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Feb 2017: After living here for 7 months my experience has been lackluster at best. They have already had 2 management changes. Parking is a nightmare through the week after about 8pm. Residents are loud and inconsiderate of others. Management tacks on questionable fees and does not explain. Rooms are small. Bathrooms are a good size. Common area is ok. Furniture is cheap. Internet sucks. Tv sucks. Multiple things have been broken and had to be repaired. Review from 2/15/17 on Google
Oct 2016: I've just finished a year lease at The Flats at Campus Pointe. The reason I had to leave wasn't because of any issues with the apartment, I'd just waited too long to release so they'd leased out my place (my bad but it's ok now). The management here is decent at solving issues for as well as between residents from what I've seen and they're usually around the office (except when they leave early, which is common). Halfway through my stay they switched up the maintenance team, and one of the guys on there XXXX gave me this cool tie-dye shirt & he'd always take care of my issues promptly (unlike the earlier team). All in all it was a decent stay, and I never encountered any of the management deception that other reviews seem to reference. Review from 10/11/16 on Google
Sep 2016: don't apply late in season. Their website said units available. Applied and paid $150 to find out immediately that no units are available. A month later still waiting for my refund. When I called the second time they will only refund the $100 deposit not the application fee. Hard to justify an application fee for units that are not available. I won't ever recommend anyone rent here unless they can physically walk into the unit to inquire. Review from 9/29/16 on Google
Nov 2015: Wifi constantly goes out. Management almost never sends someone to help if you need something fixed in your apartment, even when they give you their word. They never gave me and roommate the $200 Visa card they promised if we rent an apartment, so they totally lied. They give us notifications that there will be a "furniture inspection" but every time no one came, so false notifications. Other than that the apartments are decent, along with the gym and pool. Just keep in mind that the management/office will deceive you. So make sure you pay attention to everything that you sign and what they promise you. Review from 11/10/2015 on Google
Aug 2015: BE AWARE: they might falsely accuse you of not paying the rent !!! In 07/2013, they wrongly accused my BF of not paying the rent for that month (which was the last month he lived there). He fixed the issue by presenting the image of the rent check. In 2014, a bill collection company hired by FLAT contacted him again on the same issue. My BF clarified this issue AGAIN with them. HOWEVER, in 07/2015, another bill collection company called my BF again and bothered him on the same issue !!! My BF is very frustrated for his time wasted on this ridiculous matter (which spans two years). And now he has to fix this issue for the THIRD TIME. He would like to give a zero-star rating for FLAT Campus Pointe on Google, but 1-star rating is the lowest you can choose. Review from 8/20/15 on Apartment Ratings
Jul 2015: HORRIBLE MANAGEMENT, not worth the $$$. They DO NOT care about you or your well being except for if you will make your rent payment the 1st of every month, unexplained overages, missed work orders, just a damn shame!! Review from 7/23/15 on Google
Jun 2014: They find ways to legally get more money from you. They can make promises like giving you a 200$ if you move in which is completely false. I ended up getting an attorney and review the contract and it seem that they do not tell you how really the contract is. Basically the attorney told me they steal from you "legally" BE VERY VERY CAREFUL BEFORE SIGNING Review from 6/15/14 on Google

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