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University Crossings

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Aug 2018: It’s not as bad as people has been making it seem I feel that the pairing thing is Completely bs they housed me with someone who is to old to be in school and I’m 💯 percent not homophobic but also a gay person.....also the part about management is completely right i have been woken up 3-4 days in a row with Management banging on the door or some of them who don’t care and just come in ....when they leave they don’t lock the door ....the pool is never clean every night someone’s car is being towed i said it’s not that bad but Definitely explore other options also since I’ve been here there’s nothing but Gnats everywhere !!!!!!! And it will drive you crazy ! Review from Google
Aug 2018: If you like someone getting shot behind the complex, the parking garage gates not working 90% of the time, the pool being drained every other week, the billiards table sticks locked up, the dirty/sketchy stair wells, being walked in on by maintenance at any time, the 12:30 AM fire alarms that make your ears ring for hours on end, the armed home invasions, the smell of trash in the parking deck, the constant smell of weed in building F, the floor caving in, the constant overage charges (that they give no explanation for) the horrible leasing staff annnnddddddd the “security guards” not doing anything then this is a wonderful establishment. Otherwise, DONT LIVE HERE YOU’LL HATE IT. Review from Google
Jun 2018: This place sucks. DO NOT LIVE HERE. The people that work in the office all suck and don't know what they are doing. I've lived here for 2 years and regret it. My car was towed from the parking deck, WHICH I PAY TO PARK IN. When I asked why they didn't check my license plate before towing my car and they said it would take too long. Well considering it is summer and no one is here I don't see why checking one license plate is going to take too long. Now I have to pay 100+ just to get my car back. don't waste your time coming here. I rather live on the street then live here. Not to mention when I first moved in my apartment it was infested with roaches. Just shows you how "clean" this place is. Review from Google
May 2018: This place is horrible the staff is rude every month I got to pay my rent they look at me crazy the students who DO NOT BELONG HERE WILL WAIT FOR A CAR WHO HAS A PASS TO GET IN ABD THEN THEY DRIVE UP BEHIND YOU SO THEY CAN GET IT the security guards are glued to their cell phones the kids stand outside drinking and partying and the security doest do anything MY ROOMMATE IS THE DEVIL SHE THINKS THE APARTMENT IS HERS ALONE AND SHE REFUSE TO CLEAN SHE HAS A CAT HERE AND THERE IS A NO PET POLICY CAT HAIR IS ALL OVER THE KITCHEN EVEN IN MY CLOTHES I LIVE IN A 2bd room there are other locations I’m looking to break my lease and move this place is NOT safe the kids yell and party all night Typical but however you see Security not doing their job. Warning Dave your money and don’t move here it’s not worth the $778. I had to call the cable compan Review from Google
Apr 2018: They have amazing events! Their clubhouse is the best one out of all the student living buildings i have been in!! Totally recommend Review from Google
Apr 2018: University Crossings is an amazing place to live, I have lived here for the past 3 years. It is a close commute to campus and the leasing office is very kind and always understanding and on top of things. Review from Google
Apr 2018: I have lived at University Crossings for two years and I really liked it! It's so close to campus (15 min walk anywhere), great views, and great community that holds events. The grounds are kept clean and it's one of the newer apartments around UNCC, so they're really nice luxury student apartments! I would definitely recommend this place!
Apr 2018: University Crossing, formerly Circle City University (yes the one with the floor that caved in) is an apartment complex you'll learn to hate throughout your tenure here. Living here is like drinking a $2 bottle of wine that has sat open in the sun for a day. Your first impression on seeing it is "oh this is nice, a bottle of wine." However, once you taste it you figure out how bad it is. I moved into my apartment to find outlets didn't work, lights didn't work, the bathroom fan was broken, my toe found a nail in the floor trim, and the floor was broken in one spot. However, they were all fixed after some time. What is more annoying is the 85 speed bumps a cross the parking area and, after more 3 years of operation, NO VISITOR PARKING. Have a friend coming or at noon? Guess what, they park down the road at the Harris Teeter and walk or you pick Review from Google
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Potential Renters -Beware of University Crossings in Charlotte, NC- DO NOT RENT My son leased an apartment here July 2018-2019 and this has been a terrible experience. This was his third year leasing an apartment in Charlotte (the prior two years had been at apartments other than University Crossings). Along with more

Is UNCC close to Downtown Charlotte? Yes, it is a short drive. Charlotte is fairly spread out, so using public transportation is not so great. All that said, communiting from the UNCC area to Downtown Charlotte is not so bad, and the UNCC area is a great area to live if you have an more

Feb 2018: I wish I could give this place zero stars. All of the 5 star reviews given here are fake - the staff bribed people with free food and gift cards to give positive feedback. It has been AWFUL living here. There is absolutely no free visitor parking (although they advertise otherwise), the dishwasher/dryer/washer/garbage disposals SUCK and always smell bad (and we are very neat people), they charge you extra every month for heat/AC overage..... the list could go on forever. It is SO overpriced. I found a place that is 0.3 miles further and $250 cheaper every month. Not to mention that the staff is rude and they clearly don’t know what they are doing. I have never been picky with where I live, and I’ve never even left a google review before, but I literally made an account just to leave this review. DO NOT LIVE HERE!!!!!! I cannot tell you eno Review from Google
Feb 2018: University Crossings is very new and close to campus. They have a lot of nice and new things all over the place. I am normally in the club house studying everyday because my roommate tends to verbally abuse anyone he comes in contact with. I have attempted to tell the office but they seem to not care. However, after spending a little over a semester studying upstairs I have been able to hear a lot of good an bad things from the office staff. They may not know until now, but the glass doors do not do a good job blocking sound. They talk about almost every person that leaves the office. I have heard both the male workers and female workers make remarks that make fun of the person that just left and about their problems. I have been quiet until recently due to a tragic issue, which i hope their bosses handle. I believe her name is Rebekah and she Review from Google
Jan 2018: The University Crossings apartments is a awesome community to live in, especially for college students and those attending The University Of North Carolina at Charlotte, considering it is right across the street. The apartments are up to date and the community and staff that works here are very pleasant and provide a peaceful and enjoyable living environment. This is somewhere non students are accepted as well, which makes this community a great place to stay for all areas of life. I highly recommend this place to anybody who wants to stay in the University area of Charlotte NC. Review from Google
Jan 2018: This location’s convenience to campus is fantastic, and this complex does have quite a few nice amenities. This complex’s rent is higher than other off-campus apartments, but it’s to be expected with its pros. The office management could be more helpful when dealing with certain issues and answering certain questions, especially when it comes to confusion over utility overages. For example, my apartment goes over our utility cap every month, despite two of my roommates hardly ever being there and the other two never using excessive energy/water, and the office never gives us an answer as to why we still go over even though we’ve asked about this issue several times. Overall, however, I’ve found it to be an pretty enjoyable place to live. Review from Google
Jan 2018: I love the location of Crossing. The amenities are fantastic and easy use and access. Not to mention for all you get the rate is reasonable. Crossing is also the only community that offers 1 and 2 bedroom options. The only really Con is some if the gate locks don't work which can be really annoying sometimes, but other than that Crossing is a great place to live. Review from Google
Dec 2017: First off the only positive about living here is the location. Being able to walk to campus is great but being charged over every month for reasons the front office can't explain and having your car towed even though you pay the parking fee is not so great. Not only are the employees terrible and often rude but the apartments themselves aren't worth almost $800. If you are currently living here i feel your pain, if you are thinking about living here... please consider other options. I promise there are better ones out there and after this years is up i will be packing my bags and without hesitation i will be moving. Review from Google
Nov 2017: Let me break it down for you as to what it's like to live here. When looking at their website, this apartment complex is amazing, but when you move in, you'll quickly find out that the things advertised will not hold true. U Crossings is advertised to be secure, yet the parking garage doors rarely work and the locks on the gates to my hallway are almost always broken. Drug dealers can often be found running their local business in the stairwell of building F, a homeless man slept in the clubhouse for nearly a year without being asked to leave, and broken glass can often be found scattered throughout the complex. But, let's get past first impressions and get into what it's like to live here as a resident. You will be charged for anything and everything, often with no explanation as to what the charge is for. You cannot have guests over because Review from Google
Jun 2017: Best location in Charlotte! Located directly across the street from UNC-Charlotte's campus. New apartment complex with top of the line amenities! Review from 6/10/17 on Google
Jun 2017: Staff won't do anything about the people blasting music every night (including weekdays) from 11pm-3am, hardly am able to sleep at normal times. Walls are super thin. Only good thing about this place is that you're close to campus. Review from 6/1/17 on Google
May 2017: I come to visit my girlfriend who lives here and it takes a lot of planning just to see her because I have to park at the Harris teeter down the street and then walk up to the apartment. The walls are beyond thin there's a large road next to the apartments and in the morning when you are trying to sleep you can forget about it with the traffic. It's so loud it sounds like the window is wide open. If you're gonna stay here just make sure you know the rooms are loud as hell and there is no parking at all. Review from 5/28/17 on Google
May 2017: Wow talk about an overpriced dump. This has been hell living here. For starters, not a single space for your parents or friends to park if they want to visit. So that means no visitors!! Towing is highly enforced everyday. The street lights on the road that hang in the middle shine directly through the windows. There have been bugs such as ants and spiders in the rooms and the beds even if you have a clean room. The walls are thinner than paper. If you want to hear a phone call, tv, music, or your roommates having sex you're in for a treat. As well as your neighbors every move from above. And hearing every time when your neighbor uses the bathroom or even closes a door. The office decides to just walk in whenever they like. Review from 5/13/17 on Google
Apr 2017: Do you have that one friend that is begging you to stay with them at University Crossings? They're not your friend, trust me. And speaking of friends, with the whopping ZERO visitor parking spaces located at University Crossings, you're going to have a blast hanging out with no one. But your parents visited and they really liked the place? So did mine until move-in day where they really enjoyed seeing mountains of empty beer cases, fresh puke in front of my nice, new apartment unit, and dog poop in the stairwells. Yeah my mom loved it. On the bright-side, I get a free show every night at 12:00 when my neighbors decide to have sex on every square inch of the room next to mine because the walls are paper-thin. Review from 4/20/17 on Google
Apr 2017: University crossings is conveniently located directly across from UNCC. The parking is a bit expensive, but its cheaper than the 450$ you would have to pay to park at the school. The amenities are very nice, especially the pool. Out of all the apartments I have stayed in around UNCC this one was definitely the best!
Apr 2017: This is one of the worst places I have ever lived. There is no visitor not a single spot which makes absolutely no sense. I also pay around $40 per month for resident parking which they don't tell you until you're signing the lease. My apartment has a weird smell that I can't seem to get out and everything breaks. The air conditioning and heat breaks pretty often, I have had to call maintenance three times this semester to get it fixed. Review from 4/3/17 on Google
Mar 2017: The staff is terrible, the people are rude and so unhelpful. They never acknowledge when you are asking them for help or even do their job. The whole place is dirty and the amenities break all the time. They make you park in the parking garage but they never have enough spaces and when you do finally find a place, people hit your car with their doors and cause over $1000 worth of damage from backing into you. There are no cameras in the parking garage which is not the smartest thing and not safe. Review from 3/16/17 on Google
Feb 2017: Ever since the new management took over, they managed to overcome how bad it was during Circle Management. For reference, you cannot pay your balance online. If you do you get hit with a 30 dollar "convenience fee". You went over on your electric bill by 3$? Well you need to go online and pay your 3 dollar overage within a week. Oh by the way, when you pay the bill you will have to pay the convenience fee. An management will respond "we also accept money orders". No consideration for what is convenient for the renters whatsoever. Review from 2/8/17 on Google
Dec 2016: Do not live here. Before moving to Charlotte I thought this place was going to be great. I thought this because when visiting the lobby and amenities was kept up very well and it looked modern and clean and high class. They showed me the display room that they show everyone which is the one you see in the pictures online. This room is nothing like the rooms you will be living in. It had different furniture and appliances than what you will actually get. Also, when signing the lease here I was lied to about the prices that i would be paying monthly. I was told there was a ONE TIME fee of $35 for parking and now after 3 months of living here I've been told I haven't been paying for parking and so they added $35 EXTRA to my rent EVERY MONTH. Review from 12/20/16 on Google

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