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Dec 2018: The staff was very helpful (even when I called a million times to confirm the same information lol). Move was a breeze, the property is amazing, i'm surely staying here for a while. Review from Google
Dec 2018: Arcadia really is a beautiful community and a nice place. I really wish that Arcadia had recycling because it would really reduce the amount of trash everyone makes. I also think there is always room for improvement when it comes to management and maintenance. Review from Google
Nov 2018: This place is not in Google Maps correctly. They built it too fast and had mold problems. They have taken advantage of students in the past and have not displayed trustworthy behavior. Review from Google
Nov 2018: Arcadia is terrible. THEY gave me the wrong key to my door. Locked me out my own room then tried to charge me 45 dollars because of their mistakes. Yeah, no! Review from Google
Nov 2018: On a scale of 1-10 definitely a 4. Maintenance comes in your apt after 1 doorbell ring, and locks your room door because of carelessness and not paying attention to what they’re doing. The rent isn’t divided evenly. No parking available after 5pm (residents) bc visitors have all of the spots. Walls are very thin, can hear everything your neighbors are doing. Oh and good luck having a mailbox key that actually works. Front desk are all young adults and can never really help. Would not recommend this to anyone. not worth all the money. Review from Google
Oct 2018: extremely rude service, the people that work here clearly do not know what they are doing and do not care. Almost nothing works and when you try to get something fixed they don’t fix it and charge you. If I could give 0 stars I could. Review from Google
Sep 2018: I've been living here for about 6 weeks and I have almost no complaints. Before signing my lease I looked around at all the other apartments near UNCC campus and this one was the cheapest and also the best! Free shuttle to campus, free parking, lots of free food and events. Gorgeous pool that is usually empty! I spoke to the staff about the mold and car break ins I read about in these reviews. The entire AC system has been revised and dehumidifiers have been added to every room so mold isn't an issue. The car break ins were because people left laptops on the seat in plain sight and the apartment break ins were because people rigged the doors to not look correctly because they lost their keys. I feel very safe, no mold issues, great people and staff. Glad I chose this place! Review from Google
Sep 2018: Really gorgeous living spaces, but it's a little pricey for most students to afford on their own. Review from Google
Sep 2018: Deserves no stars, literally 0 stars, this place is hardly suitable to live in and should be shut down for false advertisement. Awful experience here, save yourself the stress and time do not rent or lease here you are throwing money away. No one knows how to do their job and received no help from the staff (Amara is a name I remember specifically) or managers (Amber I remember specifically) during leasing process. I had tried to sublease because I no longer lived in Charlotte for health and job reasons and the process was god awful and long. Managers are rude, unhelpful, and ignore calls and emails (Amber). Furniture was not in the apartment on move in day and residents had to do without certain furniture for a week, which is unacceptable. Trash and filthy surroundings constantly a problem in the public areas around the complexes. All of the Review from Google
Aug 2018: I don’t think management, specifically Becky, the property manager, quite understands the unrealistic expectations they put on their residents. I’m interning this summer, working 9-5 everyday. I’m transferring to another apartment on site. They give us 24 hours to transfer, on a Wednesday. I was unable to get that day off work. It’s the last week of my internship and I’m giving presentations throughout the week. I called, spoke with a woman by the name Amara (spelling may be off) who was incredibly rude, stating she didn’t care it was inconvenient and that I was notified 2-3 weeks ago and should’ve gotten the day off. I called again, on a different day and spoke with a manager by the name of Amber, who was incredibly helpful and said she didn’t think it’d be a problem and would ask Becky, the property manager. I visited the o Review from Google
Aug 2018: This company is extremely difficult to communicate with. They never return phone calls or answer questions. The phone seem to always ring to an "offsite" answering service no matter what time of day you contact them. VERY SKEPTICAL of signing any lease with them.
Jun 2018: I came in for a tour 2 weeks ago and fell in love!! I signed my lease today and can not wait to move in! The staff are very friendly and informative and I enjoyed every bit Review from Google
Jun 2018: Honestly was scared by all ge negative comments but so far Arcadia has been really great. There have been car break ins but that will happen anywhere if you leave wallets phones and computers in sight. The issues with mold have also concerned me but throughout the whole year maintenance and their crew constantly checked bathrooms and kitchens to ensure I had no issues and never did. Review from Google
May 2018: Recently I was planning on re-letting for a girl living in Magnolia so I could be close to a friend living here. It sucks that a friend I was planning on moving in with already signed the lease because while the place was beautiful, after reading some of the reviews especially about the one about to have the daughter, I had to change my mind since I have a 2 year old son and I'm not trying to deal with all of that. I wish my friend had read the reviews and talk to people living there first like I did because now she wishes she never signed. Review from Google
Apr 2018: I'd like to start off this review by saying that I currently live here and that I plan to update this review depending on how the remainder of my lease goes. I was not planning to write a review, as I feel that the current reviews give a fairly accurate representation of what living at Arcadia Student Living is like. However, after receiving an email from management today, I feel compelled to share my personal experience. Basically, my roommate and I received an email informing us that we were not allowed to use the vacant bedroom to store our belongings, and that during one of our frequent maintenance visits, the maintenance staff discovered that the vacant bedroom was being used as storage. Now, there is a rule in our lease prohibiting any vacant rooms from being used as storage. The room was in fact being used as storage because a few Review from Google
Apr 2018: This is my second year living in Arcadia (fall 2016- spring 2018) and if it was not for the management, i would be returning. Last year the apartment complex was not so bad if you could overlook the mold spores growing on your clothes, shoes, bed etc. It may sound like I am exaggerating, but i assure you that If you left a t shirt on your bedroom floor overnight, it would be damp in the morning. Upon noticing these issues my roommates and I went to the leasing office where one of the student employees was relatively useless ( not their fault I understand how chain of command works) and not to mention contradicting. The first guy we talked to said "that sucks, email the apt manager". After doing this the manager , who i'm still not even sure 100% exists because they are always "out of the office", busy when you call, and unresponsive when you Review from Google
Mar 2018: DO NOT LIVE HERE. I have only lived here for two years and have had to move apartments SIX TIMES due to black mold, a sinking building, and other issues. Today I came home to 6+ people in my apartment cutting holes in the walls, moving my personal belongings around, and every single one of my shoes thrown on the ground. The management here is awful, specifically Becky, the manager, who is the one that is supposed to be notifying residents when people are coming into their apartment for “inspections” I have had numerous problems with Becky not notifying about things going on WHERE I LIVE. I have gone down to speak to her more times than I can count, and she is never available to fix our problems or even speak to me over the phone. I ask every single time to speak to a manager, and get the same reply every time, “she will call you back” Review from Google
Mar 2018: This is my second year living at Arcadia and I am very disappointed. When I first moved in, I bought blue outdoor furniture for my patio. A few weeks later, they claimed I stole their pool furniture and threatened to evict me based solely on the fact that their pool furniture is the same color as mine. don't believe their rent prices. My roommate and I hardly ever use the central heating/cooling system and we haven't had a monthly rent payment that wasn't $15-$30 over the posted rent price due to "overages". Acadia's slogan is "Your place, Your space" however they don't treat it as such. With almost monthly "inspections" of your entire apartment to "check for damages", your place and space will be invaded by management - as if they couldn't do that when you move out of the unit??? - These and other entries of your personal space will come wit Review from Google
Feb 2018: Terrible terrible experience with these jerkoffs! They tried to say that I signed my lease and that it was a legally binding document when I never signed anything at all! Then the manager got an attitude and tried to cut me off when I was talking. DO NOT RENT FROM ARCADIA!!!! Review from Google
Jan 2018: If I could give below a one star I would!! From the beginning everything has went wrong and has been wrong inside of our apartment- and continues to go wrong. Aside from that, OUR APARTMENT WAS ROBBED and my car was stolen and nothing was done about it. no security measures were taken, the gates were open and the only cameras are the ones at the entrance and one of them is broken. THEN a month later my roommates car along with five others in the complex were broken into. This is just the story of one apartments robberies- imagine if we knew about everyones. I posted this to keep others safe and to strongly recommend that you find a place to live that cares about your safety!! I don't want anyone else to go through what my roommates and I have been through. Review from Google
Jan 2018: The absolute worst 2 years living here. Our apartment has been broken into, cars broken into on MULTIPLE occasions. My roommates car has been stolen here, and management won’t do ANYTHING about it. Management sucks. The apartment sucks. This place sucks. Review from Google
Dec 2017: For Parents: We read the reviews and decided Arcadia couldn't possibly continue having so many problems. Wrong Wrong Wrong. Move in - disaster - assigned a different apartment and floorplan 1 week prior to move in. Apartment was filthy on move in day. constant problems with rent charges. Too many problems to list. Save yourself the hassle and expense - Do NOT move in here. Only given 1 star so I could post. Review from Google
Nov 2017: Mold mold mold MOLDDDDD EVERYWHERE!!! This is not a nice or save place to live. Was told that mold was found in one of the apartments in the complex only to find mold in my own place and on my clothing months later. I’m completely disgusted! This complex needs to be burned down!!!! Immediately! Review from Google
Sep 2017: Honestly I don't even know where to start. I'm paying $664/each (MINIMUM) along with my roommates as well for a 5 bedroom apartment that was not up to standard by move in date. 1) I'm paying for cable and wifi that doesn't even work and we've had AT&T workers that have been to our apartment at least 3 times a week since we've moved in and still haven't accomplished anything. 2) Dryer didn't work upon arrival. 3) Management knew of a issue regarding our hardwood floors on the bottom level, had all summerlong to address and fix the issue and failed to do so. Because of this they have to remove the entire flooring on our bottom level (while we are living here). 4) Our apartment was dirty when we moved in. The list honestly goes on and on. Do not waste your money on a living space that promises yet FAILS to deliver.
Aug 2017: The staff at Arcadia are wonderful and have always been super kind and helpful to the best of their ability. The problem is whomever rushed into building this complex obviously did a poor job because for over a year now, the clubhouse has been closed due to structural issues and the pool has yet to open this season. The apartments themselves are beautiful especially when the tenants take proper care of them and they are a good value for the rent rate. Maintenance is quick to take care of problems too. Arcadia will be awesome again once they have all of the amenities reopened. Update 8/7/17: The clubhouse and pool are now open again and they look great. Becky and her team have worked really hard to get everything up and running all while keeping the existing tenants happy - thank you so much. It appears maintenance has been working around the Review from Google

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