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Block 43 East

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Jan 2019: SPRING PLACE APARTMENTS IS A RIP OFF. Let me start with move in day, I moved to Greensboro in August and was really excited to be moving into my new apartment. I got there, and the process was absolutely the worst thing I had ever experienced. People had no clue what was going on, and they didn't help you locate your room. I walked around for half an hour just trying to find out where my apartment was. THEN I got to my room and it was SO much smaller than the one I was shown in the tour. Everyone was talking about the sizes of the room being smaller than the ones they were shown. YOU ARE NOT GETTING THE ROOM THE ROOM THEY SHOW YOU WHEN YOU GO TOUR THIS PLACE. I don't even think that is legal. It's false advertising. Not to mention it smelled like cigeratte smoke and dead animals. The security of this place is horrible, the gate is ALWAYS broke Review from Google
Sep 2018: I wish I could give this place less than one star. Literally the worst place to live. They will fool you with the tours and make it seem sooo amazing when it is the EXACT opposite. DO NOT SIGN A LEASE HERE!!! From one student to another... DO NOT waste the money. It is not worth it!! We haven't been able to use the pool since we moved in, the front gate is open 24/7 and has been since we moved in (almost a month ago), the maintenance people know nothing and do not fix anything. OH and theres no way out of your lease once you sign. Do not make the mistake of moving here. It is way too expensive for all of this to be happening. Review from Google
Aug 2018: Extremely disappointed. My son was at Spring Place for about 7 months. We were told overages rarely happen and if they do it is minimal, split 4 ways. Well, we had HUGE overages EVERY month. Sometimes over $100 per person AND the heat didn't even work! This means the electrical bill was $500+ for this size space?? His apartment was freezing! So frustrating to complain every month about the bill and the temeperature and being told it was checked out and nothing was wrong with the unit. Other maintenance issues were also reported and not corrected. The dryer never got the clothes dry and made such a loud noise you couldn't hear someone talk or sleep! The bathroom vent fan was deafening. Only one switch so it came on when the light came on. The room you get is not as nice as the model you are shown. Appliances and furniture are old. We left the p Review from Google
Aug 2018: I drove from Philadelphia today to move my son into his apartment. What I thought would be a simple check-in process turned out to be a nightmare. The previous reviews were correct. This place failed to meet the basic standards which is cleanliness. The odor was horrific!!! I went to the check in desk to share my concerns and there were no managers present. Instead I was directed to one of the student workers that was in a "management role". She originally told me that everything would be fixed by Tuesday until I expressed that I was not leaving my child in a room smelling like funky corn chips. I guided this young lady upstairs to the room to make her own assessment. Once she entered my son's room I showed her all of the other maintenance concerns including a broken door henge which does not allow the door to lock. This is a safety issues. T Review from Google
Jul 2018: I wish I could give zero or negative stars. I would not suggest for ANYONE to live here this was the worse experience ever as far as student apartments. They hardly ever respond to emails, and over the phone questions aren’t answered clearly. They are waaaaay too overpriced for the space that you live in. The areas are hardly ever cleaned. Security is definitely a problem the gate always out of order forcing residents to drive from the complete opposite side of the complex just to exit. The appliances are TERRIBLE! Our refrigerator constantly stopped working, the microwave stopped working, the oven would burn even after us cleaning it multiple times. The tub was nasty, as far as the lining of it made it easy for mold to grow around it. My roommate was terrible, she had a cat (even after me letting it be known that I didn’t want pets on my Review from Google
Jul 2018: Overall TERRIBLE place to live. Absolutely overpriced for the amount of space not to mention the extra charges added each month. Not only is this place a money pit, the safety is horrible. The gate along with the street lights never work. It made me very uncomfortable and I felt it was unfair that they only keep the front portion of the complex lit. Property Manager was super unprofessional and more focused on his wife than the residents. Me and my roommate noticed several CSI vans and police officers however we never got an update or crime report. Leasing consultants are just looking for money and don’t care about the residents. Several times I couldn’t walk out of my apartment because of all of the aggressive breeds roaming daily. My rent always fluctuated and the overages were ridiculous. Please pay attention to your bill these people w Review from Google
Jun 2018: First I’m going to say if i could give negative 5 stars i would, first move in day was 2 days before school started, also the keys that i were given didn’t work to the main door or my room and i kept having to go back and fourth, when i finally got into the room it was not even near the size of the model room they show in the tour. Also it smelled like a cigarette factory and looked like nobody had been in in the apartment in years! The sink wasn’t attached to the counter top, it smelled like cigarettes so you could image how my clothes smelled and to top it off we had bed bugs, whoever they hired to clean the place didn’t clean and when i say i have the worst roommates i mean HORRIBLE they were not clean at all and the leasing office response was maybe they dont realize what they’re doing🤨 and not to mention they had a dog that w Review from Google
Mar 2018: Katy was an awesome tour guide! She answered all of our questions and was super friendly. These apartments are beautiful and perfect for students. I would highly recommend. Review from Google
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Mar 2018: I've had a bad experience here. The only thing I really wanted out of this place was a spot to stay while I go to and from school. I thought $500 was a bit pricey but they seemed friendly and they were the only ones available in that area at the time. I didn't really know much about how to use the online services or even use my e-mail address, but I found out that a ton of extra fees had piled up in my spam folder eventually. The monthly fee is not "rent and utilities"; it's "rent, utilities, and some unforeseen outrageous bill due to weather conditions or the heater stopped functioning properly." The gate around the area is a nice touch but there are several break ins anyways. Feels pointless at times but I know it prevents some crime. I'm currently living here and the more I stay in this cramped place, the more it feels like a rip off. Review from Google
Feb 2018: The access gate has been broken for months and the parking lot is poorly lit due to burned out lights. I have contacted the office and have not had any resolution. Do not stay here or let your kids stay here. It is a Gun free zone that doesn't keep kids safe or secure. Auto break ins have occurred due to lack of security and kid are left in harms way without a way to protect themselves. This is Greensboro and it has plenty of crime. A gate would help control access and keep some out. Never ever stay here. when I call to complain and ask for a Regional Managers contact info I'm told they can't give it out. That's sketchy.
Feb 2018: Disappointed in Springplace. My daughter lives there and the gates been broken for months allowing access by anyone. Parking lot lights out. When I call and ask about this I’m told it’s being fixed. Months later still not done. Ask for management contact info and I’m told they can’t give it out. Don’t let your kids live here. No one should live here. Better options exists. Review from Google
Feb 2018: Spring Place was my first off-campus apartment. The leasing office staff are very sweet and understanding. The clubhouse and pool area are absolutely beautiful. My friend’s and I were lucky enough to be placed in a townhome unit together. The townhouse as a whole is a fairly decent size (especially for the price), however, the bedrooms are very small. There were lots of damages to our unit, including ruined blinds, torn and stained couches, stained carpet, and holes in the walls. Also, my roommates and I have had $30-$60 overages with minimal electricity use. Rent tends to fluctuate for some reason; I’ve never paid the same amount twice which is very inconvenient because I never know how much I need to pay until it’s due. Overall, the community has it’s perks, but I would not stay here again nor would I recommend anyone else. Review from Google
Feb 2018: The work with what you need and make sure you have an unforgettable experience. The office staff is nice. Review from Google
Oct 2017: decent place to live nice club house decently maintained rooms, but very unethical business. Was told before I moved in and signed my lease that you get a $25 credit to pay for your utilities and that very rarely do you ever go over. Come to find out the bill is only used for electricity from what I'm now being told. Now after getting hit with over a $40 utility bill you would see my frustration. The rent with the $25 credit isn't bad but after these service fees and other utilities fees it becomes just as expensive if not more expensive than any other apartment. Will not renew lease unless something changes dramatically. Review from Google
Jul 2017: Signed a lease for the summer as I worked an internship since I don't normally live close. Move in process was fine, staff nice and courteous my first few weeks. The clubhouse and common areas are nice and well maintained. My issue was with the unit itself. When I applied, I stated I was allergic to cats in my roommate survey and that I couldn't live in a unit that has ever had cats in it or I would be sick the entire time I lived there. Low and behold they place me in a unit that used to have cats in it. I told them that they would clean it or move me to a new unit and they steamed the carpets, but I was still having allergy issues. Today, as I was vacuuming the living room, I noticed that behind the chair there was a mass of black cat hair that honestly could have made a new cat. I guess they didn't move the furniture when they cleaned the Review from Google
May 2017: I've really enjoyed my time at Spring Place so much I decided to renew my lease. Aside from their comfortable setting and countless amenities their staff is very helpful. Shoutout to XXXX for the patience and kindness he extended me in assisting with my lease renewal. Review from 5/25/17 on Google
May 2017: To being with, our move in day was an absolute joke. After showing us our first supposed living arrangement, which was already oppucpied by a resident who didn't know we were moving in, therefore the apartment was trashed. After requesting we move into a different unit, they moved us into a filthy, unsafe, disgusting living area. By that I mean, the carpets were filled with animal feces, the patio was filled with trash, and the majority of the appliances were broken. None of these issues were fixed until 2 weeks into our stay. Since then, things have been just okay. The leasing office severely needs to work on communication and professional practice. The complex as a whole has its perks if you live around the right residence, otherwise, it feels unsafe and very loud. Review from 5/13/17 on Google
May 2017: l have lived in Spring Place for two years. Maintenance here really sucks, they are unbelievable. My apartment heat and A/c has been broken since mid- February it is now April 12 2017 Maintenance allegedly fix the situation but air and heat still is not operational.I have put in a total of 3 work requests and called replied about the matter. Every month my rent is different. I am still paying full price for an apt with broken heat and a/c. Upon waiting to get a visit from maintenance they still continued to charge me with a late fee which is completely unfair. I don't recommend living here also rooms are small, but the Staff is really friendly only bright spot. Review from 5/10/17 on Google
May 2017: The year that i stayed at spring place, i had no problems or complaints.. Every time i needed something fixed in my apt, the staff was very attentive and responded quickly. Not to mention they did a great job every time. Its a great place for students to live if they're not wanting to stay on campus anymore. Review from 5/4/17 on Google
Apr 2017: I really enjoyed my time here! The leasing office staff was always friendly and welcoming. There were always fun events happening around the property. Also since I don't have a car having the shuttle to campus was very convenient. I would highly recommend living here if you are choosing to live off campus! Review from Google
Apr 2017: Spring Place is always very prompt when something needs to be fixed. They are very friendly and polite in the office and their events are pretty amazing. I would definitely recommended Spring Place to anyone who is interested. This is an awesome place to live! Review from 4/7/17 on Google
Mar 2017: Love living here! Nice quiet environment, and safe too! Parking is always easier to find as well and the apartments feel just like home! The best part of living here for me is the bomb free internet they have, as a gamer I never have a problem. I highly suggest giving Spring Place a look at if you are a college student plus free bus rides to uncg so that's always nice as well. See you soon at spring place apartments :D Review from 3/24/17 on Google
Mar 2017: Staff is great and real friendly. they create a fun atmosphere but, they aren't fast with maintenance, warnings only go so far you actually have to go to the office to get the messages across. make sure that or you're told 1 specific amount as far as rent... make sure they have that in the system because they will over charge you. this is my second year & my 1st year was way worse because they were so unorganized and kept overcharging us. be careful and keep an eye on those numbers. they're known for overcharging & not telling you last minute. Review from 3/5/17 on Google
Mar 2017: Service is great! Great staff, they get maintenance orders done in no time! If you ever feel uncomfortable all staff is helpful and open to talk to. Definitely a recommended apartment complex! Review from 3/2/17 on Google
Feb 2017: I have lived at Spring Place for the past 3 years and I have loved my experience here for the most part! The apartments itself are pretty upgraded which is nice and the complex is gated making myself and my roommates feel pretty safe. Although it is a bit aways from Uncg's campus, there is a shuttle that runs m-f for majority of the day/evening. The staff is very friendly and are always willing to help in any way that they can!! They always have a smile on their face when you walk into the office which I definitely appreciate. Maintenance is usually here in a timely manner if we ever have a request and they are always so polite. Review from 2/16/17 on Google

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