to take the dogs out and play or walk. It's also seriously convenient to be so close to everything (target, Walmart, food). I go to UNCW and their bus stop is within walking distance from my apartment. They're on top of pest control and repairs (a maintenance guy came at 11pm once to fix our dishwasher). Review from 11/12/16 on Google

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