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Jun 2017: if you like 200+ people don't EVEN LIVE HERE coming to the pool, partying , smoking weed, leaving trash everywhere , extremely loud music and yelling to the point where you cant even study, or even getting robbed at gunpoint. then this is your place! Review from 6/4/17 on Google
Jun 2017: I know some of y'all are looking at apartments right now for next year so here's my review before you sign your lease. I wouldn't sign here again, for anything. They do have great things about the flats, the room size and closet size is awesome but there's so many flaws that it's hard to find things you love. For starters, the cable goes out at least once a week in my room. They constantly lose channels, so the channels I started here with are constantly there one day and then gone the next.. weird. The internet always goes out as well ALWAYS. Review from 6/2/17 on Google
Apr 2017: DANGEROUS. There are NO lights in the parking lot. Every street lamp is out. I'm scared to walk out to my car by myself. It is horrible to say but with the crime in the area, a girl will go missing here. No lights=more crime. Look at the pictures. These were taken at 8pm. can't see a thing. Get it together, Flats. Review from 4/23/17 on Google
Apr 2017: Please lease elsewhere! The flats has exhibited Inconsistent management practices, you will be blindsided with arbitrary fees. The rest of the staff are nice college students. however, they have demonstrated time and time again that they are under qualified to run a leasing office and play favorites with the residents. Often management is not even on site. It is unsafe ( theres been multiple armed robberies, google it!) they will enter your space at their discretion without warning (sometimes they will let you know, occasionally, by emailing you or leavig you a note on your door that they will be entering. Review from 4/20/17 on Google
Apr 2017: I've literally lived here for 2 months and already can't wait to move out. This is the worst place I've stayed since I've been in college. There's literally loud construction in the complex that wakes me up every single morning. The parking situation is absolutely trash. I work 2nd shift and get home around midnight and it takes forever to park. So many cars are double parked it is ridiculous. They can't even get packages properly delivered to the complex. Review from 4/20/17 on Google
Mar 2017: I love living at the Flats! The staff is great and any time I need anything Madison is always extremely helpful and professional. Would definitely recommend her to anyone when they're signing their lease, she made the process easy and answered all of the questions we had, not to mention she's extremely friendly and personable! The location is super close to campus and if you don't feel like walking you can always take the shuttle, would definitely recommend living here! Review from 3/13/17 on Google
Feb 2017: The Flats at Mallard Creek is a great place to live. It is right across the street from campus and the layout of the apartments are so nice. The staff is organized and on top of things. It's very nice to be able to count on them with our hectic lives going on around us. Review from 2/19/17 on Google
Feb 2017: READ THIS REVIEW! To be honest this is a great place to live. Most residents come on here when they can't get their way and that's understandable but when you think about it The Flats works really hard to fulfill the resident's needs. Residents leave trash outside there doors and around the lot and maintenance has to pick it up all the time. They have some of the best prices for off campus living and the apartments look so nice. Parking is a big issue here and I can honestly see that they're trying their best to improve it. Review from 2/6/17 on Google
Dec 2016: The flats is not only understanding but kind and accommodating. They have been a huge help in the subleasing process and I am so thankful!! Review from 12/10/16 on Google
Aug 2016: would give less than one star but that's not possible. The amenities they offer i.e. Basketball court, pool; are very often closed or used for storage not allowing the residents to use them. ALSO our apartment was broken into by someone who works at the Flats. I know this because they used a master key, only the maitrnce team/ employees posses them. Absolutely terrible management and employees, the furniture is very cheap and not durable. Do not recommend living there if you enjoy feeling safe, want anything to actually be fixed when it breaks, or enjoy having the employees give you attitude constantly. Review from 8/19/16 on Google
Apr 2016: Ran by a group of college kids that have no idea whats going on. Went up to the office multiple times asking about what I needed to do in order to sub-lease my apartment and I got like 4 different answers from 4 totally different people. Our apartment has a different lock on the front door than all the other apartments and we were told it would be fixed within the first week or two after move in and now it is 8 months later and that lock still has not been changed. Oh yeah for the kicker, everyone's cable went out today so not tv and who knows how long that will take to fix. They are also raising prices for next school year, so we are out of this POS! We planned on leaving anyways! Check out Walden Station for student living. Review from 4/22/16 on Google
Apr 2016: Awful place to live. I'm upset that I am locked in here for another year. I have gone to several complaints since I have moved in and nothing is every handeled. The office staff says that it will be handeled and you never hear from them again and have to basically run people down to get anything done. The have been several lease breaches that have not been addressed. When I file maintenance request I will get an email saying that it's been resolved and things are still broken when I arrive. I have now resulted to documenting everything because I refuse to be charged. Speaking of charged my first month hear I had to live in a room that reeked of dog urine from the previous tenant. The manger at the time, XXXX, instied I use my OWN MONEY to try clean it. Review from 4/15/16 on Google
Dec 2015: Never once felt unsafe living here. Everyone is super friendly and very laid back. Best apartment I think. I've never had to look for a parking spot or park far away from my building. People are really lenient on towing and it's a very clean apartment complex compared to the other ones I've experienced
Dec 2015: I had a great experience living here! I lived at Millennium One the previous year and The Flats is so much better. Every time I had anything wrong, they immediately came and fixed it. It's an older complex so they have everything figured out already and do everything they can to help you. It's a very chill apartment complex with not a whole lot of parties thrown. I would recommend living here to everyone!
Nov 2015: Horrible. I had so many problems living here. WiFi was down for a month and they did very little to fix it. There was a worm infestation and the maintenance man acted like we were crazy aND left without doing anything. There was a shooting and they refused to let me move out so they transferred me instead. My new apartment wasn't in the best of shape for I filled out the form so maintenance would fix it "within a month of moving in" and it was never addressed. I submitted a request to get our dryer fixed and received a email that they came and fix it when no one even came to check it out. The students in the office are worthless, except for Mike who is actually helpful. The security is more worried about me sitting in a car talking to my friend, not disturbing anyone, more than the people sitting outside blasting music or partying. Review from 11/13/15 on Google
Sep 2015: I am a graduate from UNCC and my experience there was absolutely terrible. My number one complaint is that they will let absolutely anyone live with you. In my case they moved in a heroin addict with me mid semester who has faced previous jail time for his crimes. He stole from me and his behavior and actions made effected my work performance and ultimately caused me to lose my first real job out of college. My second complaint is that the staff there will outright lie to your face. I was told they will clean my carpet after move out and in turn they replaced it charging me 300$ for it. They also closed the pool purposely 2 months before move out (July 31, the mid of summer) so residents can not use. Review from 9/3/15 on Google
Jun 2015: It's really not that bad. It's an apartment complex for college students. Not a gated community for the working class. We get a fully furnished room, our own bathroom, our own closet, wifi (although it can have its good days and bad days), fully decked kitchen - stove, microwave, dishwasher etc, a washer/dryer, cable and a TV in the living room. On top of that UNCC students get a free shuttle to campus that works around the clock. This is KEY- parking permits on campus will run you a good $500 at least. The office staff have always been chilll and informative. No complaints. Yea it can be a little loud outside on the weekends sometimes but it's college, it comes with the territory. Review from 6/22/15 on Google
Dec 2014: Our experience with the management staff and property at Mallard Creek have been very good. My son transferred from Michigan to UNCC and was to move into another property in the area that flooded. Flats at Mallard Creek quickly processed our application and he moved with no delays. My son loves the location, the in unit laundry, the high quality apartment and furnishing. He uses the property gym daily it's been a great place to live. Review from 12/18/14 on Google
Jan 2014: I really like it because I can walk to class if the bus is too full. I didn't get to live with my original roommate because she wanted a dog. I got a two bedroom so i wouldn't have to deal with drama and besides my new roommate being loud and partying more than I do which I did put on my sheet I was quiet... we get along. I don't have a car but I hear some people complain about parking. Anonymous review from 01/05/2014 on Google
Jul 2013: NO! I just completed my freshman year at UNCC while living here at The Flats at Mallard Creek. First of all, let me say that I DO not recommend living here. You have to be either insane, made of money, too laid back, or a combination of any to choose to renew here after this year. Yes, the amenities are nice, but unless you've lived here you would not understand what it's like. First of all, the walls and floors/ceilings are paper thin, and it's almost impossible to know that before moving in. You can hear the activities your roommates partake in, and you can hear the girls upstairs stomping around 24/7 in their heels. Also, the showers are heinous. The ones in our building sound metallic and high pitched like screeching children. The showers alone almost drove me nuts, and imagine having four of those in one apartment. Anonymous review from 07/11/2013 on Google
Apr 2013: DO NOT LIVE HERE!!!!! Yea it looks nice but i swear you will regret it! The walls are crazy thin! The Office swear they close at 8pm but you can call around 7:30 and they'll be closed. I pay $645 but i feel like i should only be paying less than $400. My experience here is horrible. So many residents are so ready to leave, they are sub-leasing their apartments. And they don't even warn you before they put a big Sticker on your car for parking there if your not a resident. my friend was helping me unload groceries for 10 mins and they put a big sticker on his window, now its damaged. PLEASE LOOK ELSE WHERE FOR A PLACE TO LIVE. I will never recommend anyone I know to live here. Its pleasing to the eye and that's about it. Anonymous review from 04/11/2013 on Google

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