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University Park

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Jul 2019: My stay here wasn’t very pleasant. I leased here for a year & a half. The apartment is old not modern at all, the refrigerator would stop working every other month and they wouldn’t fix it just come & knock it every now and then (the maintenance man was pretty nice tho, he did what he could. The doors aren’t very secure look like they’re slightly open all the time. We’ve had a problem with bed bugs from the neighbors (we handled it ourselves). The neighborhood is right by locals, it’s okay I didn’t really feel safe at home by myself. My car got broken into multiple times. The rent is very cheap but we had mad overages... the office don’t have a main office everything is ran from the leasing office. & i moved out six days before the end of the month but I still had to pay for the full month, didn’t get a prorated price or anything.... Review from Google
Apr 2018: I really feel that Chablea understands our situations. She was also on top of handling my complaints Not to mention the pizza parties! It has really given me a chance to talk to her on a more one on one environment with out feeling rushed. She said she feels a lot more great things will happen. I suggested a block PARTY!!! Just saying she wanted to actually know what we would like to see no one never asked for any suggestions before! I think i am looking foward to another year here. Review from Google
Apr 2018: I’ve been living here since August and I can say that Ms. Chablea works very diligently and ensures that if anyone has an issue within their apartment that it is handled quickly. She makes sure that repairs are made in a timely fashion and always provides good service and energy within the leasing office. Review from Google
Apr 2018: Pickering is a great company to deal with, my son always has great things to say about the ladies in the leasing office at University Park and how nice the maintenance man is, I would recommend them to my friends for their kids. Review from Google
Feb 2018: Literally the worst place on the planet to live. The people at the leasing office are never there. They take forever to respond with maintenance. You feel unsafe coming home at night. Not to mention that there were so many things wrong with the town house i lived in. I've tried to break the lease more times than i can count. Honestly don't waist your time, money, or energy living in this dump. I moved into a place infested with beg bugs and mice.... I hate living here and can't wait for the lease to be up. Review from Google
Nov 2017: Good price. Close to A&T. Heard gun shots here and there. Saw bugs on a few occasions. My stuff was never stolen or broken into. Maintenance helped out w most issues. Review from Google
Jul 2017: Entering my second lease and it's great while I'm in college. Adjacent to campus. You can't beat the price and service. These aren't luxury homes but for now they'll do. Review from Google
Jun 2017: If I could rate this apartment complex a .5 I would. I don't know where to start, but whatever you do don't stay here. The ladies in the leasing office start off very polite but later become VERY VERY rude. The price is great but its totally not worth it. It smells like dog poop everywhere and be careful because you may step in it when walking on the side walk. During my stay a resident allowed their dog to poop in the breeze way and it is still there til this day. (This was 4 Months ago!) Maintenance doesn't speak English and cant fix anything....don't STAY HERE Review from Google
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Apr 2017: I'm ready for my lease to be up. This is ridiculous the price is great but if you love here you will have bug problems. Living here will give you motivation to work hard to get something better. Exterminator won't spray for roaches unless you have an actual dead roach that you can show them. Maintenence leaves a mess after they fix something. Management just doesn'the care as long as your rent comes in. don't sign a lease here Review from Google
Jan 2017: The price is great for rent, cable, water and gas& electricity BUT everything else you have to deal with is sickening. There are always huge bugs (camel crickets and cockroaches) getting in because the units are so old and haven't been updated. It's also located next to a creek/pond so snakes, salamanders, and God knows what else live in the crawl spaces under the apartments attracting other types of pests & animals. The maintenance man will fix your issue but he'll leave a mess for you to clean up. Every year there have been big, barking dogs (not on a leash, also not permitted per the lease agreement) outside at all times of the day / night. You get what you pay for and I'm glad this is my last year staying here... Review from Google

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