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Jun 2017: If I could rate this place a zero I would. I have by far had the worst living experience in Arcadia Student Living. I would not recommend this place to my worst enemy. Management, maintenance, and staff are terrible and unprofessional. Please keep your money and your sanity and rent elsewhere ! Review from 6/8/17 on Google
May 2017: Arcadia was a great concept and place but it ran into some troubles with the land sinking and all. They have since corrected the issue and re-enforced the foundation. It's actually a great place once everything works.
Mar 2017: After seeing all of the negatives reviews I feel that it's necessary for me to comment on my experience living in Arcadia. I recently renewed my lease for a third year because there is no place that I would rather live. When I first moved into Arcadia two years ago there were a couple of issues because the complex was still new but those problems were quickly resolved. Anytime I place a work order a maintenance man arrives within a day. The property does change owners A LOT but the office staff does phenomenal job at answering questions and resolving any transitional issues. Review from 3/20/17 on Google
Mar 2017: I've lived in a few apartment complexes before, and this management is just so ridiculous. The new management came in spinning a story about how it would be better now. The apartment building next to mine is where the floors came caving in, so I guess if that's the standard... they kind of are? I've had issues with their "new management" since the day I moved in. Apparently Brittany was receiving a raise so she couldn't help us when it came to moving in. We were supposed to move in on a specific day but Brittany "was in meetings" the day beforehand and sent one of the office assistants (WHO HAVE NO AUTHORITY TO DO ANYTHING) to tell myself and three other roommates that we couldn't move in for another few days. Review from 3/19/17 on Google
Feb 2017: What I have come to conclude is that since students are never a long term resident, management just does not care, here or at any local place. My daughter has been locked out of her apartment for 2 weeks while they try to resolve a mold problem , and they have provided a hotel, but their communication is non existent, I have left 3 messages in the last 3 days, no reply. She was supposed to be out for 1 week, they never even called to tell her it would be extended to two weeks,. just show up at apartment and it is still sealed off. Review from 2/20/17 on Google
Feb 2017: Management has addressed several issues on these bad reviews. Response to maintenance requests has improved as well as the security
Oct 2016: The new security and regulations are ridiculous; holding a line outside the gate all the way to road and allowing undercover cops to come in and arrest unsuspecting kids. Real nice Arcadia. Oh and thanks to your maintenance man coming in and threatening to get us evicted. You should probably tell him that's not his job. I like how you also emailed us about the burning couch that we had nothing to do with and basically said unless we figure out who did it and make them confess we would be fined. You and your management are incompetent. Review from 10/4/16 on Google
May 2016: Where to begin? My first unpleasant experience in Arcadia started when the Maintenance member broke into my apartment and stole from my roommates underwear drawer. Although they fired this employee, I have not felt safe living in Arcadia. Arcadia is also ran by the college students attending UNCC who follow orders from a dysfunctional, and overall terrible staff. Halfway into the lease, every resident was notified that we would now be charged for utilities. This was not established in the lease agreement. Do not call Arcadia office because they do not answer the phone. Do not expect maintenance repairs, whether it be a cracked ceiling or moldy walls. Do not expect proper communication for the staff to the residents. Review from 5/10/16 on Google
May 2016: When I signed my lease I expected to live in Arcadia throughout my whole lease. I guess that was to much to ask for. Me along with everyone living in building 18 (about 90 students) are being forced to move out because our building structure was not properly built. At first they asked us to move out for a week. I was notified 12 hours in advance via phone call. Others may have been notified earlier or later, but it's safe to say we were given 24 hours to get out. The best part was it was during finals week. Could you imagine a better time to be told, "we need you to grab a bag of clothes and move out for a week". About five days into the week my roommates and I all received a call saying we will not be able to move back into our apartment. Keep in mind this is on a Thursday; We have to be moved out by Sunday. Review from 5/7/16 on Google
Apr 2016: I stayed there the entirety of last year (minus the month or so we were forced to stay in a hotel). It honestly is a decent place to stay, but management was terrible. When I was staying there, the gate malfunctioned numerous times. Once me and 4 other cars were trapped inside and had to wait for someone to enter the property, and then had to floor it out the entrance (I sat on my phone with the office waiting for someone to pickup during this, and it just went to voicemail). Twice I have called the "emergency" number after hours, once for a loose pit bull running around the property, another for getting locked out of my room. Neither time was my call answered over the period of hours (and I had to break into my room). No one ever returned my messages on top of that. Review from 4/27/16 on Google
Aug 2015: If you think you were tricked into a lease or signed the agreement without knowing that you signed, please contact me and explain full details I am working with the media and will consider adding your compliant.

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