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LiveSomeWhere ▷ CFCC Apartments, Off Campus Housing - Info and Subleases
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Cape Fear Community College

The most convenient Cape Fear Community College (CFCC) apartments are located right in downtown Wilmington. Leveraging the proximity to UNCW, you can find a good number of student focused communities...More Info◁

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39 Ads, Subleases for Rent near CFCC

1 in 1 bed 1 bath. Posted Jan-20. I am a visiting professor from China and will...more↓ 24

1 in 1 bed 1 bath. Activity Jan-11, comments. This apartment at Campus Evolutions is availa...more↓ 85

1 in 4 beds 4 baths. Activity Jan-20, details. Hi! I am a student here at UNCW. I have 1 roo...more↓ 59

4 in 4 beds 4 baths. Activity Jan-19, details. Apartment for rent at Progress 910! Move in d...more↓ 29

1 in 3 beds 2 baths. Activity Jan-11, details. Two sophomore UNCW Students. Very nice place...more↓ 67

1 in 3 beds 1 bath. Activity Jan-20, details. Hi! I'm subleasing my house in aspen heights....more↓ 186

1 in 4 beds 5+ baths. Activity Jan-12, details. am subleasing my bedroom in Aspen Heights, a...more↓ 40

1 in 3 beds 3.5 baths. Activity Jan-11, details. One Bedroom and bathroom available for sublet...more↓ 69

2 in 2 beds 2 baths. Activity Jan-20, details. Avalon Apartment Homes 327 Guinevere Lane W...more↓ 1038

1 in 3 beds 3 baths. Activity Jan-19, details. w/d in unit no smoking private bath privat...more↓ 62

1 in 3 beds 3 baths. Activity Jan-17, details. WILSHIRE LANDING LUXURY STUDENT LIVING! Tw...more↓ 910

1 in 3 beds 1 bath. Posted Jan-11. A sublease is open at Wilshire Landing lookin...more↓ 43

1 in 1 bed 1 bath. Activity Jan-16, details. First month's rent FREE, get $250 deposit bac...more↓ 78

1 in 2 beds 2 baths. Activity Jan-16, details. Hi, I have one room in a two bedroom apartmen...more↓ 162

1 in 2 beds 2 baths. Posted Jan-11. I am a junior at UNCW and work everyday so I...more↓ 69

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Cape Fear Community College

List of Communities and Apartments near CFCC for you to explore

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