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University Terrace

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Jan 2020: Closest and cheapest place around UNCC. We were worried from some older negative reviews but we have had no issues. We can walk to the library in 5 minutes so we didn't have to buy any parking passes. A little older but still a great deal for the price.
Jan 2018: Cheapest places around campus. 4 bed/4 bath is nice. Don’t expect much and you’ll be ok with it. Maintenance requests are taken care of really fast Review from Google
Mar 2017: We have lived here for 4 years. They are the best location and cheapest property for every person to have a private bathroom. We checked around. We lease from University Rentals and have had no problems at all. It seems some people are silly and complain about nonsense. We play sports at the intramural sports complex next door which is very convenient for us. We are very happy with the location and the price. Review from 3/21/17 on Apartment Ratings
Jul 2016: I've live here for 2 years and going on 3. I highly recommend it here because my apartment is really nice, great rent and I can walk to campus. I don't even need to buy a campus parking pass. Great place to live. Review from 7/19/16 on Apartment Ratings
Sep 2014: We are 4 girls living here for 2 years and staying for our Senior year. We have all been very happy and satisfied here. It is definitely the best location and value for the rent. By saving money I will have a lot less student loan debt after I graduate. Also, very good parking lot areas for tailgating before we walk to the football games. Review from 9/30/14 on Apartment Ratings
Jun 2014: As a resident of University Terrace, I can tell you that you will see some bad reviews from people. Beware those reviews. University Terrace is one of the lower cost options because it was built before most of the other places off-campus at UNCC. Because it is so affordable, yet really nice, other communities get filled last because they are typically overpriced, so they have people put in bad reviews. Come see it for yourself and decide- it's a great place and save your money! To spend 500+ a month while you are in college is STUPID. Save your money!!! You don't need granite countertops and stainless steel appliances and tanning beds and weight rooms even pool if you're paying for it but may not use the stuff. Your job is to study and save up, not live in luxury at 19 years old- that's DUMB.
Jan 2014: PLEASE DO NOT MOVE HERE i dont know how clearly i should emphasize anymore..i have been living here for 3 years....since was ok in the start..300 everything included..great deal for someone in college...but trust me its not safe..there are a lot of creepy people hanging out in UT ..i am a girl and i do not get out late night or come into my apartment at night without my bf..its that roommate got robbed while she was going down the stairs...its that crazy...a lot of indian ppl live here..but they are always in groups but some have been robbed...its just one of those bad areas u never want to live in..i stayed here for 3 years..purely because i wanted to afford my new car..and its payments..but now i am graduating and moving away to a much safer community. Anonymous review from 1/2/2014 on Apartment Ratings
Sep 2013: The complex was probably build with good will, however the generally low rent attracts the not so desirable people to the complex. The complex is not gated, anyone can come inside on foot (the car entrace has a gate, and a camera, which I doubt to be working) There are parties going on almost every other day. While there has been a record of many crimes in the complex, the police are making frequent rounds now which has helped to stabilize the decorum. The service really depends on the house owner, some are good and some are bad. Anonymous review from 9/4/2013 on Apartment Ratings
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Are utilities included in rent at University Terrace? It depends on who your landlord is. Since Univerity Terrace has many different owners, there is no one set way. Typically if you rent the whole apartment with your roommates on one lease they you will need to pay the utilities more

Is there parking at University Terrace? Yes, University Terrace has a parking lot right in front of your more

Aug 2013: A BIG mistake to move into University Terrace North Condominiums. I did not realize i was moving into a ghetto-like community. I wish I had checked the reviews and gotten other opinions before moving into this place. My car has been vandalized and i'm lucky if I can get a good night's sleep because of the loud parties my neighbors have ( guess I am the only one with a REAL job around here). The University Terrace North complex is overrun with a bunch of late teen/early twenty-something thug wannabees with nothing better to do than sit on the front porch smoking weed and drinking beer. The only people who enjoy this place are losers and slackers. I now realize I could have found a MUCH BETTER place to rent for around $450 per month. WILL be leaving ASAP. Anonymous review from 8/10/2013 on Apartment Ratings

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