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Haven 49

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Mar 2019: Power got shut off, because Haven 49 DID NOT pay the electric bill. This was confirmed by Duke Energy. Stay away from this place.... what are they doing, with all of the money given to them, if they aren’t even paying the utility bills? Review from Google
Feb 2019: Before moving here I had lived at Millennium 1, and honestly had an easier time living there than here. When I moved in, i found other people's trash IN my cabinets, but i cleaned everything, settled in whatever. Tried to do laundry, but the washer's lid doesn't lock so I have to set something on top of the lid just for it to actually turn on and wash my clothes. Then we get emails about people coming in to install screens for our apartment windows, because of course they're not actually done installing everything yet. Weeks have gone by and my windows still have no screens. Half the time the lock to my door doesn't work, and the halls have a lot of trash and so does the stairwells. People are getting fines just for trying to put out their trash for valet pick up too, which is ridiculous considering how much students are paying to live here. Gates in the parking deck are ALWAYS broken, they're always open, and once when they were closed, they wouldn't open for me when I was coming home for work when it wasn't during office hours, so I was stuck parking in visitors parking Review from Google
Jan 2019: Apparently there is no warning given for getting a car boot when parking in the visitor section. Like most reasonable and rational establishments, a warning should be assessed personally to each resident before a boot and fee should come in to play. When asked about it the front desk exclaimed that the “boot and $100+ fee” is your warning and tried to quell the situation by saying that “at least it wasn’t towed for $200.” Then said that they sent an email in November about it to everyone but I’ve checked with multiple people who didn’t receive that email. They also said that they don’t have any clue about pricing or what the ART towing company does and that’s it’s up to them solely to charge and put boots on. Wow, responsible and efficient. Review from Google
Jan 2019: After locking his apartment door and walking to his car parked on site with appropriate parking sticker, one of my adopted students noticed a boot/lock on his tires. He went to the office where he was told he (should not have parked where he parked (even though he had been parking in the same area for weeks and had not been instructed otherwise - no notices on his car or apt door...) He explained this to office staff along with the fact that there were no distinguishing signs about parking here or there. Poor young man was forced to pay $150 to access his car. He was told it would be an additional $25 a day until it was paid. This is how UNC approved apartment communities are allowed to milk money from students. Shameful!! Review from Google
Jan 2019: I wanted to leave this review not only to complain but to help other students looking into living at haven49. First of all, I would like to say I gave 2 stars instead of one because the staff are actually really nice and have nothing to do with my issues with this complex. This place has way too many problems and isn't worth your time. Safety is my main concern. There have been repeated car break ins. The first floor doors outside of the garage doors are the only ones that remain locked. All doors inside of the gate are unlocked which is a problem because the garage doors have so many issues they are hardly closed. So basically anyone can come in anytime. The doors have also been closing down on peoples cars (3 that I know of directly) and management apparently refuses responsibility. A lot of people (not ALL) who live here are disrespectful. Review from Google
Dec 2018: If I could give zero stars I would. They appeal as if they are offering a lot but they’re not. Haven 49 fines for the smallest things. There is not enough parking for all residents in the parking garage, so some residents have to park in visitor or on the side and haven 49 tows them (when it’s there fault to begin with)!! My front door lock barley works, my fan fell from the ceiling and was hanging by a wire, the garage gate never works which affects my work and school life greatly, and car breaks in. Go anywhere else but here. Review from Google
Dec 2018: Once the building was FINALLY completed and move in was initiated, i feel like now is a good time to update my review. The staff, especially the property manager, are so nice and helpful. When you see them around they’ll great you and ask how you’re doing which is great especially if you’re having a bad day. My room is pretty great, so far I’ve had a good experience, only thing is the parking spaces. They are wayyyy to small Review from Google
Dec 2018: I don't feel like taking the time to explain it all, but even AFTER we finally moved in, this place has had problems and done things that are beyond inconvenient for residents. I'm tired of the petty rules and broken promises. These apartments are not the luxury living experience that we were sold. Review from Google
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Dec 2018: I paid my daughters rent tonight. What a disappointment to see how this company treated the kids as second class cattle for months and now I see they nickle and dime us. Two dollars to pay rent with an e check? We are paying full rent for amenities that aren't functioning. Hearing the units can be unlocked by anyone so not a secure location but paying luxury rents. Trash company is just trying to make a profit at the students expense. Pool furniture ruined by the wind.... Must have been quality stuff!!!!! Just makes you wonder how much we dont know.
Nov 2018: The door-to-door trash service is a scam. WAY too many rules and regulations for a complimentary service that's supposed to make our lives easier. Is your bag too heavy? Get fined. Is your trash out before 5 PM? Fined. Trash out on Tuesdays/Thursdays? Fined. Be sure to bring in your containers before 9 AM the following morning too, to avoid another pesky fine. Damaged trash container? Fined! (This reason is more understandable than the reasons prior, but who's to say the trash service doesn't damage our containers while making their rounds without our knowledge?). Bulk items like cardboard or other recyclables that wont fit in a clear/blue garbage bag? (Yes, recyclables MUST be in color coordinated bags as well) No pickup, and a fine. After the very first night of trash service, our room was given an "observation report" (a potential fine) f Review from Google
Oct 2018: Why do i have to pick 1-5 stars? Why cant i choose 0 zero stars? Because that’s what they’ve produced. The CEO of Haven49 is an absolute COWARD. SHOW YOUR FACE. Week after week you teased us with a move in date. And 12 weeks later , you repeat the same lame excuse. You have 89 outstanding issues. We called Charlotte housing. You wont be ready for your CO for 2 more months. STOP FOOLING PEOPLE. THESE ARE INNOCENT COLLEGE KIDS. A curse on you. SHAME ON YOU!!! Ps. Be looking for a letter from our lawyers. Review from Google
Oct 2018: I walk here every day on my way to school and I will give u one pice of advise. stay away from this place until the next semester. u have been warned. I was thinking about living there and I was told that It will be ready by the beginning of the semester, but my guts were telling me otherwise. u have been warned. Review from Google
Oct 2018: I cannot believe the hassle that I personally have been put thru with Haven49, thanks for the hotel though. Will update my review when I finally live here. In 2020 Review from Google
Sep 2018: Four "official" move-in dates later and the place STILL isn't done. They keep using stupid excuses and keep pushing the date back one or two weeks at a time when it is now obvious they've never been ready. I still haven't received an email to receive my "promised" stipend of $1000. I have emailed them multiple times now with no response, followed by very stupid and empty phone call conversations. This place really is the absolute worst. Super nervous that if I ever ACTUALLY move in that Haven's terrible management and communication will continue to an awful living experience. Review from Google
Sep 2018: Haven 49 is continually providing horrible customer service for it's future residents. Delay after delay is not surprising when the project is being managed by such ignorant and incompetent people. The owner's negligence in monitoring the construction schedule to keep the GCs on track is appalling. Either they were so absent from the process that they genuinely did not know they wouldn't meet the original occupancy date (unlikely) or they knew very well they would not meet it but decided to wait until just a week before to inform their future residents. While these delays in construction could (at some stretch of the imagination) be seen as understandable, the absence of any sort of communication from the owners and management throughout this process leads me to have no compassion. The compensation Haven 49 has offered for these issues is in n Review from Google
Sep 2018: Where do I begin with this place? So they ask you for rent months in advance before it's time to move in and when it's time to move in they push the date back. They didn't just ask me for it, they harassed me about. people are still paying rent with other complexes which you would think they would know that. I was cool with one apartment date being pushed back put now this is just ridiculous. The lease does not have a clause where you are able to break it without extreme reasons I.E. Military or you job relocating you.I go over to the complex a few times out of the week to check on the progress. Me personally I don't see this place being finished and ready for move-in next Saturday. This is a very huge inconvenience for me that a $1000 just will not settle with. I thought about taking a legal action against the complex but I decided I a Review from Google
Sep 2018: I can’t even begin to describe the stress Haven 49 has put on myself & hundreds of other students. First of all, I signed a one bedroom lease. With every person I spoke to, I was told that EVERYTHING was included, it was even on their website then that all utilities, cable, internet, etc. were all inclusive. (they changed it now) then I get an email in July saying that I needed to set up utilities & that we were responsible for paying power. No where in that lease did I read that & when I tried to look for the copy of my lease, it was no where to be found. I even mentioned the part of the lease as I was there to sign a lease, where it said something in lines of “all bedrooms except for one bedrooms, have a cap” etc but no where did it say it was a charge. If anything, I didn’t think we would have a cap since it’s just one person livi Review from Google
Aug 2018: The company that owns this place is very unorganized. They tell us that they’re pushing the move in date back a week before we’re supposed to move in. They should’ve just been honest and not open until they knew it was going to be 100% done. At this point it looks like it isn’t going to get done until fall 2019. I’ve had to stay at a family members home and drive 30 mi to school everyday the gas and parking fees are adding up and a $1000 just isn’t enough! It’s very frustrating when I call trying to ask what’s going on and I get an attitude from the guy on the other end because he also doesn’t know anything. The company should’ve never allowed this place to start leasing out space and accepting rent. Review from Google
Aug 2018: Construction workers have been talking to students and say the Sept 15 date is a joke. Oct is more likely. Supposedly there are electrical issues? They just gave a 3rd move in date !! Haven49 has left hundreds of students homeless. We have to pay for parking passes, food, gas, laundry, etc, NOW. Offering money AFTER the fact is no real help! Haven demanded certified funds for 1st month's rent from us June 1; they didn't trust us but expect us to trust them? Sold us on a fancy new place to live but now they say that even if we do get to move in , there will be no amenities! Feels like a scam and I'm sorry I fell for it. Review from Google
Aug 2018: There is lot of construction work pending and how did they commit to the move in date of Aug15h, now again the move in date of Aug31st is pushed . There is no Vision or clarity on what’s happening, no one answers the phone call too.. I am upset with the kind of service they are offering
Aug 2018: HORRIBLE place! I just want my son to send it with his boys and be shotgunnin some beers on the balcony while smoking a little green, but he has to live in the poor mans hotel.This place is beautiful, however, the management is horrible. The property manager lives in a huge brick house on the right of Haven 49 right next to my house, while my son has to stay in this peasant filled hotel. I pay so much money for my son to live in these apartments, yet hes living in the ruins of what compares to a tribal village in Kenya, as you can see in the image below. Today, I walked in to find the property manager railing my wife in MY bed! Rather than doing his job, making this property stay on schedule, he is at MY house draining his load in my wife. Review from Google
Aug 2018: There is going to be a standard review from the management to my review. Recognize that it's simply the management team trying to deflect, as best as possible, the serious legal situation in which Haven49 now finds itself. The repeated construction delays are negligent, and if you notice closely, there is no commitment to the Sept. 15 date; there are simply hollow, "We hope to have construction finished, are trying our best to hit the date, are making offers etc." messages. The compensation provided by Haven49 (which no one has actually received to date) does not begin to equate to the costs incurred by each of the individuals displaced by Haven49's negligence. Here's the truth for all students and parents holding leases. When a subpoena is issued to Haven49 to initiate a discovery of what and when the owners knew of delay (and one will ce Review from Google
Aug 2018: A 3rd move in date now! This place is a fraud and a scam! They are insensitive to the students who are forced with extra expenses and straining living conditions. You think a letter from your owner being sympathetic will help the situation?? Nobody answers any emails and they give minimum to no updates. This is not how you conduct business! No amount of money is enough to compensate with what we have to deal with. Who's paying for all my extra food and gas? ? Do not sign a lease here!!! Review from Google
Aug 2018: They just gave a 3rd move in date !! Haven49 has left hundreds of students homeless. We have to pay for parking passes, food, gas, laundry, etc, NOW. Offering money AFTER the fact is no real help! Haven demanded certified funds for 1st month's rent from us June 1; they didn't trust us but expect us to trust them? Sold us on a fancy new place to live but now they say that even if we do get to move in , there will be no amenities! Feels like a scam and I'm sorry I fell for it. Review from Google
Aug 2018: My daughter and I loved these apartments online and when we toured the temporary office this summer. She was very excited to move in. But things took a turn for the worst as soon as we left the office. We were originally told the rent was due in August and then once approved for the apartment my daughter was sent an email stating that rent was due the first of July. They never answer their phone and screen their calls by using caller ID, I seen it done when we were in the office. Then, we were notified days before move in that the apartments were not ready, given 2 options, to live with family or friends or in a hotel until 8/31. They also told people that hotel space was limited and pressured people to hurry and make a decision, without giving details on what hotel they were going to place students at. I called as a concerned parent, a Review from Google

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