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Feb 2019: Where do I begin. Walls are thin as hell. Can hear EVERYTHING above you. I know everything the people above me are doing and can pretty much hear most conversations and noises. And the stomping of feet consistently is horrible. If you live by the basketball courts you’ll never have “peace and quiet” and if people are out there late at night and you say something they are disrespectful. The parking situation is a joke depending on what apartment you are assigned too. Dogs are supposed to be prohibited, but of course my upstairs neighbors have one and it loves to bark when they aren’t home. It’s been a common occurrence during the weekends for people to just scream their lungs off for no reason at 2-3 am and security doesn’t do anything. If you need to get out of your lease, you can’t. No apartment have I ever lived in before has b Review from Google
Jan 2019: I love the staff, they are very nice and friendly. We had an incident this year and they were very helpful in getting it all cleared up. Besides the semi-messy hallways and parking garage, parking is a breeze and the place is beautiful. Edit: Negative: The management can be pretty unresponsive when there is issue though. Also, other peoples comments about the security team being kind of useless is accurate? They just let whoever in, and they don't have a right to stop them really with the parking policy how it is. My roommate doesn't have to pay the same fees as I do for parking which is disappointing. Like new residents are worth more then people who have been here longer. Last negative... THE FIRE ALARMS. It scares me to know that Blvd 98 doesn't take this seriously. It's at the point now where no one leaves the building because the alarm Review from Google
Jan 2019: I love this place, the good things about this apt are really good, but the bad are really bad. If they fixed the bad, people would probably be willing to pay 20-50% more to live here. The good: The staff, the security team, the cameras, (all of) the amenities, the furniture, and the internet. The bad: Broken gates, fans in the halls blowing in the WINTER, thin walls, fire alarms, and the new parking policy. Main issue: The new parking policy This new parking policy is really inconvenient. It is ridiculous and it values guests over residents. If I pay to live here and I pay for parking, I should be able to park where ever I want on the property besides "Future resident" and "Handicap" spaces. The people living on the first floor shouldn't have to park further away from the their apartments for the sake of guests. It should be the other way arou Review from Google
Jan 2019: This is the worst place possible in the university area to choose. If you do not believe me, just read other’s reviews and listen to all of the points I am making. I have had nothing but unpleasant experiences with all members of the staff, minus the two friendly females who have glasses whoms names I am unsure of. No one there genuinely cares about helping you when you have any type of issue, or even acts as if they care. My problems begin with the little things, such as fire alarms constantly going off. Fans are on in all halls, even when the weather is 30 degrees, even if you request for them off, they will turn them back on. My floor has had its door broken to get into from the parking garage due to all of the problems the keypad causes. I had to get my key “reprogrammed” 4 times in one week, just for them to finally give me a new ke Review from Google
Jan 2019: Dec 2018: Avoid this place at any cost. If you have issues you will never be able to contact anyone beside the frontdesk folks and they will always refer to contact the manager, who is never reachable. Rent goes up almost every other month.
Dec 2018: It's a nice place to live as a student. Rent is affordable considering all utilities are included with the exception of electric. Staff is nice and it's close to the university. The only downside is that sometimes the fire alarm goes off throughout the whole building randomly. Review from Google
Dec 2018: Wish I could give this place 0 stars. For starters, When I went to tour the complex i actually liked it (despite the filthy looking hallways and loud noise). I was really going to give them a shot. However I found a unit in another complex for cheaper and advised the leasing office at blvd 98 that I would no longer was interested in moving in with them. Here is where it gets complicated yet scammish. At the end of my application for the apartment, there was a lease. After signing everything it prompted me that if my application was approved that someone would be in contact. (So pretty much you're signing up to pay for an apartment that you may not even live in. I called the leasing office a day later and told them I was no longer interested because I found another place and told them to throw my application out. The staff was very rude and to Review from Google
Dec 2018: let me just say I rather be homeless than live here. my first unit (only lived there for a month) had mold so after weeks of talking to them they finally found me another unit. once I got the new unit I had to pay a 100 dollar security deposit AGAIN for electricity set up and then a 40 dollar fine from blvd cause apprently I didn’t set it up in time! month two of me living in this new unit and i’m literally getting charged with electric from my old unit and my new unit. my rent is literally 804 plus my duke energy bill of 140. and keep in mind this is for a four bedroom unit. avoid this place at all costs. I even knew one of the guys working at the leasing center and he hated it so much he quit his job and moved away. also notice that in all the reviews, if you put in a good review there’s a response from blvd thanking you. but if you p Review from Google
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Nov 2018: Will try to get you to sign lease without guaranteeing a place to live. Was approved for application and sent a lease but the fine print at the top of the lease says sign this, owe us the amount for the whole lease term, and then we’ll run your credit and background. if that comes out bad for any reason they feel, you can’t live here but you still owe us $6,000. Janky bad business, avoid like the plague, if you’re going in without mommy and daddy. Review from Google
Nov 2018: Had employees steal items from my apartment. The trash piles up to 6ft tall in the trash chute area. Tenants dogs poop/pee in hallways and other areas and nobody picks it up. Maintenance shuts work completing them. I pay for parking but the complex lets anybody park there. Someone was shot in the apartment across from mine and management has hid the details. This place is a dump
Oct 2018: It's a nice place to live as a student. Rent is affordable considering all utilities are included with the exception of electric. Staff is nice and it's close to the university. Review from Google
Sep 2018: Blvd 98 accomdates the majority of my living needs whether it deals with our utilities, parking or any other questions we have about the place. This is my second year living here and I enjoy the people in the office very much they try their best to make living here fun by doing events to win things or even provide breakfast and lunch. The facility is all around clean and modern looking. I love the gym and pool area very much. Overall a safe and nice place to live at. Review from Google
Sep 2018: Second year living here. The new management is great and does a good job of trying to offer activities, fun, and food to residents that other complexes do not. I live in a two story townhome and the inside is very nice- nicer than complexes around us. However, hallways and hallways floors are very dirty. Gym could be improved, and pool should be 24 hours, to create a hang out spot for later hours at night. Review from Google
Sep 2018: Staff in front office is great, always offering events and food to help students and make it a fun living environment. Hallways could be cleaner along with improving the gym area. The pool should be 24/7, adding lights for people who light to hang out outside during later hours. Review from Google
Aug 2018: I lived here for one year and it was not what I was expecting. You have to pay to park at your own apartment, then the complex itself is disgusting. There is food stains and trash everywhere. Management said the “provided new trash cans” for the residents in the garage for better trash disposal, but that does nothing if you only pick up trash one day a week. People would have to try and balance their trash on top of the massive trash piles around the overflowing trashcans. Also the crime is unreal. The fire alarms are always being pulled and there is never a week that the police isn’t called to the complex for something. Break-ins are very frequent at blvd 98. They only show you the bottom lever and part of the second floor when touring (this is the only part of the building they keep clean). I would not stay there even if they paid me. Review from Google
Jul 2018: I want to warn those who are thinking of signing a lease here to please rethink that decision. The tours may seem nice but stop and think why they never show you anything above the 2nd floor or even walk you through the stairwells. The reason why is because of how nasty this complex really is. There is urine, feces, trash, glass, and etc all throughout the halls and staircase. People literally will sit their trash in front of your apartment door and you will get fined for it! The fire alarm has had issues since August and will abrupt at all times of the morning and night for long periods of time (imagine this during finals). I see fire trucks here more than I see trash trucks. Not only will you have to get use to seeing fire trucks, but you will also see the police here 24/7. They are always here because of the drug deals that go on, Review from Google
Jun 2018: It was great at first, and within 3 months I rated it 5 stars with excellent staff. However, the upkeep of the fitness area and other amenities is not good. You will find that most of what you are promised amenity-wise either doesn't work, or needs repair. For only 3 years old, a lot of the equipment in the fitness center is missing bolts or needs service. In my 2 year residence, I filed to get it fixed and never saw anything happen. (I use the gym a lot) Your car will get very dirty from the parking deck because they don't have any cleaning systems in place to handle the dirt. There will be trash in the garage, and the stairwells, along with animal feces in the hallways. It's not a once in a while thing. It's all the time. It's slightly embarrassing to invite people over having them ask...."is it always this way?" I used to love this place. Review from Google
Jun 2018: Well my year is slowly coming to a end here at Blvd 98 so here's my review. Blvd 98 has it's pros and cons the pros outweigh the cons though. For the amount of money you pay it's a sweet deal with everything that comes with the apartment...the staff is well mannered and respectful. I love Bethany omg she's a good send when i tell you that lady tries her hardest to keep you in your apartment i know first she'll work with you u until she can't help and it's out of her hands...all in all my years here at Blvd 98 has been one to remember I'm truly going miss the staff there they know me by name personally lol i give this place two thumbs up Review from Google
Jun 2018: When i viewed this apartment before signing my lease the tours were amazing, but they are selling a complete dream that is not true. The customer service when you call the leasing office is terrible no one knows anything and continues to say 'ah ah' like they do not understand what you are asking. The leasing office are there to HELP and they HELP with nothing. Maintenance guy is RUDE, he completes bust into your room puts all his equipment on your bed just throws his dirty equipment on your bed and if you ask me that is very disrespectful certain people like their room a certain way and you can do just throw your dirty equipment on people's things at least put it outside the bedroom on the floor or on a counter top BUT NOT SOMEONE'S bed. And once maintenance came into my room to fix my issue he accused me of breaking my own door lock like who Review from Google
May 2018: Do not rent here! This place is gross. The pool is usually too dirty for swimming and the grills are rarely stocked with propane. The hallways are nasty and they were too lazy to change trash cans in the parking decks, so they just removed them. The garage doors are often broken and stay broken for months at a time. Fire alarms go off at all hours and the internet is spotty. The management doens't care about it's residents and rather than spending the money to upkeep amenities, they restrict residents use of them. There are way more affordable student housing options in the area with much nicer amenities and staff. Review from Google
Apr 2018: Aside from the super-thin walls (they need to invest in soundproofing) this place is solid. I would pay extra to live here too of course if the walls were better soundproofed Review from Google
Mar 2018: I've been living at Boulevard 98 for nearly 7 months now, and have experienced many situations that I used to rate this business at 3 stars. Staff (5 stars): Boulevard 98 has a staff that works diligently to follow community guidelines and procedures which complicates special circumstances while keeping most things fair. Reaching out to the community is something I find they do very well. Emails about weather, parking enforcement, and other community happenings show that they aim to keep tenants aware at all times. A few staff members in particular that work very hard, include Cooper and Austin. These are your go-to contacts when you have any questions or concerns. I have experienced a few things while living at Boulevard 98 that required immediate action all of which Austin responded to promptly. For all of his work after-hours and correspo Review from Google
Mar 2018: I will say this the staff is pretty good I mean 100% good the are probably what makes this place amazing. But they could work on some things but legit don’t let the comments scare you because it’s not as bad as people make it seem. Review from Google
Feb 2018: The fact that they say this place is "LIKE A FIVE STAR APARTMENT." Well everyone im here to tell you that this place is lying and fake. They have cheap appliances that break almost every other month. The parking deck trash is always full and no one of the staff cleans it up. They clean that up once in a blue moon. The entry ways into the apartment building from the deck smells horrendous and is always sometimes filled with trash that people leave. The security doesn't do their job, all they do is just walk around and mind their business and don't pay attention to anything. I was gonna live here at this place but after hearing about all the stuff that goes on from former tenants to current ones. I will take my money else where. The front office staff was very rude and stand offish. All the maintenance people like to act like they're in charge Review from Google
Feb 2018: I really think this place is worthy of a 5 star review. This place is great. The front staff is kind and courteous. We have so many awesome amenities. This apartment complex is high quality. Unfortunately, I have 1 major problem. Excessive noise coming from my neighbor above me. I have lost too many hours of sleep because of this issue. Again this is a high end apartment complex, so I do expect management to resolve the issue. However, it has been months of all kinds of boisterous noise since I first reported it. I'm communicating with management right now. I really hope management does take this matter seriously. Review from Google

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