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The Lodges at 777

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Mar 2019: I love this place. The entire staff has been wonderful and they truly care about everyone. Alyssa, Tyler and Chrissy are exceptional. There isn’t one thing I would change. I never regretted moving here. I am in a disabled appartment that has a lot more room. You couldn’t pry me away from here. Vicki Moorer Review from Google
Feb 2019: Pretty ok. I stay on the third floor in a lofted living space(my roofs are high up). I have had several problems with ants but they're quick to be taken care of. The GYM NEEDS TI HAVE MORE FREE WEIGHT SETS, maybe even just one more. Everything is really nice and the office people aren't what the negative review state. Reason I'm giving three stars is because I feel like rent is at most fair but not ideally what I would want with 3 room mates. Also COVERED PARKING DOESNT EXIST PLEASE PLEASE IF ANYTHING THAT. Thanks Review from Google
Feb 2019: It’s unfortunate to say, but if you live here or are thinking about living here, don’t leave cash/checks/or any important documents in your apartment. A maintence worker STOLE money that was in a desk drawer in my apartment. The front desk handled the situation well and reimbursed the stolen cash, however, the fact that we can’t feel safe or keep our own valuables in the apartment is unacceptable. Review from Google
Jan 2019: Perphaps one of the worst places I have ever signed a lease. Maintenance would come in, at their leisure, and leave the door open so that my animals have escaped multiple times. I was constantly overcharged for utilities and other various things when there were only two individuals living in my apartment. When I needed to move out, it became quite apparent to me that these people could not care less about me. So many issues arose, and I recommend living literallly ANYWHERE else but here. It’s not safe, they never report anything to residents, you’re not taken care of at all, and when it’s time to go, you better be ready to pay a hefty amount. Review from Google
Dec 2018: This place is a money scam and I would strongly advise against signing a lease here. The complex itself is extremely unsafe and they don’t report any incidents that happen on the property to the residents. The rent is cheap so that’s the only good thing but you end up paying about $200-$300 on top of your rent because they overcharge for utilities. I have a 4 person apartment but only 2 people live in it. My roommate and I paid 142 each for rent last month because they turn on the air in the 2 extra rooms then lock them so you cannot access it and charge you for it. Our apartment is 300 sq feet and should not cost almost $300 in utilities for 1 month yet they won’t look into why it’s so high or come read our meter. Management is rude and will try to take advantage of you. It took my parents contacting them for them to even respond to m Review from Google
Oct 2018: After reading some of the negative reviews I kind of laughed because I've been living here for the past year and have never had an issue like they have described. Maintenance always addresses my issues in a timely manner and the staff is always very knowledgable and helpful with any issue I've had. definitely recommend living here Review from Google
Oct 2018: The management at this apartment complex does not care about your safety. Do not let them tell you otherwise. They are more concerned about their image and the publicity than keeping their residents informed of crime. We had two break ins within a week and the second time I woke up to a man in my room. They got into our house because our back door lock was faulty. We told them about this before the first break in and after. Nothing was done. They changed our lock the day after the second break in and it was so misaligned that it wouldn’t even work. The front gate is always broken and there is a whole side of the fence parameter that is not fenced. When this was brought to the area manager’s attention she didn’t even know where this was. They are completely unaware of their property. It’s like they don’t ever walk it or look at it or Review from Google
Oct 2018: its a nice apartment and has great maintenance staff that respond quickly to requests. However, the move in day did not provide necessary information to live here. This included how the gate works, the temporary gate code, the vehicle stickers information, how to submit a maintenance request, a map of the the apartment complex, and the location of the mail boxes. I had to find out all of this information by asking the front desk and most of the time the answers were incorrect especially regrading the gate codes. This information should have been in welcome packet. Review from Google
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Oct 2018: After living here for less than a year, move out day cannot come fast enough. The staff can never answer any questions, you can never speak to a manager directly, and the front gates are always broken. Maintenance has come in multiple times without notice and left the front door unlocked AND THEIR FOOD ON MY COUNTERS- they also drank a case of water from my apartment when they came in to clean out some of the other rooms, they left me with 2 waters. The utilities company changed things on their end and now I’m being billed way more than normal to make up for the difference instead of the complex, with zero warning of this. They didn’t even have the decency to email me about roommates moving in, despite me calling every other weekend and getting told that no one was moving in! This “student living” apartment complex is also filled with Review from Google
Aug 2018: If I could give this place zero stars I would. To start off we were not given many of things that we were guaranteed when we were given a tour of the apartment. We were told that trash would be picked up 5 days a week, and it was only picked up twice a week at most, and even then no more than two bags of trash were picked up at a time. Our air was broken in the middle of the summer for over THREE WEEKS, we put in multiple maintenance requests, the temperature got up to 96 degrees (certainly unlivable conditions), and we received no compensation and no other place to stay. We had overages nearly every month, and they were not able to answer any of our questions about them. There were multiple maintenance requests that were never completed. We had a roach problem, and during our finals week we had to move all of the furniture from our apartment Review from Google
May 2018: The lodges at 777 was great until they started hiring some of the wrong people. When I first signed my lease Jana Richards was hands down the best leasing agent they had. She was attentive and cared about us residents. Now (9 months later) it has been completely inconveniencing! Maintenance comes in and out whenever they feel like it without notice or even so much as a knock on the door. They've walked in on me naked, half naked, and very indecent. Every two weeks maintenances comes to "change the air filters". Air filters are not supposed to be changed every two weeks and i should receive some type of notice about it before they come. I will get an email randomly saying that they are coming to change the air filters the following week and they will come again, even if they just came last week off the record. JUST BECAUSE YOU HAVE KEYS DOESN' Review from Google
May 2018: didn't get to move in till 2 days into my lease because the unit was mess upon move-in with no compensation. The furniture was torn up with dog hair everywhere, stains on the carpets, mold in the fridge, vents were falling off, everything was dusty. I had to live else where for 2 to 3 days until I was reassigned to a new room which was during the first week of school causing a lot of stress with no compensation. Overall, it just took a lot of work. Another problem I had was that I paid August rent and didn't get to move till late August again with no compensation. The only reason I gave two star is the manager, he is actually tried to help. Also beware, they like to use this service call Con service that makes you paid for bills for the unoccupied spaces to. So be prepared to pay another 50 dollars in overages if you live in a space that is no Review from Google
Feb 2018: Cheaper than some of the other student living options. A good sized bedroom and the furniture is nice. Each bedroom has its own thermostat which is awesome. But, the maintenance staff leaves a lot to be desired. We had a mice infestation and they basically left us out to dry. Brought us traps but basically said that's all they could do. Mice have disease. I'm sure they walked all over everything, spreading disease, and the staff didn't care. What if we get sick? We removed EIGHT mice from our apartment, but who knows if there are any more??? Review from Google
Feb 2018: I don't mind living here, only issue I have is the fact that maintenance and cleaning crew do not allow you time to get to your door in order to let them in, they'll literally knock once, wait 5secs and allow themselves in. It is not ok when you're just getting out of the shower, sleep or have company over for that to happen. Its happened to me more than 5 times, and I live alone, so each time I am shaking with fear for minutes after whenever they do that. At least wait a few more seconds please. Price is a little expensive, however everything is included with furnished units. Maintenance, staff and apartments are all excellent I will add Review from Google
Feb 2018: My roommate and I have been living here for 2 years now, and we have not had major problems with the management until recently. We are on day 4 of not having an air conditioning unit that works, and we have put in multiple work orders in for it to be fixed. It is nearly 90 degrees in our apartment, and we can't live in our apartment without feeling like we are going to die of a heat stroke. The problem still has not been fixed because they still have not yet ordered a part for the A/C unit when we asked them to check the air 4 days ago. They refuse to give us ANY sort of compensation for the fact that we have not been able to stay in our apartment for almost a week. We both pay a lot for rent, and the fact that they can't give us some sort of compensation for the fact that we haven't been able to live in our apartment due to a broken A/C unit Review from Google
Feb 2018: Love Love Love this place! So happy to call it my home! Great environment for my dog and I and we absolutely love walking by the lakes! The staff in the office is always so polite and you can tell they care about their residents a lot! LIVE HERE! Review from Google
Feb 2018: To be honest, since I’ve moved here it has been the best place to live. Everyone is so nice and the property has so much to offer. The service they give is great, have activities all yr and much more. Review from Google
Feb 2018: I have been staying at this property for 2 years now and I have not encountered any problems. The management is great and they care about their residents. I highly recommend this property ! Review from Google
Feb 2018: The management and staff are great and always helpful! Each time there is an issue with my apartment, maintenance comes quickly and fixes the issue efficiently. Community activities are abundant, so that there is always something new happening. I've such a great experience living at the Lodges. Review from Google
Feb 2018: I have been living at The Lodges for about 2 years now, and I plan on renewing again for next year. It is super convenient to be close to campus but not have to deal with stuff that goes along with being TOO close to campus. It is also really close to just about anything you’d need like grocery stores, resteraunts, etc. i consistently use the workout area which is, again, very convenient being so close. It gives me a way to work out even after a long day when i otherwise wouldnt want to drive the the UREC or another gym. I have never had any problems with management; they have always been accommodating to any questions or issues I had. I have been in a 3 bedroom since I first moved here, and I love the space it gives me. It’s amazing to have my own space while also having a decently sized living room. I plan on recommending The Lodges to p Review from Google
Feb 2018: I’ve lived here 2 years and and just signed for my 3rd. The 5 bedroom manor has been a cozy place to call home for me and my roommates. I would recommend for college students. Review from Google
Feb 2018: In the two months I’ve been here. I’ve had no complaints the staff made my move in situation very smooth since I was signing a lease for just the spring semester. It’s a better experience in my opinion then where I was living the following year. Review from Google
Jan 2018: Great place, responsive staff and overall makes me feel right at home! Recommend living here plus the clubhouse is open 24 hours as long as you’re a resident! Review from Google
Jan 2018: I give this place 1 star bc the management is terrible me and my roommates pay our utilities bill with out rent bill together and the office takes care of everything and our power has been shut off 2 times bc of the office not handling their business. It took them over 2 days to get the power back on at our place. If you want to live in a nice place Do not move here. It sucks. Review from Google
Jan 2018: If you want a completely HONEST review about this place, please read this long, detailed review of the "Lodges at 777". My friend and I lived here from August 2016 thru June 2017. This was the worst mistake of our lives. Honestly, the facility is nice. It has a nice lake, dog walking area, and nice club house. BUT listen, there are WAY better places to live. 1. The main issue is the horrible management and faculty. If you go tour there, yeah they will be nice to you but once you're a resident, they are so unhelpful. Our main issue was the Airconditioner !! It was so outdated, and I cannot even tell you how many times it stopped working. There was one time we could not stay there for 3 night because it was so miserably hot and humid. (See the photo!) And they tell you if you put in a work order, they will fix any major issue right away. LIE. We Review from Google

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