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University Oaks

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Jun 2019: Read the reviews and was nervous as hell. Just moved into my studio for the summer and I love it! Thanks oaks for making the transition smooth and easy as a transfer studen! Review from Google
May 2019: I love living at oaks. The staff is super friendly and all the ras live and work here so they are helpful if there is an issue. Mostly like it because I feel safe its close to campus, and everythign is included. Try it for your self , not everything people write is true. Review from Google
Apr 2019: My old review used to be 4 stars. Now it is one. I am highly disgusted by the complex's decision to put next years tenants above the people who live here. My main source of anger is directed at their current campaign to change out furniture in the middle of the school semester. You are getting one days notice to remove all of your belongings out of several pieces of furniture (couches, chairs, tables in living room, desk, dresser and bed) and to uproot your life for an entire day while they replace furniture. If you don't or can't, they just remove it for you. I have no words for how angry this makes me. I guess if anything is broken or stolen, it's just too bad, so sad. wouldn't surprise me. I am very angry and while this review won't change anything, I couldn't leave it saying 4 stars. Sincerely, a tenant of 3 years pretty angry right now that they renewed a lease to people who don't care. Review from Google
Mar 2019: A year later after living here and a renewed lease, i'm surprised to see such negative reviews, but then again, review forums usually attract angry and dissatisfied consumers rather than the positive. I moved in to a 2 Bedroom/2Bathroom apartment Fall of 2015 in Phase 2. The only "problem" when I moved in was that the AC was not working because they were installing new systems, BUT they were working on it so the next day all was well. Everything was nice and tidy, of course in the bathroom there were slight damages on the walls (all were high up towards the ceiling or next to where the shower rod is so i'm assuming it was from that), but nothing that stood out or was alarming. The mattress I originally had was pretty creaky, but I put in a maintenance request and the next day they replaced it with a brand new one. The only issue we had in the kitchen was that the fridge was leaking and there was water all over the floor so we called the front desk and they came and dealt with it pretty quickly since it was considered an emergency request Review from Google
Mar 2019: I’d rate it a 0 if I could. The WiFi is slow to the point where it takes almost 10 minutes to download a pdf file. Management does nothing good but try to have “parties” or food at the phase 2 office. The only good thing is that utilities are included. Learn to get used to cold water Review from Google
Mar 2019: My two bedroom is super nice and I have a great roommate! don't let the other reviews scare you. People are never happy hahahahaha. Review from Google
Mar 2019: They always claim the city is working on the water pipes because they "busted" It's hard to have family over without them getting citations for being parked without a permit. Maintenance consists of a bunch of rude yuppie hippies who make the upper floor smell like cigarettes and weed. Gates never work and WiFi is super slow. It's the last resort to college students who have no where else to go. Carpet has dog pee stains, I could smell it and used the UV light to see it.The contractors don't work diligently to correct the piping issues in Phase 1 and residents dont received communication regarding the multiple outages. When the water is off they direct you to take showers at the Rec, a huge inconvenience. But it is what it is.
Feb 2019: You definitely do not get enough for what you pay for! Absolutely disgusting! Our apartment was infested with roaches and when we tried to ask help from maintenance they barely sprayed the apartment.
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Feb 2019: This is great community I love living at here I feel comfortable being here and experiencing new things and meeting new people.
Feb 2019: Awesome staff/RAs. Going on my second year living here and it's really convenient and affordable, in my opinion.
Jan 2019: Do not get a lease here, or Chisholm Hall, because they are owned by the same private owner. You will regret it. Sign up for Alvarez Hall, Laurel Village, or Chaparell Village. Or even off-campus housing. I have been through hell with this place, and it is my biggest regret. Be a SMART Roadrunner. Review from Google
Jan 2019: This place is definitely a great place to live in for incoming UTSA or college freshman. The apartment dues already include water, electricity, cable, and gas so that lessens the stress that many others have to deal with. The staff helps greatly if you’re respectful and are needing assistance. There are programs all year long where residents can come learn or do fun stuff and win prizes. The apartments aren’t nearly as modern as the new ones around UTSA, but if you get creative like me, you can really updo a place by cleaning and adding/using temporary items to make the place feel and look like home. They allow pets which is another plus. I lived here when I was at UTSA, and now that I’m at UT Health I came right back due to not having to worry about extra bills, my pet, the great location, and just the right amount of space for the pric Review from Google
Dec 2018: I put in a work order and Don fixed it the very next day! Very good and fast work orders and service! --UPDATE---- The Wi-Fi has been out for several hours, and we don't know when it will be back. Given that this is an complex intended for college students, internet access is vital and this is unacceptable. Review from Google
Dec 2018: The logics of their front desk is flawless. I reported the constant internet disruption when trying to stream netflix, their solution is to tell me not to watch netflix. The maintenance person slam at your door in the morning without advanced notice, and will BREAK IN the place you pay rent for if you are too sleepy to answer it. Spend a whole day cleaning up the place before move out. It looks 10 times neater than the condition before i came there , and i was still imposed a $60 fee for not cleaning it properly.The dispute response turns out to be senseless as they wont tell you the details about where the stain is .Guess this is just another cash grab for them. Review from Google
Oct 2018: I stayed here over the summer and it was a mistake. They allowed me to move in to a completely dirty apartment and promised someone would come by to clean. That never happened and I ended up having to clean the apartment myself. The maintenance staff were slow to respond and half the time left before they finished. Please do not move here because there are better apartments all around. Choose anyone of the apartments in the area and you won’t have the issues I had. Review from Google
Sep 2018: Honestly, it has its perks (such as utilities are paid for, and its close to campus), but if you want to have your pet in your room, it has to be a cat or dog (only those two options), and they cannot weigh more than 30 lbs, which in my opinion the limit should be higher, at least for the people living in the bottom apartments. They can also reject pets if their breed is deemed as “too aggressive.” The room (at least the one I had) had damaged walls, making it seem a bit pricy. The thing that also makes this place great is that a majority of the staff is very friendly, and they have social events if you are into that sort of thing. Review from Google
Aug 2018: Literally the worst dorms ever, nasty industrial carpets, sewer tap water, AC was broken and took three times to fix, showers are dirty, dishwasher not unable, Yellow/White lighting(inconsistent), Student employees which are clueless, Maintenance are hire on's with little to no experience and are unprofessional, The bigger side completely floods due to the sprinkler system, laundry mats are a joke and everything kinda works. Finally they are too expensive, you can get much nicer living closer for cheaper. Review from Google
Aug 2018: I moved here in May and have enjoyed the atmosphere. The staff is friendly and helpful as well as the campus police. I also like it is a quick walk to class Review from Google
Jun 2018: I'm giving it a 1 star rating only because the RA's took so much flack from students and tried their hardest to fix situations because the actual workers couldn't do their jobs.. You get what you pay for here. I lived in a 4 bedroom and never stayed in it due to how disgusting it was when I arrived. The apartment smelt horrible, there was mold in the shower that had never been cleaned prior to us moving in, bugs in the carpet and around our window seals, and quite frankly the workers (not students), are of no help when asked questions or if you have concerns. Spend the extra $100 and move across the street to The Outpost. You or your son or daughter will thank me. Review from Google
Jun 2018: The buildings are in terrible condition, even after they refurbished the one I live in. Just a WARNING, once you sign that lease, you are required by law to pay that rent. So, examine your options carefully before deciding to come here. Update: After spending an additional year here since I didn't have elsewhere to stay due to the lease, the charges got worse. No matter what you clean, they'll charge you for it. For instance, we did have a damaged drip pan, but we replaced it and the other were clean, but they still charged for damages. They also charged me for damages and cleaning that I already listed on the move in inspection sheet, but they still charged for it. To me, this felt like I got scammed and I would rate this with 0 stars if that were possible. If you are looking for a place to stay at UTSA, I highly recommend not coming here. Review from Google
Jun 2018: TERRIBLE PLACE!!! DO NOT MOVE HERE!! The RAs are nice and thats it. Besides everything Constantly breaking and the roaches you cant even have any visitors. Im a handicapped individual and require nurses to visit and check on me, and all of them recieved multiple $100 fines for parking in front of my building. Keep im mind they are providing me medical care and were told they couldn’t park anywhere near my apartment. They have ZERO visitor parking. My AC broke in the summer and they tried not to do anything about it until i had my ADA lawyer call them and inform them IT WAS ILLEGAL FOR THEM TO NOT FIX IT. It was only after this that they put a temporary ac unit in my place. The place is deplorable and one of my nurses suggested me not to even stay there recovering from surgery because of the pest problem they have. One of the reasons i even Review from Google
May 2018: I've lived here for 3 years. Close to school and cheap and amenities included but the quality is terrible for the price you pay. You're better off going somewhere else given the recent upgrades other apartments are doing and the price increase of University oaks. The worst wifi you could ever get, even after buying my own router to boost the signal. You might as well move back to 1998. Windows are extremely drafty, I constantly feel a breeze on my face. AC blows in my room fine, but the heat is hardly usable. Laundry is $2 per load, which isn't TERRIBLE but other places provide free laundry. It's improved since I've moved here (hot water outages used to be common, very disorganized, one clubhouse was empty, very disorganized staff) but it's still awful. Walls are thin, rooms are either too hot or too cold. I got lucky with a working AC and i Review from Google
Apr 2018: University Oaks was not bad as others talk about it on here. The only complain I have is the slow WiFi but it’s like that at all the dorms in UTSA. I was EXTREMELY happy to get a queen bed. I love that everything is included in the rent. Review from Google
Apr 2018: THEY WILL LURE YOU AND THEN CHARGE YOU I ignored all reviews and signed a lease with University oaks from Summer 2014 to August 2015. Everything was good until my lease ended. OAKS MANAGEMENT SHOWED THEIR TRUE COLORS when I decided to move out. I cleaned the whole apartment but they still charged me. I used to live in a 4bed 2bath apartment. As per lease I share bathroom with a guy and since that guy was renewing his lease they put all cleaning charges on my account. One of my other room mates ended up paying 300$ in addition to security deposit (150$). OAKS MANAGEMENT DONT GIVE A S*** ABOUT YOU ONCE YOUR LEASE ENDS. Review from Google
Apr 2018: University Oaks is decent, my RA Larissa was amazing always answering my messages, and other RA's are always helping when I lock myself out and all. Maintenance is FAST! They are there the day you request most of the times, DONT NOT LIVE ON FIRST FLOOR! Get the top floor cause you can hear everything, them walking above and all. Nice place. Review from Google

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