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The Villas at Riverbend

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Dec 2018: I’ve lived here for a year now and hands down the best place I’ve been, resigned for fall of 2019 and I couldn’t be happier with my decision Review from Google
Nov 2018: I love being a part of the staff! Everyone is very friendly. The environment is very laid back. My bosses are very friendly and are always willing and able to work around my school schedule. If you are looking for a laid back place to work, look no further. Review from Google
Oct 2018: I was recently bought on to the team as a Community Assistant, and I love everything about my new job. The staff is amazing and they are very friendly! Review from Google
Sep 2018: Definitely the best layouts/square footage in the LSU area, love the closet in my 4 bedroom. From being on the staff and getting to know the rest of the housing communities, I really think u can’t beat the amount of space offered Review from Google
Sep 2018: I truly hate to do this but it's the only way management will hopefully do something about their inability to tend to their tenants concerns. The staff and maintenance are exceptional, however it only goes so far when the management can care less. From the first night I moved in I discovered there was a roach problem. After bringing it to the staffs attention, they sent an exterminator that basically sprayed water because everything he did was ineffective. It finally took 7 MONTHS for them to bomb our house. (Mind you this is only the FIRST YEAR I lived here- 7 out of my 12). There's constantly hidden fees, and changes in management/bookkeepers/staff and its difficult to even track where your money is REALLY going. To make matters worse I have been taking lukewarm showers since I've been here and the problem has yet to be solved. I literally h Review from Google
May 2018: Yadira, Marie, and Briana have all been so helpful. Don’t live here yet but have received two tours and will be signing a lease! The staff is very friendly and the facilities are well kept and run. Review from Google
May 2018: Clubhouse desk is always friendly and more than happy to help with anything you need. Maintenance dept. stays busy but always responds immediately with quick solutions. Review from Google
May 2018: Awesome place to live at. The staff are helpful with anything you need. Clean and safe place to live. I highly recommend. Review from Google
Feb 2018: It is so close to campus and the amenities are really nice! The staff is super friendly and helpful! The units are well-kept and very spacious, and the community is really quiet and safe! I would definitely recommend the Villas to people looking for a nice place to live that is very conveniently located to campus! Review from Google
Feb 2018: It is a great place to live! I just starting living here this year, and have already renewed my lease for next year. Great community, good space. The staff is very helpful, and always comes right away. I have a pet here and they are very supportive of it. Would reccomend! Review from Google
Feb 2018: Let's just say the one star is for location - the only reason I haven't moved out of this place. I will leave the front desk staff out of this because they are generally nice and helpful. The management, on the other hand, is the most incompetent, rude, pathetic staff I have ever seen in my life. My apartment was broken into and the general manager insinuated that I was making the whole thing up - there's really no reason to be so rude about it even if there was nothing she could do. I've lived here for three years and ever since the new company that bought this place took over, it has gone downhill fast. Oh, and they are entering people in a drawing to win $1000 if they leave a 5 star review even if they don't live here. There's plenty of other apartment complexes around - keep looking. Review from Google
Feb 2018: Amazing place to live!! The staff go above and beyond to help you out with whatever you need. Highly recommend! Review from Google
Feb 2018: To start off my visit, the ladies at the front desk were very kind and helpful, answered all of my questions, and had the best customer service of any property I had been to! The property was beautiful, and they even have a gym. 5/5 Review from Google
Feb 2018: I highly recommend the Villas. The staff is always extremely nice and helpful and the maintenance team responds to requests in a very timely fashion. I feel very safe living here and greatly enjoy the amenities: gym access, pool with grills, study and media rooms. The units are well maintained and very spacious and have a lot of storage space. Also, there are plenty of resident and visitor parking spaces located in close proximity to each unit. I love living at The Villas at Riverbend! Review from Google
Feb 2018: I currently live at the Villas at Riverbend and I absolutely love it! I feel the most safe here since I have been attending LSU. The community is small which I love! And every time I walk in the office, I am immedialtey greeted. My maintenance requests are always taken care within a day. Everyone is so awesome here! Review from Google
Nov 2017: Do you like having money and/or good wifi? If so, the Villas at Riverbed is NOT the place for you! The wifi is always down and they love to throw in fees every month that you weren't expecting! I write my check for $20 above the rent price I signed for and still get emails every month saying that I owe anywhere from $10 to $30 more. Review from Google
Nov 2017: The staff at The Villas at Riverbend are great, however the internet is bad and management does not acknowledge that it is likely their network/hardware. Management directs complaints about internet to the provider's (Cox) customer help line. Additionally rent has been rising as I've been here. Review from Google
Aug 2017: Loving my experience so far! Staff is super helpful, great grounds to walk my dog on.. The landscaping is kept up and everything inside of our house is perfect and super quiet Review from Google
Jun 2017: Staff is great and always there to help! Location is perfect to campus and a little more secluded. Overall an awesome place to live! Review from Google
Jun 2017: I love living here! Maintenance is great! The staff is so nice! You can always count on the management to get things done in a timely manner! Review from Google
Sep 2016: Summary- I'd literally rather live anywhere else because of the sheer hassle and stress living here brought me. My one regret is I can't give zero stars, and I have to mention the maintenance crew was very helpful. Was very pleased with the property and management up until Clark took over about a year ago. Since, it has only gone down in quality when there's no high traffic of move ins (unshocked green pools, frequently broken hot tub, privacy issues involving management peering in through the windows at the top of the doors, slim chance of adequate "24 hour" written warnings before management enters your property as per your contract, nothing in your lease to prevent your roommates from not paying your electricity which the staff will hold you responsible for bc you can't turn off the power without violating your lease). Review from 9/23/16 on Google
Aug 2016: I've been living at uclub for about a year. My overall experience has been great other than some unforseeable obsticles that are out of anyone's control. As far as mangement and staff they're all nice and helpful I've never had a negative experience, they do whatever they can to make sure their residents have a great experience! I will continue to live here until I graduate. They bedrooms are " HUGE" it's quiet and great amenities. The properties isnt too big so you always get a personal experience. Review from 8/14/16 on Google
Aug 2016: Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, here is mine. I lived here a year, Management was great! Maintenance was great! Never had any issues. Clark was awesome and always helped with any and all problems. Review from 8/10/16 on Google
Apr 2016: I have had such a wonderful time living in U Club. It is so clean and the service is great (e.g., If I call about something in my apartment that is not working, someone is at my door, ready to fix it within the hour). It is very pet friendly as well. The staff is extremely friendly and always ready to help. For example, my car battery died sometime during the night before one of my finals. I did not realize this until it was time to head to campus for the test the next morning. To my surprise (and horror), my car would not start and my roommate was studying 20 minutes away. Note: my final was in 20 minutes. I don't know why, but I headed straight to the club house. Review from 4/5/16 on Google

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