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Jan 2019: Be careful This place is a great location. When it comes to payment, everything's easy. Parties will get shut down if you're too loud. Make sure that when you move in, you write down everything that is wrong in the room; take note of scuff marks on walls, baseboards, countertops, and any other damages that were in the room before you got there. If you forget to write something down, or if there's something you didn't notice until later, they're going to take advantage and make you pay for it. My bathroom countertop was damaged and I didn't notice until after I had turned in my damaged sheet, so of course I did not get my deposit back and they made me pay for the countertop. Review from Google
Jan 2019: I’m commenting because i really want to stress the fact that I’ve lived in numerous apartments and this is the worst. The staff is unhelpful and rude and the manager is condescending. They will talk to you any kind of way and are unconcerned with the issues you face while staying at their property. Since the beginning of this lease I have regretted ever moving here and will never move into another property ran by Marquis, or any of those managers. Review from Google
Nov 2018: The first year I lived here was amazing and I had no issues whatsoever. Well this is my second year and I hate it and cannot wait to move out once my lease is up. I've had to deal with a violent roommate, rude employees in the office, and awful neighbors. The basketball court is also terrible. The curfew is 10PM but people are always out there at all hours being loud and rude. I would politely ask them to leave and would get cussed out. I don't even bother to tell the staff about problems anymore because they really don't care. Yes, The Edge is pretty much the cheapest off-campus option that is closest to campus, but as long as this complex is getting their money, they don't care. There's also dogs EVERYWHERE (pets are not supposed to be permitted here) and the amount of dog feces I've seen and accidentally stepped in is disgusting. Delta suck Review from Google
Sep 2018: I was charged for several extraneous items I didn’t leave behind, and was charged over a month after a left. It was crime-ridden, dirty, and ridiculous more times than once. Do NOT reccomend. Review from Google
Sep 2018: In terms of living conditions, its fine. Not the best, not the worst but fine. The walls between apartment units are a little thin. You can hear people's footsteps and music at night, but its not too bad. Compared to stories I've heard of other complexes its pretty good. My main issue though is their outdated payment system. They only accept personal checks or money orders at the desk, no card or anything. If you try to pay with card online its a $20 fee. I feel like I'm living in the 1990s. What kind of business accepts personal checks but not cards? And that $20 fee is complete bull *****. They have an autopay option which directly takes money out of your bank account every month, but that too has a $5 fine, and you can't use it to pay for the current day. Review from Google
Jul 2018: If you like signing lease agreements that sentence you to a life of hell and poor management and customer service go for it. Lived at The Edge for four years through several employee changes and the staff at the leasing office get continually more rude. They will charge you for things that should be their responsibility. They charge $620/mo for a bedroom with three other room mates. That means they make $2480 off of a single living space PER MONTH and they're still stingy and make you pay if you bend a window blind. Extremely limited parking spaces. I should've ended my lease last year because it just got ridiculous. There are several much better places with friendlier leasing offices in the surrounding area. The apartments DO NOT look like the model apartments, or at least my apartment wasn't. The dryer would not dry clothes after three 60-m Review from Google
Apr 2018: Update: the majority of the office staff are rude and have no care for their residents. I cannot wait to move out of here. You're better off on campus then paying to be this close off campus. Best place in the area for its price, but like every other place they want to charge you for anything they can blame you for. Ex) slightly bent blinds, etc. Half of the staff is over the top friendly and the other half have no care for you. The maintenance people are the best people there. They are the sweetest and always willing to help you out. They great you when you walk by and hold gates for you. By far deserve rarises and high pay grades. Review from Google
Apr 2018: The Edge is an amazing place to live, I have friends that have lived here for the past 3 years. It is a close commute to campus and the leasing office is very kind and always understanding and on top of things. Review from Google
Mar 2018: I like this apartment complex! It's relatively inexpensive compared to other student living apartments nearby. I've been hear for almost a year and I've literally had 0 problems. If something breaks, maintenance will fix it within a day. The kitchen countertops are nice my bathroom sink is huge, and my walk-in closet is a blessing. Also the convenience of walking to campus in 1 min is amazing. I get to wake up maybe 40 minutes before my class starts because thats how close we are to campus. Electricity and everything is included, but expect to go over during the winter because heat costs a lot more than AC. We never went over during Aug-Oct, but Nov-Feb we had about 10 dollars a month for overage fees. Not bad though, it beats paying for utilities. probably going to renew for another year.
Jan 2018: After living at another student apartment that was not within walking distance to campus, I cannot imagine living in an apartment where I would have to purchase a parking pass and deal with traffic on campus. The walk is very quick and makes getting back and forth to school so much easier. Unlike the apartment I lived at last year, the leasing office staff are very friendly and helpful here which makes life easier. Maintenance at The Edge has a very quick response time and we have never had an issue that was not easily resolved. The maintenance manager is very kind and extremely helpful. If I could change somethings here, they would include: an increase in visitor parking, updated/ improved WiFi, and better security as the people who use amenities such as the pool and basketball courts are not usually residents and are here late hours of the Review from Google
Jan 2018: I have really liked my time here at the Edge apartments. Maintenance is very very quick to fix things when you call and put in a maintenance request. The thing that I really love about the Edge is how close it is to campus. It only takes me 10 minutes to walk to the main part of campus and then I don’t have to deal with parking. The pricing is also relatively cheap compared to other school affiliated apartment complexes. I recommend!! Review from Google
Jan 2018: This place is great! Management is solid and the maintenance folks have always been prompt and professional to me. It's better than other places I have lived in the University City area. For the price and location it really is the best choice for off campus housing. Review from Google
Jan 2018: Some great advantages The Edge has over nearby student apartment complexes are price, proximity to campus, and amenities. One thing I really like about living at The Edge is that the walk to the center of campus is about 10-15 minutes maximum, and the complex is right near a campus bus stop, which means there’s no reason to buy a UNCC parking pass, which saves a lot of time and money. The parking is always convenient and available within the complex, and maintenance often completes your work orders fairly quickly. Great place to live throughout your college years. Review from Google
Jan 2018: I’ve enjoyed living at The Edge so far. The maintenance staff is great and the walk to campus is very convenient, especially since the Martin Hall bus stop is close to the walking gates. My neighbors are respectful, however the basketball courts can be noisy since the walls are so thin. Security could be improved, but overall I feel safe and comfortable living at The Edge! Review from Google
Jan 2018: Overall, The Edge is a good apartment. It's very close to school and right next to one of the main bus routes. The apartments are well furnished and spacious enough. It's more expensive than some but a fairly decent price point compared to some other apartments right on the border of campus. My biggest complaint would be the security. Even though it is gated, the security is not always the most attentive. While I have never felt particularly unsafe or been robbed, I know other people who have. Also, maintenance can be hit or miss but I have had my requests met promptly. Review from Google
Jun 2017: These bad reviews are not at all what it's like at The Edge!!! I love living here, the office is really cool and the staff are students so they don't try to screw you over. The gym and pool are great, walking to class is the best part though. Definitely going to renew my lease for another year Review from 6/9/17 on Google
May 2017: I lived here for 4 years. Pros: Close to campus, gym is decent. Cons: Everything else. Extremely thin walls. You will hear every party, all music, conversations and everything else. Makes it impossible to sleep. Most of the people that live here are students, and therefore about 20 years old. This is the worst case scenario roommate. Expect a constantly dirty kitchen, them not cleaning their messes, loud, up at all hours of the night, and just general immature behavior, including smoking weed. Remember that you will have to pay when your roommates break furniture, or otherwise cause damage. Live with people you know. Review from 5/26/17 on Google
May 2017: Some of these reviews are really over dramatic, The Edge is a great place to stay. They did great roommate matching, I have pretty chill roommates. All of the staff is friendly, and maintenance is quick and efficient. The location is perfect for UNCC students, about a 5 minute walk to class for me, and the shuttle picks up right outside the gate. The rooms are nice sizes and the common area is huge. Nice furniture as well. The gym is has nice equipment and stays clean, a long with the pool. I definitely plan on staying here until graduation. Review from 5/20/17 on Google
May 2017: This was my very first apartment I've ever signed for and it has definitely been a great experience! Living without my parents was scary at first but The Edge really made me feel at home. I have never had an issue with safety. The staff and maintenance team has been very helpful as well! Review from 5/12/17 on Google
Apr 2017: Lived here for 3 years. Super close to campus, so no $500 parking pass needed. Also the maintenance staff is super nice! The Club House staff is always there to help. Love the fact that there are 4 separate leases because then you do not get kicked out if your roommates do not pay. Could use a little more of a warning system with the parking infraction service and better parking spaces would be nice! Overall this has been a nice place to call my temporary home for 3 years! Review from 4/12/17 on Google
Apr 2017: Okay, well first...The walls are way too thin. I can hear the guy in the other apartment loud and clear. They have virtually no security. I have called the office literally 10 times in regards to a noise complaint and nothing has happened. A lot of the parking spaces are too small and the guy at the gate lets EVERYONE in. The apartments smell like weed even if you don't smoke. The people at the office are "okay". It is right beside the school which is the only reason I even thought about this place. The renovated apartments DO NOT make up for the bad quality. Review from 4/3/17 on Google
Feb 2017: I decided to write this review because I was frustrated with all the overly dramatic reviews on the place. First off it isn't nearly as bad as all the other reviews say. Yeah the gate to get in through campus is broken so anyone can come in, but that's not really a bad thing. The place is safe And shouldn't be a big concern. Yeah you will see the occasional parking lot fight break out. But it's fun to watch from the comforts of my back porch and these only occur late at night. Review from 2/23/17 on Google
Feb 2017: Overall I've had a great experience at the edge. Maintenance is quick and polite. The staff at the front desk have always been polite and answered any questions I've had. It has the typical apartment complex problems like tight parking and thin walls, but all in all I've enjoyed my time here. Review from 2/16/17 on Google
Feb 2017: I'm going to give an honest review because some of these are dramatic. I haven't had any issues in this neighborhood since I've moved here. One thing that I really like is that maintenance is fast with their repairs. My toilet broke randomly and they came the exact same day to fix it. Even educated me on how toilets work lol (no not just flushing). The office staff is very polite. However, if I ask to speak to my leasing manager, I expect to speak with him or her directly. Review from 2/14/17 on Google
Feb 2017: I haven't had any bad experiences living here, I did roommate matching and got pretty decent roommates. I enjoy having my own bathroom and walk-in closet. The counter top in the bathrooms are very nice and there is a lot of room/shelfs space in the closet and drawers also come in the room as well so there is more then enough room for cloths. The living area is large enough to spend time with roommates and friends and the kitchen is nice too with the new upgrades done. There is a decent amount of cabinet space in the kitchen and having the dishwasher is a plus. Review from 2/12/17 on Google

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