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Dec 2018: Hi i have been a resident at 901 apartments for 7 months. The staff is friendly and there very helpful. I have no complaints bout the staff or the complex. They are willing to work with you and they actually have things for us to show appreciation and that means alot.its a great place to call home and i love it. Maintenance gets the job done as well even if there super busy they get the job done. Awsome place i do recommend others to the complex to become a resident because i want to share the greatness of what 901 has to offer thanks Review from Google
Oct 2018: love living here but dont say that you are going to give something to someone keep changing the dates and whole two later still nothing been waiting since the beginning September for my gift card still nothing told me the end of September nothing told me middle of October nothing you say the end of October now it’s nothing Review from Google
Sep 2018: DO NOT LIVE HERE. There was rotten food all over our apartment when we moved in. Our screen door to the balcony was broken. Our dryer wasn't correctly pulling heat out of the machine properly resulting in our laundry room reaching unbearable temperatures not to mention the fire hazard associated with this. My carpet was filthy and turns my feet black daily. But don't worry cause they leave a card that says it was checked and inspected and welcome you to a "WORLD CLASS" renter experience. Please save yourself the headache of living here. The rent may be cheap but you get less than what you pay for don't fall for it. Review from Google
Sep 2018: It’s ashame how this complex doesn’t care nothing about their residence only about making sure rent is paid on time . They fired some great people that actually cared about the residence. I lived here for 3 years I have experienced the 4 bedroom and 2 bedroom , of course less roommates = less drama . I will never live here again. If you okay with smelling weed 24/7 , trash everywhere , rent increasing , loud parties , ran down appliances, constant fights then you will feel right at home 😂. THIS IS THE GHETTO FOR STUDENT LIVING 😫.Glad I was blessed with a great career right out of college ✌🏾 Review from Google
Sep 2018: It’s not a bad place to live but they’ll tell you sign your lease and you’ll get a $250 gift card which is a lie!! Don’t even fall for it. Dumpsters are far from the apartments and the printer in the club house never works. Everyone I’ve asked about the gift card has given a different response. If you’re gonna lie make sure everyone is one the same page. Review from Google
Sep 2018: Not a place for students to live! Parents - do NOT be fooled into thinking this is a good place for your student! The security gates are never in good working order, the onsite security is a joke, cars are broken into, drugs deals happen in broad daylight in the middle of the parking lot and management is absolutely powerless to do anything about it. On top of which, there is trash everywhere because there aren't enough dumpsters and the apartments themselves are in poor condition. Keep looking! Review from Google
Aug 2018: I enjoyed living here honestly, I see a lot of bad reviews. 901 place was a decent place to live for the price you really cant beat it. Ever since they changed management they've been very helpful and involved. I never had a roach problem no matter the cleanliness of my roommates there was never a single one, I did have a minor ant problem once that lasted maybe a week out of the entire year I was there.. The amenities are great maintenance responds quickly, if I ever consider having roommates again I would definitely come back Review from Google
Jun 2018: Living here was one of the worst choices I could have made. I have been without AC for weeks at a time, my ceiling is currently looking like it is about to fall in after at least 4 maintenance requests have been put in, there is always trash EVERYWHERE, frequent gun shots including last night, they offer promos if you renew but don't fulfill them ( I was offered a gift card or updated appliances/TV's in every room), they are pathetic when it comes to matching roommates and the list goes in. Ride around the whole complex before you sign a lease. DO NOT just let them show their display apartment because the actual apartments look NOTHING like it. I can't WAIT UNTIL MY LEASE IS OVER. Review from Google
Jun 2018: The new leasing consultants Dylan Winchester at 901 place was super helpful and had an answer for every question. He helped me sign and got me excited about move-in. Review from Google
May 2018: Terrible place to live. I asked for a non smoker and they give me a guy who kept smoking. I had to tell the office 10 times before they did anything about it. It takes so long for them to help with your problems. A shooting and my neighbor being stabbed has happened. The community cares more about profiting on the place then the people who live here. They even give you incentives to renew like a free month of rent or you get to pick a prize. This place just needs to have its management and community fixed. Giving incentives really does nothing. The whole system to decide who you get to room with is dumb they'll put you with anyone they want even if its someone you don't want to be. Do not move here the incentives don't make it worth it. The staff tries to help but they don't seem to have been trained properly. Review from Google
Apr 2018: Everyone in the office is helpful the place is clean and rooms are spacious enough for one person. Dylan , Eryn and Janessa have helped me with moving in and my application questions , very nice people. I wouldn’t mind staying longer . Review from Google
Apr 2018: Just want everyone to know that this place is awesome and that Victoria is such a nice person I totally recommend this appointment to everyone else. Don’t listen to the vet comments people have a bad experience have it because they are with the wrong people but this place is great and the rent is the cheapest one out of all . I totally recommend this appointment to anyone Review from Google
Apr 2018: The new leasing consultants such as (Dylan Winchester)(Thank you!) at 901 place peak campus are better at tackling any question I have with helpful suggestions to my problems. I guess it's due to the management change which seems to be way better (thank you Jordan Justice!) also the security measures that have been put into action has helped me be more at ease. So overall the changes that have been made I think really are going to help the Apt residents. Plus the amenities are pretty great! Review from Google
Mar 2018: Staff is friendly and helpful. Plus new management has come in and changed everything(I was told the rooms will be renovated over the summer). Very professional. I can't wait to live here next semester. Review from Google
Mar 2018: At first I was excited to move in, but now I'm I'm glad I'm not. I gotten approved and my dad was my co-signer. They ran my stuff instead of his. They said I had to pay 515 additional to my 375. They kept giving me different information. So I just chose not to move in and they're not trying to give me my $100 back talking bout I suppose to cancel it within 72 hours when it took 72 hours for me to get an answer If I gotten approved or not. So i called them to see if i only pay 515 for the first month rent instead of 375. Somebody said yes. Then someone else said i gotta pay both. Very confusing and ridiculous. I've kept calling and calling. They're keep you on hold for a long time, and never move fast enough. Then I thought I just had to pay 515 instead 375 but I gotta pay both. Unbelievable. I didn't even signed my lease or nothing. Be careful Review from Google
Mar 2018: The clubhouse is ten times nicer than the actual apartments. Everything is super outdated and rickety. Cockroaches everywhere, trash in the parking lot and oftentimes on the stairs. The exit gate is broken, so anyone can just walk right in. The security sucks, so there have been a ton of gun related crimes even though the apartment complex is relatively small to others in the area. They charge you a stupid amount of money for repairs, so don't break anything if you live here. At least the rooms and bathrooms are relatively large and you can hear music from PNC Theatre in the warmer days. Still not worth it, though. Review from Google
Feb 2018: I've never lived here. I applied back in 2011 and was approved. I was told that I did not need a guarantor because my credit score was a 719. Later, I received an email from the office saying they needed my guarantor info. I call them and no one knows what I'm talking about. This goes on for a week and then I gave up and moved to University Club. I come back in 2018 because I found out I owed them $125. The young lady on the phone says that I can get a money order and pay it in the office. I come by only to be told that I would not be able to do so because it is in collections. No biggie. Just call and pay it, right? I guess this works if they give you the right info. I was sent to two different agencies and when I paid it off, I asked for a letter stating it was paid. Mind you, they offered to sign my receipt book the day befor Review from Google
Feb 2018: Don’t move here, it’s that simple. Oh, and the reviews on there website are bogus... they left out all the bad ones and only showing the good ones. There’s bugs, outside of the apartments are filthy, people smoke inside the apartments when they know they aren’t supposed to, it’s noisy, idk why they have security they are just a waste of space. Office is never consistent. It’s cheap but nothing is worth this! Review from Google
Jan 2018: This place is totally unprofessional. The property manager is non Chalant. I personally have complained and been told “ I’ll talk to the team” the maintenance are rude come and go as they please with no notice. They take forever to respond to maintenance request. They lie about giving renewers a gift card. The apartments are in terrible condition carpets are disgusting. They don’t treat costumers with respect they treat them like children because it is student housing. If you want to feel safe, like an adult or like you are paying your complex for good living DO NOT STAY HERE. Review from Google
Jan 2018: Great place to live for the price! Staff is friendly, gym is open 24/7 which is also nice. Very close to UNCC, would recommend for college students. Review from Google
Jan 2018: I’m currently a resident and I CANNOT WAIT for my lease to be up!!!!!!!! For one, the outside of the apartments are filthy. It needs to be pressured wash! Secondly, they don’t notify you when you have packages! You can have a package that has been there for 2 weeks and wouldn’t know. They love to say “We emailed you. Check your spam.” They finally came up with a text notification for when you have packages. The printers never work! It got so aggravating that i went and bought a printer! Last but not least, my apartment flooded because of a small fire in the water heater and they have been so unorganized getting everything fixed but that’s another post! I’ll post about what happened and post pictures. I wouldn’t recommend moving here it’s cheap but I would rather pay a few more bucks than the live here. Review from Google
Jan 2018: The staff is always friendly. The only issue I have had is the high turnover rate in the office. Because there is always new staff there can be some inconsistent information that comes from the office. Janessa is always very helpful and consistent. She gets things done. The maintenance staff is quick and effective. I have been here a year and I plan to stay a year longer. Review from Google
Nov 2017: I don't know why people complain about this place so far I haven't had any problems aside from people waiting at the gate until someone opens it for them. Anytime something is wrong with the apartment I go online and report it for the crew to come out and fix it, each time they do appear and fix the problem. The staff is really helpful with any problems and they always have food at the clubhouse. They hire some pretty cute office workers as well. The parking needs to be fixed a bit a lot of the spaces are smaller then your average car and thus a car cannot fit unless it goes over into a second space. Currently this review is 5 stars but if it does change throughout the year I will update it and explain why. If you want an actual person to talk to about before moving in just message me. I help run a family real estate company so I can tell you Review from Google
Jul 2017: I never write reviews so you know this place was bad if I was pushed into writing a review for it. I would give it zero stars if that were an option. It wasn't ALWAYS so bad when I first lived there but during my last year there, 2015-2016, the place became overrun with thugs. 1-2 shootings per month. Weekly break-ins on a good month. All of the somewhat competent staff were replaced by the management's buddies, as if favoritism wasn't already an issue when it came to people's maintenance requests getting solved. I was lucky to be friends with someone who was friends with the staff there but most were not so lucky. The place was trashy but I don't totally blame maintenance. The head of maintenance did all he could be he could only work with the people he was given, and the office fired great maintenance staff just to hire their friend Review from Google
May 2017: 901 Place is garbage as far as their rent! They don't care about their residents, they just want their money. The month won't even be HALFWAY over before they start sending evictions fees and notices! I HAVE NEVER PAID RENT THE MONTH AFTER IT WAS DUE! MY RENT WAS ALREADY PAID, PLUS LATE FEES BEFORE the month is over. Review from 5/23/17 on Google

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