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Jan 2019: These apartments are very poorly maintained the office staff are very dismissive of the tenant and nothing ever truly gets done. I've been living in these apartments for going on three weeks now and when I arrived I was placed in an apartment in the far back eventhough they had told me before I signed a lease that I would be in an apartment closer to the front since thats what I requested. My apartment was filthy when I arrived and the property manager jonas told me it was due to me coming a day early so when I returned a week later the only thing that had been done was the flooring the kitchen pantry still had mold in it, the bathroom vanity drawer was still broken, numerous fixtures on the outlets were broken or uncovered, and the railing on the stairs were extremely loose. So management told me they'd move me into a different unit and waive Review from Google
Dec 2018: I love the Hub!! The administration in the office are always on top of things that I need help with. Maintenance is always efficient and effective as well! The place was clean and a little worn but quite nice inside the apartment and rooms. Most of my neighbors are students that keep to themselves unless I say hi while they're walking their dog. A really affordable place to live as a student, as I am myself, and SO CLOSE TO CAMPUS! Me and my roommate even walk 25 mins to the football games! I ride my back to class all the time. You'll see some bad reviews but most of those are because of the individual that wrote it not because of the Hub. Review from Google
Dec 2018: 1. When came to check this apartment to lease, they offered us no rent for one month and next month you get $500 gift card. Olivia helped us, she was so nice and helpful. 2. After signing the lease, they gave the flat which was uncleaned after the previous tenants moved out. When we asked to change the apartment or clean it. All the staff were upset with us. So I had to approach the Manager. She asked me to clean it by myself. She said “when I moved into my flat, I have cleaned my apartment as it was dirty, you clean it if you don’t like the way it is. If I can do it, you can also do it”. After a 2-3 days fight, they changed the flat. 3. As offered, they didn’t apply the first month no rent offer to us, saying that it applied only for month of August and we moved in September.And gave the 500$ gift card as it was showing up in the le Review from Google
Dec 2018: ROACHES ROACHES ROACHES Our apartment was I N F E S T E D with roaches as well as the neighbors. We repeatedly told the management and each time they said they “called” someone to spray. They never came and I even put tape on the door to check. Management event gave me bomb sprays!! THE DAY WE MOVED IN (which they forgot by the way and we ended up sitting in the office for an hour until they finally gave us the key), MANAGEMENT wouldn't TELL US THEY WERE THERE. During the hard freeze in the beginning of 2018, our heater broke and they didn’t fix it for a whole two weeks. During the summer, our AC broke and that wasn’t fixed for 3 months AND EVEN AS WE WERE MOVING OUT. Our mailbox lock continually unscrewed so you run the risk of losing your mail. You better not like amazon because your stuff is getting stolen. The bathroom tub star Review from Google
Nov 2018: TRUST YOUR FIRST INSTINCT! When I came to tour the property for the first time, the woman that gave me the tour could not answer half of the questions I had. The second time I came, which was a month later, there was a change in management. Someone else gave me a better tour and was able to provide me with more information. I decided to lease a room at this property because the first place I was initially going to sign with became full, so The Hub had the besr value at the time ($375 for furniture and everything except electricity). However, when I came to sign there was a third change in management (from what I was told). I was supposed to be waived for the application fee, but in the long run something did not go right and when I tried to talk to one of the people in the office (Morgan), he kept cutting me off instead of trying to help me un Review from Google
Nov 2018: This apartment complex is horrible. I would never recommend this to anyone. They changed my lease the day before move in because they had just learned in was, "not suitable to be lived in." They checked it they day before move in and not anytime sooner. Upon moving in, there was trash, the carpet was disgusting, many light plugs did not work, a water leak in the electrical, and evidence of drug use. The staff here will do absolutely nothing to resolve your issues. The AC went out during 90 degree weather and it took the staff nine days to provide any solution. Another point is they will offer flashy promotional deals with gift cards, however they will never provide these things. This is the lowest rated apartment complex for a reason. They practice horrible management, communication skills, and safety of environment. The staff will respond to Review from Google
Oct 2018: This company allowed a predatory towing company to extort $10,000 in one night from their hardworking residents. Dozens of tenants had boots put on their vehicles, preventing them from going to work and creating many other hardships. The residents have also lost their piece of mind knowing that their modes of transportation can be immobilized while they sleep in poorly maintained units, rendering them unable to work and earn the money they need to pay for their homes and vehicles. When confronted about this inexcusable behavior, The Hub responds with a condescending screed, offering no apology. Avoid this place. Review from Google
Sep 2018: The apartments are kind of dingy but that’s to be expected since they were built in the 70s. The office workers are nice they know me pretty well because I’m always complaining about things. Maintenance isn’t too bad they just may take awhile to fix things if they aren’t an emergency. I would expect things to get fixed in about a week after you put in a work order if it’s not an emergency. Sewage actually came up in my bathtubs but they immediately got that fixed and had cleaning ladies come out to clean my house for me. I haven’t had any problems with it since and the property manager actually gave me the choice of staying there or moving out to another apartment. I chose not too but I’m glad I had the choice. Melissa I think her name is she works in the office, she’s super nice and one of the most helpful in my opinion. I end Review from Google
Jun 2018: My girlfriend and I just moved into our apartment here and we have no complaints. Morgan our leasing agent and I think some kind of manager as he has his own office was great. He explained everything we needed and always reachable when I had a question. We did have to wait an extra hour since the unit wasn't completely ready when we arrived, but that was not a big deal at all. The whole staff seemed to be very pleasant, and Betsy the property manager even introduced herself while we were finishing things up in Morgan's office. We have not experienced any problems, the internet recently went out, and just like Morgan said it was up by noon on the following day. don't let the negative reviews fool you, because we are very happy with our apartment here! Review from Google
Jun 2018: I would highly recommend not living here. I will share some of my experiences: 1) The dishwasher has broken 3 times since my Roomate has moved in. It broke recently and water that smelled like sewage was standing in it. The apartment still smells like sewage because of it. 2) Our living room, kitchen and dining room lights all cut out when we unplugged something in the living room. Flipping the breaker did not work and they had to come and find out where it was actually wired too. 3) Our living room and my roommates room flooded. YES FLOODED!!! It rained and water came in not through the door but the baseboards. All of this has happened within two weeks. I really recommend not moving here. Review from Google
May 2018: My boyfriend and I had been searching for months on getting the most bang for our buck on an apartment. Raven helped us tremendously on updates on different floor plans as well as making our leasing process fast and simple. Two thumbs up Hub! Promote her! Review from Google
Apr 2018: Awesome place to live! Shout out to Morgan!!!! That guy has some Great customer service skills!!!!! If there were more than 5 stars I would definitely rate my experience higher! Review from Google
Apr 2018: Morgan was extremely helpful in finding an apartment for myself and my girlfriend. He was able to answer any questions I had throughout my application process. His follow up and attention to detail made everything very smooth. My apartment is clean, safe, and most of all a happy place for us to start our family. Review from Google
Apr 2018: I'm moving to BR this fall so I'm searching apartments online. I was really excited when I first saw The Hub, it meets all my requirements, especially after reading all the negative reviews on other apartments and knowing BR is not the safest city. However, when I called the office to ask about not even details but just questions like "how are the renovated apartments differs from the ones are not", the young girl couldn't give an answer. She keeps telling me a "specialist" will call me back for all the details. Guess what, 2 days later, no one ever calls me. AND I'M A POTENTIAL TENANT!!! can't imaging what it would be like if I'm already a tenant and ask for maintenance or something. Why you have someone who knows NOTHING to answer the phone anyway??? I really don't understand. Review from Google
Mar 2018: In my experience you get what you paid for. Personally, my car was broken into. The leasing office is also aware of this because I called to inform them and my purse was turned into the office after being stolen from my car. When I filed my police report, the police officer said that in the one night there was also 8 other car break ins reported within the complex property limits. That being said, it’s not gated and there is no working security cameras, which was disclosed when I signed my lease. Maintenance doesn’t complete work orders in a timely manner but maybe my specific problems haven’t been the most important. Floor plan and square footage is good. Staff is always friendly and r respectful but never really helpful. Most of the time I deal with an off site leasing office when I call. They don’t answer the phones in the actual le Review from Google
Feb 2018: I've been here since October overall it's alot safer than where I was and I like that you can pay your rent online. The biggest issues are getting things fixed. We moved in with no A/c or heat and luckily got a window unit since the cord was shorted out in the in unit. It took until December after 3 bouts of snow to get heat. I'm still battling with corporate over my service animals. Despite having the papers we are be charged for them and have been harassed by neighbors when I'm having sizures or breathing issues that my dogs are being loud. Both of my dogs are registered service animals they are trained to alert my partner when I'm having issues. I have literally been sitting right next to my dogs and gotten a call that we were being warned about noise and my dogs were asleep. Our lease we signed was 630 a month and I've been payi Review from Google
Feb 2018: Probably the worst place any person could ever live. Apartment had many problems when we first moved in. Out of probably 10+ problems, maintenance fixed only 1 of those. I’m sure the office won’t be happy that I’ve had to fix everything myself, including drilling holes into the walls to rehang the closet doors, air vents, bedroom doors, and even the wall outlets... but that’s what they get for constantly lying to us throughout the whole move in process. They tell you whatever you want to hear. I don’t know how this place is still open. The only reason I gave it 1 star is so I could write a review. They should pay me to live here. I have been here over a month and a half and am STILL finding things that should have been replaced before anyone ever SAFELY lived here. In response to other reviews...fireworks? Really? Come on you know da Review from Google
Jan 2018: This is a heads up to anyone interested in moving into this apartment....RUN!!!! This is by far the WORST apartment in the city. The management is VERY unprofessional, the staff have no knowledge of what they are doing or how to assist. In addition they do not take care of maintainace issues and they do not document anything.The worst part is there is no direct contact to the office without going through a third party (extremely inconvenient). Assuming someone will call you back is almost a joke. They are known for tampering with packages. Which is a federal offense, by the way...the only problem is there is nothing in the lease agreement warning you of this reckless behavior. They have noisy teens out blasting music all times of the night, the pool is never clean and they have several car break ins. I don't want to discourage you from moving Review from Google
Jan 2018: Decent place to live. The leasing agents ( inexperienced ) do not honor their word or document/file agreements made with the tenants. I never missed a rent payment yet they provided poor costumer service to address an issue. This company will do what ever it takes to play you by the rules of their contract and take your money. Review from Google
Jan 2018: Pros: Everything is in working order and the rooms are pretty spacious especially for the price range. It's pretty quiet. Maintenance works pretty fast. Cons: Rooms are dated and my neighbor's an unsociable old lady who gave me a dirty look that one time when I was moving in. My unit doesn't have a washer/dryer or hookups. While they seem to be in the middle of restructuring the complex, things don't even come close to being as bad as I was told it would be. The apartments are dated and can use some tlc but they are definitely not in horrible shape by any means. The grounds are very well kept and the amenities are okay, I guess. I don't really use them, but whatever. Despite being so close to campus there doesn't seem to be many student residents. Review from Google
Nov 2017: Update 11/09/17 The phone number provided in response from "Owner" went to voicemail. I am having further issues I need addressed by HUB at Baton Rouge. They continue to avoid helping me as best they can. Employees at office are very dismissive over the phone and in person. When I try to speak with them I can tell that all they are thinking about is how they can avoid helping me and get me to leave them alone. This is not just one employee. This seems to be the general culture of the company. Beware of Hub at Baton Rouge. Update 10/16/17 I have had many problems since my last review. I see now why people say this place is not safe. I am changing my star rating from a 4 to a 1. We have had problems with safety at this apartment. This is not a safe place to live. Also, under closer inspection of the lease I have learned that it is not a lease Review from Google
Oct 2017: Update- They’re trying to fine people for trash, but for some reason the crew leaves their own trash around daily. It be there for days even weeks at a time. I’ve lived here about 3 years not many problems besides maintenance taking awhile to answer. I’ve let a lot go especially since the fire burned a building down. Now it’s getting ridiculous, this year I guess new management is trying to fix a lot and it’s to much to handle as well as going about it the wrong way. There issues depend on what side you stay on and the front office is still a little rude and definitely off putting. Yeah for some reason trash is an issue when it’s not them making it and leaving by your door. I let it go cause they are fixing across way, but they wanted to fine me for leaving something in trash can that no one was ever told not to use. I wanted pro Review from Google
Mar 2017: I've never complained about an apartment on the internet before. I have always been exceedingly understanding of how frustrating customers can be and how challenging it can be to be staff at an apartment complex. Alexias is nice, and there's a new employee that was hired that seems competent, but every other employee has been blatantly rude. Yelling at each other and talking behind each others backs in front of customers. At one point in their fighting over what apartment we had just been to *which was an irrelevant fight to have, much less have in front of customers*, they turn to me and asked me to pick a side and become involved in their fight. Review from 3/1/17 on Apartment Ratings
Feb 2017: It is good. The windows should be wide enough and apartments should have more windows. The units should also include washer/dryer in it. Overall the experience is good. More staff personals would be a help. One thing, people living in with pets, do not clean their pet waste from ground. Quite bad smell comes from near my apartment. Review from 2/23/17 on Apartment Ratings
Feb 2017: The communication is terrible. No one ever answers the phone. I've had maintenance request go unanswered but their system says it's completed. The laundry room has been under "construction" since November last year. The water gets turned off randomly and they fail to let you know before hand. I just hope they get everything in order soon. Review from 2/20/17 on Apartment Ratings

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