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Walden Station

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Nov 2019: I have been living here for few years, The place is so good, the maintenance team is very fast. The club house is perfect. However, there are two reasons which made me give 3 stars to this property. The internet connection quality inside apartments is not good and the parking sucks here unless you get a personal parking for $25/mo. I have to say that for Summers there is no parking issue. Review from Google
Jun 2019: Walden Station is a wonderful complex, by far one of the best in the area. The grounds are always clean and quiet, I always felt safe. The office staff is genuinely amazing and so helpful which is pretty unheard of. Parking was never much of an issue and the pool is always kept nicely. I'm only moving because they don't offer 4 bedrooms but if given the opportunity I'll be back, and I highly recommend this complex to others. Review from Google
Jun 2019: Walden Station is a wonderful complex, by far one of the best in the area. The grounds are always clean and quiet, I always felt safe. The office staff is genuinely amazing and so helpful which is pretty unheard of. Parking was never much of an issue and the pool is always kept nicely. I'm only moving because they don't offer 4 bedrooms but if given the opportunity I'll be back, and I highly recommend this complex to others. Review from Google
Oct 2018: I️ have lived at Walden Station for almost a year . I️ moved here because I️t seemed to be the safiest place to stay based off the reviews and how much you are paying a month .My apartment has been broken into twice and we also live on the basement floor , the first time I️t was over the summer and they pretty much blamed us for keeping the window cracked . We took the necessary precautions they gave us so that we wouldn’t get broken into again . Then two months later someone broke in and cracked our back Glassdoor . They stole our computers, our loved ones gifts and money . They fixed our back door and then put our couch infront of the door. We asked to be released from our leases and their response was find someone else to lease or they could move us to a new apartment when one became available, which would be no time soon being Review from Google
May 2018: I had an accident, I was in the hospital and I had no idea when I will be discharged. As soon as I find out I email them that I can no longer live in my apartment on the 3rd floor. They tell me we dont have any apartments avialable on the first floor. Then with a letter from the hospital I terminate my lease. Then I find out even though I had a letter from the hospital and school saying that I can’t climb stairs, Since the date I notified them of my leaving was not a month before I moved out of the apartment wasnt a month earlier, even though I was in the hospital with severe injuries, they did not give back my security deposit of 715 bucks. This is so unfair! Review from Google
May 2018: I lived here for almost three year, before leaving to move in with my fiancee. The 3 bedroom apartments are spacious and a very comfortable living space. The apartments are excellently situated close to nearby restaurants, a food lion, shopping areas, and UNCC, yet, they still feel a little secluded because of all the tress backing the complex. Roe is an excellent help in the office and took care of me anytime I put in a work order or needed something. Review from Google
Apr 2018: I've loved living here. The staff is extremely friendly and know their residents by name. Any time I've needed something addressed they've taken care of the issue within hours. Review from Google
Mar 2018: Had a wonderful stay subleasing at Walden Station during the summer time for an internship. I stayed 8 weeks and really enjoyed my unit. Room was very spacious and I got mine own bathroom. Affordable rent and parking included. In fact, during the summer time, I got to park outside of my unit without any problem. Management was very nice and helped whenever I needed them. Really quiet neighborhood with lots of nearby food options. Would definitely recommend! Review from Google
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Mar 2018: Son has had a nice stay here. The apartments are nice and well maintained. The biggest problem I see is the location of the new light rail station near the apartments. The light rail is going to bring more crime to an already crime ridden University area. Today, March 19 2018, approximately seven vehicles were broken into and only 3 days after the light rail was opened. Review from Google
Jan 2018: Visitor parking is terrible. Sometimes there are never any visitor spots open and they put a boot on your car within minutes if you park in a regular spot Review from Google
Jan 2018: CURRENT AND FUTURE RESIDENTS BEWARE. LMS Parking monitors the lot for parking passes. They will boot ANY vehicle (including residents) that do not have a pass. My son had mechanical issues with his Jeep and drove another car for 2 weeks. The office told him to park the car at the end of the residents parking area and never mentioned a temp parking pass. He woke one morning and the truck was booted. He went to the office to ask about the boot and they then informed him that he needed a temp parking pass. He had to pay $60 to have the boot removed. The manager, Corey basically called my son a liar simply because he could not remember the name of the employee he spoke to. Corey said emails were sent to notify residents of the parking policy. Emails were never sent and the letter did not mention a temp pass. LMS is rude and mgmt is unprofessional. BEWARE
Dec 2017: If you're a pet owner look some place else. They test fire alarms practically weekly which often requires they need to enter your apartment. Or they'll post 'inspection notices' then not actually come for the inspection. Of course they choose to do all of this on weekdays not the weekends. For any dog or cat owner, that knows anything about the law, you know it's not wise to have to have people in your apartment with your pet when you're not there. Because of their 'inspections' and fire alarm tests I've had to skip classes, which have affected my grades. Review from Google
Aug 2017: This is an AWFUL apartment complex. My friend subleased from them and the morning after she moved in, she woke up covered in bites. Pest control came out and it turned out that the apartment was INFESTED WITH FLEAS!!! Pest control told her that it would take 3 weeks to abate them, which was the duration of her sublease. She obviously wanted to leave, but after spending a week talking to the apartment complex, they told her that if she left, she would be responsible for the rent. Are you kidding???? By the time she turned in her keys (which was only a week after her arrival), she had paid $614 for a room she couldn't live in and had over 100 flea bites all over her body, some of which had turned into open wounds because she was allergic to the flea bites. They also charged her $160 in fees when she applied, which they did not tell her about up Review from Google
Jul 2017: Lived here for two years while I was in graduate school, easily the best apartment complex I'd lived at. Management was easy to work with and any maintenance issues I had were usually resolved within a day. Review from Google
Jun 2017: I wish I could give this place more STARS!! Roe is super sweet and always takes care of everyone! I absolutely loved staying at Walden Station. Being a student at UNCC I stayed at 901 Place when I was sophomore mostly because of their decent prices and you get what you pay for. That place was filled with bugs and maintenance issues. Then I moved here!!! I had a one bedroom which was amazing as a college student having your own apartment in this beautiful complex, LOVE!! I never had any issues, they take such good care of their apartments and I always felt safe. Then I had to move due to prices going up, now I stay at The Flats at Campus Pointe, its night and day compared to Walden Station. Definitely LIVE HERE!!! You'll love it! Review from Google
Jan 2017: Moved to Walden Station after transferring to UNC Charlotte and could not be happier with the choice I made! The apartments are great, my neighbors are so nice, and the office staff is amazing. Maintenance always there when you need them, and anything you could need in walking distance. wouldn't live anywhere else in Uni City! Review from Google
Jan 2017: Would not suggest that anybody lives here. management sucks. parking sucks. security sucks. and it's not worth your time or money. you've been warned. Review from 1/2/17 on Google
Dec 2016: Great community that is quiet and safe. It is a short walk to the university which keeps you from having to buy a parking pass. Roe in the office is always very helpful with anything that you need. Best off of campus housing for UNCC students. Review from 12/3/16 on Google
Jun 2016: I love living here!
Apr 2016: I just moved into Walden Station to sublease and renew for next year. So far I really like it! The community is really nice, and everyone is really friendly.
Feb 2016: I have lived here for three years, and am renewing to live here for a fourth! Location is great and management has always been super helpful any time I have ever had a problem. I love how small the community is, and its nice to know your neighbors and everyone at the pool.
Dec 2015: The positive is that it is only 15 minutes away from UNCC. However, be careful when reading reviews because they used to have promotions giving away gift cards for all positive reviews. Notice how they are around the same time.
Nov 2015: The current management is the worst management that you would ever see. Never rent here. I'm warning you! Review from 11/1/2015 on Google
Oct 2015: I love Walden Station. I am living here for the second year in a row for multiple reasons. One reason I stayed was the staff, they are always friendly and helpful. Another (major) reason I stayed was the LOCATION, these apartments are seriously in an ideal location. I walk to school (no $500 parking pass for me). I can also walk to Food Lion, Kohls, Boardwalk Billy's, and other locations in walking distance (there are many). I love the fact that the apartments are furnished, have patios, and have all the utilities bundled in with the rent. Overall these apartments are probably the nicest and most convenient student apartments in the University Area. Review from 10/18/15 on Google
Aug 2015: It used to be way better with the old management. The new manager is a b****. if you are wondering why they have 4.8 stars? well, they invited residents to give them 5 stars in a chance to win a gift card. notice that most of the reviews were published in the same time. Coincidence? hmm, I don't think so. Review from 8/25/2015 on Google

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