- 2 month lease
1 bedroom in 4 beds 4 baths.

3 Roommates, all very chill and sort of do their own thing. None are confrontational and were very easy to live with. Note that there will be some renovations happening in the kitchen some⌚time between July 27 and June 12. They will only work Monday-Friday between 9 AM and 6 PM. It's unclear if they will be in the apartment the entire two weeks or just in and out but that's the ⌚time frame I was given, the apartment complex said it would only be a minor noise problem. The lease will run for June and July and end on July 31. no mold, bugs, or appliance problems as long as I lived there. Property amenities include a gym and a 🏊 pool and it is a 🌉 gated community. Do note as well that this is a student-only complex and you have to be a current UNCC student to lease.

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