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University Terrace North

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Mar 2021: Apartments are dirty and cheap for a reason maintenance and landlords are terrible and doesn’t care about tenants or even tending to repairs. This is NOT student living. Do yourself a favor and move elsewhere
Jan 2020: Great community across from UNCC. These were the cheapest units that each person has their own private bathroom. We rented through University Rentals and have been happy here for 2 years.
Feb 2019: One of the good apartments near UNC Charlotte. Mostly 4×4 in every apartment. Good enough space and living area. The apartments are well maintained in general, but might vary landlord to landlord. Queen City Management is not good, rest my peers had good experiences. Guest Wi-Fi are in place and so for the residents. Value for money and safe too. Review from Google
Jan 2019: Excellent location across from UNCC campus. Perfect place for half the price of newer apartments down the road. We each all have our own private bathroom. We love it here!
Oct 2018: Cheap and close to campus. 4 bed/bath is good enough for me. Not really much of facilities though but it is okay. Security probably is still an issue now. There was a robbery when I lived there... Review from Google
Jan 2018: Cheapest places around campus. 4 bed/4 bath is nice. Don’t expect much and you’ll be ok with it. Maintenance requests are taken care of really fast Review from Google
Apr 2017: Very difficult to find a Private room with Private Bathroom. I hate sharing bathrooms :). Excellent place to live, very convenient to UNCC.. You can walk to campus and be in class within minutes. Love the atmosphere... Highly recommend
Mar 2017: Very good place, never have a problems
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Are utilities included in rent at University Terrace North? It depends on who you rent from. Many owners have gone to per bed leases with all utilities included, so it is possible to find someone who will include utilities if that is important to more

Are apartments at University Terrace North rented by the room or by the whole apartment? Both. Since there are many owners at University Terrace North, there are a few different ways they are rented. The majority of owners would prefer to have one group rent all rooms, but it is fairly commons to do by the room leases to be able to more

Feb 2017: Worst place to live. Management sucks, are uncooperative and it is constantly loud. A few weeks ago someone fired a gun and they never figured anything out about it. Security also sucks, I've resulted to just calling the police. Do not live here at all.
Jul 2016: Bad Mistake. Serious college students do not move to University Terrace North! Police are showing up frequently to answer calls regarding excessive noise. My son was harassed by foreigners and accused of making all of the noise. Very bad experience. If you are a student, you will not be able to study and forget sleep. Bad choice for a place to live. Very ghetto-like. Review from 7/30/16 on Apartment Ratings
Jun 2016: I love it here. It's affordable, convenient. They have done some renovations in my building. Very quite place for college kids. It's an awesome atmosphere.
Aug 2014: Finally, a private bathroom!!! Just moved to University Terrace North from University Terrace. Having a bathroom for each room is a big plus, and the people are not as ghetto. There is still a roach problem, but more bearable than before.

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