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909 Broad

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Jul 2019: I lived at 909 for 2 years while finishing my degree at UGA. For the first year I loved it, but then Scion took over. The issues began with upgrading the apartment. When maintenance came in to install the vinyl flooring, there was white debris all over my apartment that was incredibly difficult to clean up. Furthermore, the flooring is not even in all places, and crackles when you walk across it. Maintenance also does routine inspections, but cannot offer a decent window as to when these will happen. Generally, I would get a notice that "on these dates between 9 and 5pm" maintenance would arrive, and they would never show. The same notice would come the next week, so I spent almost 2 weeks wondering when strangers would come into my apartment. Utility billing is simple through the website, but there is an extra fee just for using the Simple Bills service that increases the price of utilities significantly each month Review from Google
May 2019: There is a trash chute for everyone in the building to take out their trash, however, many (about 90%) residents do not understand that you must throw your trash down the chute in order for it to be disposed of properly. This is written on the trash chute door, too, which is the mind boggling part. For weeks on end there are piles, no, mountains of trash built up, prohibiting anyone else from taking trash out because of everyone following the bystander rule and not saying anything about it, and then people continue to add on to the mountains of trash. Anyone who has written a 5 star review is ignorant to the horribleness of 909, and they probably go somewhere else every weekend. Not to mention the fact that the fire alarms will go off at any time of the day, whether it’s the middle of the night being pulled by a drunk person, to the middle of the day caused by a maintenance and office issue Review from Google
Mar 2019: I have lived at 909 Broad for 2 years now. The first year, it was great,the rooms are big, the location is great, the price great for the location, and management was very friendly and helpful. This all changed when the current management came in. While location and room size had obviously not changed, this management is horrible. They have been making upgrades that were supposed to be made during the summer during the school year, which has been inconvenient. The new "wood" floors that were put in were done poorly, causing the floor to be uneven. Also, damage was done to furniture in that process. They also took forever to "fix" the front gate, which was really just putting off installing a new system and leaving it open, compromising security. In addition, it takes forever for maintenance to fulfill a work order. My roommate and I put in multiple work orders in December for a broken faucet and a leaking fridge and they just came to look at it Review from Google
Mar 2019: I love living at 909! The room are spacious and the common spaces have gorgeous new hardwood flooring. The location is a great walking distance from campus and downtown. There is also a convenient bus stop right down the road when the weather does not permit walking. The matenince staff is always very friendly and helpful. Would highly recommend to anyone looking to rent an apartment in Athens! Review from Google
Mar 2019: I love living at 909 Broad-- such a convenient spot that is only a short walking distance form campus! This complex comes equipped with spacious rooms, office spaces that are perfect for studying, a game room, a luxurious pool, and so much more! Oh, and did I forget to mention the new gym? Recently, our gym was renovated and includes great new workout equipment for those looking to get fit. Finally, the staff is very friendly. They even set up food and coffee for us sometimes in the office. Such a great homework snack! I highly recommend living here. Review from Google
Mar 2019: Great apartment complex close to downtown and campus! Management is quick-responding and very helpful. They have updated several aspects of the building in the past few months and it looks great! Large bedrooms & bathrooms compared to other apartment complexes in the area. Review from Google
Mar 2019: I think that 909 broad is a great place for students to live! The complex is nice and the rooms are spacious and the closets are huge! It’s within walking distance to downtown and north campus, but with the bus station within walking distance you don’t really need to walk to campus. All of the staff is very friendly and is more than willing to help solve any maintenance issues you may have. Overall, I would definitely recommend 909 to students who want a more affordable downtown living space!! Review from Google
Feb 2019: Spent my sophomore year here and just renewed for my junior year. The complex is so close to campus and downtown. I can walk to classes on north campus in 10-15 minutes but there's a bus stop within 5 minutes for anything further away. Definitely glad to live here.
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Feb 2019: I have lived here since May of last year when I subleased an apartment for the summer. The management is so quick to work with you if you’re having issues. The rooms and bathrooms are extremely big. I have a walk in closet and this is definitely the most spacious apartment I toured that’s within walking distance of campus. I don’t usually walk to campus because there’s a bus station right near the apartment complex, but if you’re interested in walking, it’s definitely doable and a short distance to campus, downtown, and the arch. Between all the amazing things this apartment has to offer, I don’t think you could find a better place this close to campus.
Feb 2019: I’ve really enjoyed living here! Maintenance/staff is very nice and quick when you need them! The location is great and right next to a bus stop.
Feb 2019: Love living at 909! The new management has really improved things over the past few months.
Jan 2019: This complex has one goal-money. In my 20 years of life I have never written a review. I don't like the negativity nor do I want to share it with others. I lived at 909 for two semesters. The first semester I attended a mental health facility and went home for 2 weeks (909 was informed and given all documentation). I returned and never stopped paying. My second semester my roommate attempted suicide. The ambulance came to get my roommate at 909 Broad and they were informed on the entire situation. This was a turning point that brought me home because I wasn't mentally capable of carrying out another year. I founded a mental health focus club in the year I was there- worked part time as well. I later was hospitalized from the apartment complex. I moved out in September and was told they were doing everything they can to help me and my situation. Because I still had
Jan 2019: I’ve lived here for 3 years and can’t complain! The staff is extremely well mannered and very polite. The location is fantastic, rooms are large, and the amenities are a plus! The only downside comes from the residents themselves. College town means college students. This being said, I understand the immaturities that are attached (trash, occasional loud noises, etc). However, 909 Broad does an EXCELLENT job of providing leisurely and affordable apartments in downtown! would recommend 10/10 Review from Google
Jan 2019: Great management, nice living space, great location, lots of space for storage w/in unit, pet friendly, free parking in deck, comes w large TV! Review from Google
Nov 2018: I’ve been at 909 for a year now, and just signed to stay another year. I love this place! The location is perfect - 10-15 minute walk to UGA campus and 2 minute walk downtown. The rooms are big for the price, have high ceilings, and huge walk-in closets. Also, the ‘townhouse’ layouts are giant and very cheap for the amount of space you get. Maintenance has always responded quickly and fixed whatever issue I’m having within 1-2 days. If you have a pet (like me) 909 is super pet friendly (even gave my pup a 909 sweater) and the property is located 1 block away from a big, fenced-in dog park. Also, the leasing office does 1-2 resident events every week -so it’s always fun to get free food/gifts. I have no complaints about 909 and am so happy I’m staying here another year!! Review from Google
Nov 2018: I love 909! Being this close to campus is so much better than my previous apt complex. Cheapest place to live in downtown and the bedrooms are bigger too. They've done a lot of rennovations which has been a little annoying but the new floors they put down look great and I haven't had any issue since. Maintenance usually fixes my stuff by the next day and its great just being able to walk downtown on the weekends Review from Google
Oct 2018: This is by far the worst place I have ever lived in my 4 years in Athens. To start off the management is rude and never fixes the problems the continue to occur here. The noise is ridiculous and despite complaining multiple times to the office, the problem has yet to be taken care of. They advertise as a pet friendly apartment complex but they are far from it. This place is far from anything that would be called a home. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY. Review from Google
Jun 2018: Do not live here. I lived at 909 for 2.5 years, and had no problems until the property was sold to the Scion Group in the middle of my second lease. Both former managers of 909 quit on the same day due to the new company being so horrible to work for. Jessica Mobley, the "Resident Services Manager," is incredibly incompetent and awful to deal with. I went to the office to view my original lease, signed under the previous company, and she scrambled around for 25 minutes trying to find it. Turns out, they have "misplaced" the legal documents and payment records of several tenants, so I had to prove the terms of my original lease and payments on my own. They have also been charging residents with arbitrary damage fees without any explanation on said damage, taking fees directly from the linked bank account, and blaming residents for not putting a Review from Google
May 2018: don't waste your time or money. I made the mistake of living here for two years and the management is an absolute joke. The whole thing is a money grab and they'll constantly try to take your money with random charges. For example, my roommates and I were charged 100 dollars, despite having paid a hefty security deposit, for damages during a supposed inspection in which we weren't even notified they were entering our unit. They won't ever respond to emails so don't even try. The whole place is an absolute joke and the units are pitiful. You can hear everything, as it's only a drywall box, and there's even water damage throughout the units. Review from Google
May 2018: Do NOT live here. I have for nearly two years and besides the location there are not many perks to 909. They are constantly coming into your room to do "inspections." Several times they have attempted to charge my roommate and I for non-existent damages stemming from these inspections. My friends who live here have had to deal with these bogus charges as well and it feels like a big scam. But if you like being ripped off, cheap carpet, and shoddy construction, this may just be the place for you. Review from Google
Apr 2018: Overall a good experience (have lived here almost a full school year now) Pros: - Walking distance to campus, shops, and restaurants - Friendly and helpful management - Prompt responses to maintenance requests - The apartments themselves are open, spacious, well-lit, and overall pleasant to live in (the most important thing) - Pet friendly - Nice park across the street - No cockroaches - Right by bus station Cons: - Only one entrance (annoying because I live way at the end of the hall-- makes getting things in and out difficult) - The mail room has lost my mail before (I used to work for a business that occupied a shop front in the same building and they had mail problems as well) - The most dismal hallways you have ever seen-- not bad in and of itself, but people let their dogs poop in the hall and don't clean it up which is gross Review from Google
Mar 2018: Overall, I'm pretty happy with this apartment. As a senior who has had to move all 4 years of college, I can confidently say this is the best place in Athens I've lived so far. Pros: - Spacious, clean apartments - Close to downtown - Walking distance to campus - Nice amenities (gym, pool, and dog park) - Super friendly and helpful office staff - Prompt maintenance staff Cons: - I live all the way at the end of the hallway, so moving in, carrying in groceries, and taking out the trash has been a huge pain. Moving out will be difficult as well. - Guest parking is limited to 6 spaces for the entire complex. - Occasional loud weekend parties (normal for a college town though). - Despite cleanup efforts by staff, the hallways and stairwells are constantly left a wreck by residents (trash everywhere, and dog owners let their dogs pee and poop Review from Google
Feb 2018: I really have enjoyed my time at 909 Broad and plan on resigning for another year. It's so nice to have parking included (downtown parking spaces in other lots can go for $70/month). The rooms are big, and are huge compared to the other "luxury" apartments located nearby. Maintenance is fast and, in my experience, responds to requests within 24 hours. I was really nervous about bug problems when I moved to the south (especially cockroaches). When we first moved in there were some tiny sugar ants but they came and sprayed the very next day and we have not seen a single bug inside the apartment since. Some people have complained about management being obnoxious and coming in too often or without notice. Management has come into our apartment only twice in the 6 months we've been here (not including the times we've requested maintenance). They gi Review from Google
Jan 2018: This is my second year as a tenant at 909 Broad. Pros: location, amenities, work orders are done quickly. Cons: the property management. They've been entering people's apartments a lot the past year. They charge guests 20-30$ to park at the apartment complex on home football game weekends. My boyfriend has to park at another friend's house on those weekends when he visits me. I've had issues with the billing company (SimpleBills) they contract with and the property management did nothing to help me. I ended up having to file a complaint against the billing company and then the property management tried to charge me 200$ for utilities after the billing company and I resolved the dispute. They're terrible at responding to emails or calls. The maintenance people come in basically unannounced. One time I was in the bathroom and didn't have time Review from Google
Oct 2017: Been living in 909 for a year and it’s generally positive experience. Good location close to downtown, plenty of resident parking, and the service is very prompt. Staff in leasing office are very nice and responsive. Occasionally there are loud resident partying late night, but it’s not every weekend. Sadly, utilities are not included in the rent, but for the size of the apartment and the distance to everything this is definitely a great deal. Actually, it is the best deal I can find, after comparing almost every aspects of all the apartment complexes near the downtown area. Other apartments with similar price with utilities included generally have much smaller apartment and the bedrooms are generally tiny. I will continue to live in 909 and will recommend it to anyone who want to live close enough to downtown while enjoying a spacious apa Review from Google

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