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Waterford Place

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Jan 2019: Crappiest apartment complex ever. I have been waiting more than two weeks for a washing machine to be repaired. They haven’t maintained these units at all. Carpets have clearly never been changed. They have not painted in probably 50 years. Worst apartment ever. Only leased here because everything else was full everywhere else. Not staying here more than one semester. Avoid this place at all costs. Management is awful. You will regret living here. Review from Google
Aug 2018: Lived here for two years and loved it. It is a great location for the price. Rooms are small and the apartments and appliances are on the older side but you can't really beat the location Review from Google
Jul 2018: Great manager. Great ownership. Great maintenance staff! HIGHLY RECOMMEND !! Review from Google
Apr 2018: Two words: GUEST PARKING. Is it really that freaking expensive to add just a teeny little space where visitors can park or do you just get a sick satisfaction out of ruining someone's day? You run the risk of paying a $200 towing ticket any time you decide to visit someone here Review from Google
Aug 2016: DIRTY. DIRTY. DIRTY. When my friend moved in her bathroom was disgusting and the kitchen was even worse. The kitchen was littered with crumbs and there was a huge leak on the sealing of the living room. Review from Google
Jul 2016: From the day I moved in, I was disappointed with Waterford apartments. The apartment I toured was much nicer than the apartment I leased. I was told that I would have access to a student center with a gym and tanning beds; however, this wasn't even open until the last month of my lease! One big thing that Waterford doesn't tell you: Your guests can't park in the parking lot! My friend had her car towed for being there overnight, even though there were plenty of open parking spaces. My apartment was filthy when I moved in. What leasing company doesn't hire professional cleaning before a new tenant moves in? My roommates and I had to spend our first few days just cleaning up the last tenant's mess. There were food stains and crumbs in the kitchen's cabinets, drawers, and fridge. Our bathtubs had scum inside them and the windows were covere Review from Google
May 2016: The landlord is a major ----. For one, they promised multiple tailgates but provided less than promised. I totaled my car and lost my parking sticker in the process and they made me pay $50 for a new parking sticker, for the "privilege of parking where I live". They decided to redo the parking lot concrete halfway through the fall semester, leaving large chunks of it missing. My roommate even had the concrete removed from behind where he was parked, so he had to either drive through the mud or wait for them to refill the whole. The maintenance people come in without permission, and when they are actually called, they take forever to actually stop by. Review from 5/1/16 on Apartment Ratings
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Feb 2016: Happy to call this place home! Maintenance fixes any issue the day of and the rooms are clean and spacious. Review from 2/11/16 on Apartment Ratings

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