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Latitude 49

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Oct 2019: Tonight my roommates and we're assaulted by 901 place security. Two of us was snatched out of the car and placed in hand cuffs because "I was driving in and out of the apartments too much. Once the police pulled us out he said he did not like me and he a personal issue with me. I live in fear most say at these apartments. Security has threaten to tease me because they didn't like what I said. as a woman who have been Assaulted at 1am and when you call 911 they WONT help because it is a private security company. Go and look up 901 place apt reviews. IT IS NOT SAFE!
Jul 2019: 901 his horrible!!! Definitely not worth staying !! I know people thats been without ac for almost a week which is an emergency maintenance situation and it’s above 90degrees in the apartments ! They have shootings and worse situations but they’re so worried about towing residents cars for having a tag that’s 3 months out of date which has nothing to do with them but not worried about the residents and the living conditions! That’s why everybody leaving! Review from Google
Jul 2019: 901 Place has grown and made some major improvements since my stay here. Krystal who works in the front office has been very cooperative and very helpful with anything I needed. Keep up the good work 901. Review from Google
Jul 2019: I have yet to move here, but I have signed a leased, but based on my experience from just trying to get in touch with someone to talk about things regarding my lease has been a headache. I have called numerous numbers listed for them. The number they have listed don't work. So, I called the number listed on Google. No one answers. I have emailed and texted them. I have yet to hear from anyone. I have been trying to call since Thursday of last week (07/11). This is ridiculous and it doesn't make the business look good at all! I would hate to move into this place and the living situation is just as bad as the customer service. Review from Google
Jul 2019: 901 is the place to be, the staff is very respectful. I enjoy all of the events that have taken place here. Krystal my leasing agent is very understanding of my concerns if i ever have any, she explained every detail of my lease to me when i first came here. Review from Google
Jul 2019: The staff here is on point! They with the swiftness in helping me complete my lease. Both Krystal and Victoria kinda cute too! Review from Google
Jul 2019: Lived here 5 months so far. Will NOT be renewing lease. The residents are filthy. It’s trash everywhere and vomit on apartment steps that’s been here since I moved in. The room looked nothing like the model and had not been cleaned before I moved in. I asked for a particular room... I did not get it but wasn’t notified until I moved in. I called maintenance once when I was locked out, they never showed nor returned my call. Yet, the following day, management did a ‘surprise inspection’ and woke everyone up as though some of us don’t work or have class to prepare for. This weekend I went out of town only to come home and find my lights had been replaced in my bathroom. I didn’t ask for this and I wasn’t informed that someone would be entering my room. A simple email would’ve been sufficient. The parking is limited. Sometimes I have to park 2 bldgs away from mine. At one point, we went without A/C for almost 2 weeks in 80 degree weather but no one would come fix it Review from Google
Jun 2019: Absolutely disgusting. Trash constantly everywhere, there’s been dog poop in the stairwell for about a year now that hasn’t been cleaned up. Crime is a constant here. Traffic is AWFUL when there is a concert, and forget about it if you want to get out of the complex if there’s a concert, the police will literally stand there and not direct traffic. Windows aren’t properly insulated so there is mold all over the window edges. Mold and water damage on ceiling above shower that management has seen in EVERY quarterly inspection but has never addressed. Save yourself the time and look elsewhere. There’s houses available in the area for $1000 a month that includes utilities and are in safe areas and have 4x the space. Review from Google
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May 2019: If I could, I would give this place zero stars. This place is absolutely horrible! There is trash everywhere in the parking lot, dog feces all over the grass, constant crime, random people who don’t live here who are always at the pool and HUGE COCKROACHES EVERYWHERE! This is my main concern because it feels as if I’m living in fear of the roaches. I killed 5 roaches just today! I’ve requested for an exterminator to come and when they did he only stayed for about a minute and did just the bathroom! This past March someone who doesn’t even live here was murdered! DO NOT LIVE HERE! ❗️Important notice❗️ They will trick you with discounted rates and like $500 gift cards to get you to sign a lease. IT IS not worth IT. Parents, this is not a student living community as random families cram into a small room. The model room is nothing like the actual rooms. I hope this review was informative to the readers in making a sound decision to avoid living here. Review from Google
Apr 2019: At first, I was a little skeptical with the incident that happened in March, but overall I'm satisfied. I have seen an increase in security as well as the parking reinforcements. As long as improvements are along the horizon, I'm a happy resident :). Review from Google
Apr 2019: Don’t move here it’s incredible dangerous people get shot frequently. Just recently another shooting victim died, sounds like they are playing lazar tag with guns there is so much frequent gun fire. Roommates have strangers in and out constantly that steal food and basically anything that isn’t mounted to the floor. I’ve reported the thefts and that it appears someone is running a business of some sort out of this apartment to be told well you can’t prove it.
Apr 2019: I signed my lease back in August and everyone said not to do it but I went through some of the reviews and it seemed pretty run of the mill and took a chance but don’t make the same mistake I did!! This apartment has been the worst. It’s suppose to be a safe gated community but the gate has worked a total of two weeks in the almost year I’ve lived here, police are constantly here, security does nothing, there’s been multiple gun shots since I’ve moved in (at least one killing), my cars been broken into and the office does nothing to fix the issues (or the gate). The pet fee is actually $300 along with the $20 a month but the area isn’t safe to have your pets out, the dog park is just a fence,poop surrounding the entire complex because it doesn’t get picked up. Maintence is horrible, flooded my apartment twice, “fixed” our roof by spray painting o
Mar 2019: I don’t know where to start with this review because there are soo many problems here with this apartment community. My wife and I had to move our daughter out this weekend (March 30th) due to concerns with her safety at this complex. There was a murder at this apartment community 2 weeks ago and neither of the individuals involved were not residents there. We originally selected this place due to the fact that they said they had a safe environment for students which is far from the truth. In fact the BBB dropped them citing numerous complaints regarding safety, unfair business practices and uncleanliness. What we saw today was disgusting. Fast food boxes with food in them in the breezeways, vomit on the stairs and the whole place stinks of marijuana. Students are being targeted for crime, there have been numerous police calls for armed robbery, car break ins, drug deals going on in the parking lots, there are too many instances to list here Review from Google
Feb 2019: Overall not a bad place to live. The location is convenient if you are a student and you cannot beat the price!
Feb 2019: The staff here is wonderful, maintenance comes within 24-48 hours, and the amenities are lovely , I would recommend to anyone who wants to have cost efficient living and a great environment
Feb 2019: I have lived here for about 2 years now. My experience here has been overall horrible. Drama with roommates and very rude office staff. There was construction being done inside my apt tearing up the floors and no one was aware. I walked into my room to a random man in my bathroom and all my stuff thrown in the middle of my floor and none of it was put back in place. My roommate woke up with a construction man in her room. I called the office and the leasing manager, Jordan was very rude to me about it and lied saying that they put up notices on all the doors in my unit, but none of my roommates got a notice, or any email at all. My AC has been out for over 4 months, and I have put in several maitenance requests. Maitenance has actually made the effort to come out here a total of about 5 times now, and every time they come they just mess with i Review from Google
Feb 2019: New management is great. You can tell they actually care about the residents and willingly answers questions in a timely matter. Review from Google
Dec 2018: Hi i have been a resident at 901 apartments for 7 months. The staff is friendly and there very helpful. I have no complaints bout the staff or the complex. They are willing to work with you and they actually have things for us to show appreciation and that means alot.its a great place to call home and i love it. Maintenance gets the job done as well even if there super busy they get the job done. Awsome place i do recommend others to the complex to become a resident because i want to share the greatness of what 901 has to offer thanks Review from Google
Oct 2018: love living here but dont say that you are going to give something to someone keep changing the dates and whole two later still nothing been waiting since the beginning September for my gift card still nothing told me the end of September nothing told me middle of October nothing you say the end of October now it’s nothing Review from Google
Sep 2018: DO NOT LIVE HERE. There was rotten food all over our apartment when we moved in. Our screen door to the balcony was broken. Our dryer wasn't correctly pulling heat out of the machine properly resulting in our laundry room reaching unbearable temperatures not to mention the fire hazard associated with this. My carpet was filthy and turns my feet black daily. But don't worry cause they leave a card that says it was checked and inspected and welcome you to a "WORLD CLASS" renter experience. Please save yourself the headache of living here. The rent may be cheap but you get less than what you pay for don't fall for it. Review from Google
Sep 2018: It’s ashame how this complex doesn’t care nothing about their residence only about making sure rent is paid on time . They fired some great people that actually cared about the residence. I lived here for 3 years I have experienced the 4 bedroom and 2 bedroom , of course less roommates = less drama . I will never live here again. If you okay with smelling weed 24/7 , trash everywhere , rent increasing , loud parties , ran down appliances, constant fights then you will feel right at home 😂. THIS IS THE GHETTO FOR STUDENT LIVING 😫.Glad I was blessed with a great career right out of college ✌🏾 Review from Google
Sep 2018: It’s not a bad place to live but they’ll tell you sign your lease and you’ll get a $250 gift card which is a lie!! Don’t even fall for it. Dumpsters are far from the apartments and the printer in the club house never works. Everyone I’ve asked about the gift card has given a different response. If you’re gonna lie make sure everyone is one the same page. Review from Google
Sep 2018: Not a place for students to live! Parents - do NOT be fooled into thinking this is a good place for your student! The security gates are never in good working order, the onsite security is a joke, cars are broken into, drugs deals happen in broad daylight in the middle of the parking lot and management is absolutely powerless to do anything about it. On top of which, there is trash everywhere because there aren't enough dumpsters and the apartments themselves are in poor condition. Keep looking! Review from Google
Aug 2018: I enjoyed living here honestly, I see a lot of bad reviews. 901 place was a decent place to live for the price you really cant beat it. Ever since they changed management they've been very helpful and involved. I never had a roach problem no matter the cleanliness of my roommates there was never a single one, I did have a minor ant problem once that lasted maybe a week out of the entire year I was there.. The amenities are great maintenance responds quickly, if I ever consider having roommates again I would definitely come back Review from Google
Jun 2018: Living here was one of the worst choices I could have made. I have been without AC for weeks at a time, my ceiling is currently looking like it is about to fall in after at least 4 maintenance requests have been put in, there is always trash EVERYWHERE, frequent gun shots including last night, they offer promos if you renew but don't fulfill them ( I was offered a gift card or updated appliances/TV's in every room), they are pathetic when it comes to matching roommates and the list goes in. Ride around the whole complex before you sign a lease. DO NOT just let them show their display apartment because the actual apartments look NOTHING like it. I can't WAIT UNTIL MY LEASE IS OVER. Review from Google

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