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Tips for Making an Awesome Post

(or those interested in a place frequently asked for these clarifications)
  1. Is your place is similar to surrounding places? Check the prices for the area to see if your price is competitive. If you are higher, and should be higher, tell why (newly painted, largest room, lake view, pool view).
  2. Is being a student is required?
  3. Is there is a gender preference because of shared living space with current roommates?
  4. Are there roommates? Give a quick background on the roommates and type of person they will get along with such as smoking, non smoking, guests, gym, and smoothies blending at 5am.
  5. Are there any rules which are not typical and could lead to issues down the road?
  6. Are pets are allowed or not? Humans such as significant other, family, friends, are considered as guests see #4.
  7. Is the place furnished?
  8. Are the utilities included? What is included and how much if not included?
  9. Is the place on a key bus route or close to key locations?
  10. Is there anything that you really like about the place? Give some details such as if maintenance is quick, is it like same day quick or two weeks quick? Some places have maintenance so fast that they can run around the world and slap themselves in the back of the head. Or that they can watch 60 minutes in 30 minutes.
*Additionally, check your local laws to see how your situation applies when it comes to Fair Housing.

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