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Dec 2018: Moved in October to the complex, was greeted with a broken ceiling fan. One of the blades of the fan was resting on top of it and when I turned on the switches, it flew off and crashed into a wall. That was day one. I have only been here two months and have experienced rude and unhelpful staff, the rent is way too expensive for the poor amenities that are offered, the gate is frequently broken or left open. Most parking spots are taken by people who do not live here, towing is not at all enforced, and the wireless internet disconnects randomly throughout the day. Its an inconvenient place to live, the website is misleading, and for upwards of $590 a room it is appalling how poor customer service is. Do not rent here! Review from Google
Dec 2018: Overall not a bad place to live especially if you go to school near the area. 49 is continuing to improve the complex and have acknowledged every complaint i have had. Review from Google
Dec 2018: If you're going to live here, do NOT make it longterm. It's a great solution for people just getting out and onto their feet. Though the staff may seem nice, they do NOT actually help any problems you may have. They are no "always willing to go out of their way to help residents." So unless you have to ABSOLUTELY live here- I suggest you live somewhere help. Here are some suggestions: University Village is right down the street. There's Blvd 98, University Walk, The Flats- LITERALLY ANYTHING ELSE. I wish I would've never signed a second year lease.
Sep 2018: 49North provides an excellent, safe, and affordable option for UNC Charlotte students looking for close proximity to campus and other dining/retail options. While not as updated as many other student-housing options, the community has recently replaced dated cabinets and flooring within the common areas and kitchens, so there has been a push for improvement in that regard. The clubhouse has all the amenities needed with free printing/computer access, a 24hr gym, and lounge space. Like the rest of the property, the pool area is fairly dated and underutilized, however, there is a great grilling space adjacent to the clubhouse and pool. The staff in the clubhouse is excellent and always willing to go out of their way to help residents; Maintenance, however, is notorious for having difficulty fulfilling work-orders with many corrections only provi Review from Google
Sep 2018: The staff is very helpful. I love that it’s quiet at night. I feel safe living here and that’s super important. The gate is open and closed at random times. I wish it had more of a set schedule. It can be a bit inconvenient at times because some people don’t know their codes and it creates a long line. Review from Google
Sep 2018: Living at 49 North has been great. It’s a very nice living community for the cost & the area. Its so close to school and under $600! Review from Google
Sep 2018: I like it here a lot. The location is great, the rent is reasonable, and I haven’t had any problems whatsoever. Also my room is a super good size and my maintenance calls have been addressed. The only complaint I have is that sometimes trash gets piled up copious amounts and it looks and smells really bad when I pass by it, but I don’t know if the complex has power over how often the trash men come. Otherwise it’s great. Review from Google
Aug 2018: I do enjoy the complex and area. Staff is kind and friendly. In the past they have not been the quickest to solve maintenance problems or issues but are rapidly changing with new management. Very good, affordable, and safe community. Looking forward to this upcoming year. Review from Google
Jun 2018: Moved in August 2016 and it was a good experience at the beginning. Hope, Cameron and Marcus are awesome and always super welcoming when they work in the office. However, I can't say 49 North has been the best. FIRST: they don't give proper notice when work is going to be in the units. This happened twice now and one resulted in my flat screen being damaged as well as my coffee table became indented with a scratch. My TV no longer works. My roommate and I were promised gift cards for our inconvenience but never got anything. They should've just not said anything about giving us anything. SECOND: on my lease it had originally stated that it ran until July 31st but yet move out is July 27th at noon and so I am basically paying them an extra 4 days. I used to like 49 North but now I don't recommend it to anyone. Review from Google
May 2018: I can’t wait until my lease is up. It’s not even that the complex is bad, just the people who run it. And I hate giving them money because they’re rude and inconsiderate. Update: I’ve asked for my dishwasher to be fixed as it’s been broken since I moved in and he left a paper here so I know someone cane in my house but no one fixed our dishwasher. Also they will try to find you for anything!! They said I owe them $400 for my ESA even though I sent my letter. Stating they were unaware of the animal instead of simply calling me to fix the paperwork. Review from Google
Apr 2018: Moved in August 2016 and it has been a good experience. There are occasionally a few hiccups but what place is perfect? The office staff has always been friendly when I've had any issues and were quick to address and handle them. Hope and Marcus are awesome and always super welcoming when they work in the office. Overall it's been a good experience. Review from Google
Apr 2018: a great place to call "home". The entire staff always greet you with a smile and are very helpful to our needs, and are quick to attend to any problems that arise . The grounds and facilities are kept clean every day by friendly courteous workers. The workout rooms are open 24//7 are rarely crowded and the pool area is lovely. . . I live alone here and could not feel safer anywhere else....a beautiful neighborhood with parks and trails. Review from Google
Apr 2018: I love living at 49 North. Bad reviews are very misleading. Any issue that is brought up to the office, they will do everything they can to fix it. I see lots of complaints about the staff but I enjoy interacting with everyone from maintenance to the property manager herself. The town homes themselves are nice as well. For the price you really can't get any better Review from Google
Apr 2018: Living here is a great experience. If an issue ever rises the office always takes care of it or puts me in the right direction. Any problems I have had have been resolved and not recurring. These town houses are great and supply a decent amount of space Review from Google
Feb 2018: The management is excellent, as they try their best to accommodate you in the best way possible. I really enjoyed my large bathroom and stay. Review from Google
Feb 2018: The staff is super nice! I like the apartments. They have a home feel to them. Definitely better than a standard apartment since there are 2 story apartments. Its a great place to live!
Feb 2018: After reading a plethora of mixed reviews before moving in, I will admit, I was a little skeptical of moving in. Now that it’s been almost two semesters since I’ve lived here, I would say that the only problem I’ve encountered is the bad parking. My roommates and I absolutely love the townhome style — my friends have more expensive apartments and are only limited to one floor! Now, what’s to be said of the front office? Every time I walk in the front office, whether I am greeted by Marcus’ sassy attitude, Cameron’s sunshiney face, or Hope’s evict-their-asses staunch personality, I feel a sense of comfort and compassion that I haven’t felt since the tender age of 4. Thank you, 49 North. Review from Google
Feb 2018: To whom it may concern, . It is 2am on Saturday morning. I have been trying to dry my laundry since WEDNESDAY afternoon. I have complained to the front office SEVEN times since I moved in in August to fix the dryer in my apartment only to have my request canceled. My clothing smells like MOLD. So bad it makes me sick to my stomach to even wear most items of clothing and leading me to THROW OTHERS OUT. It doesn't matter if I put a FULL load in the dryer or only a few items IT WILL NOT DRY. I am fed up and appalled at the lack of customer service from both front office and maintenance staff. I have requested to be in the apartment when maintenance comes to fix the dryer and they all but flat out refuse , saying they go by "most severe" call first. As well, when my tub was flooding into the kitchen they brushed it off as it was no big deal, meanw Review from Google
Feb 2018: The rudest and most unhelpful staff you will truly ever meet. They need a complete overall. Unacceptable way to deal with someone who is already distraught over losing hundreds of dollars too this scam of a company. Review from Google
Feb 2018: This place sucks. I'll list a quick few complaints but the list is endless. The gate is open more than not, letting creepy random people in, management won't help you at all if you have a problem and usually have an attitude, they don't have sufficient recycling (two small bins all the way at the front of the complex), no storage in the units, no bike racks, a gym they don't look after (broken equipment and no disinfectant wipes, small parking spaces where my car is ALWAYS getting dinked, no regulation on parking passes so forget trying to find a spot thursday-sunday, horrible office hours- making it hard to pick up your packages, poor wifi (rn we haven't had WiFi for 3 days).... don't waste your money with this place Review from Google
Dec 2017: Management is horrible. They are not very understanding and willing to respond or answer any questions. I was fined for having a rug on my patio. Not a warning a $25 fine for having a rug. I would not recommend living here to anyone. Apparently rugs are deemed as " excessive trash" . I spoke to management about the fine as all of my roommates and I were each charge $25 and were unwilling to dispute. If I could end my lease early without being surcharged I would. I would rate a zero but 1 star was the lowest one. Review from Google
Dec 2017: best prices and value in University area- close to school/shopping/restaurants AND the ampitheater! Review from Google
Oct 2017: ATTENTION!!:: If you plan on living in 49 north? don't! There management is terrible my girlfriend has her own apartment in rock hill so she leaves some of her things in my unit at 49 north. Management there ended my lease renewal because of a extra toothbrush, heels, and a women's jacket. They told me she lives there and punished me for that with no real evidence. They will dictate your HOME! If you want privacy and a home vibe DO NOT LIVE IN 49 NORTH!! You will have roommates so make sure your roommates are all strangers and not friends and family because if they gang up on you with lies and accusation the office will believe everything! Also, management said I was smoking in my unit because I had cigar packs in my unit. Last I check they were not lit on fire and they were my items so they would be in my room. Never caught smoking inside but Review from Google
Sep 2017: Do not waste your money moving here. This place is s joke. I have maintenance request from the day I moved in on the aug.16 that have not been fixed. I had old moldy clothes under the dressors. Now they want to me to pay for maintenance to come out an fix the refrigerator or let my food go to waste waiting for them to come on Monday. If they even show up. The people in the office basically bounced the phone around an had an the last girl had An attitude an hung up in my face. When I called that morning no one told me maintenance wasn't available so my food has just been sitting in the refrigerator. Do not waste your money. Review from Google
Jun 2017: These apartments are decent, the staff is friendly and easy to work with but the parking lot is a major issue. The parking spaces are VERY compact so it's hard to get in or out of your car. People will take up two spaces of a parking space because of how compact it is.. the parking lot is usually empty during the daytime but good luck finding a parking space near your apartment if you work late at night! Review from Google

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