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Young Professional

Love to try out different places in the Central Florida region starting with Orlando. There's just so much to enjoy, it's not just the major theme parks such as Disney, Universal, or Sea World but a multitude of other trails and scenic routes. No wonder Florida is a tourist hot spot. Don't forget the weather, it's always nice and warm. If you don't like the rain, walk in any direction a few feet or you can wait a few minutes and it'll be sunny again. Besides all the fun and parks there are colleges nearby to further ones education.

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1 of 3 beds 3 baths. Activity Feb-19, details. Three bedroom three bath, everything is included. Everything; Water, cable, fully furnished, 40 inch TV, cable (including HBO and BBCA), wifi, laundry/dryer, etc. Super nice pool with volleyball net, basketball hoop, and pool table in pool, stone fir...more↓ Views: 85

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