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University Village

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Mar 2019: PEEVED MOTHER!!!! Photos & video footage of the leaking ceiling from my daughter's room attached. As a parent of a UNC Student who resides at University Village, I'm very unhappy and disappointed that Gavin Short, the Regional Manager refused just today to do the right thing and ensure my daughter be adequately compensated for her ENTIRE loss that has occurred from a leaky ceiling that dates back to Hurricane Michael 4 months ago. Finally, after several rainfalls and many complaints, University Village changed their roofing vendor to repair the problem just this week admitting that the prior roofers didn't adequately fix the problem before. My daughter was displaced from her room for over a week recently and had to travel back home and stay with friends costing her time away from school and ultimately a failing grade (as an honor student) because she didn't sleep
Jan 2019: The pros : Many events with free food Private room and bathroom Separate leases. Free clothing Maintenance responds fast Shuttle to uncc The cons: Lots of weed smoke (the office does nothing) Loud neighbors Roommates (I have one who isn't the nicest) the others are fine Rude maintenance Rude older workers Cheap everything in apartments Paint all over the floors and things falling apart. Window leaks Walls are very thin!
Feb 2018: I have love living here! I have lived here for the past 3 years and have had some issues but the office have solved them and the maintenance team is fast!
Feb 2018: I’ve lived here since August 2017. Any problem I’ve had have been fixed almost immediately so that’s nice. The staff are all friendly and helpful but my only complaint is that maintenance sometimes doesn’t knock and they just walk right in, which usually is fine but there have been times we’re getting dressed or something and they just walk in which is an invasion of privacy. Other than that University Village is nice and they give out a lot of cool/useful SWAG. Review from Google
Feb 2018: I spend more time looking for parking than in the classroom learning. The struggle to find parking alone will ruin your learning experience. A lot of the professors have strong accents. The staff at the parking and transportation services are rude— they will hang up on you after keeping you waiting on hold & no it’s not an accident. The students wear other school mascots and apparel (App, NCSU, UNC, ECU, etc). It feels predominantly hybrid as it is hard to get involved in school activities since the football team is garbage and parking is expensive. Avoid the university health insurance as the price rises each semester ($1200 in Fall 2017) and the copays and deductibles are ridiculous. I never felt cheated out of an education until I came to UNC Charlotte. Please please please do your research when choosing a university as your learning en Review from Google
Jan 2018: UNCC used to be a great commuter school that people chose because of its affordability and value. Because of overcrowding and questionable hiring decisions, that is no longer the case. The Bioinformatics Department and all of its faculty and staff are wonderful, though. Review from Google
Jan 2018: Out of 5 classes 4 are in online textbooks, this is absolutely unacceptable. This school is filled with lazy teachers who cannot teach nor create their classes. This entire college relies completely on online textbook manufacturers to create the courses. I came to college to learn from experts not pad the wallets of Pearson and Cengage. Review from Google
Dec 2017: University Village has been a great apartment complex to live in. I moved in this past August and move in day could not have gone any smoother. My apartment looked awesome and they did great with roommate matching! I couldn't have asked for better roommates to have my first year in America. The staff worked really hard to help me secure a lease here as I am an international student. They went above and beyond to make my application process great. What I love most about living here is the resident events. They had a Thanksgiving dinner the week of Thanksgiving and are always giving out free food! My only complaint would be the internet was a little slow when I first moved in, but my leasing agent Robert suggested I get a router and I haven't had a problem since. I definitely recommend living here! Review from Google
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Dec 2017: I love the teachers and would give more than a one star but since the parking services are so crooked and extort money out of their students with ridiculous citations; I cannot. Carol Ross was simply rude. Talks over you and won't let you get a word in or finish a sentence and defiantly will not listen to what you have to say. I mean for goddness sakes most of us are broke college students and have a lot more to worry about than getting charged a ridiculous amount after paying over 500$ for the permit. Please be more considerate PATS, future students don't need you breathing down their necks. Review from Google
Dec 2017: I did not encounter any issues in my 2 years living at University Village. The staff was quick to help and the rooms were great size. My only complaint would be parking availability because getting a close spot was not always guaranteed. Otherwise, I had an enjoyable experience here! Review from Google
Dec 2017: This is a great place to live. Fun activities for residents with free food. I did have an issue with my first roommate when I moved in, but the office staff helped me find a new apartment with great roommates. Review from Google
Dec 2017: After first moving in, I wasn’t too sure that this property would suit me well. I quickly learned that not only does it suit me well, I love it. The amenities are top notch, the accessibility to campus to is within a 5 minute drive, and the helpfulness of the clubhouse and leasing agents made my transition as easy as it could be. Definitely renewing! Review from Google
Dec 2017: UVC is such a great place to live! The best thing is how helpful the staff is and they really worked with me when I had issues with my apartment. Compared to other apartment complexes in the area, they are one of best! I would definitely suggest people live here! Review from Google
Nov 2017: Love this school. Beautiful campus, great on campus housing options. Engaged student body and faculty. Review from Google
Jun 2017: I have been stuck here at University Village for almost 2 years now. Stay away from this place at all cost. Management does not care about their residents as I have had several emergencies and no help from management. First year I decided to do random roommates and was placed with a 29 year old with a serious criminal record. I also informed the office about being allergic to fur and found out that one of my roommates was hiding a cat and dog in the place. I informed management immediately and nothing happened. Review from 6/9/17 on Google
May 2017: Not a terrible place to live really. The area is usually quiet and the office is somewhat helpful. The apartments are overpriced, but you don't get any overage charges so I guess that makes up for it a little. There is a lack of office hours. They're not opened on Sundays and on Saturdays they're only opened for a short time. They close for every single holiday and usually close a day before and a day after the holiday. So good luck getting your packages or calling/visiting the office if you have a job or go to class most of the day. The gated entrance is a joke. When you put in your code the gate stays open for at least 1 minute, and then the gate is motion sensored so as long as cars keep going through the entrance it will stay open. Review from 5/13/17 on Google
Apr 2017: Management is absolutely the worst. When I lived there, one roommate had a dog that was against the lease approved breeds and bit two of my friends but still XXXX said there was nothing that they could do to remove the dog. Also, a roommate had her boyfriend living with her which is also against the lease and made living very uncomfortable. I went and spoke with XXXX again and she was supposed to send a notice and he was supposed to leave but fast forward months later and it's the same situation. Regarding the property: the internet never works, the locks on our main door to the apartment was broken for months as well, and the shuttle was never on schedule for the pick up from campus. Review from 4/13/17 on Google
Dec 2016: I love it here! Office is very nice, maintenance works fast and effectively. Love my apartment. Review from 12/31/16 on Apartment Ratings
Dec 2016: When I moved in there were many damages and the upgraded furniture I was supposed to get was not what I got, but the office did handle it well and help us out. There is also a lot of trash everywhere due to other residents sometimes and I believe maintenance should clean it up instead of it sitting there for a week until I get so annoyed that I'm the one who picks up other people's messes just so it doesn't look so trashy around my apartment. Also maintenance needs to come when I'm there and I've said this many many many times and the office or maintenance still can't get it through their heads. Review from 12/19/16 on Apartment Ratings
May 2016: If you want nice place to live please refrain from looking here. The have good property manager but the townhouse that we rented out was not cleaned at all no communication on change of roommate. Also place is not very roomy and has no space to eat. The bathrooms are very small and the toilets are even smaller.The maintenance guys are very good about getting things done in a timely manner. Overall problems with some of their agents and bus transportation. The amenities are useless because of the fact everything closes at 6pm. These are picture of the inside when we moved in, on the first day. Review from 5/8/16 on Google
Apr 2016: This is a terrible, dangerous apartment complex, with the worst management I have ever experienced. My daughter, who is on her own for the first time, as an out-of-state student, took over a sublease here in January. We thought it would be safe since it is RIGHT BY THE UNIVERSITY, but it has been a terrible disappointment. She has reported gunshots before, which I was reluctant to believe until we went up for a visit and saw what looked like abandoned cars with BULLET holeS IN THEM. They were there for most of the time my daughter has been there. Also, on our visit, there were piles of smelly garbage outside daughter's building included, all weekend long. We would have thrown the one pile out ourselves, but frankly, we worried about dirty needles, as there are drug deals and partying that goes on regularly. Review from 4/18/16 on Goog
Mar 2016: I would not send my worst enemy to this place. I have never felt this unsafe in any other apartment living area than at University Village. University Village at Charlotte looks really nice during the day but as soon as the sun goes down it becomes a place that you don’t want to be walking around alone. On Friday and Saturday nights there is probably about 30-100 people hanging out in the parking lot of where I live. These people throw bottles and cans all over the parking lot and scream and blare their music with subs so that the whole building shacks. I have also seen many drug deals from right outside my window involving gun shots which makes me not even want to exit my apartment from about 10pm-5am because of all of the commotion happening right outside. Last week there was a girl held at gunpoint in the parking lot and the apartment complex didn’t even n
Nov 2015: love the staff. maintenance fixes everything. love it. Review from 11/13/15 on Apartment Ratings
Oct 2015: I lived here for 2 years. Mainly just because i didn't mind my roomates and i didn't want to move again. But the office staff never responds to maintenance requests or and phone calls in that matter. Our AC and heat would break down and it would take MULTIPLE trips to the office after countless phone calls for anyone to be sent to check on it. Our bill went up to over 300.00 in the winter bc the heat was broken, and we were all forced to resort to small heaters in our rooms. Other than that, the apartments are spacious and I liked my privacy. However, I will never ever live here again. The office manager is rude and she is very condescending. Review from 10/22/15 on Apartment Ratings
Oct 2015: It's a great environment to live in! It's not the newest or nicest, but it is home and nothing beats home! The furniture that comes with the room is also very comfortable and a big plus instead of having to purchase your own! Review from 10/20/15 on Apartment Ratings

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