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August 2, 2019
14 months ago

My son leased an apartment here July 2018-2019 and this has been a terrible experience. This was his third year leasing an apartment in Charlotte (the prior two years had been at apartments other than University Crossings). Along with rent, we also paid a monthly fee for parking. Almost every month we have been charged extra for utility overages, fines, car boots, etc. I can understand if warranted but this place is taking advantage of the college kids.

For example, during the year, my son had two roommates both who were evicted. Prior to the evictions, the roommates had numerous guests stay for months at a time which is contrary to the lease agreement. I understand college kids often do this but due to this, we were charged half of the utility overages. When we tried to report the extra guests who were staying there illegally, management did nothing for months and we continued to incur charges. On the day the roommates were evicted, we were charged specific overages on the eviction date (we can only assume the evicted roommate's balances).

Another example includes when the parking deck gate was out of order and my son could not access his parking that we paid for monthly. He had to park in a space outside the deck for less than 30 minutes - long enough to go in and get books for class. When he returned to his car, boots were in place and we were charged $100 for removal. When we disputed this, we were told that we should have given management 24 hours notice of the parking gate issue (parking gate being out of order) ---what the heck? It was our fault the gate was out of order and therefore we should have access? Ludicrous!

Another example: the second roommate was evicted 6/20/19. My son moved back home in March 2019 -so in July no one was living in the apartment. Guess what? We were charged utility overages for July 2019. When we tried to disput the charges, we were told you signed the lease.

Unless you have plenty of extra money to waste on extra charges, fees, and fines, stay away from University Crossings. Like I previously stated, this is our third year renting in Charlotte and the prior two years at a different agency / apartment complex was great/ never like this. Beware!

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