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Jun 2017: Loved living here, management is great and care about your living experience. I enjoyed all the events they had and loved how the rooms were super nice and clean! I would definitely recommend living here! Review from 6/10/17 on Google
Jun 2017: Exceptional staff. Their office team always goes out of their way to help in any way they can. It's nice to walk into a business and be greeted by a friendly team, no matter the time of day. The amenities are super nice, and I absolutely love how easy it is to get from the apartment to anywhere in the building. It saves a lot of time walking in the rain when everything is conveniently located. Review from 6/8/17 on Google
Jun 2017: The only areas kept clean are around the office and public amenities. Hallways and stairwells are disgusting. Very poor management. Review from 6/5/17 on Google
Jun 2017: As a Mother of a rising sophomore, I am very impressed with the Blvd 98 housing. Not only is it one of the nicest off campus Student housing complexes but it is within walking distance to campus. Plus they offer a shuttle service every 15 min to and from campus. Each student has their own bedroom with a full size bed, a full bath and large closet. All Furnitire is provided. Since the complex is only a few years old, the interior features and the furnishings are modern with beautiful kitchen cabinets, granite coonter tops and nice flooring. The amenities are amazing, Beautiful pool, outdoor grill and entertainment areas, clubhouse and fitness center. Review from 6/5/17 on Google
Jun 2017: The most annoying place to live. Fire alarm goes off when ever even at 3am. It's going on right now as we speak. Management is confused and doesn't really understand good property management. The garage stays broken and the pool is never clean. They also charge overages like crazy on electricity. Live elsewhere even if it's free rent. not worth it. Review from 6/2/17 on Google
May 2017: This place ripped me and my roommate off right from the start. They told us that our lease would be $100 cheaper than what it actually was. The rooms and amenities are nice but the issues overshadow them. The staff is rude and maintenance is also extremely awful and slow. My roommate and I have placed countless work orders for the broken lock on our door since the beginning of the semester, as it is never correctly fixed. When there was an emergency maintenance issue and we called the "on call" worker, he belittled us and told us to contact them the next morning. We will not be leasing here again. Review from 5/14/17 on Google
Mar 2017: I love the place. A lot of people complain about the hallways but I think they're awesome. I can ride my bike through the halls and not get wet when it rains. Yea it could be cleaner but it's not unbearable. The apartment and amenities are great as well. Review from 3/20/17 on Google
Jan 2017: I am a father of a resident of U House. Most of what I read here is validated by our experience. The conservice bills have continued to climb, from zero during the first year to 15 to 25 dollars monthly since June 2016. Coincidentally that is when BLVD98 took over the complex.
Dec 2016: After living here for two leasing periods (included with a host of problems), I think it is safe to say there are better (economically more feasible and higher quality) housing options for UNC Charlotte students (undergraduate or graduate) within a 5 mile radius. The complex has increased its rent rates by $35 but it has not increased the quality of living over the last two leasing periods. And garage parking is NOT an "optional upgrade", it is the only parking option for residents with a car. Therefore, if you are looking to sign a lease here, I suggest you take your rate $/mth and add $20/mth (for parking) in your budget. Review from 12/19/16 on Google
Nov 2016: This place is awesome. Everyone is extremely nice and helpful. The apartments are definitely the nicest and newest in the area, hands down. I never thought I would find an apartment complex with granite counters and a tv. Overall, I've enjoyed living here and suggest it to anyone looking in the UNCC area. Review from 11/9/16 on Google
Nov 2016: I have enjoyed living in Blvd 98. The walk to the UNC-Charlotte campus is really convenient and easy and the complex amenities are nice. Also, the staff members in the office are always really personable and happy to help! Review from 11/3/16 on Google
Nov 2016: Horrible management ruins a nice building. If you just look where they take you during a tour, the place will look great. However, the hallways are usually nasty or even dangerous with broken glass. And the bad part is they stay that way for weeks before anyone bothers to clean them. The pool was left uncleaned, with algae growing in it, for about the entire month of August 2016. Trash was allowed to pile up in the trash rooms until it filled the room and was spilling out the door. The stench of trash filled the halls and the flies and gnats were swarming for weeks. Mail is frequently put in the wrong box so you can't trust getting anything important in the mail. This is not the postal services' fault, the apartment handles placing it in your box. The computer lab and printing never works. There has to be better places to live than this.
Oct 2016: I love the place. A lot of people complain about the hallways but I think they're awesome. I can ride my bike through the halls and not get wet when it rains. Yea it could be cleaner but it's not unbearable. The apartment and amenities are great as well.
May 2016: TRASH. I loved my apartment and would love to stay if they took the rent down by about $100. I stay in the 4bdr 2 floor layout and my rent starts at 635 plus parking and then overages that are ridiculous, the caps are way too low. i end up paying close to 700 a month. so not worth it. It always smells like pee and it takes forever to get anything fixed. if you have money to blow live here because the apartments themselves are nice as well as the club house and pool. Review from 5/14/16 on Google
Apr 2016: Premier student living at the University of North Carolina in Charlotte. The staff is great, the maintenance people respond to work orders promptly, and the new security measures to ensure only residents and visitors are coming into the complex makes me feel safe. The only problems I have is with the residents not keeping the hallways clean and that there are still no cameras in the corridors. No matter how much security you have, they can't be everywhere 24/7. A camera system is needed for the residents or guests that: trash the hallways, let their animals urinate and defecate in the hallways, damage property, or throw giant parties that spill into the hallways. Review from 4/10/16 on Google
Dec 2015: This is a dangerous place and rent with extreme caution. Management is a joke and completely non responsive. Crime, theft, domestic violence are daily occurrences and tenants are breaking their leases and moving out. Upgraded security is just a bunch of mall cops and they are requiring wristbands and limiting visitors. There is dog excrement inside inthe hallways and common areas. Doors that should require a key fob to open are propped open and anyone has access to the inside. The parking garage is not well lit and there have been robberies and muggings.
Nov 2015: All of the other complaints are valid and not exaggerated. But I do like the new people in the office; they are trying their best to fix this place. The main problem is the residents and their guests. They have absolutely no respect for the property. And it was a HUGE mistake to allow the residents to have pets because they don't take care of them and they allow them to use the bathroom in he hallways. But maintenance has gotten 100x better and the place still looks great. Review from 11/15/2015 on Google
Nov 2015: Originally I signed my lease here because the facilities looked really awesome. From July to now, the place has completely gone to hell. All of the other reviews are accurate. Residents here have no respect for the building or anyone else. Let's just say that I'm no longer living there. I don't feel safe in my own apartment. You'll see why. This story I'm about to share is 100% true. So my roommate lost his keys on the Wednesday before Halloween. He searched high & low to no avail. By Friday, his car was missing from the parking garage. That's right, he got his car JACKED! But wait... it gets better. On Saturday, our apartment got broken into (I'm assuming they just walked in with the lost keys). My roommate was home & they immediately flaunted GUNS & pushed him into the closet with a shirt over his head. Review from 11/10/15 on Google
Oct 2015: I am really wanting to move out of University House in Charlotte on University Blvd. It is not a safe place to stay at all. For this place to be so nice my experience living here has been terrible. There have been robberies here, break-ins and many fights here. People have also gotten mugged inside the parking deck. People also let their dogs poop in the hallways to where I almost stepped in before. I feel so uneasy walking through the hallways and I'm scared something is eventually going to end up happening to me living here. I also witnessed that there was a lot of blood in the elevator, which looked like someone was either beat up really bad or murdered. My roommate also witnessed someone stealing the furniture out of an apartment on the fifth floor. Review from 10/2/2015 on Google

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