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Ashford Green

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Jun 2018: PART 1: My cousin and I lived in Ashford Green for a year and a half. We recently moved out. I will start from the very beginning. The scenery and relative proximity to the University attracted us to the apartment complex. The management seemed friendly and we soon signed our lease agreement. Fast forward to our move-in date: Upon arriving to our apartment, we immediately noticed that the space was NOT thoroughly cleaned. The floors were left dirty, the bathrooms most definitely could have used more cleaning, the balcony was not swept, and there were cobwebs. It was just stuffy, dusty, and we cleaned it ourselves (Note: we would have cleaned it regardless, however, it was disappointing to walk into a "luxury" apartment that was notably not cleaned well. Did we complain to the management? No we did not, for the simple reason that we did not wa Review from Google
May 2018: The property has a nice scenic view, a good and safe place to reside in. Apartment is internally not that old, maintained well, sometimes wear and tear issues are fixed by the maintenance team. There are quite a few things they don't fix which you might need to take care of yourself. So make sure that you check everything when you take up an apartment and log it in the move in sheet. The best is about Ashford green apartments now is the property manager Ms. Rhonda Royce. I have been there in this apartment for around 18 months, came across a few managements and she is the best of them. She does not only see what is the beneficial for them from their view, but she does hear you out completely. Go through each and everything patiently, explain you things, and also consider your point of view and if the facts go right. She will help you in fixin Review from Google
May 2018: I came in on a Tuesday to tour an apartment I was interested in. The management staff had my approval back within the hour. Whenever I contacted them with questions the days following, they responded fast with the information I needed. Danesa Ward remembered my name and was quick to acknowledge me each time I came in. Overall, everyone was helpful and friendly and I am looking forward to living at Ashford Green. Review from Google
May 2018: It’s livable i guess, and somewhat cheap. Had a bug issue from the beginning that has had varying intensities. Kinda annoying. Ac has also had a few issues, lasting a couple weeks. Did not compensate us for the rent, even though we went two weeks without functioning ac. You would think when a basic necessity is taken away, management would compensate for your misery. Apparently not. Review from Google
Apr 2018: It’s livable, and somewhat cheap. Had a bug issue from the beginning that has had varying intensities. Kinda annoying. Ac has also had a few issues, lasting a couple weeks. Review from Google
Apr 2018: Definitely the worst apartment complex I’ve ever lived in... huge problem with insects when we moved in and took months to get rid of the cockroaches, there was a homicide behind my building so not the safest place, management is very poor and when we requested to get our AC fixed on Thursday we were told it would be handled before the end of the day. We again requested them to fix our AC Friday morning this time we were promised over and over it would be handled by 1 when it was not my roomate tried to go back into the office at 1:30 and no one was in the office, when I got home from work the office was closed... I left a message on the “emergency” service line and it is currently Sunday afternoon.... still 85 degrees in my apartment and I’m going to have to sleep on my buddy’s couch again because I can’t sleep in my own apartment Review from Google
Apr 2018: This place is horrible, the management is rude. Do not recommend this apartment complex to nobody. I have been here 4 years the old management was great, these new people are just horrible. I have never been late on my rent, now that's it's time to renew my lease, they up my rent each year. This time I decided to move once I turned in my notice I would be moving they said my rent can stay the same . I am moving anyways. All they care about is themselves. Review from Google
Mar 2018: Opposite to UNC charlotte and is by the light rail and N. Tryon Street which connects uptown Charlotte. Has amenities like swimming pool and gym which are small. There are lot of shopping and dining options nearby. Maintenance staff is good. It also has a pond and golf ground next to it. It is affordable for students as long as they don't fine you. Some apartments here have roach problem and pest control charges are too high(bed bug treatment - $450) and is ineffective. Has 2 bedroom and 3 bedroom apartments but 3 bedroom apartments have only two bathrooms.Their rent breakdowns are uncertain in the website. They charge extra for online rent payments. Office staff are changed very frequently. They don't pickup trash on Fridays and Saturdays and charge 35 bucks for trash removal every month. There was a murder inside community and there is no co Review from Google
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Mar 2018: They only care about you until you sign the papers. I was told there were gonna be renovations for a hard wood floor only for them to tell me that no renovations would be done after i signed. However they did renovate the carpet with new carpet ON THE DAY THAT I PICKED UP MY KEYS. I GOT A CALL 10 mins before i was goinng to get the keys so i couldnt even move in my stuff mind you i have someone coming from an hour to drop something off. AND NOT TO MENTION the key they gave me wasnt even the right one. I came back knocking on their office to get the right ones shortly after they closed. The manager was there and one of the first thing she tells me is “you do know we are closed though Dont bother asking anything to the people in the office. All they will tell you is that they will get back to you and they never do. I cant wait until my l Review from Google
Mar 2018: I have lived here at Ashford Green Apartments for a number of years. It is conveniently located across the street from UNC-Charlotte as well as the soon to be Light Rail that will be finished in 2017. Shopping and dining are also in walking distance. The office staff have always been kind and courteous whenever I have spoken with them. The only gripe that I do have is that the water/sewage bill is so expensive each month and that rent goes up every year. Review from Google
Jan 2018: If I could submit this review with 0 stars, I would. Out of all the apartments I have ever lived in, this is by far the worst. The management team is only worried about getting as much money out of their residents as possible. My previous roommate and I thought we were finally rid of this place after moving out in October 2017, but know they are sending us bills for fees that say we owe them money for keeping our utilities on after move out date. Despite our efforts to get in touch with anyone associated with the management company, no one will answer our emails which have sufficient evidence that we have documentation that our utilities were discontinued with the respective companies. This apartment complex is purposely ignoring our efforts so that they can continue to charge us for false fees when our due date is passed. With all that in mi Review from Google
Dec 2017: This is my 3rd semester at ashford. I must say this community is full of bed bugs. Do not come here at all. Almost all the apartments have bed bugs. After signing the agreement they take 950-1700$ every 6 months to get the treatment done which is not that effective. The management is not able to handle these problems since long. They just scapegoat the tenants. I paid 450$ , then 950$ and this time I am paying 1700$ for the treatment and trust me, when someone has to pay this much, he is obviously going to keep the apartment clean. Review from Google
Dec 2017: Not the worst place I’ve ever lived. It has been a very quiet neighborhood with no problems-until a couple of weeks ago when there was a murder in the apartment across the parking lot from mine. My neighbors had their apartment shot into and there is still a bullet hole in the window in the apartment above that! Thankfully the shooter didn’t miss his target further or there could have been a bullet right into my bedroom. No one has mentioned anything about what happened and I don’t feel safe sleeping in my own bed. Otherwise beautiful views of the par 3 and sunset! Review from Google
Nov 2017: Overall I would say Ashford has been a great experience so far. The biggest factor in my decision to choose Ashford Green over other complexes was affordability while still meeting all my needs. Being a UNCC student, being close to campus is very important to me. No place is perfect, but I feel Ashford is an ideal place for someone like me. Review from Google
Sep 2017: Staff was nothing short of professional, attentive and helpful. Everyone from management to the leasing agents and the maintenance team! I had a couple minor issues that were addressed promptly and with exceptional customer service. Anytime there is a change of management, in any business, you can expect growing pains. Naturally, people are resistant to change. Unfortunately, I was relocated and unable to experience the full array of positives this team is bringing to Ashford Green. Great location and lovely apartments! Would move back in a heartbeat! Review from Google
Jun 2017: Been living here for 2 years and regret not leaving after the first,, Before I get into the negative the maintenance team is AMAZING!! But me and my roommate transferred apartments due to damages from a water leak in the last one in February and has been nothing but trouble since then . Paperwork was not done properly so we where charged out the ass after moving in, And even though this was not our mistake, we where given 2 choices, pay the extra money, or get filed for eviction. Review from 6/8/17 on Google
May 2017: This was the worst apartment I've ever lived in. Cockroaches, no A/C (starting with 25 or of the 30 days in the first month I lived there), and so many pipes bursting. I came home to a flooded apartment so many times. It is ridiculous that these buildings even pass inspection to allow people to live here. DO NOT MOVE IN TO THIS APARTMENT COMPLEX. Review from 5/30/17 on Google
May 2017: Sales reps are pretty good in luring the customers to sign up for a lease. However there service is really bad. When I was signing out of lease they charged me for damages that I wasnt responsible. The rep actually started shouting on me when asked to provide evidence. Will never recommend anyone to sign a lease here. Review from 5/14/17 on Google
May 2017: The maintenance guy is okay. But the office people are rude. Maybe because I'm an international student when I stay there. One will never get back the right amount of deposits when he/she leave. They will tell you that you have an option to file a lawsuit if they know you do not have this resource. Review from 5/13/17 on Google
Feb 2017: I lived here for 1 year. The apartments get bed bugs even if you keep them clean. The carpet is usually old. The leasing office is usually of no help. They will charge you with $450 for bed bugs. The view from the balcony is very nice specially if you live near the lake. Review from 2/26/17 on Google
Dec 2016: Very comforting and enjoyable. It was my first apartment and new to the city and it was perfect for me. I couldn't imagine living anywhere else. So clean and quiet. Everyone is so friendly. I feel so safe in my little neighborhood. I love it!!! Review from 12/22/16 on Apartment Ratings
Dec 2016: The community is nice and convenient to many areas. The maintenance staff is top notch, the office staff is also very nice. The grounds there is trash everywhere, many places are in violation. It is disappointing as I like the place it just doesn't seem like the grounds are kept up. Looks trashy not classy. Review from 12/6/16 on Apartment Ratings
Nov 2016: I have had a decent experience at this community. However, it seems that sometimes the front office forgets to follow up on requests, and issues. The front office does do a good job of working with residents to correct issues, but it usually takes longer than expected. Review from 11/11/16 on Apartment Ratings
May 2016: This complex is okay, but many things about it make it sub-par. It is definitely not worth the amount of rent I pay or the title "luxury apartments." It did recently change ownership, so maybe things will improve in the future. For starters, the gym is only open during office hours and closes at 5 on some nights. So basically you can only use the gym if you don't have a job or go to class. UPDATE: Unfortunately, things have not improved with the new company owning the complex. We were forced to add a fee for "valet trash collection" which we did not sign as part of our lease. This collection service doesn't even collect recyclables so we still have to walk to the dumpster regardless. Review from 5/6/16 on Google
Apr 2016: Our goal is to provide great customer service, attentiveness to each resident, meanwhile upholding procedures and policies to ensure all residents are treated fair and equally. We would love the opportunity to speak with you in person about this and make your stay better! We welcome direct feedback to always assist us in any applicable improvements going forward. Review from 4/20/16 on Google

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