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The Park at Athens Lakeside

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Oct 2019: I am very disappointed with the park at lakeside, Athens, GA. There were too many issues regarding the apartment. 1) Worst management 2) Cockroaches 3) Slow response 4) dirty apartment
Jul 2019: I am very unhappy with the park at lakeside. My roommate and I went on the tour together. We signed our lease contract there as well as put in word that we want to be roommates the coming year. We also did the online roommate request which was also confirmed before summer break that we we’re going to be roommates. Fast forward to now, we have recently found out we are in complete different apartment rooms. We will be stuck with 3 different people each for an entire year. We contacted them. They said that it could be possible for a switch but there is a chance that we will not be roommates. We are definitely at a bad start with this complex, and we haven’t even moved in. Please know what you are getting into before signing a lease! Review from Google
Jul 2019: I am here to share my negative and disappointing experience during my tenancy at Lakeside. As a college student who seeks affordable housing, I believe it is my right to inform my colleagues regarding the impudence I witnessed by Lakeside management. On July 20th, 2019 I found reptile corpses within my unit. As I was in the midst of my move-out process, I decided to clean the living room because it is a common and courteous practice done by tenants who are about to leave their current residence. It is important to note that throughout my stay at Lakeside, I made multiple maintenance requests for pest control due to the high volume of insects encroaching my complex. Despite pest control coming into my unit multiple times, they were negligent in their duties since pest control was unable to keep the vast number of insects under control. As a result, I bought my own insect traps. When my residency was approaching its end, I felt like it was appropriate to dispose the traps I had set Review from Google
Jul 2019: This is a terrible place to live -- my roommate created a violent, unsafe living environment, and I went to lakeside and their solution was to punish me. they dd nothing to fix it. management is terrible. there are cockroaches everywhere and this entire complex is constantly disgusting. don't move here if you're looking for a comfortable place to live EDIT: the park is unhappy with me giving them an honest, terrible review, so they suddenly care about what I have to say, but absolutely did not care about me or my safety when I came to talk to management about my UNSAFE LIVING ENVIRONMENT that my psycho roommate created, they didn't care then -- ABSOLUTELY do not move here, for your SAFETY this is an unsafe facility. I also had to call the police last week when a girl got abducted off of my front porch and again management didn't care about a girl getting abducted from my front porch. Review from Google
May 2019: I wish there was a way to give negative stars... my experience here was fine until after winter break. My roommates and I had an empty room that was filled shortly after the break by a girl and her live in boyfriend even though I strictly signed up for an all girls apartment. Not only was a man living in my apartment but the two of them were filthy and broke several things around the apartment including the washing machine. In addition to this, they would leave the front door unlocked on a regular basis. This was the case even late at night where I caught them leaving the apartment without locking the door behind them at 2am. My roommates and I made several efforts to confront the girl about these issues and nothing was ever done about it. My roommates and I then complained several times to management about this situation and nothing was done about it. Eventually I tried to get myself out of the lease because I was living in an unsafe and unsanitary situation that I could not bare any longer and management again did nothing to help Review from Google
Apr 2019: I love living at the park but sometimes we have bug issues. If they are able to get rid of that, that would be great. I also sometimes have maintenance issues but not that much. Except from that everything else is great Review from Google
Mar 2019: The staff are very nice. The breezeway's need cleaning and maybe a good presherwashing of the building. Over all I'm content with living here for the price. Some updating could be used in the apartments but there still nice to live in. I haven't seen any bugs at all. Review from Google
Mar 2019: The good: Great location close to the east side, campus, and five-points. Office staff and maintenance guy are very nice. Spacious living room area. Hardwood in common areas makes it easy to clean. Cheap price point. Comes furnished. Pests are not as big a problem as I have been reading about - use your own pest spray monthly and sweep/mop weekly and you'll be fine. The bad: The buildings are old! Cheap windows lead to black mold in the bedrooms. Uncleaned ductwork in the bathroom leads to non functioning bathroom fan and mold in the bathroom. Small kitchen with old cabinets. There is a bad smell all over the apartment from the cheap paint and carpets, even after cleaning and installing air fresheners. Expect to spend a few hours cleaning the entire apartment when moving in - spider webs, mold, and just plain dirt were all present when I moved in... not a huge hassle to clean though. Other residents can sometimes be obnoxious and/or scary, my vehicle was broken into once Review from Google
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Mar 2019: I am so glad The Park at Athens gained new ownership! I am optimistic this apartment community will run a lot smoother now that the new ownership is in place. Review from Google
Feb 2019: I love Lakeside, I have lived here for three semesters and have little complaints. The price is great and it comes with great amenities. The staff and management is great!
Feb 2019: No communications, I asked to pull out of the lease after learning my guarantor was declined. They still ended up sending me and my FAILED guarantor to collections. I replied to the manager that emailed me to NO avail. Come to find out that manager doesn't work there, tried to speak to the next manager, was rudely told to bring it up with the Credit services. Now this manager also does not work there. Most of these positive reviews are fake.
Feb 2019: Terrible communicators, seem to enjoy giving people problems. I took myself off of the apparent "full" waiting list and it still took them a month to fill my spot, really shady and just want to take your money, they switch managers constantly and no one is ever on the same page. You also are NOT happy to take my calls, given that they are ignored and my emails are literally NEVER answered. My guarantor was declined and still was subjected to being sent to collections. Learn how to make money honestly since you can't fill spots
Feb 2019: I am a student at UGA and have lived in this apartment complex since August 2018. I have been pleased with the interior of the apartment, it is mostly clean, if not a little dated. Make sure that pest control is a priority, as bugs can become a problem in warmer months if not controlled. I have renewed my lease for one more year, and I appreciate the hard work that they do around this apartment complex. Review from Google
Feb 2019: I lived here for a little over two years. May 2016 to July 2018. While I never seemed to have the problems with cockroaches others did, I lived on the third and second floors of apartments here, so that might have something to do with it. The maintenance staff is great, but the downside is having to get to know them at all. During my time at Lakeside I have had the following happen: the ceiling fan in the living room fall out of the ceiling, the AC stop working in the summer (89° INSIDE!), the neighbors above's washer broke and leaked though our ceiling, and birds nesting in the air vent duct between the second and third floors, right above my bed. Those birds made it so that water would come in during storms, and eventually that water came through, dripping right onto my bed. Imagine that. A leaky ceiling in a second floor bedroom. The Review from Google
Feb 2019: This is the first and last year my son will live here. It is dirty place. He picked it out and I signed the lease not even seeing it. They have super high ceilings where maintenance is needed to get to it... there are YEARS of accumulation of spiderwebs.... Disgusting. And you have to pay a $4.50 "convenience" fee to pay your electric bill. "Convenient" to them. Ridiculous. I would in no way recommend this place for your child to live in. Look for something else. Last year, he lived at Uncommon Athens. I highly recommend that apartment complex. Review from Google
Dec 2018: Super rude staff willing to talk over you and and yell when you tell them your problems with the apartments. Also they will steal from you after you leave with charges for broken things that were never used like the drawers. Review from Google
Nov 2018: Great appearance. Terrible display of building numbers. Good residents. Review from Google
Nov 2018: Girlfriend lives here. I'm here very very often. Roaches everywhere. Wifi is slow. Everything is falling apart. Stuff leaks. Do you want roaches in your cups? Come on in! Management does not have your apartment as their first priority. Avoid. Review from Google
Oct 2018: If you like to have wifi and have it consistently, DO NOT live here. I honestly have never experienced such bad wifi in my life. It works half the time and if it does work it is incredibly slow. I cannot wait for my lease to be over. Review from Google
Oct 2018: Woah, they just rob you once you leave the place! I lived at Lakeside for 2 years in 2 different apartments. I always had a recurring payment on the portal paying the rent and service charges on 1st of every month. Two months after leaving this place, I received emails at 1.35 AM stating I have past-due balance for both the apartments I stayed in and with just a two weeks to clear the balance. They even charged an extra service charge in the final month of the lease. If I had an outstanding balance after my first year of lease, how come was I never informed all my 2nd year of stay? Review from Google
Sep 2018: I am a angry parent. My family traveled to Georgia to move my daughter in on Aug 7th. We spent over 5 hours in that complex only to bring her and her stuff back. The unit was more then deplorable. They refuse to recognize or take responsibility. I have pictures and video to prove the discuss. It is sad that these kids( young adults) are being taken advantage of by this property. Mold, mildew, Roach’s, electrical wires exposed, holes in the walls, warped cabinets, an apparent flooding in unit, leaking faucet, to name a few.. but that was suppose to be move in ready. Then the lies! & deceit of mgmt Especially the general manger. I have pictures and video. A month later, after promising the girls a full refund (she said they were full no vacancies other then that awful space) she did offer the model and retracted.we still Fighting for refund. Protect your babies
Aug 2018: These apartments are horrible. The internet is slow and constantly crashes. Not only that, but they had the audacity to charge me $100 for broken drawers that were not broken at all. I would highly recommend to stay away from here. don't make the same mistake I made Review from Google
Jun 2018: So today while being at the pool I encountered something very disturbing. I was with a few friends who lived on site so fortunately we did not have to experience such behavior. Without any notice or even an effort to communicate the police arrived to the pool. They immediately yelled asking everyone to leave that did not live there. Which I understand, but the onsiite management that was with the police could have easily and nicely asked unauthorized residents to leave without making it out to be an illegal act. The only reason that this whole issue bothered me is because when I seen a couple people try to leave after respectfully complying and was told they were being barred. They questioned the police as to why they were not baring everyone and the police responded saying they couldn't get everyone. The people being barred were the only whit Review from Google
May 2018: I’m very much enjoying my stay here at The Park: Lakeside. I love everything about it from the available transportation to the ability to enjoy your time. I would recommend others to live here because I truly find it a great first time college student experience. Review from Google
May 2018: The staff is super nice and helpful whenever we have a question. 😊 Review from Google

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