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Woodlands of Athens

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Aug 2019: A secure, wonderful UPSCALE apartment community. - mostly upperclassmen college students. Review from Google
Jul 2019: The property is not safe. Multiple robberies and young women should not walk alone in the evenings by themselves. My roommates and I have felt unsafe living here on multiple occasions. The house we lived in was in terrible condiction. The appliances never worked and when they were “fixed” they would brake again and again. Outside residence brake in and use all of the amenities, it’s out of control here. Review from Google
Nov 2018: If you love roaches, stepping in dog poop, and an HOA that doesn't communicate with the tenants, this is the place for you! Review from Google
Oct 2018: Went to visit a friend here and it was pretty nice. Review from Google
Oct 2018: Terrible management and homeowners association that refuses to protect tenants from neighboring community who have repeatedly burglarized homes and cars. I don’t even believe the cameras at the back entrance work. If you call with any complaint, staff at the office will act like it is your fault and even hang up mid conversation. Sad that the management cares more about dogs on the property than the fact that there are burgularies and vandalism happeneing every week. Review from Google
Aug 2018: Warning! Renters Beware! They don't do proper background checks on employees here. There is an employee there that has multiple shoplifting arrest and was arrest last Thursday Aug. 2 for shoplifting. I'm moving my daughter out of here. I pay too much to have to worry about their employees breaking in and stealing. Review from Google
Apr 2018: I can only speak as an owner of a condo in the Woodlands. We have owned our unit for a year now and bought it for our daughter to live in while attending UGA. We researched many properties while looking for a place to buy in the Athens area and I am so glad we chose the Woodlands. The units are very spacious. The location is very convenient and easy to get to campus. You get a beautiful place to live at a very desirable price. And we like that the complex is gated. We own a three bedroom, three full bath townhouse. It is so nice that each girl has her own bathroom and the bedrooms are huge. My daughter has a queen sized bed in hers and a desk and still has plenty of room in her bedroom. And the closets are huge. The downstairs bedroom even has a walk in closet. The upstairs bedrooms have vaulted ceilings which make them feel even larger. They Review from Google
Dec 2017: This is a great place to live. The management is great . The Maint is top of the line. Review from Google
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Dec 2017: The overall aesthetics of the neighborhood is very nice and peaceful. The inside of the townhome I rented was up to date and clean. The office staff is professional and helpful. There is also a lovely pool area surrounded by trees. Review from Google
Jul 2017: Keep in mind while reading these reviews that the property management group changed from Rent Athens to Cobblestone about 2 years ago for the Woodlands. Once Cobblestone PMG took over, everything got WAY better. Lindsay and Ashley of Cobblestone are the best- super fair and are willing to work with everyone. can't recommend them enough. The woodlands is awesome, clean, and safe! And with nice/respectful/attentive agents, I don't have any of the issues I used to. AVOID rent athens. I would have moved out of the woodlands had Cobblestone not come in and completely changed my experience. Review from Google
Jul 2017: I've decided to update my review of CPMG after I spoke with Ashley from management. There was some miscommunication about a purported late rent payment from 4 months ago which I wasn't aware of until I moved out. Ashley removed the late fee and was very professional about the situation. She also went into detail about what I was being charge for in terms of maintenance and cleaning needs after I moved out. I appreciated her attention to detail and transparency. I lived in Brookwood Mills for two years and here are things I liked and disliked about my townhouse and the management. What I liked: - Management was accessible and responsive when I needed something - Location to grocery stores and downtown - Mostly older neighbors who weren't overly loud and dirty - The pool - Driveway gate - Plenty of parking What I disliked: - Lack of online Review from Google
Mar 2017: If you do not renew your lease, they will show your apartment to potential residents. No big deal right? They have shown our apartment 15+ TIMES. Not an exaggeration. Usually with less than 24 hours notice, constant touring and disruption. One time it happened back to back with only notice for one of them, so I had taken a shower after the first and was not even dressed when the next group came in! So disrespectful of us. Apartment was not in a great condition when we moved in, and lots of bugs. Overall not a terrible place to live by any means, but not worth the price. Review from Google
Mar 2017: Houses are decent but amenities could be much better. There's a huge room with pool tables that are never used, and a rather crappy gym the size of a bedroom. The tredmill has been "out of order" for months now. How about take some of those housing fees and accommodate for a decent gym? Review from 3/8/17 on Google
Feb 2017: My sister and roommates recently moved in to the complex. Nice gated apartment and townhouse neighborhood. Close to just about everything, including campus. Miles above her last housing and still super affordable for all you college kids. Review from 2/15/17 on Google
Oct 2015: Two thumbs up for the new management group at The Woodlands of Athens. _____ and ____ have been nothing but fantastic to interact with and are always extremely professional, polite, and courteous. Thanks for all that you both do! - Apt 529 Review from 10/2/15 on Apartment Ratings
Aug 2015: I would NEVER live here again. The leasing company screwed us over more times than one. Not to mention that on move out they charged us over 1300 in so called damages and repairs, All of which they do not have any recipts or pictures to prove any of this was done. Because none of it was done. I have been in the unit since then and there was not a single thing replaced. They are scamming everyone that lived there. COBBLESTONE PROPERTY management took over our lease half way through the year and they never saw the unit prior and are charging us to get the apartment back to being 100% new. Review from 8/28/15 on Apartment Ratings
Aug 2015: The Woodlands is really nice! Pretty upscale for a college kid I have to say! And the pool has waterfalls! The only thing I wish is that there was a little more yard space between cottages!
Aug 2015: This is more a bad review for cobblestone properties rather than the woodlands itself. I lived at their sister property (The Summit) for a year and had my AC go out three times which sucked but I just stayed with my boyfriend until it was fixed so I wasn't that upset. Plus, the woman I spoke with at the leasing office was extremely helpful and made sure that I had somewhere else to stay while my AC was out. I moved out of the Summit and into the Woodlands so I could move into a three bedroom. We just moved in and the AC went out in three days.. All they did was recharge the unit with freon instead of actually fixing the problem so, of course, it broke once more. Review from 8/4/15 on Apartment Ratings
May 2014: Absolutely one of the worst properties I have ever rented. We have continuously had problems with our A/C and bugs. Cockroaches have infested the downstairs almost every time it starts to warm up outside.. no matter how many times we have deep cleaned and sprayed our house (& we are not messy people). Our A/C has gone out AT LEAST 8 times since our lease began. This past month we had maybe half a week of running A/C.. or maybe just the cooler weather that kept the temperature a little lower. Review from 5-2-2014 on Apartment Ratings
Feb 2014: WARNING: I would not live here if I were you. Unless your property is privately owned and not managed by Rent Athens, then you are fine. I have never dealt with such poorly managed property before. It is amazing how many surprise charges show up at my apartment. Rent Athens will come fix something in our apartment and tell us that there will be no charge, but we will get a bill a month later saying it is 65 dollars, when they were in my apartment for 2 minutes. It honestly amazes me. If anything is wrong with your apartment, you better try and fix it yourself or expect ridiculous charges. Review from 2-10-2014 on Apartment Ratings

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