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Athens Ridge

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Apr 2020: After living here for more than 2 years I can say I have been nothing but satisfied with the property, minus the lack of consistency with gate opening and closings. Minus that the new management company has done a terrific job handling all maintenance requests and questions I've thrown there way. I can without a doubt say that for the money the cleanliness and friendliness of this community are unmatched.
Apr 2020: I would have to say that the property itself is an 8.5/10. The shuttle to downtown on weekends made my year. All the reviews I have seen in this place must have been old because this past year has been nothing but good news for me. Friendly staff and quick response times. The only thing that would make it any better would be if they could decide to leave the gate open during day time as I don't always bring my key card with me.
Oct 2019: .Athens Ridge Apts., Mgr, Colton Archer, contracted my husband, an independent home improvement contractor, to re-do some windows and general maintenance around the complex in June, July, 2019, and we have still (October 28, 2019) not received the payment for the services rendered. There has been a constant excuse and run around, blaming other offices and people and not carrying out promises of payment. If anyone out there knows someone above Mr. Archer that could be reached, please let me know. Thank you. (I could not post without selecting at least one star - there should be a NO star possibility) Review from Google
Sep 2019: Believe the reviews. This place barely has a 2 star rating from over 100 people who took their time to warn others and help them avoid a dangerous and stressful experience. Signing a lease here is not worth your time and money. Be careful. There was a shooting at the pool and multiple robberies while I lived there. Management refused to talk to me or see me to address the issue, and I won't be surprised if I receive a rude reply from them for this review. Review from Google
Aug 2019: If there were a zero rating I would use it. Complete lack of management on all levels. Chaos and lawlessness at night. Oconee County Deputies are the only positive thing that I see. There are some great residents here, no doubt. But if they're smart they will transfer out as quickly as possible. One video of activity on any given Saturday night should be enough to effectively terminate any lease here. If not, take them to magistrate court and take your chances. Review from Google
Jul 2019: I’ve truly enjoyed living at Athens Ridge. We had no major issues and any issues that arose maintenance was quick to come and fix. Checking out we were all nervous because of horror stories we heard however, the people at the office were so accommodating and after our appointment to walk through the apartment got lost in the system somehow, they went out of their way to come walk through with us when we were there and take note of the condition our apartment was in at that time. We are so appreciative and have had great experiences, thank you! Review from Google
Jun 2019: Athens Ridge is horrible!!! These people do not care about these young students! It does not matter how clean you leave your apartment they will charge you hundreds of dollars after you leave. They charged my daughter $637 saying they had to repaint her room. This is beyond ridiculous! These kids do not have money to throw at these thieves! My kid paid her way through school working full time and going to school full time. These people are the worst in Athens! Do not let you kids move in to this place! It’s not safe and they scheme to rip off these kids! What they do to these kids should land them in jail!
Jun 2019: Definitely does not deserve the low star rating, but there are some major issues that need to be addressed by the management and communicated with the residents. For instance the major lack of security and care for the residents' safety. For the past year, every few months, we have received emails promising that the gate will be closing soon and I have yet to see that gate close and from what I understand it has been and is still broken, but should be a priority set by management as there are major safety issues occurring here (such as drug dealers constantly approaching us, my friend's car has its window shattered, AND A SHOOTING). Another issue that should be addressed is the pool... there needs to be better regulation. From what I have heard from older residents, Athens Ridge used to monitor who entered the pool, ensuring they were actual residents, but they no longer do this and the pool is constantly crowded by people who do not live here while those who are paying for the amenities miss out (and this is not an assumption, I have spoken to many people who say they come here for just for the free access to the pool and gym) Review from Google
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May 2019: If management tries to sell you on the amenities before you sign ask them this... does the jumbo tv work and can you show me.... do the gates close..... is the ph level of the hot tub and pool safe or even clean.... and when were gun shots last fired on your property. I will update this post if management contacts me with a resolution. Review from Google
May 2019: Giant TV screen at the pool has been broken for 2 years. Pool is filthy and filled with empty cans during prime pool season. Now the lights at the pool don’t work so the whole area essentially shuts down at sunset. Weight set in the fitness room is possibly the worst I’ve seen anywhere. It’s BLATANTLY obvious that the Athens Ridge management does not care enough about their tenants to make necessary repairs to increase the QoL here. Management is raking in tens of thousands of dollars a month and can’t even pay the marginal amount to keep the amenities maintained. Review from Google
May 2019: My daughter lives there for last couple of years- great place when we signed the contract. We signed a contract for a gated community and a better security. The new management is completely lacking security and the entrance gate is open all the time. This is not the safe place for your kids unless the management implements better security for their residents. My daughter and her roommates are scared and that's completely unacceptable. Stay away from this apartment complex. Review from Google
Apr 2019: Look elsewhere, the room sizes are not the same, the leasing office is messed up. My apartment rent was almost $700 because our “electricity” was high. um no. $200 each person? sike. never again. if you already signed a lease change electric companies. this one was unbelievable and we went without internet for over a month. we had the police at our house several times so no privacy and never on my account 🙁 Review from Google
Mar 2019: If you're thinking about living here, look elsewhere! The office never answers when you call them to ask a question, the other residents are obnoxiously loud, even at 2 and 3 in the morning a lot of the time, and the wifi is also God awful. As far as the apartments themselves go, they are very cheaply constructed. I can hear my roommate through the wall constantly, and neither our electronic front door lock, nor our wireless garage door openers have worked in months. Also, the gates have not been closed once since we moved much for living in a gated community. Finally, the gym being next to the pool and having the garage doors is nice, but not when you regularly have to deal with the smell of weed and cigarette smoke while working out. I have hated every second of living here, and I am very glad to be moving out this summer. Review from Google
Mar 2019: This office is unprofessional and literally the WORST place you could choose to live. They made a mistake in terms of a policy and tried to make me bear the incidence of their incompetence. I DO not recommend dealing with them, keep looking around!
Jan 2019: Look at these terrible reviews. They are all true, and I learned the hard way. Please do not live here. One of the shuttle drivers KILLED this girl's dog and kept driving. This is one of the worst living experiences I've ever had because of the parking, unsafe environment, the cheap construction of the homes, and the management. The management is highly INCOMPETENT and shady. Even if you never interact with them, they will find a way to screw you. Several people had things stolen from their homes and their cars damaged, and the management did absolutely nothing when my roommate's car was damaged. In addition to this, the gate was often broken when I was there and the complex was so scary because of how unsafe it is. The rate of theft is so HIGH here. One of the shuttle drivers even ran over and killed a resident's dog and then kept driving. Review from Google
Dec 2018: Moved into the ridge in August and I haven't had any problems besides the fact that our first utility bill was over $130 a person and the fact that management has broken into our apartment TWICE for "inspections" when in our lease it states we will be given a notice for this. Super rude and inconsiderate (and probably illegal). Just makes me wonder if it has happened when no one is home. They recently did it on the 20th (during christmas break) but luckily people were there or else we would have never known they went into our apartment. Review from Google
Nov 2018: The Athens ridge management is absolutely useless and they don't follow through on their word. We were a group of 26 people trying to sign there and they falsely made deals and didn't follow through on them. They told us they would give us lower rates since we were a big group but then voided our leases and told us after the fact that they were voided and we could only sign at the higher rates. We had it in writing on a signed paper and they still went back on their word. The manager made the deal with us but then later said "she didn't have the authority" to do that, the management is not useful if they don't have any authority to do anything so don't believe anything they say. They advertise their 499 rate everywhere but don't actually give it. The manager will waste your time, never call back, and will not respond in a timely manner. All of Review from Google
Oct 2018: I lived here for only one year and have never had so many problems with management. Our house had no AC/heat from October-April after we told the office countless times it was messed up and no one lived in the townhome during the 15 days of July but we were still charged $50/person for utilities. None of this compared to 3 months after the move out when I was sent an email saying that I owed Athens Ridge $105. In the email they stated the had been trying to contact me through email, letters, and calls but I received no form of communication and they also demanded I pay the money within 3 days. Before our move out date, I logged on to pay my balance if I had any left but was blocked out of my account so I could not see any charges. There was no way for me to know I owed any money until they sent me an email demanding the $105 and as a college s Review from Google
Aug 2018: If I could give it 0 stars I would. It’s too loud and management sucks. Someone even came into our house and stole our coffee table. Review from Google
Aug 2018: I lived in Athens Ridge 2 years ago and it was the worst rental experience I have ever had. I am glad to see their google rating is starting to reflect how terrible this place really is. I remember when we moved in we had signed for an unfurnished place and all the furniture was still there when we moved in. Also, dont expect to get much of your deposit back at the end of the year. They fabricated ridiculous charges like $35 dollars for ceiling fan dust, pressure washing driveway, etc.. Theresa was in charge when we lived there and she is probably one of the rudest people I have ever met. I am sure they will respond with some sort of snotty comment because they dont want ex-residents to have the last word but trust me, PLEASE trust me that you do not want to live here for the pool! Review from Google
Aug 2018: Made my first living experience off-campus the worst. Staff are rude and unprofessional (as you can see by the responses they are giving their residents who have PAID to live here..I thought they got new management??? Where are they??? At move out, they overcharge you for small repairs that you did not even notice. Read the comments and avoid living here, these people are telling the truth. Pay a little more and move closer to campus. Review from Google
Jun 2018: THERE IS ALOT BUTTT MAKE SURE YOU READ THE ENDING TALKS ABOUT RANDOM CHARGES DURING MOVE OUT AND OTHER PROBLEMS!!! I have lived at Athens Ridge for two years and it was great at first but slowly got worst! You might see the buses going around UGA campus saying $499 base rent but thats not true it got raised to I think either $520 or $540 starting for people who live here Fall 2018. The apartment you will tour will look nice but once you actually move in you will see how cheaply made everything is. The walls smudge really easily where the bar stool area is so when you move out you will need to repaint that or get charged for it. The furniture that comes with the house if you get that package is similar to ikea furniture but probably cheaper. READ THIS PART !!! Beware of things they charge you for when you do the move out inspection. My first y Review from Google
Apr 2018: We don't live here, but the parties they throw are ridiculously loud. We live just across the river and can hear their music clearly. If you want to study for finals, it's difficult with all the noise. Granted they don't do it all the time, but it's not fun when you're trying to study - as you're in Athens to do. We called the office to ask them to turn their music down, not off, just down, as we can clearly hear the music from well over 300 ft. away. They say they're following noise ordinance for Oconee County and even made sure to specify that they have noise ordinance people there. We live in Athens-Clarke, so I guess there's nothing they can do to be the slightest bit courteous. The party is going to last all afternoon and well into the evening (12-6). The manager we spoke to was curt, unwilling to work with us, and when I told her I was t Review from Google
Jan 2018: Lived here for three years, including when it opened, and have had the greatest time. I made a connection with the staff when i first signed my lease and have kept it through my time staying there and even when i moved, i still go visit the staff. I will refer athens ridge to anyone who asks me where is the best place to stay. Shoutout to 1994 and 1068 :)))) Review from Google
Dec 2017: I wish it was possible to not even give one star. DO NOT MOVE HERE, it will be your biggest regret, I PROMISE. Take the time to read the bad reviews and the unprofessional responses they received.. as I’m sure this one will get one as well. They speak for themselves as to the interactions you will have with the owner. Think about it, how can such a beautiful condo place have such bad reviews? Safety issues, incredibly rude and unprofessional staff, etc. There is much more to come on my review, but I’m withholding because of a lawsuit I’m preparing for with Athens Ridge. The case is for Athens Ridge breaking a FEDERAL law- opening my mail containing money, without informing me and choosing to apply it to their payment system. I was given the option to get my money back at the end of my lease date- July 2018. With the help of the local pol Review from Google

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