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Campus Crossings Brightside

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Nov 2019: People beware of this shady place. I would have given it negative stars, but unfortunately that's not an option. My daughter recently purchased a new car and was told that she could not get a parking permit without a license plate and then had her car towed by riverside towing, (a predatory towing service), that preys on college students. I will see to it that she will not be there one second longer than she needs to. Review from Google
Oct 2019: The property manager is very inconsiderate. My move in date was scheduled for September 3 and was moved back until the 12th without notifying me even though it was supposed to be an immediate move in. The model apartment that they use for tours is NOTHING like the actual apartments. The appliances are very out dated. The wood cabinets in the bathroom have a weird smell. Also prior to moving in i was let in by my roommate to look at my room and was told I couldn’t have my key until they came in and cleaned the carpets but they were never cleaned. I was not given my key until the 12th even tho i had paid all of my fees and had everything in order. This property is very unprofessional and rude as far as managers. But everything else is fine . Review from Google
Sep 2019: So I went on a tour of the apartments today & it was pretty cool everything was clean & the staff was really friend the girl who gave me the tour was really nice & hopefully ill be moving in on the first Review from Google
Aug 2019: Property manager need to be removed, She has bad customer service skills. They gave me a dollar amount to pay, and then they told me another amount to pay . The aggressive Property Manager then told it was nothing she could do , but I asked for her boss email to reach out above her head and she said her word is final . They did treat me good as a consumer that wanted to spend my hard earned moneys 549 .00 she did not work with me at all. Review from Google
Aug 2019: My son was charged over $600 for moving out 2 the next day after his lease was up and returning his keys 2 days past the date. Apparently it’s legal for them to extort young kids with these ridiculous fees! PARENTS BEWARE for your children! KIDS read the fine print! They are rated low for a reason! Review from Google
May 2019: not going to lie, I'm only making this because I'm planning on moving somewhere nicer with newer amenities. However, from what I've read car break ins are happening everywhere. my car was broken into and stolen and the apartments tried everything in their power to help me find it and even checked on me after to make sure i was OK. The maintenance people came as soon as i called. One time they bought me a new washer! The management is completely understanding and will work with you and I'm gonna just move back lol. Its cheap and affordable and all around a great place to live. I'm just worried about my car (just buy a steering wheel lock if you're scared). Also the team is very diverse and there's never been a racism issue here. I've had several packages delivered here and i got them on time every time. Never was fined anything extra for apartment maintenance and the outside area is always clean Review from Google
May 2019: My son had his car towed for $150 even though he pays rent to live there. When I went into the office to complain they had a stack of flyers to put on windshields to tell residents to get a new parking tag. Of course, they had already permitted the tow company to tow his car based on the fact that parking is limited--which is ridiculous. Now today, while he was at work someone broke in and stole his TV and X-Box. This place is dangerous and irresponsible in who they rent to. The gates mean nothing and the residents get sketchier by the minute. Watch the news for drug busts, etc. Too many new places in Baton Rouge to put up with this nonsense. Update: I haven't talked to them personally yet, but my son spoke with the management several times. He and his roommate lock the door religiously because they don't trust their neighbors. The Cleaning Crew was in the apartment when the person came in and took the TV and XBox Review from Google
Apr 2019: I had an apartment tour with Campus Crossing on Brightside today and it was great! Before the actual tour I spoke to Monica, one of the consultants and she was very helpful. Surprisingly, I arrived today and she was my tour guide! The apartment is really nice and every area is clean. The people here looks very friemdly and zi can’t wait to apply and live here!!! Review from Google
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Apr 2019: The management is horrible. Her attitude is preposterous. She is very rude. I told her about my raccoon issue and it just didn’t phase her. I do not recommend anyone to love here AT ALL! Monica and Desiree are wonderful souls. They are positive and sweet. They usually get things done when asked if them! I love the maintenance crew ESPECIALLY Paris. He’s always on it! He can fix anything and everything. Review from Google
Feb 2019: So far they’ve been pretty helpful. Customer service is great! The young woman I spoke with on the phone was very informative and polite. Planning to move here in the fall ! Review from Google
Jan 2019: I’m very concerned with the comments I’m reading here... I will be moving soon to the apartment, I hope you guys will prove them to be wrong. So far so good with processing the lease, I hope you will keep it that way! Review from Google
Dec 2018: theyre so strict on parking its disgusting. went to visit a friend for 30 mins and i didnt want to park in the visitors cause i didnt think theyd check on the day school was over there was plenty of parking. everywhere now i have a 241$ fine on top of bills and i needed to do matinence on the car.... 1star for running a business by making immoral douchbag decisions . Review from Google
Nov 2018: YOU GET WHAT U PAY FOR!!!!!! Before I moved here I used to be petrified of cockroaches now I come home to see them having dinner in my kitchen every day. I live on the 2nd floor, at first management claimed they got in thru the kitchen sink but we literally keep sink stoppers on soooo how sway? I have a friend who lives in building 10 and she has never seen a cockroach, so maybe it’s just my building that’s infested with them. the Pest control guy has came to spray a few times and he literally told me that I should get used to seeing cockroaches in Louisiana... I lived in this state almost my whole life sir and this is my 1st time EVER dealing with cockroaches, BIG COCKROACHES, in my kitchen. I would understand if it was one a month but we literally have been killing two a week, sometimes three. The front gate is always broken but honestly Review from Google
Oct 2018: don't bother living here if you have any self respect. The management sees you only as money bags. They nickel and dime you over the most frivilous, menial things. they tow their own residents on occasion, and will not take responsibility. Inadequate visitor parking, my second apartment here was Infested with giant green eyed flies...need I say more. Review from Google
Oct 2018: Terrible place to live! Took them about 6 weeks to fix my dryer & still gave me a hard time. Had to constantly call & speak to someone in the office. The manager has a huge attitude whenever you contact her about an issue you’re having. I would not live here. I noticed I received a reply from the owner stating it was fixed in a timely manner. THEY ARE LYING. I put in a work order on August 20th & my dryer was fixed Sept 25th. I have pictures to show for it. DO NOT LIVE HERE Review from Google
Aug 2018: I will be moving in soon. So far they seem helpful, so I am going to give them five stars. And, as time goes by, I will rate them based on overall customer satisfaction, ...etc. - not isolated incidents... Review from Google
Jun 2018: Let me first start off my saying I love all my renewal offering emails but no thanks. I find it to be ridiculous that it’s the summer time and this complex is not prepared for A/C breakdowns! The fact I would have to wait for a part to be ordered and come in, which takes about maybe 1 or 2 weeks, if that, is beyond insane!! I can appriecate that a window unit was put in my living window, but I live in a 3bd apt,... on the third floor. Think about it? Heat rises! This 3bed apt collects heat, just as fast as they collected my rent! With that being said, I would have to think pass the helpless “machine” that was stuck in my window, and think about my light bill. Whose paying for the amount of energy this ancient contraption uses? Or is someone going to reimburse me for my hotel cost??? It is 90 degrees in my apartment! Someone needs Review from Google
May 2018: Desiree Williams is extremely disrespectful and RUDE! She gets smart and goes back and forth with residents! She’s rude very chance she gets! I wouldn’t recommend this complex to anyone! Maintence and ther staff will create work orders and enter your living space and steal personal items! The staff does not keep record of who takes keys! My television, washing detergent and some food was stolen!l and they won’t allow me to break my lease! I don’t feel safe! PLEASE AVIOD THIS PLACE AND THIS STAFF!! Review from Google
May 2018: The worst trashiest place to live for student housing in Baton Rouge. Period. The General manager cannot demonstrate professionalism whatsoever. If I am having any sort of problem her and her team cannot keep the attitude out of their voice. I work in customer service myself and I would be fired if I ever spoke to clients the way I've been spoken too. Look at your reviews Campus Crossings, people are angry. Completely unacceptable. Maybe if you would keep the rules straight from the beginning your tenants wouldn't seem so cross. These people refused to pay the last part of my energy bill when it was their fault my A/C and heat were running at the same time. News flash, if my bill was $120 and now its $68 with the temperature being 90+ out, you should have paid the bill. All these people try to do is scam you into paying ridiculous amounts to s Review from Google
Apr 2018: I really wish I would have never signed a lease with this place. The staff is decent for the most part, but not helpful to say the least. Upon moving in the apartments look decent, until you settle into them and realize that your appliances are cheap, old, and barely work. Put in work orders and the maintenance crew does the bare minimum to fix it. On top of that, I had some hardship going on and fell behind on my rent. Was only 8 days late and received an eviction notice after explaining why I was behind and everything. I’ve been trying to sublease my apartment for months and nothing works. They will trick you into renewing and never give you what they owe. Do not stay here if you can help it. Review from Google
Apr 2018: It’s so much I could write about this apartment complex omg. I’ve been living here for almost 2 years, I cannot wait for my lease to be up to move, I regret living here. The staff friendly when they want to be, they don’t care about your concerns, the rules on the lease doesn’t matter because they don’t abide by their own rules. They let unauthorized people stay in your apartment and when you report it to them they do nothing about it. It’s not safe! The apartments look nothing like the pictures, they are trash. I asked for my apartment to be non smoking with no pets, I GOT THE COMPLETE OPPOSITE DO YOU HEAR ME???? & management doesn’t care. These apartments are so disgusting, the only good thing is the price it helped me save so much money and I cannot wait to move in July! DO NOT LIVE HERE, they have 2.2 stars for a reason!! If Review from Google
Mar 2018: I should have looked for better apartments. They just need to give everyone new appliances instead of barely repairing them when they break. The ac has broken three times. I have had my washer, dryer, and dishwasher break numerous times. You'd think with everyone in our unit and probably building, paying over $1,500 a month, they'd have the money to actually repair things. Also I have submitted a work order multiple times about getting a drawer in my kitchen and when I finally got one almost a year later, they didn't even install it or replace the missing track. I've also asked several times for the carpet covers for the ends of the carpet where it meets the fake wood. Not to mention I was towed because I didn't have a parking pass on my rental car, my car was in the shop! I asked for a temporary one and they said no. They suckered me into ren Review from Google
Feb 2018: By far the WORST place in Baton Rouge to live for student arrangements.The General Manager is extremely unprofessional and unqualified, These are Campus apt for students and the staff simply DONT CARE about the living accommodations. Its HORRIBLE! And calling corporate doesnt work, its like your Stuck, ! Do NOT make the mistake of Moving here. Review from Google
Feb 2018: This place is horrible ! From the staff, to the maintenance, to their roads and unnecessary fees. I lived there for a year and only because of my lease, it always had ants in my apartment , the lights will always go out because of the sockets, i was also paying for a parking spot and my car was still towed, I constantly complained to the office and the manager, Robin never wanted to talk, I always had to talk to Katherine, the one with such a horrible attitude and personality which she calls herself Katie. I finally spoke to Robin and she had a need to raise her voice at me, I then explained and told her she had no need to raise her voice at me, i then left and was on my way to leave to go to my lawyers office, opened the door to police at my door, Robin and "Katie" falsely called the police and said I threatened them. Lucky for Review from Google

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