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Renting out a space or looking for one? Feel free to browse and post.

Some Tips and FAQs to Help

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People: We Are Learning

Feel free to send us feedback or requests on how we can make the site a better experience for you. Our public relations team are listed below:
  • Billy:
  • Jennifer:
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Dream and Vision: Always be livin'

  • Live somewhere. Do something

Philosophy: Always believing

  • Live kind
  • Stay fun
  • Work hard

Partners: Premium Services Available

Terms: Lawful

  • Posters are responsible for their own posts and the web is only as credible as the source. We are not responsible for yours or others actions so please be nice and lawful. Discrimination is not nice and not lawful. Preferences can be made if you are sharing a living space, but make sure you check the laws to see what applies to you.
  • Fair Housing - Wikipedia
  • Fair Housing - US HUD

Affiliation: Welcoming

We are NOT officially affiliated with any college, city, state, etc, although we would like to be. If there is any way in which we can help support students and others, let us know and we will be happy to try and do so.

Purpose and Mission

Helping someone live somewhere by connecting renters and landlords in a quick and easy way.

Our Commitment: Open and Organized

Commitment to those looking for a place:
  • An easy way to “window shop” different communities and get the information you want to determine which fit your needs (mainly focusing on location).
  • Have organized posts or ads for current openings to give a feel of a community's pricing level and create a connection.
  • Focus on getting you what you need, the most complete listing of apartments within your target area, without banner advertising distractions.
Commitment to those posting a place:
  • Easy to create and update flyer post which can be printed or Facebook shared without having to register.
  • Continuous improvements on search engine optimization for strong rankings and site promotion to ensure your ad is viewed by the right people.
  • Free postings, free connections, free feature requests.

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