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The Lodge of Athens

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Jan 2021: Do NOT live here. AC was broken for months. The noise is astronomical. Management just tells you they can’t help you no matter how bad it is. If you want sleep, working AC, working appliances, and your overall sanity to stay in tact, don’t live here.
Jul 2020: I would advise anyone looking for an apartment community to live in Athens to NOT choose this place. First of all, the management and staff of this place is very hard to deal with. The whole "theme" of this place is that you are at a camp. The quality of apartments reflects that idea. Outdated furniture (from couches, to chairs, to mattresses) is the first thing that stands out as soon as you walk in. The apartments are absolutely not what they advertise on their website. For the price that they are now charging ($630), you will be able to find a much better place to live in. The staff does a poor job of accomadating any requests dealing with the lease and are very secretive about who their managers are. Our apartment needed constant maintenance during the summer months, regarding the AC, and out power bill ended up skyrocketing because they could never fix it. Th
Sep 2019: Living at the Lodge has been just a series of maintenance issues for me. On move in day, it seemed the staff was very unprepared and that we had not even inspected the rooms at all. The first key they gave me didn’t work, the room was filthy, my AC was broken, and I was missing various things I was supposed to have, including couch cushions. From there it has only gotten worse. When I filed service requests, the maintenance came and only fixed some of the issues, but then emailed me saying everything had been taken care of. I had to go in and complain in the office to get my issues resolved. My AC went out three more times before they actually sent someone out to fix it. One time, it was out for almost 24 hours before they got someone to come and temporarily fix it. I still seem to have an endless amount of issues with my apartment. Tonight I filed 6 service requests, from things like the light fixture in my kitchen is literally coming apart, to my dryer taking 3 cycles to dry my clothes Review from Google
Sep 2019: First, I’d love to leave a 5 star review. Our apartment is lovely and our neighbors are nice. It is a very convenient location and the shuttle drivers are very kind. However, I feel this is the only way to get the attention of the management staff on my concerns. We moved in to the lodge a month ago, and our air conditioner has been broken 3 times already. The first time was responded to after 2 days. I did not receive a call before maintenance entered the apartment as I had requested. The only reason I knew someone had come to see the air conditioner is because of a note left on a paper towel in our kitchen that said “do not turn on fan. Leave on auto”. This was extremely unprofessional and signaled to myself and my roommate that an air conditioning technician has not visited, but rather an average maintenance worker who is not qualified to fix our air. My assumption was correct as two days later not only was our air conditioner broken, but our thermostat would not even light up Review from Google
Aug 2019: Overall, not a good place to live. Very slow responding staff that is not always getting the job done in regards to maintenance. asked repeatedly for work that needed to be done and is still not been responded to. only positive part of living here is how close it is to campus and that there is a shuttle to take you there. Review from Google
May 2019: The pool area gets to crazy . Impossible to enjoy if you have kids Review from Google
Apr 2019: My friend and I shared an apartment together at this complex for two years. The staff was always helpful to us. The pool, clubhouse, and outdoor areas are great and the housing staff is always putting on events to make apartment life more social and enjoyable. The apartments themselves were great also. We each had our own room and bathroom, we had a washer and dryer included, and we had the option to paint as well. It was a great living experience. Review from Google
Mar 2019: PLEASE READ: Disgusting Apartment, A lot of Cockroaches, Little management effort. I imagine that the good reviews come from those who lived in a renovated apartments or were trying to win a raffle. Instead of cleaning, they repainted over dirt and hair leaving it disgusting. SO many cockroaches it's ridiculous! In fact, the people who lived below me couldn't even move in because the infestation was so bad. This bug issue seemed to be a general problem for all the front most buildings 1-6. When we complained (after about the 3rd time) they sent someone to spray a little which did nothing so I took matters into my own hands. Also my mom and I spent the first two days of my move in cleaning up from the previous tenants. There was mold in my shower and all of the furniture was in bad shape. There were burn marks in my carpet and dirt EVERYWHERE (my sink had hair wrapped around the sink knobs) Review from Google
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Feb 2019: I got charged late fees over their (admited) technical issue, and no notice was sent out until the rent was past due. Not an awful place to live room wise, but the new management here is terrible Review from Google
Feb 2019: My daughter lived there for over a year. She graduated in December so she ended her contract early and paid the cancellation fee. She gave her key back, they inspected her room, her former roommate got a new roommate. This should be end of story. But no. Due to the poorest bookkeeping skills ever documented (or not documented, in their case) they still thought my daughter was living there and brought in maintenance men to CLEAR OUT HER ROOM! So they did. The put the entirety of a young ladies possessions into black bags, while she was in class, and seemingly "evicted" her! And to add insult to injury, they went to wrong room! They did not bag up the new girl that had only been in room for barely a month. They bagged up my daughter's roommate's room! Poor young woman came home to her room to find it empty! So if you live there, beware. They ha Review from Google
Jan 2019: Fun place to live with lots of amenities, but the amenities are old and need to be upgraded and taken better care of, like the apartments Review from Google
Jan 2019: It's okay. Decent rooms - small but that's okay with me since I'm not a partier. Perfect amount of space for a digital artist like myself. It comes with amenities and such. Not a lot of storage though, so you'll have to bring your own shelfs and such in order to make do. The staff are friendly at least. We got a free themed halloween lightbulb from one of the maintenance guys after we thanked him, so that was unexpected and fun. The cons are the bugs. The ladybugs in the bathroom does not bother me but they are still a nuisance (mostly in the winter), and roaches are definitely a problem, even on the third floor. And I have no clue if it's just me or not, but when they changed management, my name was somehow wiped off the gate list, so I'm not able to let anyone in on the guest side because they cannot call me from there. It's seriously annoy Review from Google
Jan 2019: I chose this place because of the way I felt when I entered the office. My roommate and I had already done so many apartment tours and this was significantly better than the rest. However I have only had one bad time. Early one Saturday morning at approximately 4:00am someone pounded at my door and kept knocking for about 2 minutes. There’s only one lock on the apartment door but two bolts in our rooms. I think the apartments should feel safer. The alarm system is really old and doesn’t work in our apartment. Review from Google
Oct 2018: I have lived here for 4 months now and I LOVE it. The amenities are so nice. Whnn it was warmer I loved to study by the pool in the mornings becasue it was so quiet. The shuttles are super convenient too and I really appreciate having a printer for when I procrastinate. 10/10 recommend to a friend. Review from Google
Oct 2018: I rent through a private owner and I've only lived here for a couple months but in my time spent living here so far, I have no complaints. I live towards the back of the community which looks far on a map but is less than a five minute walk to the Clubhouse (where the shuttle picks you up to campus). The gym is amazing for a student living community, as are the little perks such as free donut Tuesdays and community "parties" thrown every 1-2 months. My only "complaint" is that I wish the shuttle schedule was more accurate. I've been to a stop a few minutes early and the shuttle's already left- making me wait anither half hour for the next shuttle, on more than one occasion. Also one particular driver drives VERY rough (so don't even think about looking at your phone while they drive). Review from Google
Sep 2018: I have lived at the Lodge for three going on four years, my entire undergrad experience. The staff is very friendly. It has great amenities and the work orders you put in get fixed quickly. I suggest paying a little extra to live on the top floor so you don't have to worry about noisy upstairs neighbors. Plus, free donuts on Tuesday mornings! Review from Google
Jul 2018: It was nice and convenient for the price. I had a good two years here. I had maintenance issues, but they were resolved quickly under the new management. Review from Google
Jul 2018: I lived at the Lodge of Athens from 2017-2018 and overall it was a great experience. I think the rates they charge are fair and you get a pretty good value out of your apartment all things considered. The amenities are very nice; my favorite was the gym which is actually really well-equipped for its size and one of the better residents gyms I've seen. When I had an issue with the apartment maintenance always responded in under 24 hours and that helped a lot. Overall, I think the Lodge offers students a great value and if you can forgive the fact that you are indeed living in a college community, you will have a good experience living here. Review from Google
Jun 2018: Super friendly staff! Units are a great size and having the screened in porches with extra storage is a game changer! Review from Google
Jun 2018: It's probably the one of the cheapest you'll get in athens for a 2 bed 2 bath furnished apartment. They increase their rates like every year. Literally needs a renovation in all the apartments asap though, such outdated furniture and weird brown/orange checkered tiles, it really does fit in with that cabin theme. PARKING SUCKS THE COP WILL TICKET TOO. wouldn't be such an issue if safety wasn't a concern when walking far to your building in such dim lighting and freaking cockroaches running everywhere. Bugs were found about every other week despite us being clean freaks and also on the top floor and having to go through the hassle of calling pest control every month to fix this. Kitchens are tiny. The desk they give you is huge which I loved, and also provides a dresser. When i signed up for here, I was drawn in by the free downtown shuttle eve Review from Google
May 2018: I have had a great experience living at the lodge. The apartments are what you would expect for a college apartment, so they aren't huge or luxurious, but when I moved into mine, it was clean with everything in order having ample space and sturdy furniture; everything I needed. My apartment is cozy and comfortable! Price is very fair for its close location to DT Athens and UGA campus. The amenities are great. I use the gym just about everyday and cancelled my other fitness memberships. The pool access is amazing during the summer. The free Jittery Joe's coffee everyday is a must, and the perks for residents are above and beyond! The shuttle bus has also saved me a ton of money from saving gas and not having to buy a parking pass on campus. The staff is also very friendly! I highly recommend living here. Review from Google
Apr 2018: The staff are very friendly (both the staff at the front office and the maintenance guys). The room is OK. Decent location and shuttle service .However, there are some cons. 1. The Wifi is super slow, at least in my building. Especially at night, it is really annoying if your work requires some internet speed. I've asked if there is a way to upgrade it myself. I was told I might not be able to do so even if I pay extra fee. They provided me name of the internet provider and I did not find any personal plan on their website. 2. If you live near the trash disposal, you could definitely take 8 am class. The garbage truck comes around 6 am and the beeping sound is HUGE. I have no idea why they could not do it later in the morning or afternoon Review from Google
Apr 2018: I've lived at the lodge for two years now and have been very pleased! My first year, I was placed with a random roommate and it couldn't have been more perfect. They matched us up really well. The location is great. It's really close to the loop and of course downtown. The staff is all really nice and understanding. Maintenance responses are really quick as well. Most of the problems I've had were fixed that day if not the next. The rooms are a little small but honestly being a college student I don't need much. I've never felt unsafe. Rent is great compared to everything that comes along with living at the Lodge. definitely recommend! Review from Google
Mar 2018: I am the mom of my 21 year old daughter, living only 45 minutes away, but this is a first time live away from home experience. You know how Mom's worry. Today, her best friend could not reach her and yet, they had plans to spend today together. She didn't answer the phone when I called nor did she answer texts. After two hours of trying, I called the office ---on a Saturday and explained my concern. (There were concerns regarding a previous roommate and threats, prompting an apartment change. The Lodge did facilitate the apartment change, but would not waive the $200 change fee, even though the change was made for her safety.) Nonetheless, when I had concerns that something was wrong as she was not answering her phone or text messages, "Beth" who was working the office phones on this date did an amazing job and immediately contacted her superv Review from Google
Jan 2018: Out of a lot of places in Athens, it's okayish the price. I really enjoyed the shuttle runs on weekend nights, it just broke down a lot. They were getting under new management when I left, so it's hard to tell if the bad aspects I had to deal with will change. Review from Google

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