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The Flats at Mallard Creek

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Feb 2019: They are gradually improving and Zach McBrien is helpful in trying to usher in new changes and improvements. I think the new term will bring a fresh start for these apartments.
Feb 2019: I don’t even know where to begin with this review. The management that has taken over this complex has just completely blew me away, and not in a good way. This new company (Coastal Ridge) is not a good company and I am already tired of them and will definitely be moving very soon. There have been so many issues I have had with these people, that it is ridiculous. These people are under the impression that they can just do whatever they want, simply because they just took over and they are sadly mistaken. I had prior arrangements with the previous company that my it would be my husband and I living here (approved by the property manager!) and now, this new Zach McBrien guy is now pretty much harassing me about getting some type of documentation stating that this happened. I also was the first person to move into this unit, so I put the stipu Review from Google
Dec 2018: Great place, fantastic management and staff, great location, shuttle to campus offered and available, pretty quiet, amazing people, great amenities, and great sized kitchens, living room, bedrooms, and bathrooms! I've been living here for three months and have had little to no problems. The staff is very friendly and helps with any questions and concerns. The apartments can be a little dirty on arrival, but can easily be fixed with some cleaning and sprucing up. I've had very few problems with noise, just one party that got a little loud. Lastly, the apartment allows you to have pets, and I have had no problems with anyone forgetting to clean up after them. Altogether, it's a great apartment complex, and highly recommend it! I'm even re-leasing for next year! Review from Google
Dec 2018: They don't even deserve 1 star to be quite honest. I have lived here for 2 years now and this year the management changed and the community has gone downhill severely. The new property manager is not helpful and makes promises she can't keep. Maintenance staff doesn't know what their doing or fix things in a timely manner. My AC/heating unit has been broken since before thanksgiving and is still not fixed although the property manager AND maintenance have claimed the issue is fixed. Rent is ridiculously high for the gym to be dirty, the amenities to be low quality and for things to not work properly or get fixed in a timely manner. To get them to do anything you have to call, email, or go by the office multiple times. There is 1 helpful girl in the office, I think her name is Kendra. So if you still decide to waste your money on this apartment Review from Google
Oct 2018: I would not recommend!! I had to continuously call them to get an answer on availability and the manager was very rude. I could only imagine what the tenants are going through. There are so many other affordable apartments in surrounding areas. Review from Google
Aug 2018: If I could rate this apartment complex 0 stars, I would! The combination of crime/lack of security (break ins, theft, armed robberies), lack of attention to tenants needs, and poor upkeep of the amenities, has led to a horrific experience overall. The property manager, Jessica Dortch, never responded after multiple attempts of communication efforts from issues that had necessary needs of attention. The apartment unit did not have air conditioning during the summer and the management was contacted multiple times... no response for weeks. The “compensation” was a window unit put in one of the bedrooms, leaving all other rooms hot and the safety was also compromised from being on the first floor. There was a severe case of horrible mold in one of the bedrooms, leading to allergy issues and a poor living environment. Along with these issues (a Review from Google
Jul 2018: The fact that the Flatts doesn’t have control of their towing in the middle of the night should be a huge red flag. They didn’t have stickers for residence the first 3 months of living there, and then when I get a new car 3 days before move out and let my boyfriend borrow it and it gets towed since it didn’t have a new sticker on it. Then they don’t take any responsibility for guests staying the night either even though it’s an apartment people pay for residence, not dorms. So we “have to have better planning” for when we have guests staying the night, being the office closes at 5pm to be able to get a guest pass for their car. Currently missing my cousin’s gender reveal because of the fact they don’t have control of their own parking lots. Maybe you shouldn’t run an apartment complex when you clearly can’t run how the pa Review from Google
Jul 2018: The worst place to stay!! I have gotten my rent payments lost. When I first moved in the blinds were broke, the carpet was dirty, the bathroom was NASTY, burn marks on the floor. It took them almost 3 months to come and fix these things. Their management is absolutely terrible. We've also had a problem with mold in our rooms and a leaking fridge. We've called maintenance MULTIPLE times to come and fix the fridge and nothing has been done. On the move out paper it says how we will be fined for things that are not clean but I'm leaving the apartment the way I found it... disgusting. I am not renewing here and I suggest no one moves here. This place is trash! Review from Google
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Jun 2018: This place is trash. They don't fix anything you need fixing and something new is always wrong with the rooms. I have gotten two eviction notices in the three months I have lived there because they have lost my rent checks. They close the office down before they are supposed to just because they feel like it and then you don't have anyone to talk to when you need someone when they should still be there. They say they have 24/7 surveillance but this is definitely not true. They had two cops in the parking lot on move in day to look good for the parents but there hasn't been anything sense. I have lived here for three months and two cars have gotten broken into, a door has had blood stripes down the front of it (this was not told to us, we just saw it) and there has been a break in in one of the rooms. This break in happened on a Friday and they Review from Google
May 2018: DO NOT LIVE HERE. DO NOT. I have hated my time here. My A/C has broken at least FOUR times over the course of 9 months. Maintenance people come and "fix" it but obviously not. Maintenance is slow and does not care. However, I will say that they have gotten new maintenance workers who do a better job than the previous ones and are much nicer. My dishwasher has been broken for several days and no one has come to fix it. The phones in the leasing office barely work and when I tried to call to resolve this A/C issue all I got was a recording that said "your call did not go through." Now I believe that happened because the website listed the wrong phone number because google gives me a completely different one. I would love to know how the people in the leasing office would feel if their apartment were as unbearable as mine is. Half the time they d Review from Google
May 2018: DO NOT LIVE HERE. DO NOT. I have hated my time here. My A/C has broken at least FOUR times over the course of 9 months. Maintenance people come and "fix" it but obviously not. Maintenance is slow and does not care. My dishwasher has been broken for several days and no one has come to fix it. The phones in the leasing office barely work and when I tried to call to resolve this A/C issue all I got was a recording that said "your call did not go through." Now I believe that happened because the website listed the wrong phone number because google gives me a completely different one. I would love to know how the people in the leasing office would feel if their apartment were as unbearable as mine is. Half the time they don't tell you that you have received a package, thankfully I always track mine. The parking situation is horrible as half the spo Review from Google
Apr 2018: I used to work in leasing office, I was exposed to all behind scene issues that this apartment complex clearly has. Community Assistants work very hard and all of them are very kind. The new leasing manager Logan is very sweet as well. The property manager, Jessica doesn't seem to have any empathy for residents. She came into my friends apartment with an attitude showing no remorse for all the problems they have in their unit. Wayne Freeman is a very hardworking man and tries to do all the work he can. Due to a lack of proper management that comes from the property manager herself, I will not be renewing, my roommates don't want to renew and none of my friends do. My cable has been out for five months, the gym or "workout" area is a dump. Tanning bed does not work, (as advertised,) there is no basketball court, oh and parking is terrible. Mult Review from Google
Apr 2018: REAL REVIEW: READ THE Whole THING IF YOU ARE CONSIDERING LIVING HERE. This is literally the first online review I have ever given because I am so pissed about this place. I wish I could give this place no stars but it won't register unless I put some sort of rating. This is by far the worst apartment complex to live at if you are a UNCC student. I've lived here this school year and have run into tons of problems with this place. The air conditioning in my apartment was broken for 2-3 months, even after going to the office 5-10 times regarding the issue in the apartment. When you go to the office to get something fixed, there's always some sort of issue. With my experience, nothing gets done unless you go multiple times. Speaking of which, I went to the leasing office 2 days ago about my dryer being broken and they said that they would have s Review from Google
Mar 2018: If I could rate this complex a -1000, I would. My issues started before I even moved in. Throughout the whole summer I was waiting to receive an email about my housing assignment. Nothing. I emailed the leasing manager multiple times and no response. Finally I call, and they tell me that the leasing manager has moved on. wouldn't it make sense to email current/future residents about the new contact information so we're not sending an email to an employee that has left? I was on a list for early move in. As the date came closer I kept calling multiple times in regards to my housing assignment, and they just kept saying "you'll receive an email by this day." Then when I didn't receive anything, I called again and they kept postponing / changing their statements. Fast forward to one day before I'm scheduled to move in, I call and they tell me I c Review from Google
Nov 2017: Do NOT LIVE HERE. I was robbed at GUNPOINT at 8:30 pm and my car was stolen along with everything else I own and then management proceeded to tell me I was not allowed to break my lease. The staff is horrible and the management/ owners are even worse. not helpful in any way. Stay away from this place. I almost lost my life
Oct 2017: When i moved in the faucet leaked, the bedframe swayed around and was obviously damaged, the washing machine timer was broken, the bathroom sink wouldnt drain, the toilet was stained and the seat damaged, the front door extremely dented and wouldnt latch correctly, and the desk chair was missing one of its arms and was missing 2 wheels and several bolts that hold the seat to the base. After calling the office several times they have fixed literally none of these issues. Additionally the parking is terrible, most of the spots are very far away from most of the apartments and the closer spots are so narrow that they are often left open because even a smart car would have trouble opening its door enough that you could get out. The only good thing I have to say about this place is that the apartment is decently sized and is located pretty well. Review from Google
Oct 2017: This place is horrible! I recently moved out in July and I had so many problems with things breaking as well as the cable and internet not even working about half the time. I paid a lot of money for things like cable and internet to not work. The complex also became an unsafe place to live with robberies and more which occurred while living there. About the only good thing I can count on were the maintenance crew. They were always fast on maintenance requests as well as helpful. Luckily this didn't happen in my room/apt but one of my friends that lived here as well had a mold problem in her apartment causing mold to get over some of her favorite shoes, which she probably can't wear again and was then forced to move out of her place. Overall however DO NOT SIGN HERE!!! I wish I had someone tell me that before I gave money for an overpriced apa Review from Google
Sep 2017: I stay here for four years, and I had three different roommate. I had very good experiences and bad experiences but over all it a good place to live. The knew me very well at the office, but they will do the best they can to help.. Review from Google
Sep 2017: Not bad not bad at all. People on here leaving there rants about the dumbest stuff. No you don't get reimberst for food because your breaker flipped. No you don't get special treatment because you complain about the shuttle. The office is fine, it has its moments but when doesn't any company have issues. Calm yourselves children. Nobody likes a whiner. You need a place to live? Cool they got you one. Review from Google
Aug 2017: Nobody at this complex has any clue. The website does not work correctly. There was no way to send a deposit. We tried at least 15 times and left messages with management who could not work it out. Once we finally got that worked out by driving to Charlotte from Raleigh to fix the problem, they gave away my son's room with his 3 roommates to a stranger. After repeated phone calls, my son got a different story from each person he spoke with. He is to move in in a few days and has no room. How does anyone run a business like this. Review from Google
Jun 2017: if you like 200+ people don't EVEN LIVE HERE coming to the pool, partying , smoking weed, leaving trash everywhere , extremely loud music and yelling to the point where you cant even study, or even getting robbed at gunpoint. then this is your place! Review from 6/4/17 on Google
Jun 2017: I know some of y'all are looking at apartments right now for next year so here's my review before you sign your lease. I wouldn't sign here again, for anything. They do have great things about the flats, the room size and closet size is awesome but there's so many flaws that it's hard to find things you love. For starters, the cable goes out at least once a week in my room. They constantly lose channels, so the channels I started here with are constantly there one day and then gone the next.. weird. The internet always goes out as well ALWAYS. Review from 6/2/17 on Google
Apr 2017: DANGEROUS. There are NO lights in the parking lot. Every street lamp is out. I'm scared to walk out to my car by myself. It is horrible to say but with the crime in the area, a girl will go missing here. No lights=more crime. Look at the pictures. These were taken at 8pm. can't see a thing. Get it together, Flats. Review from 4/23/17 on Google
Apr 2017: Please lease elsewhere! The flats has exhibited Inconsistent management practices, you will be blindsided with arbitrary fees. The rest of the staff are nice college students. however, they have demonstrated time and time again that they are under qualified to run a leasing office and play favorites with the residents. Often management is not even on site. It is unsafe ( theres been multiple armed robberies, google it!) they will enter your space at their discretion without warning (sometimes they will let you know, occasionally, by emailing you or leavig you a note on your door that they will be entering. Review from 4/20/17 on Google
Apr 2017: I've literally lived here for 2 months and already can't wait to move out. This is the worst place I've stayed since I've been in college. There's literally loud construction in the complex that wakes me up every single morning. The parking situation is absolutely trash. I work 2nd shift and get home around midnight and it takes forever to park. So many cars are double parked it is ridiculous. They can't even get packages properly delivered to the complex. Review from 4/20/17 on Google

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