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LiveSomeWhere.com provides

  • Open and Organized platform for apartments or houses near colleges
  • Apartment information for renters
  • Quality leads for management office
  • Great connections for subleasers/relets

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History and Background

  • Started by three college students
  • To provide easy and free access to apartment information for students
  • To provide easy and free postings of open apartments or subleases/relets
  • To provide a great baseline for an open platform with freemium boost listings

  • Each student graduated and now has unique experiences and insights for apartments and housing near colleges
  • Worked for NC State Housing as Resident Advisor, Supervisor of 24 Hour Service Desk, and web admin for official university housing webpage
  • Worked for a startup specializing in Google SEO and social media SEO contracting for major fast paced web promotions like poker tournaments and local product advertising
  • Graduated college with three business degrees in three years, and using returns from stocks and bonds, without any outside or family investments, built up a portfolio of over 10 college properties becoming a self made millionaire

  • Constant improvements based on feedback from hundreds of management offices, student renters, and university officials
  • Feel free to contact us about any feedback, site feature request, or support you need


  • Live kind
  • Stay fun
  • Work hard
  • Find your right place,
    Live your great life.

Data Analytics

  • Thousands of views per day
  • At 30 focused colleges/universities, total page views is over 2 million per year
  • At 30 focused colleges/universities, LiveSomeWhere has additional social media real members of renters consisting of over 100,000 students and parents
  • Views translate to tours and signed leases benefiting both students and management office
  • Great posts with great amenities and pricing receive hundreds of views and are usually rented out within 30 days
  • Apartment Management Office advertising, updates, or partnerships

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