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Colville Gardens and Townhomes

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Jan 2019: We have a top floor unit with really high vaulted ceilings and we love it here. Very quit and across the street from UNCC. We leased through university rentals and had no problems at all. Renewing for our Senior year.
Dec 2018: don't rent from Rony or Diamond Federation. He is extremely rude and unprofessional. When I told him of a roach problem in the apartment in August and he JUST sent the exterminator out after having to go back and forth with him about it. Claiming that someone had already been sent out when obviously there wasn't. He tried to up charge the rent by 200 more dollars a month because my roomates moved out even though we have SEPERATE leases. He may or may not give us our deposit back when I move. Horrible experience, if you rent here don't go with DIAMOND FEDERATION LLC. I've heard other renters are good though.
Dec 2018: I heard it can be sketchy but worked for me for a bit. Review from Google
Nov 2018: Be very careful on this area, my car has been side swiped and broken into. I would not advise anyone to drive and park in this area Review from Google
Aug 2018: Great memories in this place. Crazy/friendly neighbors, fun parties, and rude security guards. The apartments are relatively old, but each one will be different depending on who rents them out to you. I remember there was one party where the entire deck collapsed and they had to replace all the decks in the entire neighborhood. The location and price of these apartments can't be hard to beat. Review from Google
May 2018: DO NOT RENT FROM DIAMOND FEDERATION! had the worst experience of my life here. Landlord and HOA have treated me with no respect and they are so rude. Any time my female roommate calls or texts or emails they take hours and days to respond but when me (a guy) texts my landlord he responds right away. This HOA and landlord are sexist and discriminatory. DIAMOND FEDERATION is my landlord company and his behavior and stinginess are second to NONE. He tore up my stairs carpet because his previous workers spilt paint all over my carpet when they were trying to repaint the place before I moved in! HORRIBLE HORRIBLE PLACE I will prove my troubles with text screenshots if need be. NEVER RENT HERE Review from Google
Nov 2017: Clean, attractive apartments, parking was limited, had trouble finding parking spot Review from Google
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Is there parking at Colville? Yes, there is parking right in front of your door at more

Can I rent just a room at Colville? Yes, Colville has many owners who will rent by the room. If you do have a group of 2 or 3 which are interested in living together, it may be possible to negotiate a more

Jul 2014: Good place to live if you want your own place, and are focused on school. Pretty quite area given the high number of students here. Short walk to class. Found a good landlord who comes to fix things as soon as I call. Can only beat the price in sketchy places.

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