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Feb 2018: I love this place! All rooms are HUGE! I'd live here forever or at least till we buy a house. Review from Google
Jan 2018: It would be nice to get in contact with the office when you need them... They never answer the phone. Review from Google
Jan 2018: Ive lived here for 3-4 years now and the place itself is good but the experience of the leasing office is what got me to leave this review with only 2 stars. First of all, good luck reaching them over the phone. Imo, why even freaking have it if no one is going to pick it up 9/10 times. We also had my sister's car broken into, which i do understand that it is not their fault but as i mentioned, ive been here for 3-4 years and i asked them to see if i can get a garage under a good faith for a few days until the new glass arrives since nobody had that glass in stock because the car was too new but nope i had to pay it. Literally zero fxxks given. The buildings are nice and new but the sound insulation is terrible. Imo, the college student apartment called 901 place has better sound insulation.. Review from Google
Jan 2018: My husband and I have lived here for 2 years we truly like the service that has been provided I would like to take the time to personally thank Tammy that works in the office for her outstanding service I am deaf and she always always take the time to make sure I clearly understand may it be her having to write down at times what she saying she does that Tammy has been a breath of fresh air and I thank you for having such a wonderful asset in your company so to Tammy I salute you she is a person that has shown love and great concerns about whatever needs we've had I do like the area it being very clean well-kept quiet maintenance always always on point with taking care of your request I don't have a complaint I would like to address perhaps the need of the better care taking of the computer area on several occasions there's no paper for the pr Review from Google
Jan 2018: It's a nice, quiet and spacious apartment. The staff here are friendly. Having valet trash is a good thing when compared to other apartments in the same area. Interior is good with more lighting, separate shower and tub in the bathroom, bigger living room and a sun room. Overall, it's a nice place to live. Review from Google
Nov 2017: The trash valet service need to replace. No customer service and rude. I will recommend the office to take care of those guys. one of those guy have the odacity to talk to me in rude manner. I am really tired of this place forever. Review from Google
Apr 2017: My only problem is that they never answer the phone. Overall a good place to live. Review from 4/12/17 on Google
Dec 2016: So far I felt comfortable living here, very nice community They help me to fix any of the maintenance issues as soon as they can. Management is ready to listen your concerns and help you with your needs related to community and apartment issues. Review from 12/19/16 on Apartment Ratings
Dec 2016: I am very pleased with my tenancy here at Ashley Lake. The community is well kept and, to my surprise, the noise level, which is usually a given in most communities, is relatively low. I have often wished this was an apartment that could be purchased:-) Review from 12/12/16 on Apartment Ratings
Oct 2016: I am very happy living here. Only thing that would be nice is to have a play area for kids. Other than that it is an awesome place to live. It has good surroundings, safe and sound. The management is very helpful and very supportive. We have enormous parking lots. Review from 10/26/16 on Apartment Ratings
Jan 2016: Overall, Im pretty disappointed with the lack of care for the high price of renting in these apartments. Yeah sure grounds and the office look nice and the apartments are sizable. But it seems like so many things are missing and I have been consistently disappointed. My main concern is with their "fitness center" or "gym." This is probably the poorest excuse for a "gym" that I have ever seen in an apartment complex. First of all FIX ONE OF YOUR THREE BROKEN TREADMILLS!!! Yes, one of them "turns on" but it wont move... And as for the other equipment... most of that stuff is broken or missing. Review from 1/15/16 on Apartment Ratings
Nov 2015: HORRIBLE - my fiance and I lived here for just under a year. At first, we thought that the grounds looked very nice. The shrubs were trimmed, the parking lots clean, etc. but we were not expected for the horrible service that the management brought to the table. It started on the first day we were there, our neighbor below us BLASTED music the entire time we lived in our apartment. All 11 months. We wrote tons of emails to the office, had to call the police multiple times, and also had to personally confront our neighbor when management refused to do anything about it. 4 nights out of the week, our floors would vibrate, our walls would vibrate and we could barely go to sleep before getting up for work the next morning. Review from 11/15/2015 on Apartment Ratings
Sep 2015: I lived in Brighton Colony from November 2014 to August 2015. The apartments themselves are beautiful. The grounds are well kept for the most part, the only issues are people not cleaning up after their dogs. Maintenance often came out but did not actually fix the problem. It took 4 visits to fix the dishwasher, one time it was clear based on the description of what they said was performed, nothing was in fact done. My main issue with the low rating is I was charged an extra month of rent. It is close to a month and a half later, I have not been refunded, and the office will not return phone calls. My roommate who took over my lease is facing charges because they said the energy had a stop in service. Review from 9/14/2015 on Apartment Ratings
Apr 2015: I really don't have any complaints overall I like my apartment plenty of space more closets than I expected love my sunroom. Have no problems with noise or my neighbors . Kept very clean don't mind living here. Like the fact close everything stores restaurants and highway 85, also 485 . Really nice place to move . Have no problem with staff or maintenance they get the job done and a very timely matter. So newcomers take a look at Brigton Colony and welcome to family. Review from 4/01/15 on Apartment Ratings
Mar 2015: Had a horrible experience with xxxxx. She had exhibited such a horrific attitude when we went to lease an apartment. No clear communication and gets defensive when questioned. She initially mentioned the rent to be something and when we checked online the rent was different and when asked she gave in coherent answers and displayed bad attitude. These kind of people will definitely impact the image of the leasing community. Review from 3/1/15 on Google
Nov 2014: This is a GREAT place to live! The maintenance team and office staff are wonderful and I love my apartment! Review from 11/24/14 on Google
Feb 2014: I've been a resident at Landmark Brighton Colony for a year. I really enjoy all of the amenities the community offers. In addition to having a great staff, it's conveniently located near two malls, all major highways and restaurants. The property is well maintained and clean. The buildings could've been built with more insulation to minimize the noises in the apartments and hallways but overall it's a great place to live. Review from 2/5/2014 on Apartment Ratings
Jan 2014: It's an okay apartment, especially for the university area. For demographic and perspective purposes, I am a late 20s male who lived there with my girlfriend/fiance/wife. Likes: Usually enough parking close by, Tucked away but still close to most things, greenway access (if you can find it), 24 hour business center and 24 hr fitness room, fairly nice on the inside and larger than most in the area (our 1 bedroom was about 1000 sq ft), mostly felt pretty safe with a few exceptions (usually related to people's guests rather than actual tenants), pet-friendly. Review from 1/31/2014 on Apartment Ratings
Jan 2014: I have lived at Landmark At Brighton Colony for a little over three years. I LOVE THIS PLACE! For the past three years so much have happened with Ashley Courts and Landmark. When it was Ashley Courts the management was amazing, very nice, always knew me and my roommate although my roommate barely even stayed there. When Landmark took over in the start there was one "lady" who was always rude, stuck up, seem to always want to find the wrong in my conservations with her and remind me on whats not allowed. That was okay through, she just seemed power hungry. Review from 1/6/2014 on Apartment Ratings

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