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Feb 2018: Aspen is great! I like all the free stuff they give to residents and the people in the office are cool. If I wasn't graduating, I would definitely renew! Review from Google
Jan 2018: Aspen Charlotte is a wonderful place for students to live! My daughter is a current resident and my son will be living here next year and they have both had nothing but a positive experience. The apartments are beautiful and I love the outdoor common areas! There is an array of amenities including a fitness center, pool, study area, dog park, basketball court, volleyball, etc. Aspen has it all! The office staff are very friendly and the residents have a great sense of community. I would recommend Aspen Charlotte to any parent for their child! Review from Google
Jan 2018: Aspen advertises itself as a gated community when the gates go months on end broke. You complain to the office to get them fixed and they say that they will but they’ll just get broke again. They also say there is a security guard on duty but, he is very rarely seen. I have lived at aspen for 2 years but I really do want to “rethink student living” and go somewhere else. The apartments were nice when I signed but at this point, they are average at best. And the crime rate is ridiculous. A girl was robbed at gun point, mopeds have been stolen, and 12 vehicles were broke into in one night. The list goes on but I think I made my point. Review from Google
Jan 2018: I want to give this negative stars if I could! Yes aspen is a nice place to live but the gates never worked so parking was hard, the gym equipment never worked either. Also when you move out they will charge you for EVERY LITTLE THING, every scratch and watermark on the walls and it could be anywhere from $300-$600!! If you move out after you graduate don’t forget to check your school email for those charges or they will send you one notice after to the same email and then send you to collections, cause apparently Aspen knows no other form of communication like letters or phone call especially when they don’t get a response cause everyone disputes them cause the charges are absolutely insane. They basically charge the max they can to see who will pay it and then when you dispute which won’t be easy in any way, they will charge what it re Review from Google
Jan 2018: Aspen is a great place to live. The staff is great and understanding. The apartments are all modern with updated features. I love all the little perks they have throughout the year to reward us for living here. Review from Google
Jan 2018: Current Resident, The apartments are great and they are always doing giveaways and treats for the residents, They're maintenance is timely and they respond to emails and needs quickly. would recommend Review from Google
Nov 2017: I love aspen! Never had any problems and will continue to live here year after year. Friendly employees and very accommodating maintenance and office staff
Nov 2017: Aspen is so pretty and nice but impossible to work with. The lease/application process is impossible and because its so popular they use the process to weed people out. I was told by a manager that mine and my roommates apartment was finalized EVEN THOUGH ASPEN SCREWED UP OUR APPLICATION and then spoke to the same manger a few days later and was told the apartment was pulled out from under us. This place is ran by those who live on greed and care nothing about their residents. I am beyond upset and can't wait to find an apartment with staff who know what the heck they are doing. Review from Google
Sep 2017: Aspen has the friendliest staff for student housing in the University area! They always have a positive attitude and they enjoy serving their residents. They also strive to constantly host free events and give out free things to keep their residents involved and enthusiastic about living there. Not only is Aspen beautiful on the inside, but it sits on a beautiful landscape as well. The grounds are litter-free and the grass is cut with precision and care. In addition, residents receive a high-quality living experience with Valet Living services. A team of people go door- to-door collecting trash so residents never have to make a trip to the garbage area. The complex offers fully-furnished units as well with modern, comfortable furniture. The queen-size beds are the best! Overall, Aspen is the complete package. Review from Google
Aug 2017: Stay away from this place! They charge an extra $35 per person on the last months rent for carpet cleaning and then hit you with hundreds of dollars of charges for painting and carpet cleaning when you move out. As said before, they never fixed the basketball goals. When we questioned the charges, we were told to email the manager and that we would not get a response for at least 10 days because they are busy with move in! What kind of customer service is that?
Jun 2017: By far the worst staff I have been in contact with! The managers at Aspen Heights in Charlotte are completely unwilling to work with you and accommodate you based on your needs. They do not care about giving you 100% customer satisfaction because all they want is your money. I am unfortunately in a lease right now with Aspen that is very problematic because they are unwilling to compromise and accommodate my friend and I. It's ironic because a leasing center is supposed provide a pleasant, comfortable, and happy living situation for their customers. Review from 6/8/17 on Google
May 2017: Staying at Aspen was one of the worst decisions that I ever made! The staff does not care about you or your living situation. I resigned my lease and they then told me that I hadn't. So in order to resign they increased my rent to $600! I wouldn't mind paying it, but it is not worth it. Utilities are no longer included and trash cost as well. Parking is awful and it's really not a gated community because they are always broken. The pool is closed the entire year, and the basketball court is always ruined. They just want your money. Review from 5/17/17 on Google
Apr 2017: I love Aspen Heights. I've been living here for 2 years and have never had any dissatisfaction. All the employees are nice and all the other residents are friendly. I hope Aspen stays one of the better apartment complexes at UNC Charlotte even after I'm gone. Review from 4/12/17 on Google
Mar 2017: I have lived here the past 2 years and I have no complaints. The office staff is amazing and the on site maintenance staff is awesome. I have lived at the Edge in the past and that place was like a prison compared to Aspen. This has truly been the best decision of my life. Review from 3/21/17 on Google
Feb 2017: I recently toured Aspen and was very pleased with the apartment complex. The grounds are kept very clean and they have a nice up-to-date workout room. Overall the facilities and the clubhouse were amazing. The best part of my experience was the staff. They were able to answer all of my questions and were very friendly. I would recommend Aspen to anyone in the UNC Charlotte area looking for a nice, affordable apartment. Review from 2/24/17 on Google
Jan 2017: Aspen continues to amaze me how they take advantage of college students and their parents. The latest is a $6 charge for too much trash placed outside of their door. What makes it even more humorous is that the tenants know this and just put it outside another door. Review from 1/2/17 on Google
Nov 2016: I absolutely love living here at Aspen. It's a beautiful complex with great amenities and gorgeous landscaping. My room, kitchen, and living room were clean upon moving in. However, a cabinet in our kitchen was missing a few knobs and has yet to be replaced. Minor hiccup to this overall great living space. My friends and family very much enjoy visiting me as the place is spacious and modern. I have renewed my lease for the next year and can't wait to spend most of my college life here at Aspen! Review from 11/27/16 on Google
Oct 2016: I cannot explain how much I love living here. Aspen is an amazing company and the Charlotte complex is everything a student could wish for in off campus living situation. I've renewed my lease for this upcoming year and I am so grateful I was able to do so. Having a home away from home has been so important to me due to the fact that I am an out of state student. The amenities are awesome-everything from the pool to the movie theatre to the basketball court to the gym! Watching Panthers games in the movie theatre is always such a blast and a great way to meet more people in the Aspen community. The staff is always so helpful and willing to accommodate you to the best of their abilities. Review from 10/7/16 on Google
Mar 2016: Aspen is an amazing place with an awesome set of staff. I would definitely recommend Aspen to anyone wanting to have an great off-campus living experience with a price that is very affordable! Review from 3/15/16 on Google
Mar 2016: I love Aspen. Maintenance is always available. The staff is very friendly at the club house. The gym has a good size, few equipments, but enough if not during rush hours. All furnitures are new, the rent isn't too expensive, and the community is awesome. I love living here, and I already resigned my lease.
Nov 2015: I gave Aspen 2 stars because I think my room is nice, and the buildings look aesthetically pleasing and are well kept. However, I have never had such a difficult time with my place of living... not even when I was in a dorm and that's saying A LOT. Management- there's so much I could address here. They forgot to mention a lot of things when I signed my lease- things like apparently simple bills is for money you've spent over your allotted water and electricity bills, that the gate would more than likely be open a lot letting anyone and everyone enter at their leisure, that management would have no idea what they were talking about and if you talked to different people you'd get different answers on the SAME TOPIC Review from 11/10/2015 on Google
Oct 2015: PARENTS BEWARE my senior daughter and roommates have been placed with a single mother who does illegal drugs in the apartment. The baby is not supposed to be living in the apartment but is there most weekends. The management has told us that since the child is a dependent she is not supposed to be at the apartment and that it would violate the lease conditions. We are now being forced to pay the difference in this girls rent to the tune of &1000.00 to get her to move out into a 2 bedroom apartment. We were never told of the child until we had moved our daughter in. Management is great at telling you all the right things yet doing nothing. 3 girls have been staying at friends apartments while we pay rent and the single mom is happily enjoying throwing parties at her 4 bedroom apartment that only she lives in. Review from 10/22/2015 on Google
Sep 2015: I've been trying to back out my Fall lease since March. However, have not received any help from Aspen whatsoever in return. I tried finding other to take over lease but have been unsuccessful. When I signed the lease, the leasing officer stated "you can back out of your lease without penalty if you have an extreme emergency." I had an emergency and explained as to why I had to back out. I have been battling with Aspen for months to back out of the lease but never receive a response from management. Apparently they have a been in a meeting or are on a lunch break every hour of the day. This place sucks. Definitely try leasing elsewhere because management doesn't help even when they have a waiting list for their apartments. Review from 9/10/2015 on Google
Apr 2015: There is a parking scam at Aspen Heights! They have a contract with a towing company, Skyline Towing and Parking Service, that trolls around and tows cars that are stickered to park there. My son was towed because one tire was across the white line (barely) and it cost him $140. This was done at 1:30am. If you have a sticker, you should be able to park in a space without fear of being towed. His tire across the line did not prevent the next person from parking easily next to him. This is bad business by Aspen Heights. They should protect their residents by towing people without stickers. The management would not help at all with this situation and our only vote is to move him out as soon as possible. Do not live here! You will pay more than your rent.

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