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May 2017: I recommend touring in person before signing anything. My apartment looks NOTHING like what is advertised on the website. I subleased for the summer and the office staff is very hands off and un-involved in the process once you've signed the lease. These apartments are only worth the money if you don't plan on spending much time there. Review from 5/13/17 on Google
May 2017: DO NOT LIVE HERE!!!!!!!! I SHOULD OF LISTENED TO THE REVIEWS. There's no way to get it of your contract even f you die it's a scam. MY APARTMENT HAD BED BUGS. My room was prepared for the inspection but because my roommates weren't capable of following instructions they had to reschedule if my roommates do not do it correctly I will be charged the 1,000 dollars. I TRIED TURNING IN MY KEYS AND EVERYTHING AND I WILL STILL BE CHARED 1000 . I MOVED BACK TO WILMINGTON. THE ROOMS ARE TINY AND good luck WITH GETTING STUFF TEPAIRED. Review from 5/10/17 on Google
Dec 2016: ATTENTION!!:: If you plan on living in 49 north? don't! There management is terrible my girlfriend has her own apartment in rock hill so she leaves some of her things in my unit at 49 north. Management there ended my lease renewal because of a extra toothbrush, heels, and a women's jacket. They told me she lives there and punished me for that with no real evidence. They will dictate your HOME! If you want privacy and a home vibe DO NOT LIVE IN 49 NORTH!! You will have roommates so make sure your roommates are all strangers and not friends and family because if they gang up on you with lies and accusation the office will believe everything! Review from 12/9/16 on Google
Dec 2016: I was really looking for a place to feel like home as I was doing my moving search. So when I came to 49 North to check it out, it was exactly what I wanted and every since I moved here I love it!!! I love the set up of everything!! Review from 12/8/16 on Google
Dec 2016: Management takes a bit of coercing before they will do ANYTHING! From fixing utilities, to getting your deposit back, you may find yourself having to call and nag the office daily before they'll do anything. Otherwise, its a great clean community near UNCC. Review from 12/4/16 on Google
Aug 2016: Loved living here it's near campus with a campus shuttle and had great roommates the office always has lots of freebies which is always a plus the fire pit and pool are awesome it's student housing and can get loud at times
Aug 2016: Worse experience ever, don't let the fake model fool you actual apartment is nothing like it. The pool, office and community area makes a first time visitor think they are getting something they are not. Maintenance and security are a joke. High crime, started counting gunshots. Police arresting someone right outside our door all the time. Office admitted to me they get a crime report daily. Once they have a signed lease you no longer matter. They say a student housing community but anyone can live there and they do. Drugs,guns and filthy unsafe living conditions. I can not warn you enough.
Apr 2016: The positives that I can write about living here, is that I was blessed with the best roommates. Pool and clubhouse is nice enough also. Everything else.. Countless problems with our dishwasher and sink downstairs. Interesting finds in the laundry room. The rented furniture is worthless, uncomfortable, ans not nice at all. There is hardly any parking! I mean EVER. I get off work late, I'm a student, it's my life. By the time I get home, I have to either park in VISITORS (when I pay rent to live in a "gated" community) or I have to park five buildings down from my actual apartment. The spots are small, so prepare for door dings and scratches. The management says they tow cars without permits after 10pm (lies) half the cars that I see in the morning are the same ones from the night before, and don't have permits. Review from 4/18/16 on Google
Feb 2016: So far living here is ok. having all bill combined into one payment is a major plus. Parking spaces however are too small, and I normally have to park 3 bldgs away from apartment. Review from 2/22/16 on Google
Jan 2016: I like the new beds that we got. I also appreciate having a gate access code, it makes me feel safe. That pool is amazing as well as the fire pit, those were my favorite places to be in the summer. The timeliness of maintenance could improve. Review from 1/3/16 on Google
Oct 2015: So far so good, any problems or concerns I had have been fixed and I love my roomies! It's not as bad as people said it would be, therefore I'm impressed. Review from 10/3/2015 on Google
Sep 2015: Worst experience ever. The pool and gym were ok but my apartment was horrible and dirty. Right before moving out I saw a shooting right in front of my apartment. The leasing office team were very nice when I was trying to decide if I wanted to move in, once I did it, they didn't help me at all. They didn't help me to sublease it either.. They didn't answer my emails when I really needed it and at the end they didn't give me my deposit back. They did a great job developing the rewards program to give them a good review, but even with that they got less than 3 stars on google. don't move here! Review from 9/25/2015 on Google
Jul 2015: So I haven't moved in to 49 North yet, but I had an awesome experience with the Property Manager. There was a little confusion on my end, and the office was experiencing tech difficulties, so I couldn't reach anyone by phone (I wasn't aware of the tech issues at first, so I was a little aggravated). I emailed the manager and she was super quick with a response. I felt that I was being annoying with all of my concerns, but she showed no signs of irritation. Without going into detail..Kylie solved every single issue I had. Excellent customer service! I'll post about the actual apartment in a couple of months. Review from 7/17/2015 on Google
Mar 2015: I have been a resident for over two years. It is a great place to have your own space and the staff is friendly and willing to help with anything. I enjoy the salt water pool and fitness areas the most plus they have free food almost every week! Review from 3/1/15 on Google
Feb 2015: I've lived here for two years. Started out as probably one of the best deals you'll find for an apartment in the Charlotte area. Soon turned into a nightmare. The foundation of the complex is shifting so cracks appear on walls and doorways which management just paints over. Vehicles are broken into and damaged, and the office does nothing. One of my roommates does drugs and brings super sketchy people over, management says they can't do anything unless we call 911. They raised the rent for absolutely no reason. The pool is always closed in the summer and when it is open for the day it closes at 5pm. Someone broke into my car and stole my parking tag (literally wtf) and the office still charged a $50 replacement fee. Staff in the office is unprofessional, rude, and thoroughly unhelpful. Review from 2/9/15 on Google
Mar 2014: I have lived here since august of 2013 I came in under the new ownership..... All these reviews are pretty bad... not sure if the different ownership has anything to do with it. I am a college student. Not the party type. So I agree with the loudness... its not every single weekend but it does happen. part of why I hear the commotion is because I open my window a lot. I was lucky as far as room mates... I don't live with any crazy people! I did make sure I met them before I signed my lease... Which I am glad I did.... reading some of the horror stories. I don't have any problems with management. I think they are great! when I put in a work order it is not immediate but they fix it in less than a week. and they go as far as texting me to ask if the work order was finished. I love it here! They recently upgraded the clubhouse. Review from 3/20/2014 on Google
Jul 2013: Now it's called 49North. Been here for almost a year. Not the worst place, but definitely not the best place either. The pros: cheap (everything is included in your rent), about 1/2 mile from UNCC, not too far from grocery stores, convenient stores and restaurants. Cons: constant loud noise at night, you might live with someone who's impossible to get along with (roommate matching doesn't always work), maintenance is very slow at responding to requests. Just remember a majority of people who live here are young folks who are in the "partying" stage in their life. So yes, campus vibe all throughout. Check out the place before you sign. Review from 7/10/2013 on Google

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