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Houses and Other - UNC Charlotte, UNCC
1 in 2 beds 2 baths. Activity Dec-05, pictures. I'm subleasing my room for Spring 2017 semester. I...more↓ View

High View Place - UTSA
1 in 4 beds 4 baths. Activity Dec-05, pictures. Hi! I am transferring next semester and need to fi...more↓ View

Campus Club - USF
1 in 4 beds 4.5 baths. Activity Dec-05, pictures. Looking to sublease my Campus Club room ASAP! It's...more↓ View

Houses and Other - UCF
1 in 2 beds 2 baths. Posted Dec-05. FEMALES ONLY MOVE IN DATE: January 1, 2017 Thi...more↓ View

Capstone Cottages of San Marcos - Texas State, TXST
1 in 5 beds 5+ baths. Posted Dec-05. It's one bedroom out of 5 in by far the nicest are...more↓ View

Campus Crossings at Abbey West - UGA
1 in 4 beds 2 baths. Posted Dec-05. Virtual Tour:↓ View

The U Raleigh - NC State, NCSU
1 in 3 beds 3 baths. Activity Dec-05, comments. I am subleasing my room to a female ONLY, preferab...more↓ View

Camden Crossing - NC State, NCSU
2 in 3 beds 2.5 baths. Activity Dec-05, details. No broker fee -- 2 private rooms available for ren...more↓ View

UV 2505 or University Village - NC State, NCSU
1 in 4 beds 4 baths. Activity Dec-05, details. I am looking for someone to sublet my private 1 be...more↓ View

Valentine Commons - NC State, NCSU
1 in 3 beds 3 baths. Posted Dec-05. Hi everyone, I'm looking for someone to take over...more↓ View

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